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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Small World Ch. 02

group Roohan 2018-03-14

And then I knew what heaven must be like, two pairs of hands unbuttoned my clothes while two sets of lips burned my skin, as both lips reached mine, one pair had to give, my cunt locked her lips to mine, Kiran lifted Sherin’s hair from her shoulder and began kissing her licking her all the way down to the Sherin’s ass. Sherin kept moaning and begging and when she got desperate and tried to moved her away from my cock, Kiran let go my rod and said: “Listen darling, I know it is your cock, I know you can fuck him anytime, anywhere, and I know you don’t want to learn anything today.


My Nasty Hotel Secret

group LadyFrederika 2018-03-14

Deliberately maintaining eye contact with Lisa, I recline on the bed and take Thomas's thick, uncircumised cock in my gloved right hand. My hands roam all over Lisa as the servant holds her in place: I cup her tits and run a knowing finger over her irrepressibly aroused, smooth little fuck-slit. Returning to the bed, I take Thomas's stiff cock with my right hand, gripping it at the base, and begin to lick it like an ice cream cone, moaning with loud enjoyment as if no one else is in the room but me. You like watching Mistress Rose drink your man's come and do whatever she wants?" Without waiting for her response, my head goes down on Thomas's length and I start to suck him off.

my dwarf girl invites me to her house

group triphammer73 2018-03-14

“my turn now” Lucy pleaded as I rolled Sam onto her bum leaning against the couch and pulled My girl off the couch and flat on the floor in front of me. “its time ladies you showed me some thanks.” Lucy smile and stood in front of me and began using her tongue ring to get me close to coming. I pushed Lucy away and pulled Sam to the edge of the couch and stuck my dick in her mouth. Later after Samantha went to bed and Lucy and I were spooning naked in her bed she said that was why she did not bring me home until now, she wanted to make sure I was man enough for her two room mates.

Cocktails for Four

group sexyrubyslippers 2018-03-14

I enjoy everything about it, form the look on a guy face when you first inform him that you are planning to lick his cock like a lollipop, to the musky smell of a guy's crotch, to the taste of his hot cum when he explodes in your mouth, or on your breasts, one of my personal favorites. Four of the guys, Kevin, the owner of the house we were party at and the oldest looking guy there, Troy a guy that look barely in their twenty and who looked like he'd would call tonight a success if he could cop a feel, and Brent my friend from work decided, I was the lady they want to put their attention on and put their effort into.

Taking the Late Train

group 757pilot 2018-03-14

Ordinarily, being draped under a large, black cape with a fresh-hair smelling redhead snuggled against me, who had just deposited her moist panties in my unexpecting hand, would have resulted in an instant, raging hard on. The movement was more subtle but I let my imagination conjure the image beneath the cape: the boyfriend's hand moving over her red curls...perhaps one or more fingers inserted between her parted lips. Here we were, the boyfriend slamming his cock into the redhead's pussy from behind (but all I could see was the cape moving to the rhythm of his thrusts), and also under the cape the redhead gobbling up my you-could-just-barely-call-it-an-erect penis, sucking, creating a vacuum that I felt compelled to fill, and me fondling her left breast and pinching and tweaking her left nipple.

Life After Love Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-03-14

It was during this peaceful moment when I saw real worry on Saya's face for the first time. The five work days gave me time to think apart from her, to let my analytical brain earn its keep in the war with my heart. One day gone, knowing Saya was a million miles away, and I was stuck in my rut already. She was a special girl, and I knew I could have fallen in love with her so easily; really I would have fallen for her long before Saya ever entered the picture, but her reminders to stay emotionally detached kept me grounded. "Saya, while a sweet girl, only ever wanted to be your girlfriend, to enjoy your time together while you had it.


I Got Her High Again!

group jbinx 2018-03-14

I specifically said I wanted three big men - like 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds - big docks of course. (la la land is better!) Tom starts to take his cock out of his jeans - oh shit - he's hung like a fucking horse! Tom pushes her back on the bed and shoves his hard cock in her mouth. He picks her up and puts her in the position HE wants her in - face down and ass up - on her knees like a fucking dog. Then of course - she gets another hard cock shoved in her mouth. I wanted her to think she dreamed it or watched a porn or something like that - it's working.

A Bachelorette Party

group extreme_hetro_sex 2018-03-14

The head stripper, whose name was Rocco, was strongly built and had one of the thickest cock I had ever seen, came forward and presented his dick to Cherry and told her to touch it. Then a stripper with the blonde hair, whose name was Thunder, approached Cherry and presented his dick to her and told her to stroke it. Rocco came close to my ear and told me," If you want to stop us you can use the safe word any time." Rocco said in a loud voice, "Now it's time for our final act." Then he turned to Cherry and asked, "Boobs or face?" Then suddenly he pulled out from my still pulsing pussy and rush to Cherry and started stroking his dick in front of her.

Stacey & Scott Join a Swing Club

group thick7in1972 2018-03-14

There were a couple of women that were drop-dead gorgeous, including a little blonde, who looked a lot like Ashley Judd, dressed as a school girl, which I hoped to have a little contact later with. We walked a few more doors down to my room and there I found Stacey on all fours with one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. In the all-girl room, there were four women making out on the bed, with at least 6 guys watching with their cocks in their hands. Soon, the other girl had positioned herself above Stacey and lowered her pussy to Stacey’s mouth, which quickly began eating away. Stacey kept looking over and watching me fuck this girl, who was having orgasm after orgasm.


Mona and Her Orgies

group freeman64 2018-03-14

After a round of drinks, Mona, who was dressed in a red skirt, went inside her bedroom and came back nude as a jaybird, stood before the astounded men, raised her glass and cried, just like the decadent Roman emperors of yore: "let the orgy begin." Mona, who the men believed to be around 28, sat on a single couch, let her sexy thighs hang on both sides and allowed the incredulous men to gaze and drool at her clean shaven cunt. The erotic ceremony over, they stripped and began drinking while Mona went inside the bedroom and came out in buff and, as the men let out a wolf whistle, another nude woman appeared and stood by the orgy queen.


andhra satish sex

group pandu004 2018-03-14

As I travel to Hyderabad on business, I wait for emails of guys / couples from this city as it is most convenient for me to meet them, God willing! As we exchanged emails we got friendly and then he told me that he wanted to fuck me, suck me and have a lots of water games. I told the guys to drink lots of water as we can then have a good time later on. Venky got on all fours and Sunny started fucking him with his almost 8” cock. Venky sat and Sunny and I position our cocks at his face and peed. I started sucking Sunny while Venky applied soap on his asshole and finger fucked it.

Mrs. Chamberlain Ch. 05

group pretty_randy 2018-03-14

Barb and Randy had a discussion about her comfort level as Cora went into the bathroom and she told him that she was ok and turned on by the show. Cora looked at Randy and he could tell that she was genuinely concerned about how Barb was feeling. Randy pumped into Barb as Cora whispered sweetly into her ear. Cora sat up and as Randy pumped into Barb, she whispered into his ear. Cora moved up to lie flat next to Barb, all the while encouraging Randy to 'Fuck her hard.' Cora could sense Barb's impending orgasm and whispered to her, "Barb, I told him to pull out before he cums.

A Wife Alone

group High Desert 2018-03-14

No. Was I thinking about how ashamed I "should have been?" No. I was rubbing my clit from orgasm to orgasm about the thought of Mike, a good looking young man, watching me fuck myself silly while watching a girl get dp'd by numerous big black cocks. Then Eric again started pulling the back of my skirt up exposing my thong while Chris got to get a handful of ass. I knew what he wanted and I finally gave in to his advances while Mike continued to gently lick my swollen pussy lips and Eric rubbed my breasts. Mike wasted no time in pushing his dripping cock into my mouth and drilling it deep into my throat.


Wife's First Gangbang Trick

group MrsCanyon 2018-03-14

Before I left, Tracy had me take some digital photos of her nude so I wouldn't forget what was waiting for me. She went to an Internet sex-club site and posted the photo of herself nude with her legs spread. She went up to the room (that's where she was when I called my first evening away) and left her purse, some sex toys she had bought, some condoms and her overnight bag. Between his playing with her and her thinking about being a whore and having group sex (for pay!) the next night, she was experiencing periodic convulsions, She said she needed him to fuck her hard, soon. By the time Tracy completed her second night's story, I had an incredible hard-on.

Christening My New Bed

group Ankhet 2018-03-14

Stephen set the alcohol down just inside the room, came to us, kissed us each in turn (Annie on the lips, myself on the forehead), and flopped himself on my newly-constructed bed. I hooked my thumbs in my lace panties -- they had matched my bra: black lace that only covered enough to do the job they were originally intended for -- and pulled them off slowly, giving Stephen and Annie, as her eyes were focused on me, the show he had requested. Stephen's fingers slowed and finally stopped, but his tongue kept flicking lightly over my clit until I reached my hand down and laid it on his head.

Three Part Harmony

group Alex De Kok 2018-03-14

I think we went off into flights of fantasy for a while, but one thing we agreed on, and that was wondering what it would be like to be making love to a woman, at the same time our man was making love to us." "How did you two get together?" said Jenny, sitting on the couch opposite me and Kaylie, shoes kicked off, long legs tucked underneath her. Breaking it, I turned to Jenny, who moved straight into my arms, her kiss no less fierce than Kaylie's. I was startled for a moment when Jenny moved straight into Kaylie's arms when I broke the kiss, the heat of theirs bringing instant interest to my dick. Kaylie got herself comfortable on her back, yes, but Jenny didn't dive straight into her pussy.


Playing with Ann

group xander37 2018-03-14

I weigh about 190 but i am on the muscular side, my husband Johnny, is 5'7 with dark brown hair and eyes, sexy mouth, and a very handsome face. I spread her thighs a little and kiss it and slip my tongue across her clit, she moans and tries to grab my head to bury my face in her pussy but, I pull back and say "Not yet you don't!" I carried her to the bed where Johnny was waiting naked. He puts his mouth on hers and kisses her while playing with her breasts, he then moves his hand down her body to stroke her wet pussy.

Linda's Time

group Johnsexlife 2018-03-14

These stories always aroused him greatly and he loved hearing them especially when I had a vibrator in my pussy and was stoking his penis as I told him the stories. I must admit I love sucking a man off especially with a vibrator pushed deeply into my pussy as I fantasized be taken by two men at once which I had only done once before. After having told him all of sex adventures, which I could remember, he turned to Literotica Stories mostly about Group Sex/Swinging and Rape/Non Consent stories. To keep busy I read some more Literotica stories and got really turned on so I rubbed my clit and eventually inserted the vibrator.


The Blind Fold

group Dr. Bull 2018-03-14

Mike's eyes nearly popped out of his head, as she turned away from him arched over to her feet where Karen's shirt came down on top of her breasts that were sticking out over the top of her bra. Leaning forward as the game progressed, Karen covered Mike's movements with her arm and breast covering his hand from view as it rubbed the soft fabric covering her very excited and wet vagina. Mike's luck with Carmella encouraged him, so as Karen sat down wearing only her panties, he started touching her leg rubbing further up then over toward her inner thigh. As the women worked their magic on Mike's swollen cock, Mitch pulled out of Karen and slid between Carmella's legs, sliding in to her tight wet pussy.

Double Trouble Ch. 07

group The_Unicorn 2018-03-14

So, in forgiving Angela, Robin would be able to let go of her own negative emotions. I was really surprised that you did that for us and, yes, everyone showed up," Robin said, not really knowing who had been invited but not wanting to quibble over small stuff. "Look," Robin said calmly, "Angela, I know that cost you a lot of your savings. Angela smiled, relief written all over her face, and said, "I can't tell you how happy I am to hear you say that." She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Angela, I don't want you in my life anymore," Robin said irritated at having to state the obvious.


Blind Date

group Lei Feng 2018-03-14

My lover had been with me, and we had undressed together, and he had laid me on the bed, and lay beside me stroking my body and kissing my mouth and face, and neck, and then my breasts and nipples as he stroked my clit and pussy. By way of answer my lover put his hand hard on my pussy and clit, and slide two fingers into me, and immediately I arched my back, pushed against him, and squeezing the cocks in both my hands, I came loudly. The level of pleasure, and the feeling of my pussy being completely full, was intense, and I squeezed my breasts and nipples as I lowered myself fully on to this monster cock, and came immediately, falling forwards into my lover's arms.

Sensualist Ch. 03

group Grouchojim 2018-03-14

"You need to give it a good push, my love," Denise said, her voice already husky with lust. "You mean like Frank?" I asked, having watched them fuck from my peephole. I would however, tell them that I wished I had, and several provided me with the opportunity (including Denise) to watch them with another man, or in two cases, another woman. I tried to voice my protest, but just then Denise let loose a torrent of juice that poured down into my mouth and over my chin, neck, and hand as her convulsions increased. "So tell me about the girl's you've known," Denise said, testing my truthfulness and ensuring that I was indeed her first woman.


Happy Birthday

group Ken0131 2018-03-14

After closing the door behind you he takes you in his muscular arms, says 'Hi and Happy Birthday', and gives you a big long wonderful kiss. In turn they each come to you, take your hand and kiss it, say 'Happy Birthday' and then lean down to kiss you on the mouth. The 3 tongues are difficult enough to keep track of but when their hands begin stroking and caressing you the feeling is amazing. As you begin to think you may not be able to take much more you feel yourself penetrated by the first of the 3 large cocks. Suddenly you hear him grunt and the pace gets even quicker, your pussy explodes once more as you feel shot after shot of his seed firing inside you.

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 01

group LolaTstorm 2018-03-14

Do what I want for a change." Jonas listens intently, though at times he finds himself staring at her a little too much. "Alright, but I want you to be one of them." Jonas feels surprised and excited at the same time. "Besides..." Kim says, a wicked grin spreading across her face, "I've seen the way you look at me, how you've always looked at me." So she knows. "Looks like somebody else is enjoying the show." Kim's eyes are pointed down towards his chair. Caleb walks into Kim's room when Jonas says, "Hey I'll meet you in there. Jonas thinks Kim looks like an angel.