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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 06

group ytreeman 2018-03-13

When asked what she wanted to do Susan said, "Why don't you take on of those 'blue gold' pills you are always talking about and we can sit outside, finish the wine and then see what happens." What we saw were you on your back with your head off the bed and Rhonda grinding her pussy on your face while Carrie's mouth was full of your dick and her hands were full with your balls. Susan finally said, "Ralph, I know you feel left out but I don't think I can take that huge cock anywhere except in my hands." If that was not enough first times events, Jeff looked over at Susan after Ralph was finished and without hesitation leaned over and started to lick the overflow cum from her face.

Her Birthday Present

group kujmous 2018-03-13

He continued to mouth into her shoulders, neck, and ear when he finally got a small humming moan to escape her lips. Finally, in one motion, her lips wrap around his stiffness, her tongue begins rubbing inside her mouth, her hand slides down to his testicles, and she lets out the most delicious, muffled moaning onto him sending him screaming, "OOOOOHHhhhh GOOOOOooooddd!" Opening her mouth as her lips rolled over the edge of his large head, the most incredible suctioning pop could be heard as his member landed on his own body with a thud. As she bent over, taking a cock into her mouth, she felt a hand begin to spread her sex open.


Nude Weekend - Saturday Morning

group Friskee_cpl 2018-03-13

Sharon, tip-toeing silently across the room, was only about two metres away from Caz when a hard calloused hand swung out from under a sheet on the lounge and grabbed her leg. "Fuck yeah," Sharon eyed off Nick and Mike's cocks and tempted though she was to join Caz for some fun, a wave of tiredness swept through her. With a quick glance in at Nick, Ellen and Mike, Sharon snuck back down the stairs, past the snoring torso of John before crashing into one of the men who'd been with Lisa. Neil hung the towel over a rung and held Sharon by the waist "So," he said, "time for bed then."


Favourite Holiday Destination Ch. 02

group nkwasi 2018-03-13

Well knowing what Sandy can do with her mouth I knew it would not be long before Pete had a full blown hard on while he was playing with Sandy's clitoris. Sandy's pussy was facing Jill and me and we had a bird's eye view of his tongue feverishly working her clitoris while his fingers probed her wonderful pussy. Pete and I had each had our partner on the bed when suddenly Jill started fondling Sandy. We rolled over and told Jill to come and lie with her legs open and Sandy and I kissed and licked her pussy and bum until we all exploded.


The Lonely Man

group DireLilith 2018-03-13

When Derek, her close friend and sometime lover of four years, had said he had a surprise for her, Mindy had been thrilled. This weekend is going to be great, she thought, practically bouncing in her seat as Derek finally pulled down a side road that wove its way towards the shore and the water and expanse of beach she had been eyeing from her window. Mindy turned her pale blue eyes to Derek's face as he stopped the car near the sand. Carl's hand reached up and grabbed one of Mindy's breasts, squeezing it hard as he fucked her cunt. Derek bucked madly upwards, and the rubbing of his cock in Mindy's ass must have been too much for Carl.

Surrogate Loving Too

group sr71plt 2018-03-13

I took Kyle's hand and placed it covering the root of both of our cocks, so close together, both buried inside the trembling Anna. Both Anna and I focused on bringing Kyle back to arousal with our hands and lips, and within a short time, Kyle's hips were in motion once more and I could tell from Anna's sighs and moans that his cock was once more alive and stroking inside her. When Anna had seen that I had successfully breached Kyle's defenses, she left us, as prearranged, and Kyle and I continued making love, me stroking his ass deeply and vigorously with my cock and turning him in various positions, for the next half hour or more.

my insatiable cravings for cock part 2

group jamestango 2018-03-13

Imade eye contact with all i passed and entered a booth that i knew had glory holes in both left and right walls. i invited the guy on my left to put his cock in the hole and he abliged without saying a word. i leaned over and told him that if he went next door and got some crisco and some poppers from the front desk that he could come into my booth and fist me. i told him to leave the door open and tell the men in the hallway that i was ready for any cock or fist that wanted action. the guy in my ass was not very large and i asked him to pull out, then shove his fist in then his cock again.

Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 4

group WaMan2010 2018-03-13

When we stopped, she whispered that Becky had asked her to really let herself go with me and then said “At first, I was so nervous and didn’t want any of this to get between us as friends, but when I seen her with her guy, I started feeling better.” Then she stared at me for a few seconds and then reached her arm around my neck and pulled me to her and we started french kissing. They have what a man wants and know they could ruin the world if they just told us no.” We heard Kelly yell from upstairs “I heard that!” I looked at Marcus and said “Sure, she hears that, but if I ask her something, she says she didn’t hear me!” We were both laughing as we headed upstairs.

Fuckbud and his m8s using a queerboi as only they

group monorchid 2018-03-13

I agreed as best I could with Joe plugging my throat and when he spoke it vibrated through his shaft, "Ready yet?" He wasn't asking me, I knew, and when he choked me again my ring twitched round Boss's tongue and Mick's fingers. "Thanks Boss." - "Deserve it boi - your arse looks and tastes great boi." - "Fuckin' love it Boss." Looking up at Mick, I reach round and feel his cock at me, pull myself a open a little (Boss likes that, I know) "Please Mate." - "Please what?" he slaps my fingers away with his cock and then slaps my ring with the dry shaft - closing me up a little and stealing back his pre-cum lube.

Double the Sex, Double the Fun

group rachelbagel067 2018-03-13

Blake wondered which would be better, standing right where he was, continuing to watch the sexiest scene he'd ever seen or going to join them, putting his mouth on Hilary and tasting her wetness on his tongue. Without the bed binding his legs, his thrusts were much quicker, and Amelia soon had her hands in his hair and was nibbling on his lip and making these noises like moans that were screams and whimpers. All of a sudden, Hilary's tongue started roving between Blake's balls and the place where Amelia's hot pussy flesh was dripping on his cock. The brunette licked the cum, cock, and balls all at the same time, up and down her tongue went, and Blake came in Amelia's pussy after only ten seconds of this torture.

First Time Weekenders

group biggoodleroybrown 2018-03-13

Cath won that hand, cursing her luck.Nobody had raised, she thought her hand was worth a flash at least, sitting between Keith and Colin in just their pants a flash was not going to be far away. Cath lost her top, Keith won, I lost my pants, Colin and Lucy were the lucky couple. Well, with Lucy's lelp holding her bum, I got into Cath's backside, very aware of Colin's hand on my balls. Coming didn't take long, and Lucy waved Sue over to me, and I was escorted from Cath's rear to her face with my hands pinned behind my back. Cath called Keith over, and started giving him a hand job, Lucy kissed him, then moved down onto his newly reawakened dick.


Cum Hungry

group Grandflasher C. 2018-03-13

The weather was particularly hot this time of year, and as Sam started getting accustomed to living with Billy, she also got into the habit of wearing less and less clothes around the house. The entire time while Sam was watching the movie, Billy was watching her pussy and asshole - as her position of lying on her belly, legs spread apart - gave him a perfect view for over two hours. Sam was half naked on the living room couch, wearing only a tiny tank top with legs spread wide, masturbating while watching the porno vid he had on last night!


Our new friend (Bi-sexual threesome story)

group pure_lust 2018-03-13

"You see, Lil," Steve said to her, "Plenty of room, I'll bet you could go for getting both of us at the same time." He pulled me up so Lil could reach for my hard dick, her hand playing with it, "How about if Bill here slips it in the back door? "You see, Lil," Steve said to her, "Plenty of room, I'll bet you could go for getting both of us at the same time." He pulled me up so Lil could reach for my hard dick, her hand playing with it, "How about if Bill here slips it in the back door? I pumped hard and fast, totally out of control, and Steve was right with me, shoving his cock up my ass every time I pulled out of Lil.

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

group MightyWurm 2018-03-13

Phoenix returns, dressed in a smooth black button down shirt and soft slacks; Clean shaven with bright blues eyes and neatly cropped blonde hair, he is excited and wild. He breaks the embrace to kiss your lips, one hand still between your thighs, the other pulls aside your dress and bra, rubbing your breast. Looking up with parted, pleasure filled eyes you see too that Vivi sits naked on the end of the bed, Phoenix's cock in her pale see her stroking it, then guides him into her mouth as she makes him hard and ready for her glistening slit. Vivi soon lays on her back also, legs resting on 'Xander's shoulders as he hammers into her, moans passing over the room, with growls and grunts from the males.

Every Night is Saturday Night

group TheOceanWantsMe 2018-03-13

Fuck her harder." I was compelled to obey; Rachel's eyes began to bug out a little, but I wasn't sure if it was from the shock of my cock thrusting in and out of her unaccustomed mouth, or from Amy's nimble, knowing fingers. Fuck me even harder." She went back to work on Rachel's pussy and I picked up the pace as much as I was able to, holding her hips tight, pulling her back onto my cock, spearing her as deep as I could go. She kissed Rachel tenderly on the nose and whispered, "You're going to love it." I leaned down, unable to resist her wet cunt, and gave Rachel a long, deep lick, starting up near the clit and diving deep into her pussy, drinking all of her nectar that would slide onto my tongue.


His version and mine

group Gush4u 2018-03-13

They said they were out on Saturday night and had quite a time After they were done playing baseball they went to the place I referred to as the meat market and met this girl who was really hot and after buying her drinks and dancing with her it was closing time. They asked her if she wanted to continue to party at one of there places and they both were surprised when she said yes They all headed to Marks place in Kenny's truck they told her she had to much to drink and shouldn't drive.

Crossing The Line Ch. 1

group Shylady 2018-03-13

The woman shut the door and moved past Nathon, taking his place in front of Ally and cupping her round, slightly sagging breast. Beth smiled hungrily as she caught a glimpse of Ally's shaved pussy being parted by Nathon's thick sausage-like fingers. While Ally settled down Beth undressed and took a seat across from them, slowly fingering herself while she waited for a sign from Nathon. Whereas Ally was blonde and small, with tits that fit in the palm of his hands and a complexion that was almost olive, Beth was dark haired with a porcelain-like complexion and breasts that were large and full, the type that made men stop and stare even when they were with their wives.

A Hotwife's First Glory Hole

group KenLukin 2018-03-13

I had the power to make a guy go crazy with pleasure, to make him think about only my mouth on his cock, to take him right to the edge where his only thought was his orgasm. It empowered me when I used my mouth to take a guy all the way to his time-stopping orgasm, to feel the pulsations of his surging cock, and to swallow the warm, creamy juice. "How about a prize for the girl that does the best combined total of guessing the number of guys, naming them by way of cock familiarity, and most cum swallows?" Us girls were all orgasming as we sucked anonymous cocks and swallowed glorious mouthfuls of cum rewards.


Mom's in Town Ch. 13

group 1sfshermale 2018-03-13

Turning back to the clerk, she added loud enough for Christine to hear "Please find Hamid and have him bring coffee to Mr. Ross' office in about 10 minutes, thanks" "I think I will have mine black with cream on the side" Rachael said to Hamid with a knowing smile to Christine. Christine nodded with a curious look in her eye and sat while they watched Hamid, move the cart out of the way and then stepped between the women to pour. But this morning he remarked to me how beautiful yours were and thought he should have larger ones." Rachael replied to Christine before turning to Hamid. "Hamid, let our guest do the honors." Rachael said as she slapped the firm ass cheeks and pushed her the five feet to where Christine was sitting.

Returning Home is a Furry Experience Ch. 03

group FurLove 2018-03-13

While Ashley and Paul are screwing like minks in the furs of the Make Out Room Mary is drifting off to dreams of several guys she flirted with today, trying to figure out which one or maybe in which order to take them? Bridgett is visibly exited over her and Nina is already stroking Keeler's new Silver Fox jacket. She's still wearing the Silver Fox and melts into Nina's arms for a slobbering tongue tangling passionate kiss that is only interrupted by Bridgett pulling her into her dark Sable coat and continuing the passionate seduction. They are siting across from Mary and Don with Nina, Bridgett and Keeler around one end of the table kissing and fondling each other under the table with hands and bare feet.


Adam & Two Eves Ch. 02

group Mister Ree 2018-03-13

Mister Ree did not disappoint her as she felt his hands part her legs and slide across her buttocks and then between her lips. As Mister Ree's hands caressed and slid between Sharin's pussy lips, Ingrid intensified her tugging of Sharin's nipples. Sharin parted her legs even further – exposing her wet pink pussy to Ingrid and Mister Ree wandering hands. What a sensation Sharin felt – Mister Ree's hands caressing her clit, Ingrid's hands flicking her nipples, one of her hands on a rock-hard cock and the other buried deep inside her best friend's pussy. Mister Ree stood and began caressing Sharin's breasts. Ingrid watched as Mister Ree's cock slid in and out – glistening with Sharin's wetness.

Randy Ch. 1

group Traci Ott 2018-03-13

By the time that my head had stretched her anus out she realized what I was doing but she had started her orgasm and was screaming for me to continue. By the time the summer was over Cathy was able to take all 11" into her mouth, ass and pussy. I heard Cathy moan for John to start. Cathy spit Dave's cock out of her mouth and said that she was not a virgin that she and I had fucked all summer. Dave slid under Cathy and put his cock in her pussy. Bill slid out and put his cock in her mouth and John took her up in the ass.

My Most Cum-Filled Night

group CarolynCumlover 2018-03-13

I just can't get enough cum, and the closest I ever came to satisfying my thirst for it was at a stag party for Steve, one of Mark's friends. To make a long story short, after about 2-1/2 hours I had managed to suck off all 17 guys and swallow every delicious drop of cum. His cock was one of the thickest I've ever had, and Mark told me later that when Jeff was fucking me I was making loud, guttural, a****l-like moans and my entire body was quivering. He stuck the spoon up into my pussy and started scooping out the cum and feeding it into my mouth.

Fantasies Fulfilled

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-03-13

One day as we were exploring a particular fantasy that centered on Sherry completely dominating me in front of another couple she asked if I would suck her girl cock (our name for her strapon) in front of another couple. I admitted to Sherry that much like her, my initial reluctance to seeing her fucked by another man had softened and it kind of turned me on despite my jealousy regarding her. ''I want to cum inside you baby,'' I said as I turned her over, doggy style and licked her sweet asshole before kneeling behind her and sliding my hard cock back inside her juicy pussy. The dancer took Sherry's hands and placed them on her bare tits as she reached down and fingered my pretty ex-girlfriend's pussy.