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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My wife's fantasies

group skinny_hairy 2018-03-14

We don't talk about threesomes and, usually, never role-play about them. This time I asked her to suggest a theme, and she said "How about one about bringing someone into our bedroom". This fantasy has come up only one other time, at least a year ago now, which I'll tell you about below. The first time this fantasy came up was about a year ago. She told me about bringing a prostitute home, and watching me fuck her. After I came, I kept telling her the story, and told her that she was watching us from a chair, with her legs open, fingering herself. I told her that while I was fucking the prostitute, she got between my wife's legs and started playing with her pussy.

His Sexpot S i s Chapter 7

group 2018-03-14

one thing making love to Jodi, but it was another thing doing it to a girl like Kyla. "Where's the shy little mouse I knew?" Shawn whispered into Jodi's ear as they went "You'll sl**p with me, Kyla," said Jodi, and she lounged on one elbow and half of one door as Kyla came in so Shawn would get an unobstructed view of her. "And I've seen him, naked," Jodi said deliberately and sat down in a chair with her "Absolutely naked?" Kyla looked over at Shawn, her face a blank. "Good night, Kyla." He waited till she left the room and exploded. "Tell me honestly, Kyla," Jodi glanced at the open bedroom door. Shawn listened intently with his eyes fastened on Kyla's fuck hole.

Who Does Who? Ch. 02

group Lotusgirl 2018-03-14

Rhia spread her legs wide, opening her body fully to Tamar, who appreciated the view for several seconds and then dipped her head to daintily taste the moisture leaking out of Rhia's cunt. She opened Rhia's labia and maneuvered the head of the other penis of the dildo just inside her cunt, then, as slowly as she could, she sunk the cock into the blond's body. She watched Tamar lick her way down Jared's cock for a few moments and then let her tongue join in, the girls licking at each other as they moved back up until they were pashing each other around the head of his penis.


Queen of the Blowjobs

group The_inspector_and_the_fish 2018-03-14

So I'm there with my bestie Sue and we're walking past Dave and I'm trying not to look at him coz since we broke up he's been acting like a total prick but I hear him saying something to his mates about how some chick called Vanessa has been giving him the best head ever so I say, "Fuck you, Dave. I remembered something Sue had said about how some guys like it if you finger their arsehole so I thought, "Fuck it, he might hate it but if he doesn't cum I'm screwed so it's worth a go." I slid my right hand around his arse (it was nice and firm) and gently pressed one finger against his arsehole and started circling it -- like the way I like it when someone touches my pussy for the first time.

Peruvian Odyssey

group BiBlond6FootFun 2018-03-14

Misty picked up the vial of powder and tapped out a line in Jordan's crack from the top of his ass to just below his sphincter. Just before she tongued her man, after having inhaled all that she was able, she commanded Jordan, "now bring your nose and lips to Frank's cock. Without giving it a second thought, my ass was high above the bed, my cock and balls swollen beneath, and I wrapped one foot across the edge of the bed to help spread my cheeks as wide as I could. "I know the types of fantasies that Jordan and I have spoken of, and I believe that he would really like to feel a cock in his ass.


my transsexual girlfriend

group michneo 2018-03-14

She was jerking her dick when she said "Lay down I wanna put my cock in your asshole" He laid on the couch and she got on both of her knees. "Don't touch your dick or you'll be sorry" He nodded his head and said "Please fuck my ass' He was cleanly shaved on his ass and his cock had a landing strip. She looked down and said "I'm gonna cum keep sucking" She sat up as my dick came out of her ass and started pumping my mouth. She got down on her knees and said "I want both of you guys to cum on my face at the same time" She held both of our dicks in her hand and went back and forth sucking until her friend said he was about to cum.

Amuse Bouche

group GreyGoose 2018-03-14

Megan and Kara had been friends with Abby, but that all fell apart after what she did to Dan. He still had the apartment upstairs. Looking to return the favor, Kara took a page out of her friend's playbook and softly raked her fingers across Dan's belly while Megan sucked. As Megan watched Dan getting tongue-deep into her friend, she remained keen on stealing away some of his focus. Kara's cheering got a chuckle out of both Megan and Dan. And it got them both a little hotter. The amazing blowjob made Dan crave that pussy, and the more Kara sang out her pleasure, the more turned on Megan got from sucking cock.


the 1st time i shared my a woman i loved

group dannydevon 2018-03-14

He said "I know, I saw you two fucking near the opera house in the middle of the day, there were tourists filming you. The others walked over from the car and she quickly stopped, pushing my cock in my jeans, looking embarrassed, "sorry, sorry, Dan you're rude!" Now my gf spoke for the first time, "that's not fair," she said, "you need to show your cock too, the other boys have." And I knew it was on He offered her his big cock and she wanked both of us, when she put it in her mouth I asked her if she loved me... He said he wanted to fuck her, and in seconds her knickers were off, he was banging her from behind, with my cock in her mouth.

College Cathouse Ch. 09

group DaviBlack 2018-03-14

He didn't seem to mind, and quickly moved his hands to the sides of Jess' big breasts, squeezing and rubbing them through her t-shirt and bra, as she took his cock deeper into her mouth. Stacy said "It was about time I spent a little time in the saddle," and Jess wisely pointed out that I could probably get Tim and Mike to be my number two and three. "Oh jesus, that feels good," she groaned, "I forgot what a real cock feels like." I heard Professor Fleming let out a deep breath in the corner. She let her head fall to the side, her cheek resting against the bed, looking at her husband as I thrusst my cock deep inside her.

On the Way Home

group NoontimeGhost 2018-03-13

He didn't know why, but he couldn't cum unless he was in the right position, which rarely happened during blowjobs unless the girl lifted his ass off the bed, or he fucked her face. I do cum when sitting down, so no need to worry there." His friend in the driver seat looked at him angry, having thought this was just a birthday thing, not thinking all his friends were going to get laid while he drove around. The guy in the driver's seat got out, when the birthday boy shouted, "hey, be cool Mark." When he pulled out she didn't move, she slowly let her wits come back, but then the guy from the passenger's seat had taken the driver's place and started fucking her.

Designated Driver

group EdwardianFantasy 2018-03-13

Hot heavy fog was rising and covering the windows inside as they all four panted, obscuring them from the view of their intended audience and Jenna moaned, pressing her pussy down onto Franks large cock, engulfing it in the warm embrace of her velvety pussy, and her sweaty trembling hands slid down his face and chest, helping guide herself up as he clenched one of her nipples between his teeth. Breathing heavily she slid off beside him and pulled her dress up covering her heaving breasts as he buttoned his shirt, and they both saw Kara spasming across the front seats with Johns fingers buried inside her soaked pussy, her hands clasping for purchase on the dash and seats, and her mouth open in drowned out moans.

First Time Meeting the Neighbors

group 2018-03-13

Sherry was red faced at the thought and then Alysse leaned in and whispered to her that she was turned on and wet from watching Tad look at her tits in her t-shirt and that Sherry should be flattered. The guys tried not to watch as they didn’t want to make Sherry self-conscious, but they did notice that Alysse pointed to her own sweat soaked shirt which clung to her braless tits. Tad then told Sherry that he was surprised and pleased that she sucked Rick’s cock and she tried to explain that she didn’t realize what she was doing but deep down inside she knew she was aware and that her brazen actions excited her more than she anticipated.

Sarah Pt. 02

group jacquioh2 2018-03-13

"I've never enjoyed giving anyone pleasure more than that moment." I looked into her eyes and smiled as if I was talking about something completely mundane, even making a gesture with my hand to conceal our true conversation. I raised her foot for a moment and kissed her toes, looking down her leg into her pink slit. I took hold of a handhold on the side and Sarah swam up to me and put a hand on my shoulder and let her arm lean against my breast. "Good grief, the woman has so much money she wears it for jewelry!" Steve said staring at the glint of gold coin hanging just in the lovely cleavage of her breasts.


Renee's Fantasy

group Sweetp4u 2018-03-13

Brian rose from the couch first and stepped over Marks extended legs coming to stand before Renee a moment. Moving forward quickly, he took one of her legs and threw it over his shoulder, his hands sinking into the firm cheeks of her ass as he buried his face into her wet slit. Mark stood behind them, pulling off his shirt, a little weirded out by this, he wasn't sure if he wanted to strip in front of other guys or not just yet. Her legs shook hard as she tried to stand there, Brian let her go when Mark gave a nod to him. Brian kissed her inner thighs and one more on her swollen clit as Mark shed his night shirt and pulled her down into the chair with him.


gloryhole girl

group aleistercrowley 2018-03-13

Corwyn was so engaged in having her face fucked, the from orgasm, and the man in her mouth was close. suck down the load of cum in her mouth. dripping from her face as she had a cock in either end. Corwyn moaned around the softening cock in her mouth, standing in a porn booth, cum on her face and in her mouth with a stranger's cock taking her virginity from noticed the man in the booth in front of her leaving. Fucking or being sucked by a young girl doesn't happen shot after shot of hot sticky cum filling her wet cunt, The man in her pussy leaned against the wall, his his cock on her ass, leaving a trail of mixed cum, and

Bar Tales

group LAFox 2018-03-13

Donna started to suck on the balls of the guy fucking the girls pussy and she watched as the double fuck was going on with excitement as she wanted to get DP'd too as she called over the first guy who fucked her and told him to fuck her ass hard and fast she grabbed a pool cue and used it to fuck her pussy as he pounded into her this was not her first time using the cue for her orgasm. Donna had called over a few regulars when the action started and the girl on the table noticed that there were some new faces there for her to fuck and suck, she arched her back and moaned letting all there know she was up for whatever they offered tonight.

Our New In-Laws Ch. 07

group Novelista 2018-03-13

Milton was inside a coil of copper wire making current flow measurements when Delores Kelly stopped by on an errand for her father, the director of the laboratory. Delores Kelly was a rather smart woman too, but she easily reached over Milton's shoulder and reset the overload system and activated the coil. Doctor Kelly looked down and couldn't believe it when his daughter slipped her lips over the head of his cock and began to give him the blowjob of his life. Arthur looked up from the sight of his cock deep in his daughter, "Oh, sorry, son." He pulled free and let Milton move into his place. As they wound down and Doctor Kelly pulled his still hard cock from his daughter's mouth, the lights brightened on the coil de-energized.


watching dad and mom act

group ajbasu 2018-03-13

And came out, nothing much happened that day but during night after dinner I came to my room and waited for Madhu aunty to come, as soon as she entered I pretend to be in deep sl**p. Aunty drank the cum and got up now she tried to pull dad closer to her boobs and dad started to suck her breast, after few minutes my dad lifted her nighty and tried to make her bent on kitchen slab and tried to press his penis on her pussy and tease her for some time and slowly inserted into her pussy.

The Stress of Revision Ch. 04

group TheJonsterMonster 2018-03-13

When he did, he realised the remaining girls, Karla, Kristen, Tasha, Holly and Freddy, were sat staring intently at him. Well, rest assured I'm not gonna ask whether you girls like me, I don't think I could take five on at once," Niall said, waving a hand nonchalantly. Bianca has a hunch that they can separate feelings from sex, and I know she's taking a small risk with Niall, but Jon had such an effect on her she thinks that he's something that needs to be shared around. The two guys are pretty cool, Jon probably more sensitive than Niall, but I can't imagine either of them turning an opportunity down like this to sleep with six girls.


Poolside Ch. 02

group LeoDavis 2018-03-13

The girls would take turns diving off the one-meter board, then swimming to the ladder directly underneath me so that I could stare at their chests as they climbed out of the pool. I had finished my beer and was just putting the last of the chairs away when I saw Nancy, Alice, and Barb take off their bikini tops and smear their breasts with icing from the leftover cake. As Nancy reached around and began to fondle me, the other four girls looked on with their mouths and eyes wide open. I stepped out my suit and kissed Nancy, feeling her nipples and breasts against my chest and pressing my erection between her legs. Afraid I'd be charged with rape, I broke the kiss and dived into the pool and began to swim my laps.


Down on the Farm

group BigDave1690 2018-03-13

All lotioned up and protected from the afternoon sun, more sangria and Kate and I were treated to stories about how Mark & Wendy had met up with Pete & Jane and then how the four had then hooked up with Steve & Tina on their first experience of naturism at the caravan site. Tina informed the group that she had prepared a similar feast too but after a little more conversation there was a general decision that the four guests would head off to their 'van for a bite to eat and an early night (it had started to rain outside) whilst Kate and I would unpack our bag and take some supper with Steve and Tina.


Pakistani Wife Succumbs to Lust

group Nobodyfamous 2018-03-13

As I mentioned before I had never ever looked in a bad way at any man before and never felt sexually excited by any guys before other than my husband. Then he also asked about why I kept looking at Tino and Mike during dinner. He just laughed and said that he understood as they are really good guys and all the girls in their office think they are really sexy. One day out of the blue my husband announced that Tino and Mike would be here over the weekend to help with some garden work as he couldn't do it on his own. Then Mike went absolutely mad and pounded my ass hole hard.


Health Class

group DaisyinChains 2018-03-13

This is so cool!" Her fingers brushed the sensitive spot and Isabella's toes curled, but Peter's hands remained on her hips and his voice told the student to not apply any pressure. Isabella lay in a hot, aroused haze as each college student took a turn exploring her body, rubbing her clit, inserting fingers inside of her and feeling her G-Spot. As the last student finished, Peter had the women form a circle around them and he laid across the desk on his left side, cradling Isabella to his chest and traveling his right hand down her till he reached the delta of her thighs.

Amanda's Education Is Complete

group FitJim 2018-03-13

Suddenly Jayne told me that she wanted me to stop sucking her off, and to get down on my hands and knees like a good girl. I realised that she had one finger pressed against my arse, just pushing, not forcing, while she stuffed my pussy with her big dick. That's why I was a bit surprised when Jayne suddenly pulled out her fingers, and then her dong, leaving me on my hands and knees, in the doggy position, my pussy empty. As he started to pump me, reaching around to touch my clit - and as I watched Jayne taking it in the same place – I felt this swelling, this feeling deep inside.