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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Blindfold Gangbang Ch. 01

group SweetMarie2010 2018-03-13

He led me into the cheesy smoke filled hotel room and introduced me to the guys as "Slut." I was led to the bathroom where I could remove my blindfold and change in to the outfit I had brought for the party. As my booty shorts were smoothly pulled down over my fishnet covered legs I was beginning to enjoy the feel of so many hands and mouths on me at once. No one heard the cry though because my mouth was quickly filled with a huge semi hard cock. The guy in my mouth gripped my hair with both hands as he started to fuck my throat. The words were barely out of his mouth when I was bit on my ass cheek and then licked all the way to my tight hole.

Our First Foursome

group AbbyHaynes 2018-03-13

I was on on my hands and knees with Cameron's dick bobbing up and down in my mouth and Josh was kneeling behind me and I felt his throbbing dick just begin to touch the lips of my pussy. Cameron flipped Shell onto her hands and knees and kneeled behind her and started fucking her doggy style and Josh and I watched from the other side of the bed while he pounded me from behind. "You feel fucking amazing...You're so wet...I can't hold out any longer." I whispered back, "I want to feel you cum Josh...cum for me" It was hardly a second later that I felt the explosion and the extra warmth as he came inside me.

A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 08

group jim313 2018-03-13

Sophia leaned over and started kissing the insides of Cory's thighs as Helen soul kissed her and then Carlos got down between my outstretched legs and took my soft penis in his mouth and began suckling me as he played with my balls and anus. I asked Cory to get underneath John and suck on his cock as I fucked him because I wanted her to taste his delicious cum and she worked her way down and took his organ in her mouth and I heard him groan in ecstasy as her mouth closed around it.


Abigail Peters: H.S. Legend Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-03-13

Abigail liked the feeling on his strong hands massaging her foot but she was worried that her leg was too high and he would be able to see up her skirt. Roger massaged the one foot and then the other and each time he raised her leg high enough so he could see her luscious thighs pressed together under the plaid skirt. Abigail giggled as she held the spurting cock in her hands as Roger's cum flew everywhere and coated her body. With Abigail lying back on her bed, Roger slid between her legs and he was gentle and patient as he eased his throbbing cock into her pussy. Roger eased his big cock out of her pussy and lay down beside Abigail on the day bed.


The Hawaiian Connection

group jim313 2018-03-13

I thought it would be a good idea for Pat and Jerry to get better acquainted with Mary and Blake and asked Pat if she would like to meet Blake, Jr. and without hesitation she got up and kneeled in front of him as she stroked his wonderful, soft penis and watched it grow before her excited eyes. We watched them fuck a while and then Mary got down and started to suck my cock as Jerry came up behind her and began licking her ass crack from the top all the way down to her clit causing her to moan with her mouth around my cock and giving me, in essence, a hum-job.


The Impressionist

group jim313 2018-03-13

Odile had been doing a great job since he signed with her last year and just told him of a special commission she just accepted for him from a very wealthy collector who already purchased 2 large paintings of his and now wants him to work on a wall mural for his playroom. He went back to sucking her and then felt her mouth come off his penis as she asked if he would like to fuck her and fill her up with hot cum as she needed his cock inside her. He was giving JC a world of pleasure as he sucked deeply on his penis and played with his balls and it wasn’t long before JC felt his orgasm approaching and held Pierre’s head in his hands as he fucked his mouth and pumped his cum in spurt after spurt into his hungry mouth.


My First Gangbang

group naturegirl25 2018-03-13

I was then moved to man number two and I rode his hard member until he filled my pussy with hot cum. Just as his orgasm subsided I was pulled off him by my Master and pulled back to the bed sheets where man number three roughly lifted my legs so they were in the air and he put his cock deep in my pussy along with two fingers. I did so with glee and he put a 10 inch long vibrating dildo all the way into my pussy and then held me in the air by my hair as each man soon took turns fucking my asshole and filling it with cum.

Jane Pt. 1--TRUE STORY

group napueo 2018-03-13

Before to long she says, “Let’s go out to your car.” Fine with me since I was about as my dick was hard as a rock. And with that she leaned over from the passenger side of the car, undid my pants, and started sucking my dick. Blouse still open, pants around her ankles she opend the car door, got out and, my cum starting to drip from her cunt, kneeled on the sidewalk in front of the two guys. She undid their pants and started sucking their dicks. The other guys were tucking their dicks away and leaving just as I came on her face and tits, and just as she brought herself to climax again too.

I Saw My Neighbor Get Gang Fucked

group Elhotman 2018-03-13

Even though she was sitting her thin dress and thong covered pussy on the hard bulges of these horny men, my wife did pretty good with dismissing all of the guy's advances. Her mouth was open and eyes glazed over as she looked at my neighbor's wife getting felt up. The big guy who's lap my wife was sitting on said "I bet you got some good fucking pussy" to my neighbors wife. I guess the big guy behind my wife got tired of her rejecting him so he stepped in took off his pants and under wear in one stroke and revealed a fucking HUGE THICK,LONG,MEATY COCK,WITH HEAVY BALLS.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

group carrie-on 2018-03-13

Penny's face went even more red, if possible, than it was before but she nodded and whispered in Jim's ear..."I am so horny I can't stand it." She winked at him and then turned and walked off of the dance floor and back to their table. On the way to this "private club", Ed and Penny talked about what had happened in The Grizzly Bar, about how hot she was while she danced and Ed said he couldn't believe his eyes when she and Carrie stripped together and then do what they did. "I think it's hot to know that you danced like that...I love to watch you show off your body!" He smiled at her and then turned into a parking lot behind Jim and Carrie.


My Dare Ch. 03

group Chuck_etal 2018-03-13

"This is for my close friend, umm, Amber." Her pussy and puckered asshole were aimed directly at me just below the waistband of her running shorts, and my cock was quickly hard and in my hand. While Niki could only see the hairless pubic area of the woman's pussy, she slid her foot toward herself and moved her knee to the side to mimic the position; she felt her cunt lips part and the man could clearly see her clit and inner passage. The woman had her eyes closed and mouth slightly open while the man was looking up at her with his fingers buried in his companion's pussy.



group tedsgirl 2018-03-13

"Oh my god, you're gonna love this one!" she says as I continue to fuck her, hearing her wet pussy as that cock goes in and out of her. "God that was so good, my boyfriend doesn't even eat pussy like that..." she tells me as I crawl up on the bed beside her. "Oh god I'm gonna cum..." I moan as you give me your cock again, fucking my mouth as if it were a pussy. "Oh yeah...suck my cock baby...make me cum when you do..." In and out I take your hard cock deep feeling you holding me down as you fuck my mouth. God it feels so good, I clamp my legs around Tracy as I cum, moaning around your cock in my mouth.

Were Going Streaking

group udubstud 2018-03-13

I just leaned my face over and said, "If you don't want to get fucked by the guys with the biggest dicks on the team, then get the fuck out now." I could tell I scared a few girls, who sort of went to the corner near the shitters, but the girls just stood there getting more naked. I don't think I have ever been felt up so much in my life, but it was so hot getting a dozen hot girls naked while they were jerking at my dick, all the while watching my best friend get laid right across the room. Then Jase yelled out, "Girls, make that man cum hard, he had a good game today." I seriously think my dick grew a few feet when all these girls turned back to me smiling wanting to fuck.

Special Delivery

group TheOxRocks 2018-03-13

All I knew was that this 74 inches and 170 pounds of trembling woman had fucked me practically unconscious last week, had a demented look on her face, and stood between my slim frame and freedom... "You like pounding her huge fucking ass, Mike?" Jodi murmured into my ear. As I slowed, Jodi held me close from behind, kissing my neck and face, and Annette pushed her ass against me, milking my cock, and licked off some of my sperm and her own juices which had trickled onto her fingers. Annette smiled, and grasped my semi-erect cock in her hand as Jodi licked my face. Jodi smiled and said "Did I give you enough rest this time, baby?" as she tickled my ear with her tongue.


My First Threesome

group Rontonia 2018-03-13

We went to Applebee's and after ordering our food, Teresa said, "Now, I don't want you answer this right away." She continued, "When we meet up with Jeff, we could rock his world!" Jeff guided me to lie next to Teresa and said something like; "I'm going to love this!" I quickly went over the edge and squeezed his head between my thighs, wrapping my legs around his back and slapping my pussy hard against his face as I came in a long gasp. With that, I felt his grip loosen and I slipped away from him, "You're turn, Teresa," and I rolled out from under him, falling off the bed where I lie silent for a few minutes, listening to them fuck each other's brains out.


One Hot Night Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-03-13

As Melinda, with a smile on her face and not a hint of shock, asked her roommate, Emelina, what she was doing home, Rob merely glanced over at her and gave her the once over and Sarah looked sideways as best she could without pausing in sucking my cock; Stefanie never even moved. It was really interesting to watch Sarah because she'd be focused on devouring Melinda's pussy, her fat, pink tongue lapping away, then she'd raise her head and let out a moan that sounded like she was on the verge of cumming herself. Stefanie and I went back to making out and I fondled her tits while still fucking Emelina and still enjoying the feel of her hot, wet pussy as my cock slid in and out of it.

Forced into a FFM Threesome

group walterio 2018-03-13

She still needed to cum so she turned around as soon as Pete's cock slipped from her ass and stretched out on the table. With her ass full of cum, two fingers in her pussy rubbing her g-spot and Pete nibbling on her clit, Tammy had a massive orgasm. He stepped forward and pushed his cock into Tammy pussy and began fucking her slowly. Tammy turned her head and took the cock in her mouth and Pete groaned when she swirled her tongue around the shaft. Every business day Pete had his cock in Tammy's mouth, pussy or ass. When Tammy felt Pete was close she stopped sucking his cock as she wanted him to cum in her ass.



group DreamCatcherPoet 2018-03-13

As he placed the beautiful long stemmed red roses in her hands he leaned over kissed her softly and said “welcome home sweetheart and I have a surprise for your birthday” “I hope you don’t mind not going out tonight to celebrate as I thought we might spend a more quieter time at home tonight? Linda began kissing her way down over Ann’s ample breasts and across the flatness of her stomach she positioned herself so that they both found their tongues exploring the beauty of each others sweet, hot, wet pussies.

Christina Looks for a College Ch. 08

group 2 2018-03-13

Layla is driving one end of a very long, thick double dildo in and out of Lisa's pussy; Matt watches as he sees the pussy lips on both girls open and close around each end of the dildo; moans of great pleasure coming from both of them. Lisa turns towards him and opens her mouth; Matt does not hesitate with this invitation; he slowly pushes his pulsating cock towards her sweet lips and she begins to lick it softly. Just as Layla feels Lisa's body almost completely calm and sees a sweet smile of bliss come over her sweet lips, she bends down and takes one last nibble on Lisa's throbbing trigger and sends her into one last powerful orgasm.


Swing Club Virgins

group traghip2003 2018-03-13

Margie (my wife) and I went to see what was going on and found a nice crowd gathered around the bed in the room on the left in the hall. High Noon was coming as the wife held the professors hand, and despite a pretty good showing by High Noon and plenty of dirty talk by the wife, neither of the other guys looked ready to perform. Margie straightened up, pulled her skirt down and told what was left of the crowd as she walked out "Now that's the way to start a weekend." As I walked by the window room, I saw that Sock Guy had overcome his performance anxiety and was on top of the wife as the Professor held her hand and stroked her hair.

Cinema Night Leads to Better Things

group adele.darkstar 2018-03-13

She was aware that Tony's balls were moving, could feel the barrel of his cannon preparing to fire, but instead of slowing she embarked upon a frenzy of fucking, she was oblivious to Karen and Ted sat watching and by the time Tony's cock spurted its gift deep within her pussy she was sobbing with joy of a climax so fierce she thought she might faint. As Ted was slowing down Carol had crept up behind him and she was gently playing with his balls as he bobbed in and out of Karen, who hadn't noticed Tony who had now moved up along side her and was offering his cock up towards her open mouth.

Sorority Party

group txbiker 2018-03-13

Chris gasped as Carrie's mouth met Michele's fingers at the swollen crown of his penis. She did manage a shot of Michele licking her lips, taking in the remainder of Chris' cum, and Jane getting `washed' by Carrie. Her moaning lost volume, and Chris looked up to see her mouth being filled by Carrie, wearing a strap-on! Chris moaned softly as Michele coated his penis with her saliva and took it deep into her mouth and throat. Her anus was resting near Michele's mouth, and her aromatic kitty was thrust right into Chris' face. The three girls left to finish their business trip, and Lacy and Chris were left with a messy house, tired bodies and a lot of new experiences to relive in the days to "cum".

The House Of Sophie De Frontenac

group Jack T. Ladd 2018-03-13

Each powerful thrust pushed her mistress against the bed, which then in turn hammered against the wall from where Abigail watched transfixed. It sent the watching Abigail into her own shuddering climax, her fingers were his cock as she brought herself to orgasm, her wetness flowing over her hand as she fell limply against the wall, catching her breath. One of her slender long legs, Abigail could see, dangled almost languidly over the side of the bed, the other slightly bent as she lay back relaxing, cushioning her head with one arm, her face creamy pink, a sated look.


High School Harem Ch. 02

group fittucker87 2018-03-13

You and Rick the Dick got a hot date tonight?" Leanne teased; bumping her round ass against Amy's hip when they caught her. They stayed this way through the opening credits, no sound in the room except for the movie, before Amy took the next step, laying her warm hand on Rick's right thigh. Eager to feel more of her mouth, Rick lifted his hips and tried to push down his shorts without dislodging her, but Amy swung her body to the carpet between his legs and reached up to assist. Rick pulled his shirt off and sat back against the couch, opening his legs wider as Amy rested her palms on his legs and simply stared in awe as his drooling scepter hugged his stomach, hovering over the belly button.