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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Black Muslim Cuckold Couple

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

I recently married a young Ethiopian-born Canadian Muslim woman named Khadija Bogale. As Clarence pumped his cock up my ass, Khadija stroked and sucked my dick, getting it nice and hard. The feel of Clarence's thick white dick in my ass while Khadija's tight black pussy gripped my cock was absolutely unbelievable. While Khadija sodomized Clarence with the strap-on dildo, I silenced old dude's moans by making him suck my dick. Later, it was my turn to stuff Clarence's ass with my hard dick as he sucked on Khadija's strap-on dildo before he ordered her to lick her pussy. I worked my dick deep into Clarence's asshole as he pumped his cock into my wife Khadija's pussy.


A Hotwife's Naked Tropical Getaway- Part 2

group KenLukin 2018-11-12

I puffed my cheeks in and out to swish his cum around, then turned my head to the crowd and opened my mouth so they could all get a look at his big, creamy load. Smiling, almost naked, on my knees in front of a hundred people at center stage, I swallowed MC Carlos’ big cum load in one satisfying gulp. I was really looking forward to feeling that big, black cock in my pussy, and I orgasmed as soon as Carlos started to penetrate me. I think my pussy made a popping sound as I rolled off the table and that big cock of Carlos’ pulled out.

My Wife Blackmailed and Used in Front of Me

group bava12 2018-11-12

Annette stood before the salesman, eyes down looking at the floor, there was very little she could say in her defense. There followed a brief conversation between the two partners in which Mr. Graham explained to Mr. James all about my wife's indiscretion. "Thank you, Mr. James," he replied looking at Annette's pussy and smiling, "I do believe you are correct." James was obviously in no mood for foreplay and, grasping her running shoes in each hand, he pulled Annette's legs roughly apart. Obviously content with her guarantee, James pulled out of Annette's cunt and, with cock in hand, quickly made his way towards the front of the table where her head lay rested on her arms.

Black on Black Cuckolding is Nice

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

Long before Eugene's confession, I had been dreaming of watching two sexy Black guys fuck each other. Once Salim and I finished, I let him cum all over my feet and then made Eugene lick it up just like a good cuckold should. First, Salim took off Eugene's chastity device and gave my Haitian boyfriend's thick cock a good sucking. I went straight for Salim's cock and balls, and began sucking on his dick as Eugene pounded his ass. Since Eugene was having so much fun ramming his dick up Salim's ass, I decided to remind my sexy Haitian boyfriend that I'm still the dominatrix in our household.


Lonely Housewife, Gets Amazing Surprise

group laylapup16 2018-11-12

I looked to the other side of my bed and saw Jill and Chris naked and she was sucking him hard as he fingered her tight little cunt. I looked over at Jill and saw her moaning with her head tilted back, enjoying herself as Chris ate her sweet little cunt, he grunted slightly and I looked down more catching a glimpse of Chelsea mouth engulfing Quinton’s cock at she had her hand tightly around Chris', stroking him harder and faster as Jill grew closer to an orgasm. He pushed his cock in and pulled-out slowly I moaned to loudly and looked up as I seen Quinton and Chris go to my tits, I smiled at them both and moaned as I saw them getting pleasure too.


Black Men are Gods Ch. 18

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

At Brockton Community High School, I was the first Black girl to try out for the Men's Varsity Ice Hockey team. The Coach of the all new women's varsity ice hockey team at Cadmus College was Marvin Luciano, an Italian guy in his mid-forties. Chandra Lee, an Asian-American gal from Boston Latin Academy and Rosario Sanchez, a Mexican chick from Brampton, Canada, were the other women of color on the team. I'd heard of Chandra Lee. Last year, she was making headlines at her high school by leading the boys ice hockey team past their toughest rivals. I had crushes on guys growing up, especially my brother's friends from the Football team but I didn't know what love is until I met Linda Mendes.


How about Eric?

group lemanruss 2018-11-12

I remember thinking that Michelle was likely to get a reaction of "Hell no!" out of asking her ex to film her fucking her new boyfriend, and then we'd be back to ground zero and maybe I'd have a little more leverage (having been so cool about her suggestion of her ex) to offer up the idea of a female camera man. Michelle rested her cheek against the shaft of his dick and smiled a very pleased smile to the camera and I began to appreciate the size and scale of the cock in her hand as it lay against her gorgeous face (which still glistened in spots from the cum she hadn't spooned into her mouth earlier.)

The guardian princess

group whotoldyouiwrite 2018-11-12

As tyler worked on her breasts, Fiona took off her shorts to reveal a well trimmed soft pussy. Tyler used one hand to run down Fiona's body to her pussy while his mouth moved up to Fiona's mouth and the other unbuttoned his denims to pull out his cock. AFter removing her shorts Fiona's hands unbuttoned Tyler's shirt and then ran down his dirty body to hold his cock. "Come Iris, I will show you the real power" Fiona commanded and then turned to Tyler," Tyler, lick my pussy, baby" Soon Tyler had started to lick Iris' pussy and she came almost immediately. Fiona then told Tyler to sit on a rock and asked IRis to ride his cock.

Vignettes: Welcome to Our Home

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-12

"You wouldn't mind?" Char whispered cautiously, her hand now stroking my hardening cock, her palm sliding around the head, smearing it with my precum. Still, the sounds that reached my ears of his increased breathing and of her muffled slurping of his cock told me that my friend Randy was discovering the joys of a cocksucking by Char. With my eyes lifted so that I could watch her suck him, the sight fueled my cunnilingus of her pussy, my efforts bringing her to a quick climax, her hand pulling my head tighter to her snatch as she rubbed it against my tongue and mouth frantically. After I showered quickly, I returned to sit in a chair and watched Randy and Char for the next hour of some seriously hot sucking and fucking...

House of empress Toya pt7

group BiUKSwinger 2018-11-12

  After a while they climbed out of the pool and the man bent her over a bench and thrust his cock deep inter her from behind and began to fuck her like a wild animal, as I watched from the pool I felt a cock pushing against my ass cheeks, I reached back and parted my cheeks, the man then pushed his cock into me, his cock felt very small and he was grunting into my ear, before he had even pumped me three times he pulled out and said he was cumin.

Threesome Fun - Martin’s Story.

group DarkSide 2018-11-12

“Martin then turned to Richard, he looked him in the eye and then reached for his cock and pulled on it. “Follow me,” I declared as I pushed Kelly and pulled on Richard’s cock to follow me. Kelly dropped to her knees and sucked on Richard’s cock, just like I told her to. Kelly sucked on his cock taking it all the way down her throat, and then she cupped his balls. I pulled at his cock with my other hand and bobbed my head on his knob; sucking him all the time. As I was concentrating on the feeling of my spunk leaving my cock and flowing into Kelly’s mouth, Richard once more erupted over my whole face splashing across my cheeks and nose.

The Working Girl Goes All Out

group castlequeen 2018-11-12

A quick glance showed Mike pounding Kay's pussy roughly and he yelled out his orgasm as he pulled out and covered her from behind, but to everyone's surprise, Jun pushed him out of the way and licked her as deeply as he could for several moments before he slid hard tool into her ass and began to hammer her hard, pulling her hair from one direction while Kyle pulled it from the other. After ten minutes or so of gentle head, the guys in our mouths needed a break and Daddy made the perfect suggestion of giving us a little special attention as he started to lick Kay's already messy pussy and Kyle gave mine a try.

Changing Annie's Grades

group Mysteria27 2018-11-12

I’ll dress like a complete slut and if I have to, I shall fuck the good teacher right on his desk. John approached the bed and Barbara hopped up on top of him and slid his enormous cock into her wet cunt. Barbara and I got on our knees and John stroked his huge cock and then sprayed each of our breasts with his hot come. I started to move my hips and he was sucking on my cock like a little bitch. Barbara got on her back and lifted her legs high and John licked her bald pussy. After that, I walked out and felt good that my daughter was now going to be passing Science and graduating in June.

The Three-Man Weave

group beccamurr 2018-11-12

And, the next thing you know, Darrel and D.J. have disappeared god knows where and Malcolm and I are alone on the couch and he’s got his giant hand on my bare thigh and it feels so good. I moved back into Malcolm quickly, kissed him strongly on the mouth, then turned back to Darrel, looked up at him innocently and grabbed his now less-than-semi-erect cock, stroked it slowly a couple of times and then put it in my mouth, staring right into his eyes the whole time. By the time I got out of the shower, they had a nice terrycloth robe waiting for me and a big-ass bowl of ice cream and I sat on the couch and enjoyed the hell out of that while Darrel gave me a foot rub.

Our coach trip home

group Joanna86 2018-11-12

Despite teasing me, Chloe watched our friends as Steph began to grind her pussy on Zack’s hard cock. I was teasing my clit hard and fast, desperate to cum, hearing Steph moaning as she fucked Zack and watching Chloe’s jeans slide down her long shapely legs and take off her bra and tracksuit top. Rick and Danny were knelt, facing us, on their seats to our left and Matt sat with his feet and legs in the aisle, bulge clearly visible, all watching Chloe and me. Steph sat one chair to Zack’s left, with her legs apart, exposing her pussy, which was wet and still oozing cum which Zack had filled her with earlier.

BBW Needs to Play

group bigbubblygurlnc 2018-11-12

Karl opened the hotel room door to see Cherry sitting on the chair in the corner of the room, fully naked with her thick thighs resting on the chair arms and pussy open wide and glistening. She looked him in the eye as she moaned softly. She moaned softly when Karl pounded into Cherry more forcefully and she began to rub her clit. Liz's moan caused Karl's eyes to clear and he finally saw her spread eagle and playing in the mirror. Cherry began to lick Karl's cock every time it came unsheathed from the young tight tunnel, loving the taste of the girl and his mixed juices. The feel of young tight pussy pulsing around his cock, Cherry's tongue, and the sight of two large writhing bodies finally pushed Karl over the edge.

Black Femdom Marriage Works!

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

Hey, I happen to like it when a woman has both and most Black men I know feel the same way. You see, I haven't been involved in the world of BDSM too long but it's been my experience that Black Masters rarely play with Black female subs, Black Mistresses also seem to avoid Black male submissive types like the plague. What's also more than a bit alarming is the fact that Black Mistresses sometimes go out of their way to let the entire BDSM community know that they only deal with White male or White female subs. She still dominates her male and female subs on the side, and I don't mind because I still got my eager stable of gay and bisexual submissive men, and trannies, whom I top.


Muriel III

group MindsEye 2018-11-12

The shop clerk looked pleased by the frank inquiry and directed the three of us to a corner of the store that displayed anal beads, butt plugs of various sizes. “I see,” said Laura, "That’s about the right size, my husband is just a little smaller so that should allow Muriel to take him in without much resistance.” Laura pulled the white ribbon tight, and Muriel held the stack of new purchases tightly against herself to keep the coat from opening all the way. Laura was still wearing her harness and Muriel had anal beads sticking out from her butt cheeks. Later Laura said the dildo tried to push out of Muriel and into her and could she feel me ejaculate into her lover.



group Kim 2018-11-12

Paul's hand kept kneading and rubbing down his back, lingering at the top of James' muscular ass. I kept noticing how James' hips rotated every time Paul came close to his tight globes. Slowly, Paul's hand began to knead and roll the tight muscles of James' ass. With one hand on one side and the other working the opposite side, Paul rubbed in wider and wider circles, pulling that tight ass open. James' anus contracted, as Paul began to tongue his ass. Paul pulled James' ass open wide, and began to tongue fuck him, mercilessly. He was tonguing a hot ass hole and fingering a tight, wet pussy, but no one was loving on his member.

Your First Threesome

group Calarg 2018-11-12

I whisper in your ear as I push two of my cleaned fingers back inside and thumb your hard clit, "Well, if we find the right guy, maybe it can be more than a dream." Your hips thrust into my hand and I feel your walls clamp down on my fingers. My hands stroking down your body, following the curves, teasing your nipple rings through your blouse, covering your ass for a squeeze, and finally dipping into the band of your skirt as my fingers move towards your pussy. I hold still letting you work yourself back and forth on my cock, your ass pulling me into you and gripping me each time I’m sliding out.

The Last step on the Path.

group snowboy 2018-11-12

Jim said, “I will need to blindfold you and guide you to a room in the house. Jim said, “We are going to start now, if you want to stop just say the word THUNDER.” Warm oil started to be worked in on my ass and between my legs and it felt so good. I felt a cock rubbing up and down my hole, getting all oiled up before pushing in. Jim and the skinny guy started to move in unison, it was nice and I felt I could do this all day. Jim's movements got faster and faster and then pounded hard into my little boy pussy and unleashed another load of jizz that I took deep.

Met Through a Swing Club II

group irishmik60 2018-11-12

I took the time to call the club announcing my arrival, and told Jim I had a 'surprise' for him. As Jim stood at the counter separating the kitchen from the living room, Mary took hold of his sweats and pulled them down. Mary quickly went to her knees and took Jim's now swelling cock between her lips. After being playfully stroked for 200 miles, watching the sight I'd just seen, and with the heat of Mary's pussy around my cock, I couldn't last any longer. As Mary laid between us, she bent down and took my cock, this time in her mouth. Mary removed my cock from her mouth, turned and laid on her back, resting her head on Jim's stomach.

A Loving Family?

group oldrascal 2018-11-12

When I took her home her stepdad opened the door and glared at me, “You're almost late, watch the time from now on.” He leered at Marilyn's back as she entered and slammed the door in my face. Elena, not missing a beat, responded, “We're fucking dear, what does it look like?” She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her when I hesitated and humped up against me to get me going again. Marilyn took a break to say,”Oh mom, you taste so good on Mark's cock.” And went back to slurping and sucking on my dick.

Muslim Women and Bisexual Guys

group Samuelx 2018-11-12

I was inspired to visit North America by Alexander Henderson, a tall and handsome, blond-haired and blue-eyed American guy from Boston, Massachusetts, whom I met in Tadla-Azilal, the region of Morocco which my mother's family hails from. As luck would have it, my 'mentor' and good friend Alexander Henderson told me he was coming to the City of Montreal, Quebec, to spend a couple of weeks in Canada's most beautiful town for a little vacation. Even in busy Montreal, people weren't used to seeing a white guy being carried by a tall Black man and a hijab-wearing Arab chick. To think my gay best friend Alexander had access to J.D.'s beautiful black dick all the time, hot damn. Apparently Alexander got off on watching his sexy bisexual black boyfriend fuck both women and men.