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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tucker's Studio Ch. 12

group riverboy 2018-03-12

"Yeah, I know that look in a guys eye," Lori said. It's just that I've got Kat and Lori coming in for a look see, and I'm hopin' maybe I can finagle it into somethin', you know what I mean? Tucker walked to the door and was delighted to see a smiling Kat and a nervous looking Lori. "Jesus Kat, you should wear those stockings at the bar," Tucker said, admiring her legs, "The tips'd be insane." Lori didn't say anything, but Tucker could sense her appreciation for the way Kat looked. "Hi guys," Dave said to Kat and Lori when they entered. "Fuck you Kat," Lori said quietly, sounding like she was surrendering. "Dave, you wanna fuck us today?" she said, still looking at Lori.


A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 30

group riverboy 2018-03-12

"Wild sex on a beautiful wooden boat," Lindsey said with a smile. We only had half a day together up there, but he and Lindsey had spent some 'quality time' together in the middle of the sexual frenzy that broke out in the pond that afternoon, and she gave him a big hug and a kiss next to Marta's car. Marta drove us like a bat outta hell to Miami, I bought Phil a round-trip ticket to Oregon, took $500 out of an ATM machine and gave it to him, and he was wiping away tears as we left him. Lindsey squatted behind her and kissed her neck and shoulders while she ran her hands all over Marta's perfect little body.

The Swing

group mrklin 2018-03-12

Cori's flat tummy stiffened as she suddenly inhaled deeply when she felt the head of Dan's erection penetrate her. The tiny blonde came unglued as the crown of Dan's thick cock slid silently back and forth along the inner walls of her pussy. Cori moaned into Dan's mouth as another cock quickly replaced his. The man fucking her quickly came, adding his load of cum to Dan's. Dan watched as a man lifted his wife's head out of the strap that cradled it, and slid his dripping cock over her lips. Yet another man climbed under the swing to get a better view of the cock thrusting into the blonde's hot pussy.


Group Therapy

group TheSometimesGoddess 2018-03-12

I feel her fingers slide into my wet pussy and my body quivers with desire. I move her body until my head rests between her thighs and say, "I have to taste you." Her eyes widen, as I move my face to her pussy and slide my tongue up her slit. His tongue possessing my mouth, he runs his hand up my thigh and slips his finger inside my aching pussy. I grab hold of his thigh and pull him closer so I can take his cock in my mouth while her tongue flicks across my nipples. Until suddenly, my thighs are pressed apart and feel Derek's hot tongue flicking my clit.

Escape at Sea Ch. 01

group RowanWildrose 2018-03-12

I sat, stunned, for a moment, as she looked at me, then I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her hard. She straddled my hips and kissed me back, a soft moan escaping her throat as I slid my hands around to grab a firm hold on her ass. Effani climbed off my lap and pulled me toward Bastion who was standing beside the bed. Effani's slim fingers slipped beneath the fabric and stroked him firmly, once, twice. Bastion was watching me again and I smiled as I laid a hand on Effani's bare ass, caressing the creamy pale flesh. Eyes still locked with Bastion's, I let my fingers explore Effani's heat, fingertips parting delicate lips and stroking slick folds.

Aqualina's Campus Visit

group Artist1 2018-03-12

Daniella moaned and began twitching her toes, gripping and squeezing my balls, using her feet to help push my cock deep into her hot pussy. Taking just the head of my cock between her lips and flicking it with her tongue, Jennifer twisted her tiny hands around the shaft of my cock, all the while looking up at me with her sweet brown eyes. Darolyn led Xochi down and began asking her questions while Aqualina and I took up the rear behind Daniella who looked amazing in a white mini-dress. Aqualina pulled her shirt over her head revealing a tight orange camisole, "Ah, that's better," she said, watching my reaction to her athletic body and small round tits.


The Rituals of Thelema Ch. 03

group LeopoldNicholas 2018-03-12

Most important however is the moment of actual personal experience when the acolyte gets to taste the satanic flesh and blood in the form of ergot invested bread soaked in fresh garnered human bodily discharge and thereafter subjugate themselves before, or rather behind the power they seek to invest. Each acolyte in turn kneels and waits as I push a rancid morsel of bread deep into Elizabeth's soaked and tattered cunt, then happily savors and swallows the host as I, place my hand upon their head and pronounce the blessing. Without hearing a sound I feel the presence of Marie and looking to my left find her sitting in perfect pose, her buttocks resting on her heels, knees wide spread, the back of her open hands resting on her knees and her head erect but perfectly inclined to a point three feet in front of her position.


Two Girls and a Gentleman Ch. 01

group seductivequill 2018-03-12

Vince soon learned that the brunette's name was Lora, and the blonde was Rhonda. I knew you both got a good look at me," The conversation was now far from the men's underwear debate, but he continued, "What do you think that I am wearing underneath?" Rhonda practically sprayed the water she was about to swallow. He moved closer to Lora as he whispered, "And I can keep it that way for many hours while giving my lover ENDLESS orgasms!" Now it was Rhonda's turn to try to hide her lust. As a finger began to slide up and down their slits, Vince turned and kissed each girl, in turn, forcefully and passionately. As Vince felt Lora's muscles contract around his fingers, he remove his lips from Rhonda's button and switched to Lora's little nub.

Strip Poker

group sdwpthwlkr 2018-03-12

Slowly, the crowd began to disperse into the different rooms, Erin took her chip and followed behind Harold as he walked into a room marked by a blue piece of construction paper taped to the door. Harold began to stroke in and out and Erin fell into the rhythm with him, using it time her own oral efforts, she almost laughed at one point when the image of one of those office thingys with the ball bearings bouncing off one another came to mind, but then Harold reached under her and covered her clit with the tip of one finger, and all thought instantly left her head.

Latin Lovers Ch. 01

group LilSheba 2018-03-12

But when I felt her hands, still pulling me against her, sliding up my sides I started, "Kenni...!" But my breath caught in my throat and silenced me when her hands slid softly over my breasts and squeezed lightly. Her fingertips were holding my nipples lightly, gently squeezing, pulling, twisting, and before I realized it, my back arched into her hands and I moaned loudly. I felt her finger slide inside me, swirling around for a moment as I moaned, and suddenly, it touched my lips! I stopped moving my hand as I bent my head and kissed her pussy and her hips lifted off the bed, pressing against my lips and my fingers.


Dinner Date with Friends

group MINNvoyeur 2018-03-12

It only lasted seconds, but while their husbands sat in the next room wondering what would come next, Heather had pushed her hand up, cupped Laurie's breast and teased her already hard nipple. "I just wanted to see your reaction when you tasted Laurie on my lips," Heather whispered in my ear as I felt her hand slide over my cock and she began to kiss her way down my chest. Laurie was licking the head of Jack's cock, then the shaft, while Heather's soft mouth continued to push me closer to the edge. My wife turned slightly, caught my eye and the view of Heather's naked back with her hair spilling out onto my legs, as she slowly lowered her mouth onto Jack.


My Mother

group Jena121 2018-03-12

As I passed Mom's room again, I heard her tell Jane that she was now going to make love to her, and that it was her turn to get fucked by the dildo. A couple of days later though, I got home early from college and again I heard voiced in Mom's room. Jane just pulled her round and inserted the prick inside her cunt again and told Mom to continue to fuck her. I looked at Mom. She then said, "Well, you have seen what Jane and I are doing but I want you to promise that it will never be mentioned outside this house, OK." She then proceeded to continue to fuck Jane while I watched.

My Kind of Night

group Milkybuns 2018-03-12

He explained that he had already participated in similar activities and told of one particular scene that culminated in Nick coming inside a girl and having his cock licked clean by a gay friend who was simply interested to know what the combination of spunk and cunt juice tasted like. In ten seconds the trousers were flung on the floor and Nick was rubbing Andrew's cock through the black material of his briefs. The balls were withdrawn from Nick's mouth as he placed his lips round the solid shaft, pumping his head up and down desperately trying to f***e Andrew's semen out. After half a minute of intense wanking and sucking round Andrew's cock head, he finally submitted to his desires.

Whose Birthday is it Anyway? Ch. 01

group Beebaw 2018-03-12

She stood erect in front of Johann letting him admire her curvaceous body, all the way from her sexy black leather knee boots past her tiny white panties and her proud tits. Per-Ola was obviously feeling the same as me as he slowly reached down and ran his fingers up my thigh, before gently rubbing my pussy through my shiny silver panties. As we gazed at the others, Denise knelt down on the floor in front of the armchair and bending over the chair began licking the head of Johann's long slim cock. I began to feel myself boiling up to cum, when Johann's cock let rip with several great white spurts, almost taking Denise by surprise and landing in her black hair and along her face.

Taken By Mistake Ch. 2

group Linda Jean 2018-03-12

My mind was screaming “YES, YES, Oh God YES” I moaned out loud I felt my head being turned and I had a very wet half hard cock being put through the hole opening of the thing over my head for my mouth. (Very tight) The guy I was sucking said “come on, hurry up I want some of that ass, hurry up man” the man fucking me was a piston, in and out, in and out, hard and fast. I started to climax, I wanted Phil to know just how cold of a fish I was, I started to tell Peter how good his fat cock felt, how much I loved it in me, that he could come over to my house any day, any time and fuck me.


Kitty's After-School Special

group goodgrrl107 2018-03-12

My fingers on one hand, beneath the pillow under my head, rub slowly against Alex's inner-thigh, scratching against his uniform pants--but I'm being careful not to go too far. I spin around, Alex's cock popping from my mouth, shocked to see the Headmaster standing with his hands on his hips. My hands are each occupied with jerking off two other hard cocks, while my head, turned to the side, is eagerly sucking the nameless boy off. I orgasm so hard, screaming around the cock in my mouth—"MMMHMMMMMHH!!"—that the boy in my mouth cums too, spraying it on my face. "Yes, Headmaster, please, CUM IN ME, FILL ME OH GOD OHHHH GOD OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!" I orgasm violently one last time, stars exploding behind my eyes as he cums inside me, filling my pussy so much that I start to leak.

Submission to Andre Ch. 08

group Dragonlipz 2018-03-12

His face pulled half a smile as he ran his hand across his chest and stomach to touch his thick, soft cock. Chloe licked the head of my cock as she watched MJ get longdicked by Lymon. I slapped her ass and began to stroke her leg when MJ entered the living room, pulling Lymon by the cock. Not a date!" She pulled Chloe off my cock and gave her a hot, wet kiss. She let go of Lymon's cock and kissed Chloe deeper. She and Chloe tasted each other while they each took a cock -- MJ mine, Chloe Lymon's -- to squeeze and stroke. Chloe pulled Lymon's cock and rubbed it on her right cheek!

The Experiment Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2018-03-12

Loren moved over beside them and held Trish in position atop John's cock. Everyone was beat from traveling or over work for the week, so we all headed off to bed – John with Trish and me with Loren. We thought Trish and John were still asleep but then we heard a slow rhythmic squeaking from that bed and knew they were having a morning fuck. John could reach across and stroke Loren as he gradually increased the length of his thrusts into Trish's ass. Loren moved up to John and started to lick and suck on his nibbles, all the while humping the hand he wasn't supporting himself with at her pussy.


Surprise Three-way

group handysr 2018-03-12

"It's only a boob honey, I'm sure he's seen plenty of them before." Fiona giggled drunkenly before looking at Brandon, "It's not like Kyra and I were making out or anything. Kyra lifted her arms and started swaying her hips, moving back and forth between Fiona and Brandon, singing softly to the song while ignoring the odd looks they both gave her. On the next song, Fiona again caught him looking at her bouncing breasts while Kyra's back was facing him, and Brandon felt his cheeks turn red when Fiona gave him as much of an evil glare as she could through her smile. Kyra and Fiona both reached for his crotch at the same time, and Brandon watched their hands touch his pants, both of them tracing the outline of his growing cock.


Weekend Working

group manchesterkate123 2018-03-12

I then felt Josh behind me, rubbing his/ hands over my hips "We want to enjoy you," he said, flicking the waistband of my knickers hardly against my skin, making me let out a little groan. Each time I felt Mark's cock touch the back of my throat, or feeling another finger enter me, until Josh had four fingers in my soaking pussy, brought me closer. Mark was stood next to my face as I felt the tip of Josh's cock rest against my hole. I felt Mark pull out as I again told them that I was close to my orgasm, and Josh removed his cock from my mouth.

Very Merry Mistletoe Menage

group ggroyale 2018-03-12

Lucia smiled as she met Theo's gaze, but then Annadel shook her head and stepped away from Theo. Her kiss alone had been enough to get Lucia wet, but watching the staid, shy Annadel getting ravaged by Theo only added heat to the fire. "Because I have a king-size bed and you sleep on a fucking cot." Lucia still had hold of Annadel's hand and dragged her toward the apartment. Theo crossed the room toward her, and from behind Lucia wrapped her arms around Annadel, holding her steady. Theo cupped Annadel's breasts, trapping Lucia's smaller, darker hands beneath his own. Annadel turned her head to watch as Lucia sheathed Theo.

Amber's Visit

group Amber Rose 2018-03-12

I obeyed, and Ron pulled my wet shirt over my head and began kissing my tan, soft belly. "Lay Amber on the bed, Ron," Suzanne said as she leaned back in her chair and pulled the crotch of her panties aside. I could hear the wetness of each loving kiss as I began unbuttoning Ron's shirt, pulling it out of his pants. Suzanne bent down and started kissing me, and Ron began licking the back of my neck. He pulled out of his wife just as he started to orgasm, and as his come burst out of him in hard spasms, it dripped off of Suzanne's ass and vulva onto my waiting lips. Suzanne sat up, kissed me on the lips, and licked Ron's cum off of my face with her wet tongue.

Vicky's Birthday

group Rugby307 2018-03-12

I turn you round and kiss you hard your hands undoing my shirt and tie quickly whilst Sue sits on the bed. Sue kisses your neck at the same time before moving towards your hard nipples taking one into her mouth and sucking it eagerly. You arch your head back to take my cock which you suck hungrily and deeply whilst Sue licks your clit and slides two fingers deep into you. I start to fuck your mouth as Sue fingers you hard and deep making you writhe on the bed. I grip you hard and continue to fuck you deep whilst Sue pulls you down onto her face. As I reach my climax I pull out and slide my cock deep into Sue's mouth and cum hard.

A Baby - Family and His Brother Ch. 05

group Nicole48606 2018-03-12

Jan said, “Hun, lets just put it this way, Sue is 3 Months away from being 18, and if she still wants you and you her, then you have our blessings.” She laugh, “no Hun, I know you love Nick and I and if Sue had to learn what it is like being with a woman, then you would be the one we would want for her first experience. I went to the cabinet and got out one of the strap on dildo’s, looked at Jan again and said, “She is a Virgin and wants me to be her first, is that ok with you.” Her moans were very loud and as I lay on the bed, told her to continue then kissed her and started to work on her body again.