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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Double Fantasy

group justboycrazy 2018-03-15

Nick's a tall, blonde hair, blue-eyed hunk with a boyish, youthful face, a slightly toned physique, and a round ass that I love to squeeze while having sex. I hear footsteps, felt his warm lips kissing my neck, and his hands on my back. I was on top of Kevin, giving him kisses on his face and neck while my hands were repeatedly touching his body. Kevin sat up and played with himself for a while and then his hands caressed my body, feeling my soft skin while softly kissing my neck. My hands were tangled in his blonde hair as he moved lower, kissing my spots, my neck, breasts, and stomach. Kevin was kissing my lips while entering me nice and slow as Nick kisses my neck.

The Initiates Ch. 02

group BillsTheName 2018-03-15

Janet opened her eyes leaned back and looked at her husband, "I would vote yes and after that performance Brenda just gave, I'm betting Mike hear can hardly wait to taste some of those juices she was squirting all over you. Maybe we could grab some water on the way?" The way he and Brenda were still seated on the sofa, Jenny-2's impressive bush was right at George's eye level. Brad why don't you run and get us all some bottled water and I'll direct them to Georgette's wonderful shower," Jenny-2 enthusiastically instructed as she took the rookie couple by the hand and headed for the bathroom. Brenda reached Brad's dick at almost the same time that Bill was ready to bath Jenny-2's pussy.


A Wife for After Dinner

group Danieluk 2018-03-15

Instantly surrounded, Joy looked around for the other girl from last time, Kay. She couldn't see her and asked if she was there. A second hand found her other leg and she closed her eyes as she felt it on the soft skin above her other stocking top. As soon as the door was closed Simon kissed her fiercely, his tongue seeking out hers and his hand going roughly between her legs. Joy hit the bed and looked up as Simon moved quickly between her open legs. Within minutes, Simon froze and Joy felt him pump his cum deep into her body before he sagged onto her then eased his now limp cock from her sodden cunt.

83% wife

Filling The Tarts

group HANDYMANATHOME 2018-03-15

He'd already stuffed his cock into Madge and was quickly pounding away between her legs, as he fucked her hard against the wall she was grunting each time he thrust into her. "Right you two who wants to fill this tarts cunt." Madge just moaned as I said this, her ass gripping my cock in anticipation of being plugged in both holes. Madge using her free hand guided my cock into her mouth, I then let out a loud groan as she plunged her finger into my ass and deepthroated me at the same time. With her legs wide open Sam entered her pussy again, whilst Dave fed his cock into her mouth.


Anniversary at Big Dick's

group sr71plt 2018-03-15

Big Dick, after rolling on a condom, crouched between Aira's open, long, slender legs, sank his cock slowly into her cunt and fucked her slowly for a couple of minutes until his cock was all aslather with her flowing mixed with the lubricant. I pulled out of Aira and went back to the ottoman and sat down there as Big Dick turned her on the bed and brought her up on all fours, ass facing the edge. I did as he instructed and turned my head and watched as Big Dick brought out a strap-on device, inserted the big, black dildo in it, and, motioning Aira off the bed, showed her how to strap it on herself.

A Man of Wealth & Taste

group Spartacus 2018-03-15

"Good, just like that.” Nick instructed “You look so sexy with your lips wrapped around my cock. How did you knooooahh?” I tried to ask but he pulled my body back and thrust his hips forward, plunging his cock to the hilt. The guy behind me was holding me down as his strokes became more urgent, "Hunh, Hunh, Hunh, Hunh, HUNH, HUNH, HUNH, HUNH", "How do you like that!" He was grunting hard and I could feel him starting to spasm. My momentary relief was lost when he lifted a knee up onto the sink, directed his cock to my face and he spasmed hard again as he fired his final spurt, into my mouth.


Our First Swinging, House Party Ch. 02

group MADMADMADMAXine 2018-03-15

Offended at first by the in-the-face reality of who we had grown to become, not wanting to be known as professional swingers, we were against the idea of attending a private, swinging party at someone's house, her more than me. Able to understand her reason for not wanting to attend, we'd rather remain anonymous than to have our names out there and have people we don't even know and have never met, invite us to their home for a swingers' party. Since, by definition, we were already swingers having swung with a few other couples, we decided to accept the invitation and make our swinging debut official by attending our first, swingers', private, house party. We were just as nervous attending our first swingers', house party as we were the first time having extramarital sex with another couple.


The Dark and the Light

group themarquise 2018-03-15

The Dark One stands beside the bed, one hand on his hip, the other on the back of the blondes head, urging him on as his very thick and very hard cock drives in and out from between Blondies lips. The Dark Ones mouth opens and his tongue flicks out, brushing down the entire length of Blondie's long and very hard cock, slightly less thick than his own. Blondie moves first, he pulls the Dark One up his body, Kissing him hard, pushing his tongue into his mouth. My fingers teasing him where his body joins Blondie's, squeezing the base of his cock as he slowly pulls out and then pushes back inside.

Four to Tango Ch. 03

group unwritten 2018-03-15

If I hadn't known better I would've though that my husband and Ed planned all of this, because before long my husband was explaining just how much I love to have my breasts kissed and nipples sucked, in full graphic detail and without hesitation Ed leaned over me, unbuttoned my blouse and took my nipple in his mouth. Before I knew it he'd worked his way up my other leg and his mouth was on my panties, kissing along the top of them, his tongue darting out and under. His tongue moved from my clit and he started fucking me -- his tongue, hard, moving in and out of my pussy and his finger, moving in rhythm in and out of my ass. Ed's tongue had found just the right rhythm on my clit and he had one finger in my pussy and the other playing with my asshole.

He Screwed Up - Jeremy's Perspective

group troi69 2018-03-15

I don't know how I managed to not cum in her hand when she put it inside my pants and started stroking my cock. At the same time, I felt Brad shoot his wad as I stroked him, getting his cum on his wife's back and my hand. Troi took my hard cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy, encouraging me to stroke as hard and fast as I could. I watched this woman I was falling in love with grab each of my business partners by the cock and lean back into her husband while I pounded her pussy. I could feel John's cock in her pussy and was watching Jake face fuck this beautiful woman.


The Mountain Cabin Getaway Ch. 05

group MagicFingers 2018-03-15

Well, Dan tried to relax, but those firm boobies staring at him every time he looked over at Krysteal, her pretty, shaved mound, and soft skin touching him began to cause his penis to rise. 'I love Ros, and her body is perfect for me, but this young thing who is pressing herself into me from behind is every man's dream come true.' Krys helped Dan push it into Ros, then released it and went back to holding his balls when it slid in deeply. Dan propped up Krys's bad ankle on the chair again when she sat down, noticing her long, soft, and tanned leg that was bare almost to her crotch.


Caravan Gangbang

group KinkyKriss 2018-03-15

The lads took a step back, not really sure where this was going; but soon relaxed again when my husband ran his hand up the inside of my thigh, pulling my skirt up slightly and showing off my black stockings as he began to massage my clit in public. Tom was the first to shake his nerves and begin slowly stroking his cock, closely followed by both Andy and Ben.. Taking Ben and Toms cocks in either hand I smiled as I began pumping on them hard, and they both groaned together.. I could tell Tom was a stocking guy as he couldn't keep his eyes off my legs and began stroking them as i lowered myself onto him.

By Royal Command!

group verystickyfingers 2018-03-15

William with a wry smile stands and looks at Katherine who has the giggles Absolutely Stunning!!" William looked lustily at Katherine one finger, then two are inserted into her pussy as Katherine lets out a sigh Harry moved up behind Katherine who was unaware of the goings on, that made Katherine groan and gyrate on the bed with her tits swinging backward and forwards and her arse smile moved to face Katherine's face and taking a handful of hair in each hand, which made he gasp with surprise Both Prince's were fucking and squeals of joy abounded as Katherine came to terms with what was happening and finally relaxed enough Both Prince's stepped back and watched as Katherine collapsed and

How I Made Myself a Cuckold ( part 3)

group bendytoy 2018-03-15

I when back a step, in the phones memory history thinking I could read a few more messages, there were many of course, the same would apply to any young girl in this digital age, but apart from the avatar pic of my face in the list, every other avatar picture was of a black guy, some were even cock pics, which made me think of trying her photo gallery, there was some hot stuff in their for sure, lots of shots of Pauline with various black cocks deep down her throat and in her pussy. It wasn`t over of course the doorman came over on his break requiring payment for our free entry into the club, so Pauline entered the cupboard one last time, she asked for her panties, you`re staying at my place tonight she said and I`m bringing a little something home for you`re supper later.


group lukeasbury 2018-03-15

After a few minutes of watching her work on Brent, with a big grin on his face, he said "my turn" as he sat on the other lounger. Jeff worked on her entire back, kneading the muscles while she lay facing Brent, who was grinning at her and stroking his now hard cock. Looking at that beautiful cock, half hard and hanging in his soft nest of hair, she can feel her sex tighten and pulse with her desire. Pouring the cream on his shoulders, she began to work on his back and arms, again getting completely lost in the sensation of those muscles moving under her hands.


His Loss, Planning the Cruise?

group Scorpio44 2018-03-15

"We'll be having a dinner meeting with Julian, his wife Marsha, and some of the others who are going on the cruise at six-thirty tomorrow night." "I think I can speak for Barbara, Amanda and myself when I say, 'Ask whatever you would like." Now that we've met these crazy people who want to be married and love each other the way they explain it, I'm glad we're going. "No. What I want is for you to love me the way Pete loves both Amanda and Barbara. "I was aiming the question at either Amanda or Barbara but I guess I also want to know the answer from you too."


My Friend's One Night Stand

group Orca 2018-03-15

I said "well Carla I'm going to get to know you very, very well." With that I traced down her breast with my mouth to her nipple and teased it with the tip of my tongue. Carla started pumping up and down on my cock with her mouth and stopping at the head to twist around on the top. Enjoy, I've got plenty." I started to reach for them and Carla caught my hand pulled it back. Carla was starting to either get loosened up more or she was having her attention taken off the situation by Carl's cock. So I rubbed my dick a few more times to harden it, quickly I pulled on a condom and then placed the head at Carla's opening.

Lauren and Sara Ch. 01

group morticianmortician 2018-03-15

Sara told Lauren that Jarrod was very talented in the oral department that she and that she would love to share his talents with her as well as his talents with her toes. When they finished and all three got out, Sara told Jarrod to lick all water from Laurens body and then to give Lauren the " works". He licked every drop of water from Laurens beautiful body , picked her up and laid her back on Sara's bed. Jarrod would start at her soft heels and press his tongue firmly against her sole and lick up to her toes. Jarrod stopped and made Lauren beg him to start again.

Snippet: Paul's New Neighbor

group chrisho 2018-03-15

Sarah looked down at the object of everyone's attention and started to spread the pre-cum around and around the head of Paul's cock. He half remembered them whispering among themselves and giggling, but he hadn't been paying attention to what they were saying, his mind was pre-occupied with the memory of Sarah's finger slowly rubbing the pre-cum back and forth over the head of his throbbing cock. Paul's cock went out of control as Karen started sucking his right nipple while Sarah gently rubbed her fingers across his other one. Karen and Jessie followed Sarah's finger and saw that Paul's cock was oozing something that wasn't clear anymore.

Rule of Three Pt. 01

group KCWolfe30 2018-03-15

Words were not her thing, so she thought giving Tara the wax and telling her about the spell would be a silly way to make up for her lack of friendly comfort at lunch. How Ben's big hands would explore Tara's petite frame, making her bite her lip and moan. She was vaguely aware of someone babbling excitedly about an engagement party she was invited to on Friday and how some guy named Ben had a bunch of cute friends and how she needed a date for the wedding and how the wedding was going to be small, just a few close friends and family...sleep didn't come for a long time that night.

The Challenge

group Clohi 2018-03-15

As Dede’s mouth closed over Mikey’s cock and sucked him, getting him nice and wet, Sharon was covering Ken’s cock with her lips, pulling him into her mouth. As his cock appeared up through the tip of Dede’s tits, Dede leaned over and flicked her tongue across the head. Sharon leaned over, wrapping her mouth around the tip of his cock and sucking as her breasts slid up and down his shaft. Ken and Mikey watched as Sharon stood, slipped off her own bottoms and then laid lengthwise on top of Dede, her pussy over Dede’s mouth. Mikey can’t wait to get his cock in Sharon’s tits and Ken has promised to give Dede the pussy lick of her life.

Threesome Caught on Camera

group OneWomanManyMen7 2018-03-15

I could tell the director was pleased when I arrived and he evaluated his subject: he took in my long, shapely legs and hourglass figure first - slender but round in all the right places; and then his eyes moved up to my face, exotic but not identifiable as a particular nationality, and framed with full, dark hair that cascaded down to my breasts. The director moved us around so I could later watch myself on screen and learn how to position my body for the best-looking final product. The model secured his hands on the back of my head, fingers wrapped in my long hair, and fed my mouth his cock while the director pounded me from behind and spanked me.


A Sailor's Rescue

group The Helmsman 2018-03-15

As I was watching Amanda on my cock and Rolf stroking his meat, I suddenly felt the surge in my balls and my body began to tremble. As I started to move her into position, she stopped me and said that it would be unfair to fuck her until after I have sucked Rolf’s waiting cock. Amanda was also on the floor continuing to suck my cock as I lined up to give head to Rolf. As soon as I finished sucking Rolf ‘s dick clean, I was ready to fulfill my plans to fuck Amanda. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out and shot my load all over Amanda’s pussy and Rolf’s face as he continued to lick her clit.

Riley: A Surprise Visit

group McMurphywrites 2018-03-15

Diane began kissing her way down Lisa's body, making sure to nibble and suck at her sensitive inner elbows. Suddenly Diane thrust her tongue deep into Lisa's pussy, fucking it fast and hard. "Ohhhh...damn!!" Lisa cried as she arched her back, coming hard, her pussy squeezing Diane's fingers as the waves of pleasure swept over her. She began to kiss her way down Diane's body, making sure to spend some time sucking on her smallish, firm rounded tits. Diane reached over and squeezed Lisa's breasts as Riley fucked his cock deep into the hot wet pussy. Diane reached down and began playing with Lisa's clit while Riley fucked her deep.