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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Brandy's First Woman

group Brandy 2018-03-16

I lay down on the towel and let the sun bake my tits and stomach feeling the droplets of water as the dry on my skin. Ginny takes my hand and lays me down on the towel and strokes my skin as the sun starts to warm and dry of the water left. "You have a beautiful pussy, Brandy," I hear her purr as she starts to lick my lips feeling her tongue setting a fire on my pussy. Oh my god I am here in the sun eating this woman as she eats me I feel like fire as my body starts climax again in waves of hot flames shouting from my pussy to my soul.

Black Meat - KOMPLETTE Story (Literotica Story by

group Bi_79 2018-03-15

Im Englischen sagen sie so schön „Once they go black -- they never come back." Ganz so schlimm war es bei Karo noch nicht, wir hatten nach wie vor tollen Sex und haben uns auch weiter mit unseren (weißen) Freunden zum Vögeln getroffen, aber Karo machte deutlich, dass ich meine Online-Zeit besser dafür nutzen sollte, schwarze Ficker aufzutreiben. Er gab ihr ein paar Augenblicke, um sich an das Gefühl zu gewöhnen, aber als er sah, dass sie wieder anfing, ihren Mund an Curtis hartem Fickrohr auf und nieder gleiten zu lassen, rotierte auch er mit dem Becken und ließ seinen Schwanz rein und raus gleiten.

75% karo

She Loves Being on the Naughty List

group Roscoe0829 2018-03-15

Christine let her hands roam over her beautiful naked body feeling her large pendulous breasts, full hips and trimmed pussy. Santa stood at the end of the bed with his hands resting on his large black leather belt with a sly smile and gleam in his eye at what was occurring in front of him. With a loud "HO, HO, HOOOOO!!!!!!" Santa pulled out of Christine's pussy and with a snap of his fingers, she was spun around to face his glorious cock, which she eagerly dived on with her mouth just as Santa came. Christine saw Santa standing in his original position all back together with his hands resting back on his belt, smiling with a gleam in his eye.

Our Hot Vacation

group hubbymelissa 2018-03-15

I just laughed and told her to have fun but not to forget me after she had taken care of him as I already had a hard cock just thinking about her fucking a new guy and I was looking forward to a juicy pussy. She then pushed me back on the bed, moved one leg over me; moved up and lowered her hot pussy to my mouth and told me to drink my cum-cocktail and she would tell me all about how the cum got up there. By the time Bill got back they were on the bed with Ron's cock buried deep in her sloppy pussy, with her legs up around his back.

My First Threesome

group butterflygurl 2018-03-15

"What the fuck am I thinking?" I ask myself aloud in the car as I drive down to the hotel where I was ordered by my Dom to meet him and his best friend for my first threesome. I can feel my Dom's hand travel up my skin tight blue jeans as if he was giving me his approval to flirt with his best friend. As my orgasm subsides, I watch as Best Friend slides his fingers out of my dripping wet pussy and tastes my juices himself. Dom is at my head and issues another order, "Best Friend wants to taste your pussy. Deep between my legs, I can feel my orgasm building higher and higher when Best Friend begins to play with my clit as his cock thoroughly fucks my pussy.


Mr. Alberto's Party Ch. 05-06

group elleann 2018-03-15

I might have given his a nine, which his probably deserved but Uncle Jack made me a little mad the way he kept grinning at me and winking and always staring at my tits, never even once looking away when I would kind of lean back in my chair and point my hard nipples at him to tease and taunt him, so I gave him an eight because it wasn’t right for a contestant to try to flirt with a judge. “All right, I am sure many of you will want to leave now that we have come to the boring part of the Alberto Party Cock Contest, the Talent Competition.” That got a big laugh from the audience.


Slut Lessons Ch. 05

group AhMyGoddess 2018-03-15

"Bastard," Renee said softly, kissing and licking Stacy's nipples. Renee's hot little tongue licking her sore titties. Renee was moving down, trailing her tongue over Stacy's stomach. She couldn't believe how good Renee's mouth felt on her pussy. Renee's mouth sucked hard on Stacy's clit. "Oh God!...." Stacy cried, pushing herself into Renee's mouth, it felt so good and it just kept getting better. Let herself fall into the bed, fall into Renee's wonderful hot mouth. She bent down and took Renee's hard nipple in her mouth, sucking it and licking it, tasting Renee's beautiful skin. Finally Renee was moaning and begging, pushing Stacy's head and shoulders down. She was going to see Renee's pussy hot and wet and spread open, waiting for her.

Fun On The Jersey Shore

group The Legend 2018-03-15

Michelle slid her hand in to Nikki’s skirt and began to play with her pussy. Nikki grabbed my dick and started to suck it as I held her hair up out of her face. Michelle and Nikki both shared my dick as I sat there in the seat with a full smile on my face. Michelle got in front Nikki and propped herself up so that her pussy was now in Nikki’s face. Michelle and Nikki both sat in front of me as I blew my load all over their faces. We listened to some hardcore music and I managed to get to know another hottie named Melissa, after Nikki and Michelle went home with Joey.

Classy Skinny Blonde Loving Wife 'Bee' C

group dirtymind720 2018-03-15

He stopped trying to jerk off and then moved his cock in a way he thought would be more neutral to go back to sl**p with against her ass as he snuggled Bee who was still already taken and tangled with Gray deep inside her probably pulsing cunt. Bear stopped what he was doing and left his cock to droop back down before realizing it was going to happen again, feeling it smack Gray's still-hard cock base and then finding a truly neutral position finally after a tingle spiked thru his balls. Bee had at one point held Bear's hand while he was asl**p when Gray wasn't looking.

Sharing Wife With Best Friend

group 2018-03-15

stood there with his hard cock right in her face & she said "Damn Danny why did you hit me in Danny sat cross legged on the floor right in front of Al & watched as I tried to remove her bra, Danny started to work on her hot cunt Al was moaning & thrusting into him but at the same time Danny buried his throbbing cock in her juicy cunt thrusting away like a jackhammer,Al was shoving her pussy up to meet every stroke & started having massive orgasms, one after another. Danny & I did any & every thing to my hot little wife's body that night.

SV and K - A New Kind of Threesome

group SV_and_K 2018-03-15

However, as hot as it is to watch another man cum in his wife's pussy, and as incredible it feels to cum inside a woman who is not his wife, SV has mostly been fantasizing about being able to just sit and watch the Mrs have sex with another man. B is grinding his crotch into the bed as he rubs his shrouded cock on the bed, slowly licking her clit, lips, and pulling her lips in a sucking motion (something that was discussed earlier that she loves). SV could tell that K was getting close, and B took his cue to slowly slide a finger inside her pussy in the ever-so-popular 'come hither' motion, rubbing her G-spot while he sucked on her pussy.


We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 07

group GreyGoose 2018-03-15

Steve and I readily submitted when we felt the awesome feeling of Julie’s hands gripped around us and the strange pleasure of our lubricated shafts rubbing together. I watched Steve use his hands to spread Julie’s pussy, exposing a wider area to pleasure with his tongue. Julie watched Lily stroke Steve, and she leaned in to kiss Lily’s breasts. Lily ran her hands over Julie’s body, following the instructions on the card to fondle Julie while she rode my cock. Lily let her lips off of Steve’s cock when she felt the warm splash, and she looked at Julie with a shocked expression. Lily pulled Julie’s face back off him but then pushed her forward again, forcing Steve’s cock deep into her throat several more times.


Late Night Laundry Ch. 02

group Raynne 2018-03-15

"I really want to fuck you," Tom whispered into my ear as he pressed the head of his dick close to my wet slit. I was in between two hot guys and I could feel two huge, hard cocks, against my wet pussy and hands all over my body. "Mmm," Steve replied, "I want your ass..." He started rubbing the head of his dick against my ass instead of my pussy and Tom took over down there, rubbing my clit with his fingers and thumb and pressing the tip of his cock into my drenched pussy. I moaned loudly and Tom started fingering my clit as he continued to fuck me, hard. Steve's cock felt so huge inside my ass but so good, too.

Vacation Getaway Ch. 05

group meraena 2018-03-15

I told them that I would let them have some privacy and take a swim and went to the waters edge and dove in as he kissed my wife and rubbed the head of his penis up and down between the puffy lips of her cunt then inserted his 71/2 inch cock into her still wet pussy and brought her quickly to a mind bending orgasm as I was now watching them from his previous position behind the rock. Soon he was cumming as was she they both moaning from the pleasure that was over coming them he pulled his cock out as kissed her passionately and thanked her for the unexpected experience and I came from behind the rock and asked if he wad a sufficient time fucking my wife?

Wagner Park Ch. 06: Married

group charlessmythe 2018-03-15

This guy, I never even got his name, already had his pants open, his dick out and was eagerly leaning sideways against the far door with one foot up on the seat and his leg spread with his other foot on the floor waiting for my drooling mouth to do its nasty work. As we kissed and fucked, she told me that she could taste cum in my mouth and that she knew it was from the guy that I'd just sucked off. Since then, we've started frequenting the local adult bookstore with viewing boots and a porno theater where in both places I've sucked off other guys with Barb there watching and sometimes without her there, but either way I always enjoyed the juicy load of hot cum each time.

Ron's Journal 02

group Hypoxia 2018-03-15

Caroline drove me and Cheryl and our noisy friend Sally to and from Piedmont High School all during our freshman and sophomore years. But this was Caroline, lovely Caroline, sweet Cheryl's mom, my close friend for years, and she's devouring my heart, she's taking refuge in my soul, she's begging me for salvation, a lost and limited salvation, but the only salvation that means anything right now. Cheryl kissed her mother's face and her mouth and her throat and her breasts and her belly and the juncture where my cock entered her cunt. As Caroline rose and fell faster on my happy cock, Cheryl moved in on me, rubbing her naked breasts along my feet and legs, then my chest, and then my face and mouth.


Erotic Oil Battle

group buffbody 2018-03-15

I was totally shocked when Michelle said she wanted to see us in an erotic oil wrestling match, first guy to lose his load loses, winner got to fuck her all night! Let me set this match up, James is olive skinned Italian dude, 26 years old, 5'10'', 185 lb., in great shape, smooth chest and facial area, and smooth cock and balls (as I would find out a little later). At the sight of Michelle with 2 fingers slamming in and out of her own pussy, I let go of James and said softly in his ear, wanna double fuck her pussy with me. I looked at Michelle and said "Baby, we are both winners tonight and will double fuck your hot pussy"

Alanna and Connie Bag a Deal

group plastic_dna 2018-03-15

Though she was not getting as much time in the gym as she would have liked to, for a woman of forty she was very good looking: her neatly ironed long black hair, oval face, a small but sensual mouth, her designer clothes and shoes, her lightly bronzed skin and her nearly 6-foot height all combined to radiate a certain haughty sex appeal that she maintained with a calculated aloofness. With this encouragement, Brian stood up to undress while Mel latched on Connie's left tit with his mouth, eliciting a moan from her. In the bar, Alanna had never imagined that she and Connie would soon be naked and throat gagging on Mel and Brian's hard cocks. Connie, the greedier of the two, would sometimes let go of her partner, turn to Alanna and pull the cock in Alanna's mouth to her own to suck on it, while Alanna moaned in protest.


Heather's Not so Bad Day

group 2Ready05 2018-03-15

Seeing the pearls of cum draped across her face and breasts, the man beneath her stiffened and groaned and suddenly his cock was throbbing in her pussy and she came with him, thrusting up and down even faster, intensifying the feeling. Aware of the soft hairs of the blonde pussy caressing her face; aware that the blonde was cumming in her mouth, squirting an enormous amount of cum, and that the cum was running across her tongue and over her chin; aware of the massive cock in her pussy, every ridge and vein, the mushroom head, the bartender's coarse pubic hairs scraping her ass in an incredibly erotic way...


group emil47 2018-03-15

A country which is known for its advanced welfare state and liberal values won't want to tell the world that its middle-class, middle-aged men are prone in middle-marriage to leave their sturdy blond wives and their Agas, flee into the dark forests and fuck trees. But I couldn't leave the apartment and I if I went back into the kitchen cupboard I'd still know what was happening just a few yards away. I was sure you and he would make love by the end of the night and I hated that idea, but I wanted to know what you were going to do to him before that.


Another Love Pt. 03-04

group RichardGerald 2018-03-15

The most belle woman who loves you is sleeping alone with her own bad dreams in the same house," she said as she walked down into the living area. That year Karen came to Mont Royal she stole our hearts as she had Philippe's. Karen began weeping again, "I'm so sorry," she said. Karen was helping Avril with the exhibition of Philippe's work. They were all there to celebrate Thanksgiving in October, the Canadian feast, and to support Avril in what was becoming her life's work, gaining Philippe the recognition she felt he deserved. Avril's daughters and their husbands moved onto the fourth floor leaving the back bedroom on the second floor for Avril, Karen and me.


Maxine Does 'Em All Ch. 05

group A bit of Africa 2018-03-15

Salma wasn’t satisfied – she wanted to truly transfer her cum to Maxine’s hole, so she reached between them, using one hand to hold Maxine’s tight lips open and the other to scoop inside her own cunt, scooping up dollops of cunt cream and the residue of several men and pushing that hand into Maxine. All eyes were on Maxine’s body, roaming from her glorious auburn hair and beautiful face, across her huge, heaving breasts with their hard nipples straining almost two inches into the air, down her taut, concave tummy to the tight pussy clutching the woman’s hand deep within her, then up each of her widely spread long legs, covered in bright white hose, her slim ankles and elegant feet strapped in four-inch black high heels.


The Day I Will Never Forget

group BigBalls6969 2018-03-15

Sally took my cock in her mouth licking slowly up and down my shaft. Then she devoured me and started sucking it like there was no tomorrow, while Julie was sucking my balls into her mouth. Sally started sucking me real hard now and sucking my cock deep down her throat. Julie was sucking my balls again and feeling up my chest while Sally was squeezing my ass. Julie was on top and I could see her eating and licking Sally's wet pink bald pussy. Sally's tongue looks so good licking up and down Julie's pussy. Julies commented, "Thank you guys for a wonder time, especially you Tim. You have a very nice cock that makes me feel great.

A Second Life Ch. 04

group Mang0nel 2018-03-15

The Friday business was very slow at Julie's sex toy shop, so she and Melanie closed and locked up the shop and the cottage early before walking hand in hand up the sloping drive to the main house where they found Zach busy preparing the night's dinner in the kitchen. Chelsea and Melanie watched the movement of her hand under the surface bubbles, and followed suit, each turning slightly towards the other and caressing the others breast as their lips joined in a deep open-mouthed kiss. Chelsea looked into Melanie's eyes, then leaned forward to give her an deep open-mouthed kiss while her fingers thrust in and out of the young blonde's vagina faster and faster.