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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Early Retirement Ch. 02-04

group Frankly Speaking 2018-03-13

Sue Ann looked up and, seeing my hard cock in my hand, said, "Fuck her ass! Sue Ann resumed licking pussy and I started to ram my cock into Ruth's ass without mercy. We arrived at the marina then and Rob dropped me off at my Jag. Getting in, I started back to the house trying to figure out how to make Sue Ann and Ruth regular visitors there. Ruth got behind her and started to lick her ass and my balls as Sue Ann bounced up and down on my lap. When she lifted off me, Ruth immediately took my cock into her mouth and licked me clean of Sue Ann's and my cum.


Three the Hard Way

group AfroerotiK 2018-03-13

Things got heated quickly as Tanya reached out to caress Rocky's smooth brown chest while JC nuzzled her neck and kissed her hot spot. He didn't have to for long because Rocky had lined up the head of his dick with her hole and was teasing Tanya with impending penetration. Dripping with excitement, literally, Tanya felt the head of Rocky's dick invade her pussy walls and she grabbed the carpet to hold on. Not one to be patient, Tanya started fucking him back, getting that dick deep in her asshole, leaning forward to push her tongue in JC's mouth and share a sensual kiss. They started fucking her harder, deeper, making her spew profanity and alert the neighbors in the apartment next door to exactly what was going on.


The Bend

group sea.bee 2018-03-13

Although I have never had a rubdown from Bec (unfortunately) or Tina I have allowed myself to be oiled countless times by Judy amongst others. The only time that I’ve come close to a rub with Bec is when she’s asked me to apply her zinc to her nose. This happened on two occasions, and Judy being Judy never let on to Bec and Tina but instead gave a full version of events to Mike and Sam who she was certain would spill the beans. During the winter months, as those before it, I often see Bec, Tina, Pam, Mike and Sam, Peter and Jason amongst others that breezed in and out of the bend.

Welcome Li Ch. 02

group teddyone 2018-03-13

Sometimes I would just sit in my big chair and watch Katie and Li get on in the bed as I pleasured myself. Li liked to fuck me in the big chair until I shot a hot load of cum into her tight little snatch, then scamper over to the bed and sit on Katie's face and have her suck my cum from her pussy. The night before Katie returned, Li and I made out in the big chair, then I carried her to the bed, laid her down gently and we made love slowly and sweetly. I slowly slid my hard dick into her hot, wet pussy and made sweet passionate love to my Katie.

my best friend b*****rs - the morning after (befor

group 2018-03-13

he moved it to the side and rubbed over my cunt, he slid 2 fibgers in and j gasped, tara said everthing alright, yh fine, george pulled his hand away and reached into his pocjet i thought it was the end but it wasnt, i saw him pull out a fat vibrator, i crossed my legs tightly and prayed for nothing to happen, of course this didnt happen, his hand pulled at my shorts and thong until there was enough room to insert the vibrator, he pushed itin all the way making my hips buck once, tara looked up but didnt say anything, george clicked the vibrator on and turns it up halfway i could feel it moving inside giving me pleasure and a whore feeling once i had gor used to it he clicked it up all the way and left it in uis pocket

Kinky Birthday Present

group Daytona_Deviant 2018-03-13

Though I wasn't all that attracted to Melanie, the idea of watching her strip, dance and play with herself with my wife watching and enjoying it too seemed too good to be true. I knew she was ready so I pulled Melanie over to her breast and she began licking and sucking it as I continued on Samantha's hot cunt. I knew Melanie had been hot for my cock but that what she really wanted was to eat Samantha, so I pulled her down to trade places with me. I pulled Melanie's head up from Samantha's pussy and forced my tongue in your mouth, making out with her and tasting my wife's pussy juice like Samantha had done with her, tasting my cock.


A Hot Surprise

group Sin 2018-03-13

After a drink or two Sin felt the hands of Jur and Mike taking turns up her skirt. She loved the feeling of a big man's hand caressing her leg up her ass, fingers tantalizing against her butt-cheeks, sometimes audaciously skimming the lips of her pussy through her string. Jur could no longer stand aside and do nothing, so he caressed Sin's butt he so loved and started touching her pussy. Mike could barely think straight from the blowjob he was getting, but he laughed as well and turned Sin around, letting her pay some much needed attention to Jur's cock. Mike picked her up and with a wink to Jur, started moving Sin up and down his cock while standing.

The Naughty Autobiography Ch. 02

group mythila 2018-03-13

She arched her back and raised her ass, pulling my face even harder into her slick crotch before she let go of my head and lay back with a look of complete satiety. Feeling a bit naughty and realizing that I could get away with it, I ground my ass into his crotch every time the bus went over a bump or caused us to shift. When he finally got up, his wet limp cock slipped out with a pop and I lay there with my legs wide open, enjoying the after-glow of that delicious orgasm and the cool air running over my wet pussy.

The Big Birthday Treat

group HangingChad 2018-03-13

They had a good laugh again, but Caiti then said, "I'm serious." Then Emily says, "But Caiti, we don't have any money, remember?" Then Lauren bursts out with, "Well, what about Frank?" All the girls look at her in amazement, but then asks themselves that same question. "We want you to be the stripper at Lauren's birthday party." Frank then look at the girls, standing there looking so innocent, thinks to himself, "Dude, when is this ever going to happen again!" He then stands up, and says, "Alright girls, I'll do it, just let me go home and change first." Emily then says, "No, wait...we like the fix-it man type thing...don't change." All the girls start giggling again, and Frank just starts to smile.

Cum Away With Me

group CheriSM 2018-03-13

Jeff continued fingering Kris' pussy while he asked her, "Honey do you want to do this?" One of the men pressed his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy while she was having it eaten by the woman Jeff was fucking. The tongue on her clit was amazing, her face was covered in cum, and a man she did not know had just filled her pussy with his cum, while some else finger fucked her ass. The man Kris was on top of said, "I want my cock in your tight little ass sweet thing." Kris felt hands lift her, spread her ass as wide as possible, then lower her down onto the man's cock.


Boys Will Be Boys...Every Time

group Eagle1 2018-03-13

I had heard that strip clubs were all looks but no touching out front, but she worked her pussy close into Jameson's face and let his tongue glide over her clit and pussy lips. I figured I must look pretty good to her considering some of the other customers I had seen outside, including the guy who'd just vacated the room. My fingers touched her pussy ever so gently, and her tongue went wild in my mouth, her hand squeezed my big bicep tightly. Her hand released my arm as she kissed me back and she let it caress down my chest and reach under my tight wife beater to slide up against bare skin again.


Ashli's Other Job

group MsTara2002 2018-03-13

And when he handed me his phone number, he looked right at my tits and rather forcefully said Call Me. I nodded and got up beside him, taking the card. He grabbed my ass and pulled me into him, crushing my now very wet pussy against him and pushing my titties nearly right out of my tiny bra. He just cupped it again, this time a little harder and I stopped begging and started grinding my pussy into his hand. I was cumming like I’d never cum before and just when I thought it couldn’t get better, their breathing got faster, their pumping got faster and all at once the both thrust up at the same time, filling my cunt and ass with hot jiz.

Two Creative Girlfriends

group walterio 2018-03-13

After a few minutes Justin was ready to fuck again so he rolled Sharon over on her side and slipped his big cock back in her pussy. Sharon started to play with Justin's cock she loved holding the thick meat in her tiny hand. They hugged and stroked each other for quite awhile before Sharon was ready to fuck but by then she was so ready she almost came when Justin's cock head just touched her pussy. Justin's wet cock lay against the side of Sharon's thigh and she could feel his cum start to dry on her skin. Justin crawled between Ginger's legs and he moved his mouth toward her and closed it over her pussy shoving his tongue into her wetness.


Me and 5 girls what a weekend!

group slapnuts69 2018-03-13

Jillian looked at me and said, "well this hot guy came to visit my roommate and we hooked up. So I took a chance, "There was this time that I was at the beach with these five hot girls and we just fucked all weekend long." We all laughed a lot at that one. Rose was watching, and so was Penny, rather intently, soon the conversation stopped and Jillian took me in her mouth. Rose got off my soaking wet, still rock hard cock and grabbed it and took it into her mouth. She pulled off and pointed my cock at Rose and she took a big blast right into her mouth.

Kindred Sluts Ch. 07

group sexagenerian66 2018-03-12

Wendy and I offered to clean up the living room while Mark and Donna escorted David and Cunt back to show them the bathroom so they could freshen up. As Mark moved around to get behind Cunt David told him how she loved large cocks. Mark pulled out of Cunt's hole and turned to give the sloppy prick to David's sucking mouth. Sir David was long lost in his fuck lust, eyes glassed, savoring every taste of cunt on cock, every lick of Cunt's tongue on his shaft as Donna fucked him. I'm sure Cunt came on Mark's as she continued to slither her tongue around in David and Donna's fuck.


The Firehouse Fundraiser

group Rescue325 2018-03-12

Word got out about the fund-raiser and the guys had even more girls on standby for the big night. "How in the world did you get Scarlett King to come help us out and wear nothing but bunker pants?" The Chief asked Patrick in amazement. The Chief laughed because, well in all honesty, Patrick wasn't the type of guy you'd think a porn star would sleep with. Patrick couldn't believe the line of guys waiting for Scarlett. The wives and girlfriends went home to bed while the guys entertained the working girls Scarlett had invited down. The guys just looked at Patrick leaving the bar with the famous porn star and shook their heads.

Sex Study - Second Visit

group Luv2pleees 2018-03-12

I don't know if it was because of my fondness for Tiffany and Rachel, or that I had my first sexual experience with a woman, but I kept thinking about whether they would call on me again for a study. The test was on Saturday afternoon again just like last time, and they needed me to get retested for drugs and STDs. As for the description of the study, it just said it was to study the behaviors of bi-curious females and males. I realized I was dressed more provocatively this time, but compared to some of the other women, I looked like I was going to church! Tiffany and I certainly enjoyed taking the video, and the guys said afterward you were incredible.


Once a Slut Always a Slut

group Brianksh 2018-03-12

I bring my hands forward and quickly undo his pants pulling them down around his knees, noticing that he has no boxers on and that his cock is rock hard. I moan loudly feeling your rock hard shaft deep in my tight ass and your hand on my clit. He slides his cock into my ass and starts fucking me hard. Both the second and third guy thrust their cocks into my pussy and ass, fucking me at the same speed. All these guys fuck me, filing my mouth, my pussy, and my ass with their cum. You pull up her skirt, fucking her ass with your finger before thrusting into her pussy with your rock hard cock from behind.


Love or Something Like It

group shavenjust4U 2018-03-12

I have never told you how hard it was for me to get up and walk away from that hurt, puppy-dog look of yours, but with the sexuality oozing out of your body the way that it was, I now know that my virginity would have been history if I'd gone with you. Bright lights flashed through my head, every muscle in my body convulsed, and then there was a sharp pain from where I understood my hymen to be and the next thing I felt were two of your fingers deep inside me, masturbating me as hard as you could while you continued to bite on my clitoris, you free hand rolling my nipple, harder and harder.


The Job Interview Ch. 02

group oldeman 2018-03-12

Frank took the cue and removed his shirt while Vickie helped Erica out of her top, pausing to give each breast a loving squeeze, and each nipple a quick kiss. Erica was lost in the sensations -- Frank's cock working her pussy into a frenzy, and Vickie's mouth performing it magic on her nipples. "Those are some sexy tits you have there, Randi," said Erica as she took one in her mouth and one in her hand. Looking at Erica's glistening pussy, Randi wasted little time in positioning the cushion so that she could attend to the task at hand. "They said they'll be back and wanted to know about the lingerie store." At that point, Vickie walked over and shook Erica's hand, quite the businesswoman.

The Game Ch. 01

group clank46 2018-03-12

I took a moment to look at her and realised that she was quite attractive, with shoulder length dark brown hair, and a smile that seemed to light up her whole face. "Would you like to come by my house, in a couple of days' time, for coffee, as I have something to chat about?" Katy asked. Sometimes, it might just be three or four of us who get together, other times it's all of us." Jean turned to Katy and gave her a little smile and a nod, and then Katy picked up the conversation. Like Jean, Katy stood up without taking her move, turned round, bent over and looked back over her shoulder at me. You don't need to use the dice, just pick a card from your pile, and follow the instructions." Katy said to me.


Graduation orgy

group 2018-03-12

Sandra: 20 year old brunette, the oldest one of us cause of a year off in Asia so she had to start high school one year after her "age" but one smoking hot girl, just as Linn, confident, cheeky and charming, silicon boobs DD and a nice ass that have done squats for some time, body: 10/10 face: 8/10 Malin was so horny and couldn't wait for her turn for him to satisfy her by fucking so she stod on the sofa over Ingrid and pulled Markus face to her pussy so he could lick it, it was now two moaning girls and they seemed to really enjoy this.

First Summer: Threesome with Kate

group Joanmcarthy 2018-03-12

As I'd said before, originally my greatest fear was that whatever happened was just a misunderstanding and the thing that had kept Greg and Kate apart as lovers would suddenly be brushed aside and I'd actually be in competition with her. "If I tie you down I won't be beating you up; I can think of much better things to do with you than that." I knew his question offered me my best chance of raising the topic I really wanted to talk to him about. But at Zoe's party I had actually enjoyed watching him dance naked in Kate's arms even though I knew where their bodies joined his boner was pressing into her stomach and very likely weeping pre-cum over her and her raised nipples were jiggling about on his chest with the movement of the dance.


The Kellen Adventure: Chris Mountain Ch. 04

group NiCeallaigh 2018-03-12

David raises up, looks at me, smiles, then finds my nipples again with his mouth, sucking on each before he says, "Say it again sweet Kellen. I lean forward, moving my hands to Chris' shoulders, face close to his, while feeling David guide his tip to my opening. Feeling David deep inside me, hands holding tight to my hips, my clit swelling from Chris' fingers, and him feeling my breast while I am stroking his cock is all creating an insane rush. I can feel him tighten his body and both his hands now on my head, "Fuck Kel, I going to come!" He says quickly through gritted teeth.