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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Snow White

group Many Feathers 2018-03-15

Parking her Jeep close to the road just inside her parent's property, even though she could have easily driven it all the way up to the cabin, she unloaded everything she had brought with her into the small sled trailer her father had also made, which she then attached to the snow mobile hauling up everything that way. And though they had planned on spending three days here this year, one of the other guys having a cabin less than five miles in the opposite direction, the concern of a fairly major storm moving in might threaten to cut their actual fishing time short.


Three's Company and a Pleasure

group EJamie 2018-03-15

Tamara cried out as he stretched her pussy with his thick cock, raising her knees, Kyle lowered his mouth to hers, hungrily feasting on her mouth as he thrust back and forth into her soaked heat. Oh fuck yeah." Jack sighed rocking his hips as she sucked him eagerly, moving her fingers along his cock in time with her mouth. She felt a mouth suddenly between her legs and while she kept up the movements on Jack's cock she looked down and saw Derek licking and teasing her. As her head bobbed on Derek's cock, Kyle leaned over and eased his fingers between her legs, rubbing her slowly towards her third orgasm.

A Bukkake Party

group whbonney 2018-03-15

Johnny nodded and Rex moved in behind Lynne and slid his cock into her pussy, she moaned into Jennifer's cunt and he began fucking her. Johnny told her he would love to, so she grabbed his cock and led him to the shower as she said "Well then, come on old man, you can wash me off." Rex told Jennifer what Lynne had agreed to do for him. Lynne asked Rex how many guys were going to be at the party tonight, and he told her "About 15 or 16, the members of my softball team." She thought about it and was looking forward to it, she had never done this before and she liked new experiences.


Recollections Ch. 10

group Kaadorix 2018-03-15

A three-quarter enclosed structure with weathered, silvery gray stone walls, Alexa fell in love with the outdoor shower and its pebbled, tiled floor from the very moment we first arrived here from Kansas for our extended honeymoon seven days ago. I soon took in a deep breath and suppressed a harsh moan when Alexa gathered the hand-held shower nozzle and, after tilting her blonde head back, let the water cascade and rinse her slender, taut body from the neck down. "Says the girl who is on her dream honeymoon right now with that incredible hunk of a man you have the honor of calling your husband!" My eyes went wide as Merissa added, "You want to hear about mind-blowing kisses between Sarah and Matthew when you and Dreamy McMeat are probably trading hundreds of them every single day?"


An Email Affair Ch. 2

group JennistoyandWahoos1 2018-03-15

I want to share everything with this woman, I think as my hand grips your hair my body beginning to pulse with energy again. Breaking away from our kiss, you reach for another piece of fruit, dip it in chocolate and rise from the bed. Your mouth opens a bit as we kiss, and you laugh at my now chocolate covered chest. Kissing me deeply, your chocolate covered chest and pussy presses into my rock hard cock and me. I can feel your body trembling with desire, as I slide my hands down your waist, finally reaching your ass. Moaning out my name again, your hands reach for my chest, as my eyes remain on my cock sliding in and out of you.


Claire Turns Slut

group dirty_geezer 2018-03-15

I felt and looked hot, the final touch some dark red lipstick, which I applied a little heavier than I would normally, knowing men can think of nothing but me sucking on their hard cocks when they looked at my full red lips. I freely let different men come and dance close, enjoying feeling the heat of their tight bodies grind against me, letting their hands rub against my bum, sometimes pushing back against them to let them know I was there to be touched. Over several hours I revelled in the feelings running through me, enjoying all the hungry male attention, while never taking it further than bodies grinding together close during a dance, getting many men hard as I rubbed my hidden pussy against them.


Good Morning

group Rattz48 2018-03-15

I told her how very excited I was to see her smiling so and asked if Jeff said anything about the panties before she left, she replied he had, he told her the other man had purchased them on the way over because they knew she'd be coming to see me soon after she left his house (she mentioned her plans while they were still where he worked) he mentioned that although he had to get back to work she was to meet me as planned, suck me off and tease me some before she told me what was going on and he wanted her to call him at work later that day and tell him all about my reactions.

Making Valentine Day Memories

group some14u 2018-03-15

Sam comes behind me and starts playing with my tits, while Mike runs a hand up my leg... as soon as Mike got the door open, I walked right in behind and dropped to my knees. Sam managed to close the door just as Mike's huge cock came into view. I took my mouth off of Mike's cock long enough to say tonight I want to be your slut, I want you to fuck me senseless. Sam grabbed me by the waist and said I've been dreaming of fucking your pussy all night long. Sam was still fucking me nice and hard and I still had a hand wrapped around Mike's throbbing cock. I felt Mike's cock start to throb in my mouth.


group theDeviant 2018-03-15

Tiffany and Mandy each grabbed a handful of Mark’s formidable cock and pushed it between my lips, their eyes going wide with excitement as they watched me suck my very first dick. The thick cream filled my mouth until I thought it would ooze out of my ears and I heard Mark let a loud “Ohhhhh, Fuck!” at the same time as his little sister said “Tastes good, doesn’t it baby-dick?” It was salty, and viscous, and when it hit my tongue, I knew I would never be the same; I had sucked a cock to completion in my mouth.


A Pound of Flesh Ch. 03

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-03-15

He was only semi-hard, apparently something possible even without balls, but it was a start, and Chelsea helped by leaning over a little, too, catching some food in her cleavage before pushing his face down to her bust to eat it. Between you, Nicky, and Monica, I'll be one happy camper for a good while before I need another new partner," I grinned at Chelsea... "A big-time ass aficionado, huh?" I laughed a bit, while Monica put Nicky's face between her tits. I think that I should marry Nicky and take you along for the honeymoon, so that you can fuck his ass and I can lick your cum from it!" Monica giggled. "Touché," I said, rubbing Nicky's ass as we settled up and Cecil gave Monica permission to leave early.

Learning to be a freak at a young age.

group redd_1970 2018-03-15

There were several times we'd go pick up a guy, she'd fuck him in the back seat, I'd watch in the re-view mirror they'd both cum, we'd drop him off and she'd say "Okay, let's find another one." The next thing I knew I had a man eating my pussy, another in my mouth, and another's dick in my hand. Next thing I knew, Ben, not being as much as a gentlemen as Al came so hard he thrust inside me and i could feel his dick throbb with ever ounze of cum he shot. Dallas couldn't hardle wait his turn, he smacked my ass making me back it up but before he could enter my sore pussy Jack, who up until now had been quitely up against the wall moved under me and slide his dick in my pussy first.

Fantasies Come Alive

group IsayYES 2018-03-15

I just wanted him to continue with the vibrations and let me cum. He climbed inside, turned off the vibrations and said he hoped I had not cum yet. I am so turned on I feel myself close to having my first orgasm of the night with two people taking advantage of my body. The cock is pulled out of my mouth and I can feel them moving again. My husband's hand began rubbing my already soaking wet pussy. Just as he did I felt my husband's fingers begin to rub my juices over my ass hole. I felt my husband move and the tip of his cock push against my ass hole. I feel his hands moving down to my still dripping wet pussy.

Adventures at the Bundy House

group XXXNoBounds 2018-03-15

and Bud ran out of the room, as Peggy covered herself Peggy was so wet, that even Bud's bed Peggy placed his dick in between her huge tits and Peggy looked at his poor little eyes and said, "You know All she did was squeeze it, and Bud came in her hand. Hell, Bud was so horny that he would even want to fuck Bud took out the pictures from his pants and threw them these." Marcy took one hand to look at the photographs, After she took them off Bud just stared continuously at Once again, Bud fucked Marcy in a way that she only Bud did every thing Marcy liked. Bud came inside of her, he just wouldn't stop.

The Camping Surprise

group bb_peaks 2018-03-15

"Well it's either going to be one helluva a trip, or I'm going to have two pissed off women at me," thought Brian as he watched Mary swim toward Rachel. While those two kissed, Mary lowered to her knees and stuck her head underwater to put her lips on Brian's hard dick. Once steady she reached with one hand to pinch Rachel's clit and with the other she grabbed onto Brian's dick. Not breaking their kiss, Brian slipped his dick into Mary's pussy and his tongue into Rachel's. When Mary leaned down to give Rachel a kiss, Brian got a full view of Mary's pussy and was able to stick his tongue even farther in. Mary leaned down farther, giving Brian better access to her pussy and began kissing Rachel.


The Lesson Ch. 01

group romane 2018-03-15

My mother told us that we looked very sexy, and took our hands in order to lead us outside of the locker room. I was able to hear Anne, who was also moaning, her sweet voice saying that she did not want anyone to stop, even though they were ready to make her submit. As soon as he said that, the woman between my thighs began to suck on my clitoris heavily, sliding her fingers into my dripping pussy. She took me by the hand, and we walked across the room as the fruits of pleasure, sticky semen, dripped down my breasts, across my stomach, and even between my thighs.


Beer And PussyBois

group amberfemxd 2018-03-15

Smacked on the ass every time I walked by. Getting them all riled up and reminding them exactly what I was. They would be expecting me to serve them food and beer all night. "It smells good in here." Joey and Steve walked in, startling me yet again. I gently caressed his manhood which made an indent in his jeans. Every jock in this house (aside from Billy, he's a bit of a jerk) will always stand up for me any time I am in trouble. I picked up the serving platter and brought the tacos into the living room.

The Bachelorette Party

group Rescue325 2018-03-15

Kate saw what was going on and wanted to get in on the action so she went over and told Rich to make her suck him while she taught my sweet little sister the joys of oral. Her stifled moans made Rich fuck her mouth harder as Kate sucked her clit and fingered her. She lay there unable to move as Kate moved on to Beth and Rich came over to me and started to kiss me. I'm moaning like crazy and my pussy is exploding between Rich and Tim. They both stop and let me ride out my climax. Lorie licked the length of Sarah's extremely wet slit a few times before sucking on her clit to drive her wild.

Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 07

group tonyl65 2018-03-15

Laura looked at David and me, "Ok you two cock suckers, come and make this little boy happy. When Carol kissed me and Laura kissed David we gave the girls the boys cum. Once imbedded on our cocks, Carol leaned over to Laura and, wrapping an arm around her neck, pulled her close enough to start kissing her, but not before she told me and David to start making out. You like cocks, in your mouth, in your ass OH GOD." Laura was talking herself into an orgasm and came while just sitting and moving on David's cock. Carol started in with more instructions, "First you and David will fuck me and Laura with this three foot dildo, in our asses.


The Assistant Ch. 03

group Vysis 2018-03-15

This chapter involves her professor, Adam Grey, his wife, Leslie, and his secretary, Victoria, and sets the theme for future chapters involving these three. "God, this feels good," Victoria said, looking over at Leslie. After what seemed like an hour to Victoria, Leslie finally applied sunscreen to her butt. "This is the first time a woman has touched by boobs," Victoria thought, surprised at how soft Leslies hands were as compared to every other man that had pawed her breasts. As Adam walked toward the pool completely naked, Victoria admired his dick swaying back and forth. As he started to lick her pussy, Leslie leaned forward and kissed Victoria on the mouth, and then moved to her breasts, sucking on each nipple alternatively.

Hey! Who's Licking Me?

group *Snatch 2018-03-15

A couple of days later Sandra called me back and told me I could move in 'rent free.' She said it would be nice to have the company since she too would be moving in a few months. I knew Sandra was doing a fine job with my pussy, and getting it very wet by using her tongue. Bob's cock pumped in and out of my pussy in hard strokes while Sandra's tongue danced against my clit. Pussy was never something I thought about much, just a nice, hard cock came into my thinking! Sam positioned me sitting on his lap with his cock buried deep in my sopping wet cunt, while Sandra was in front of me on her knees, spreading my pussy lips and licking like crazy!

Steve & Hot Sara Seduce Me

group DW46 2018-03-15

My dick was already rock hard and Steve's got that way fast when his sister started to unbutton her blouse. Sucking a guy's cock couldn't be that bad, I thought as I looked up at Steve's pee slit, already dripping with precum. I couldn't move my head, since Steve was now holding it firmly in his hands, but I looked over as best I could to see Sara furiously fucking herself with her little hand. I knew it was going to take a little more to make Steve come, so I timed it so that when he reached the back of my throat with a stroke, I pressed up with my tongue and sucked.

A Fantasy Becomes Reality

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-03-15

He guided me closer until my cock hovered over my wife's pouty lips and his hips eased slightly forward pushing just the tip of his dick inside her. I watched with wide eager eyes from just a few inches away as his big hard dick split my wife's neatly trimmed fury lips and he sank balls deep inside her. I'd felt a pang of regret and remorse in the moments after I came but it quickly faded as I looked lustily at his hard body and his big beautiful cock. I grabbed his hard dick and thrust my tongue into his searing hot mouth while he thrust several fingers into my wife's sloppy, cum filled hole.


Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 1

group 2018-03-15

The couple then opened the hoses spraying me with cold water, making sure no area was left untouched, concentrating on my cock, balls and ass. Empty it and rinse the entertainment.” The man grabbed my cock and balls pulling them up and away, “They need to stay clean, bitch!” The woman squeezed my abdomen, “Empty yourself toy.” I gratefully complied, releasing the water from my bowel. Opening a cabinet on the wall Mistress Dee removed a leather collar, placing it around my neck. “Just a reminder who is in need of entertaining today.” Mistress Dee smiled. Your little cock is not forgotten.” Mistress Dee rummaged through the cabinet, “Ahh…..perfect!” She grabbed my cock pulling and stroking it getting me hard as the weights tugged and pulled.

A Small Test Ch. 03

group MandL 2018-03-15

After Sarah released Brian's half-hard cock from her cum covered lips, we sat in her truck and caught our breath. "Lee, you know it would excite Michael to see you suck another cock," Sarah explained, sliding her palm up and down my wife's slick pussy. "What if Michael fucked my ass?" Sarah asked nonchalantly, sliding a third finger inside Lee's cunt. "Don't you wonder how a new cock feels?" Sarah hissed, rubbing Lee's clit with her thumb as her fingers pushed against my wife's G-spot. Fuck!" she cried, stroking me and Brian with blinding speed as Sarah mercilessly plunged her hand in and out of Lee's spasming cunt. As Sarah sighed and slipped her fingers out of Lee's gooey pussy, my wife smiled up at me.