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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Just a fairy tale? or is it?

group monkeymonkey42 2018-03-15

Geoff poked two fingers into Nancy’s hole and lathered her up, Goldie watched interestingly, then Geoff’s big long, thick hard dick moved past Goldie’s face and entered Nancy’s experienced cunt, Goldie's saw the round, fat head go in and spread Nancy open like splitting a mandarin. Geoff eased Goldie down slowly, he didn’t want to damage her, he poked the rim of her asshole, the tip going in first, then the fat wide shaft, until she was all the way down, Nancy then was able to slide the strap-on into Goldie’s pussy, and Peter tilted her head to one side and fed his cock to her mouth.

Welcome to the Cum Factory Ch. 4

group UforMe 2018-03-15

"Ladies, I'd like to present your Main Attraction!" With that she reached over and pulled Chris's towel from his waist, leaving him standing in front of the girls naked, hard, and growing harder. Then she reached down and let a hand join Brandi's on Chris's long, hard cock. Chris couldn't have been any harder, and he thought he would cum right there, as he randomly kissed tit after incredible tit as they were placed into his mouth, the girls shifting and climbing all over him. The girls continued to shriek and cheer as Chris unloaded an enormous amount of cum, blast after blast all over Julie's face.

The Favor

group Novengliae 2018-03-15

"Where's Ashley tonight?" he asked, emerging with an apple just in time to catch on those "for women only" looks flash between Emily and Cat. Ryan set his glass on the table and put his hands on her shoulders, turning her so that her back faced him, and began to massage her shoulders and neck, using gentle pressure and small circular motions. She let the lids of her dark brown eyes sink closed and turned her head back around in a clear invitation for Ryan to continue his exploration of her body. Ashley let her herself lean almost imperceptibly forward and Ryan could feel her hard nipples teasing his chest through his thin shirt as she stated to sway slowly across his body.


Two’s Company – Three’s Better!

group Chris7sw 2018-03-15

"Well" grinned Pete, "Judging by the way you're moving your arse, Cathy is getting a good handful and she won't be happy until she finds out more – so although we didn't have any plans, if you'd like to join us, then I'm sure that we can find something to do". Cathy continued to wank me while Pete lowered his mouth over the end of my cock and started to suck. Then, lifting his mouth away, he wanked harder on my cock, causing renewed streams of warm, sticky sperm to shoot into the air, to splash not only against his face but on Cathy's too as she closed in to take part in the action. Pete now began fucking my mouth hard with his cock and suddenly I could feel it swelling and his body shuddered as he started to cum.



group dr2srchicago 2018-03-14

As I continue to massage your breasts, I feel you grab my hand and pull me closer, but this time placing my hand on his ass. God that's wonderful." I reach a hand down a rub your pussy through the fabric of the thong, causing you to moan even louder. "Watch me boys." You pull your thong aside revealing your pussy, your clit is popping out from its sheath, fully erect like a little cock. It feels odd in my hand, but the smooth metallic fabric has a wonderful sensations as I gently rub his cock to hardness. Suck my balls." As I roll it around in my mouth I feel Jack bend over further, kissing my ass.


Camilla Ch. 020

group MawrGorshin 2018-03-14

The fight soon ended with the boys running out of the building to look for naked Camilla, while all five men lay on the floor with bruised faces. At least Camilla was given some time to get as far away as possible; also, her clothes and purse weren't stolen by the boys, so the teachers would be able to give them back to her when they had the chance. Though Camila was as afraid as any woman would naturally be of being raped, by those boys or by anyone, the whole time that she had been running naked down the streets of downtown Vancouver, her vulva was dripping wet, her labia were swollen, her clitoris was erect, and her vagina was thoroughly lubricated!

A Bi Beginning

group C_Duke 2018-03-14

I beat 'her' 7" with a loose grip smiling at 'her' with a devilish grin and no doubt lust in my eyes a couple of times before licking the seeping head and then sucking on it, first through open lips, and then properly with the thing in my mouth. I pushed open the door and found a dreadlocked blonde girl with an obvious attitude and a couple of piercings (two in one eyebrow, one through her lip, one through her left nipple and I hope nowhere else) on her knees sucking on his big black cock while dutifully pumping up and down its length with a well manicured hand on the end of a tight wrist and muscular arm.


Diary of a Teenager Ch. 03

group Erlikkhan 2018-03-14

Before long Shane had two fingers up my cunt and Judy had Jim's cock in her mouth. I collapsed forward onto Judy, took Shane's cock from her pussy and began sucking it. I felt a powerful jet splash against my pussy and asshole before Judy was able to get her mouth around Jim's cock. I remember licking cum off her tits and sucking it from her pussy as she was getting ass fucked. Listening to her made me so horny that I took out Big Red and "Shane" and proceeded to fuck my pussy and ass until I was gushing in buckets. Vicki put her hand on Carol's pussy and let John's cock slide in and out of her between her fingers.


Reindeer Games

group m_storyman_x 2018-03-14

"I know you like to look but you never touch, and it always makes me so wet when you look." She said softly as she placed the back of my hand against the thin material. That way I can tease all the guys I like, and if one wants to touch a bit in return, then so much the better." She said putting her foot up on my chair so her skirt slid up her leg to her waist, exposing her completely naked pussy. "Looks like you need some relief now." She said as she got up, pulling her shirt down over her tits and smoothing her skirt.


Making Kitty Purr! Episode ll - Making Kitty Into

group Wanderer53 2018-03-14

Well, Kitty turned out to be quite the sexy fuck toy but I knew that I could have "loads" more fun with her given time. I took a couple days just laying back, chillin', going over in my mind the fun we had camping, and stoking my cock as I planned my next date with Kitty. I pulled a chair up to the end of the bed, pulled my cock out of my jeans, and sat slowly milking my meat as I watched Kitty, helpless to the buzzing rubber cock, squirm and meekly struggle against her bonds. I moaned I was going to cum and as my cock began to squirt Kitty came hard!

s****r in law part 2

group razorxxxramon 2018-03-14

so im getting sucked off by my s****r in law with the mrs on my face when she pulls out her rabbit vib and says i only wanted you to get me wet. the s****r in law then gets up drops her micro dress to the floor and i see her hot body for the first time beautiful titties and a thong which she starts lowering to the floor i look and see a blonde landing strip and she jumps on top of me lowering herself onto my hard wet cock i then flip her over and start pounding her pussy hard the sound of my mrs plesuring herself and the s****r in law moaning makes me so hot

Getting Out Of A Rut

group Jessalyn 2018-03-14

Jim looked down at me and said, "That was fucking unreal." " Damn, you really like sucking cock don't you?" I nodded and turned my attention to Andy who was still working my swollen clit. "Jim, I want you to fuck me in the ass." " Take Andy's place in my cunt and get your shaft good and wet with my pussy juice." "Get your prick good and lubed up to fuck my tight little ass hole." I moaned out and said, "Now Jim...fuck my ass now!" Jim pulled out of my pussy and gave me a chance to slide my hot hole back over Andy's cock before taking his place at my tight little back door.

Ménage a Trois Ch. 03

group phantasi 2018-03-14

I leaned down and kissed her deeply, licked her luscious dark nipples, then looked her in the eye while I eased the cock into her. Connie looked at Tony (who had moved to the side of the bed for a better view) and between moans said, "I think she knows EXACTLY what she's doing." I was incredibly turned on but was getting distracted holding the egg inside and fucking Connie at the same time. Bad. Tony kissed Connie, said a quiet thank you to her, and then entered me. Connie kissed me throughout my fucking, whispering to me how hot it was to watch her husband fuck me like that, and thanking me for letting him take me.


The Drive-In

group jallen944 2018-03-14

Pam let go of their cocks, pulled Ethan's hand out of her shorts, unsnapped her shorts and pushed them down. She looked over at Ethan, and he was smiling, rubbing his cock in his right hand. Pam was crouched over to keep her head from hitting the roof, and was holding the dashboard just in front of her while she bounced her ass on Charlie's lap and made his cock go in and out of her cunt. Pam knelt over Charlie's prone body, pulled down his pants, and sucked his cock in her mouth while her shorts come off in Ethan's hands. She moaned and kept her mouth tight around Charlie's shaft as Ethan began to rock her back and forth.


What Can I Say; She Offered!

group onwardbob 2018-03-14

And then, after a nasty sounding chuckle, she says "Un-huh, I'll take this for a yes!" Hey, at least she waited for me to look up and right in to her eyes, before she began stroking that fist up and down the flaming length of my cock. Unbelievable, there I was with her wildly pumping, absolutely slamming herself up and down my cock, while Alex egged us on with whistles, howls, and a loud "That's it, yeah go for it girl!" And when Jackie leaned over and kissed me again, I damn near came right then! Pointing right at Alex, she whooped a final "yes," and asked "Hey there lover, bet you're going to like watching that, huh?"


Caught Between a Rock and A Hard...

group drscar 2018-03-14

For months I had been on edge, holding back my schoolgirl crush on Brian at the risk of upsetting and alienating Dan. After being married for nearly fifteen years, he knew me well enough to know that I felt an attraction to Brian, and seemed to find it amusing more than threatening. "He's probably home right now, trying to finish off what you started," Dan said, still chuckling as he took another drink. I started to let my mind wander about what would have happened had I actually felt Brian push into my bikini bottoms, how desperate I would have been to finally feel him hard against me. Dan's description of Brian's arousal had triggered long-lost memories of finding out that school crushes actually reciprocated my own feelings.


The Store

group phillyfilmore 2018-03-14

"In fact," I continue-now taking my turn to smile coyly at the girl, " I wouldn't be surprised if really you were less interested in going home and playing with yourself-while thinking of me-and more interested in acting out a few of these...scenarios-with me." I tap the magazine on the counter for emphasis. Think of her-squeezing one of those big tits with one hand while finger fucking herself with the other-all the while imagining what you look like on all fours with your ass in the air." You're whimpers fill the room. My imagination takes grip of me, and as you finger continues to tease my ass I can picture blue-hair in bed with us, her huge breasts squeezed against the mattress as she uses her mouth to pleasure me from behind.

What Are Friends For? Ch. 02

group jamboman 2018-03-14

The story so far: Pat Nolans secretly arranged for her husband, Jim, to fuck their friend, Mae Haynes. Mae and Jim had thoroughly enjoyed the sex, and Pat had become highly aroused as she secretly watched them fucking. Now that Mae's husband was home from a long business trip overseas, Pat didn't expect to hear from her friend for a while. She had suggested this very scenario to both Jim Mae. She was also aware that what was about to happen was one of her favorite fantasies; being fucked by Ron while the other two watched. "One step at a time," answered Ron. He turned to Jim and Mae.


Naughty, Not Nice

group Bethyboo 2018-03-14

With a loud giggle, he drove down with his entire body, forcing her ass to split open, to take the hard hot cock inside. From outside on the rooftop, the sound of hooves pawing in the snow, the tintinnabulation or the sleigh bells like a call to cum...three elves screamed out their release, as a flood of cum washed over her body, filling her ass, overflowing from her convulsing cunt and dripping from her lips. Wee hands slapping at her as they came to stand in front of her, her wide eyes staring at them...the faint taste of peppermint infusing her tongue...and as one they said, "Please, please, please, don't be a nice girl, make the naughty list again next year...we like you bad."

My first threesome true story

group alana3 2018-03-14

It wasnt long when dave returned with steve ,steve also was a good looking guy ,steve i want you to meet alana ,hi alana ,hi steve ,dave went to get steve a drink whilst we chatted ,you look hot alana ,oh thank you steve your rather handsome ,i am a very lucky girl tonight i feel ,dave returned with steves drink then gave me a passionate kiss ,i slid my tongue inside his mouth,mm so good a kisses you are alana ,i placed my drink on the table and turned to kiss steve making sure my tongue was deep with in his mouth .

Natasha's Ploy

group RogerArcher90 2018-03-14

"Besides, Andrew was exactly the same as you when we first came here, by the time we left, he was like a child on Christmas Eve wanting to come over here again," Natasha grinned as she took another, larger sip of wine, clearly amused by her own double-entendre. Next was Melissa, a girl who was about the same age as Nadine, but with smaller breasts and straight brown hair; Natasha, of course; Chris, who played amateur rugby for the local team; Mark, one of Chris's team mates, whose ears were slightly deformed from the amount of scrums he had done; Robert, a man who seemed to be a bit older than Nadine, with some grey hair showing at his temples, and Joanna, who were partners in an open relationship, and finally, Emma.


Patricia's Sexual Adventures Ch. 08

group cumn2xtc 2018-03-14

Just then I heard the room get quite as Sherrie and Karen both started making comments like "hey you two do you want us to leave you to lovers alone" and "wow we didn't know you were lezbos." Cathy stopped tickling me to notice how close her pussy was to my face. Cathy would sometimes act like the guy with a sock in her panties or a banana in her hand holding it to her pussy. As I told the story I almost lost it when Cathy, who was standing behind Sherrie, put the finger that had been in my pussy into her mouth and closed her eyes in ecstacy.


The Dinner Party

group Fun_Dude_420 2018-03-14

We had set up the area and Karen said, "well how do we want to do this?" I said, "well I am not sure should one of us go first and the other watch or both at the same time?" Tom said "Well you could put a movie on and we can all sit on the floor and watch and we can just let things happen." Sue said, "that sounds like a plan." I got up and put a video on and the four of us sat back on the floor and started watching it. Karen lifted up her pussy and Sue grabbed the shaft and started stroking it and rubbing the head on Karen’s clit.

MY FIRST NIGHT with Father-In-Law

group 2018-03-14

He understood and took some time, next day was engagement as he asked all our marriage got fixed after 6 months. I was shocked tried to get away, but he hold my right breasts and with his right arm, he slide form my left shoulder and directly inside my blouse, started crushing my breast. He started giving small strokes , then started heavy strokes, I never done for more than 15 mins with my hubby, but seems fil was on mission to fuck me whole night, I got 3 orgasm in last one hour but he was on super heat. At noon my mil took me to parlour and got me completely waxed and ready like bride. He fucked me whole night, next morning I went our as my mil opened door.