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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Play Mates

group kbarue 2018-03-14

Kate put a hand on Tim’s leg and Tim moaned in spite of himself and started kissing her with greater hunger. Both Tim and Kate quickly shed their clothes and stood before Deb. She sat in the chair they had recently bent over and looked at them. Kate kissing and sucking and licking Deb while Tim tongue fucked her ass. Stop!” Deb finally panted, needing to catch her breath, and Tim and Kate sat back on their heels and looked up at her. Kate came over and lay in front of Tim. Deb pulled the dildo out of Tim’s mouth. Tim moaned into Kate’s cunt as he felt Deb’s finger slide into his ass, and he licked and sucked Kate with greater desire.

Poke-Her Night

group 2018-03-14

You pour me a glass of wine, while you watch me get ready…touching yourself, touching me, stopping me at times to kiss my neck, nibble my shoulder, suck on my pink nipples, breath in all my mingled smells, press your hard cock against my ass as I lean in to the mirror now and again. They become more confident, bolder….I can feel how hungry they are through their touch, their glances, their kisses..their hard cocks pressing into my ass, my hands and mouth are busy touching and sucking, pulling and nibbling on anything within reach. Just as the last wave of pleasure rolls through my body, I first hear the groans and growls, and then watch as each one in turns finishes himself off, stroking their cocks in unison; David cums on my belly, the other two on my tits.

Faith, Family, and Fetish

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-03-14

When I turned around, though, it was her daughter, April, all of eighteen years and a likely candidate to equal her mother's beauty in the future, though as a ginger with freckles and fair skin, instead of the swarthier Daisy. You've also touched my ass, and I have to say, I loved how much you took your time, fondling my buns and my crack as you cleaned me back there," April told me between licks, sucking, and even kisses, especially to the head. Bianca wasn't going to be an issue, due to one of her occasional weekends with Bruce and Liz, so it was just up to me to decide if I wanted to spend the night with Daisy and April Eisenstein, and quite frankly, I did.



group dsoul 2018-03-14

Gladys looked with amazement as her friend, her lover, took the man's cock and went on sucking it without a care in the world. "Yeah, suck me good you slut," Simon muttered, his eyes half shut as he went on feeling the ecstasy of Becky's lips enclosed over his dick. Becky leaned forward and grasped the head board of the bed, hyperventilating with loud moans as Henry's cock slammed without mercy in and out of her, driving her to the precipice till she eventually collapsed as an orgasm wracked through her body. Gladys cried out till she'd just about lost the sound of her voice each time Simon's cock pounded into her till she too went through the same motions as her friend and lover less than a minute ago.


The Board

group Evee 2018-03-14

He spreads my legs wide open like before, then slowly slides his fingers down my stomach to my pussy. Kevin rubs my clitoris with one hand and slowly pushes his finger inside my pussy with the other. 'Fucking hot slut sucking my cock,' the man groans above me. The other men are too busy to notice that the man standing behind me and fucking my thighs has started to thrust higher. Suddenly the old man is yanked away and I feel a cock rest against my pussy and streams of cum hit my pussy lips. I black out, I thought only for a moment or two, but when I open my eyes, my mouth is full of cum and a different man is pounding my cunt with his cock.


First Time Sharing Ch. 01

group BlackJackDavy 2018-03-14

I was still in the arms of the strange, exciting women that I had been making love to on the couch, her blonde hair spread on the cushion, her pretty face looking up at me with an intense expression as I slowly and methodically pumped my cock in and out of her. I heard her moan softly, then felt her soft, warm mouth slide over the head of my cock. I looked straight up at the ceiling, my mind whirling with thoughts of total lust, my hips moving up and down slowly, meeting her rhythm, lost in the pleasure of this moment. My eyes clenched, and I became lost in the feeling of her wet, warm mouth, my nerve endings reaching a peak of indescribable pleasure.

The Girl Next Door

group BadLilKitty 2018-03-14

After a few moments Natasha broke their kiss and slid her hand under my chin to slowly lift my mouth from his cock. I put my hands on his shoulders as I felt his wife take his cock and start to rub the head along my wet pussy lips. ride my cock Jessica," he gasped as I glanced sideways and saw Natasha was laying back on the couch watching us as she fingered her pussy. Her nipples looked achingly hard as she moaned and plunged her fingers in and out of her wetness as I kept bouncing up and down Kevin's cock. She pulled my hand up to his cock and I grabbed him and started stroking him as we put our heads together, our mouths open as we stared up at Kevin.

Single Again Ch. 16

group WhatIKnow 2018-03-14

Tiffany is wearing a very tight tank top that has me smiling while Chrissy is still wearing her scrubs from work. Once inside the tent, I lay Tiffany down on the air mattress and slowly kiss her entire body, avoiding the one place she wants me to kiss. I guess with the work on the house and you having Chrissy around, I just forgot there are other things to take care of. After the driver leaves I start to call Andy, but Tiffany takes my phone away and pushes me against the wall. The initial thrust gives Tiffany a small orgasm, but I'm going crazy and slam hard into her pushing her into a much more intense orgasm.


Sarah's Story Ch. 04: Sweetheart Deal

group SarahsHooters 2018-03-14

When they broke for coffee, as Sarah typed some contract amendments into the laptop and printed a final draft, Mark could hear them estimating her bra size, commenting on her erect nipples and speculating about the stains on her shirt. Impatiently, Baldie grabbed a handful of her hair and wrenched her head back to face him, forcing his cock back between her puffy lips and ramming the back of her throat so she gagged. Sarah slumped, coughing, over the chair and Ed circled her limp form, pulled her head back by the hair and forced his still-hard dick, smeared with cum and her anal secretions into her tired mouth. Ed, Baldie and Mark concluded the meeting over a second cup of coffee, seated around Sarah's used, floppy body, still crumpled over the chair.

An Evening Beside the Pool

group CUSC69 2018-03-14

Pulling Amber tight against him Tom looked to his left to find Brock and Lisa in a deep kiss as well. Lisa held her face to his and outlining the gentle lines that time and concern had etched into the face of the man that she had fallen for more than fifteen years before whispered “I love you so much” then kissed him long and deep tasting the salty sweet tang of Tom’s cum in her husbands mouth. The sight of Amber taking another man into her love tunnel brought Tom to his knees, their eyes locked for an instant as he lowered himself so as to allow him to run his tongue from the smooth surface of Brocks balls up across Amber’s stretched labia cupping her sensitive clit.

The Hunger Ch. 05

group CorsetLvr 2018-03-14

I also couldn't help admiring John's physique and felt a twinge in my pussy at the thought of possibly being fucked by such an obviously powerful man with what looked like it could be a pussy pleasing cock. About the time I had taken all this in and digested it, I saw her pull her mouth off of John and she screamed, "OHHH FUCK Yes, Cummming, Ahhhhhh!" She shoved her ass back at Jim and took the full length of his cock into her ass. His loud roar of release echoed through the room and was soon joined by Cathy's own enthusiastic cries of pleasure as she came hard around his still thrusting cock.


Naked Woman in the Forest Ch. 4

group blackdarth 2018-03-14

While Judy waited, sitting alone on the ground in front of Oscar's cabin, enjoying the morning sunlight on her skin, the men met privately in the long building, which was obviously the place where they conducted their business meetings. Judy stood among the strange group of misshapen men, strangely aroused by the fact that they were negotiating with her for the right to fuck her. If Judy thought having sex with a dwarf was erotic, she was not prepared for Ned and Nat. These two men were joined at the hips. While she thought she might stretch herself wide enough to straddle the twins, she had no idea how to fuck two cocks like that at the same time.

A Night Out With Friends

group wyo_girl 2018-03-14

As Hayley moved her head down to my nipples I watched David approach Nick. He moved his hips against Nick and worked a little more of his cock into Nick’s ass. As David continued pressing his cock into Nick’s ass we heard a soft sound from Nick. I looked back at David and watched him shudder against Nick as he shot his load into Nick’s ass. David pulled my shoulders back until I was reclining against the couch and Nick moved to Hayley as she pressed her lips against my clit. I looked over at Nick and Hayley and saw that she had moved so she was licking and sucking him as well.


B33r + Wife = fuckslut

group 2018-03-14

Anyway, the fun really started when my wife went up to watch a stripper named ?Siren? After a few minutes of sucking face and massaging each others tits, the stripper kneeled in front of my wife and guided her skirt up a bit. As the second song begins the stripper is to my wife?s left making out with her and with her hand up her skirt that is pulled halfway up her thigh, while the older guy was sitting to her right, very close almost leaning into her. My wife, mother of two and devoted spouse was now getting fucked in a strip club by a guy old enough to be her father.

The Encounter

group Konar 2018-03-14

Shelly stepped around Kamille and grabbed my hand to pull me onto the bed in which they were just, "having fun" on. Shelly moved forward and started stroking my dick, Pre-Cum already streaming out getting her hand moist. Shelly started stroking to the rhythm of Kamille sucking my dick. Shelly smiled and slid her hand over Kamille's body, feeling the curves. I moaned, as she sucked my dick, I watched as Shelly went to work. She explodes with pleasure, moaning so loud Shelly puts her hand over Kamille's mouth. I moan, feeling Kamilles hand stroke with Shelly's mouth. Kamille pulls off my dick and Shelly goes on, sucking my head as I cum more.

The Great Zoe and Elizabeth

group XEStacy 2018-03-14

Then I got Elizabeth in a great missionary fuck, we fucked hard and long with much kissing, she came 3 times and then I shot my load into her pussy whispering in her ear "I wanted to cum inside you so that you would get all my cum" Elizabeth was married to Neil, an ex client and loved orgies and so did her husband and Vivian. The party was something else Zoe and I managed not only to fuck together and make love at the start but stayed nearby most of the time so while we fucked others and Zoe had a lot of lesbian fun too, we managed to kiss each other even if we had sex with someone else.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 12

group SteveWallace 2018-03-14

I got a dinner invitation from your girlfriends." She gave me a peck on the lips and breezed past me, pulling a small roll-on suitcase that she parked in a corner of the living room before heading off to the kitchen without a further word. Clothes slowly disappeared from the quartet of lovers, and then one at a time the women gave the guy a blowjob or used their mouths and tongues on him in some unique way, for instance, romancing his balls as another girl sucked on his proud cock. As she bent over Cindy with fingers and tongue doing their work, Elsa was behind her eating Melanie.


Horny Classroom

group siramimuc 2018-03-14

By the time her biology teacher was giving his "only-female" announcement to the class, she felt like she would take any guy, drag him to a utility room, and fuck him until she fainted. Derek quickly grabbed Andrea's legs and threw her onto her back as Alex still continued to fuck her mouth. Derek shoved his cock into Andrea's pussy and began fucking fast. Alex then shoved his cock into Andrea's mouth as Greg began to fuck her pussy. The cocks changed continually, filling her pussy and her ass, or else coming on her ankles, thighs, feet, hands, arms, shoulders, tits, stomach ... With this six fully engaged in fucking her, Derek had another student join the pussy-fucker and fit two cocks into her.

My First Time at a Swinger's Club Ch. 03

group Puddin36 2018-03-14

She opened her eyes and seen Steve standing there stripped down to his birthday suit, his hard cock in his hand as he began to slowly stroke it and tease Sami with it at the same time. She stuck out her tongue and began licking Steve's cock each time the head of it bounced on her mouth. "Come on Sami...roll over for me...I want to take you from behind as you suck Steve's cock." Michael said. The moaning that she was doing was more than Steve could take and he pulled his cock from her mouth and began to shoot load after load all over her sweet beautiful face.

Further Adventures of Susan Adams Ch. 04

group SteveLee1146 2018-03-14

Very shortly after that, Jimmy's cock was firmly implanted in Susan's cunt, giving positive proof, if it were needed, that fucking can take place standing up in a swimming pool. After relaxing awhile, Don went into the cabin while Susan lay on the rocks sunbathing and enjoying looking at the lake's water rippling in the sunlight. A new scene appeared, showing the cabin from the water, this time showing two women, Jean and a semi-nude Susan standing on the deck as the Stuarts came for their infamous (for Susan) visit of last July. As the spanking session went on, the only sounds in the room was the rhythmic slapping of Jean's hand and the cries and, now, moans of Susan as the pain began to overcome her hysteric need to get away.


Supersize Me Ch. 05

group twoup 2018-03-14

"I sure do baby," I said quickly removing my top and bra and holding each of my huge tits in one of my hands. Brad was a big muscular stud who was hung like a stallion but he was a gentleman and knew that trying to stick a 14 inch cock up a little pussy would need some care. "Oh god I don't know if I can He just so bloody HUGE!!" screamed Jo now furiously rocking back on Brad's cock which was now buried 10 inches up her little pussy. Jo looked at me and said "Congratulations, you win the competition but if this is loosing I love it," turning to take yet another stream of cum from Tim all over her face and tits.

A Cruise Adventure

group fotisampini 2018-03-14

Jean and I got a drink and told Kristina we would see her at dinner. Kristina moved her hands down over Jeans shoulders and stopped at her breasts. Kristina said I want you now seeing Jean's juices running out of her. Kristina stopped kissing Jean and said are you ready for me? Kristina asked Jean how she liked another woman getting her off for the first time. Jean started to kiss and lick down Kristina's arm moving to her breasts stopping to lick Kristina's hard nipple. Jean took in a deep breath and moved down to Kristina's pussy. Jean and Kristina moved off of me and without a word, both started to lick and suck my cock and balls!

Five Years

group JBSDownUnder 2018-03-14

"We can work with that." He leant over Jenny and took advantage of Evelyn's open mouth, sliding a tongue inside as he kneaded a hand into her hair. Evelyn was rolling her hips, grinding against Clark's no-doubt swollen cock as they pair passionately kissed, his hands gripping her waist and eliciting desperate moans. Evelyn pressed her pubic wall as Clark slid a finger inside her and Jenny jerked, unable to buck. Jenny was embarrassed briefly at the reminder of her imperfect gut beside the toned flat stomach of her dream woman, but she forgot all about it when Evelyn ducked her head over Clark and began sucking.

MMMF Foursome

group bigtoylvr 2018-03-14

I said that considering I would probably blow a load immediately upon the discovery, I would sit and watch for a bit while I recovered before joining in. He readily agreed. I also told them of the gamble I was taking and that if things didn't go as I was hoping they will, they need to make themselves scarce very quickly. He agreed quickly to them. That brings us to the beginning of this story. She reached over and grabbed Mike's cock and told him she needed to suck it. I savored the flavor before swallowing the entire load. Bring your dildos, my strap-on and the lube with you. Unlike most of my stories that are 100% true, this is just a fantasy.