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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Haunted House Fun Ch. 02

group n2anal78 2018-03-12

The Pet removes the skirt from her mistress and my 'Daughter' as I watched still mesmerized my hard cock tenting my pants. Daughter's legs begin to look like they are getting a little wobbly as she moans from the tongue lapping she was receiving. As Pet continued to lick her cunt she slowly slid her lips around the head of my cock. I decided I was going to take advantage of Pet, while I had the opportunity, so I pulled my cock from Daughter's lips and moved to where Pet's ass swayed in the air in time with her licking tempo. Her pussy was both tight and wet, and it was a real pleasure burying my cock in it especially as I continued to finger her ass.

The Slut Factory

group JLPearl 2018-03-12

Jennifer thought to herself, "Why not, it wouldn't hurt to try." She quickly im'ed FantasyEscorts69 and said, "I'm interested". After a few minutes of her wandering finger, Lucy said, "Okay, now turn around, face down." She did so, and once again, the probing started in her ass. Jennifer thought to herself, "Hey, it won't be so bad losing it to this guy." Lucy said, "I'll be watching your performance, to see if you'll be good with other people." She then took out a pair of handcuffs. The Asian man was now pumping furiously into the tired Jennifer and she thought she didn't even have enough energy to come again. Jennifer hated feeling like a slut but had to contract her pussy muscles to get him to cum faster.

Bi-curious Ch. 11

group KY ridgerunner 2018-03-12

John looked at Dale and said, "It was the first time we ever got that carried away but we had kissed once before. I didn't expect things to get this heavy this fast but John turned to Dale and said, "Ok, Dale, I've never asked Sandy this but did you know you were there to fuck Tina that first night?" I kissed her again and said, "Yes but let's not tell them that" We all laughed and I said, "Let's get this party back down stairs and start a real fucking affair." We all got up and I led the way back to the bar.


Caribbean Holiday Ch. 03

group B. Beattie 2018-03-12

After a couple of songs I became aware that most of the couples had stopped dancing had formed a large circle around Irina and Sam. Both of the girls tits were showing and their pussies were getting plenty of air time every time one of them raised their arms. She looked at me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately and said "thank you for bringing me here." She had been sitting at our table almost naked and put her costume back together as best as possible and we danced for the next couple of hours. With all the fucking we did on the beach with Allen and Sam earlier in the day, I must have cum 6 or 7 times and Irina said her pussy needed a rest.

Beach Vacation

group fotisampini 2018-03-12

Then they switched, Jim smacked my ass, Dave did Cathy's. Cathy's hot wet snatch and a finger working in her ass crack before the boys He held me this way until Dave had shaved Cathy's cunt and ass as of cum into a hot ass, they pulled out and let Cathy and I lay there cuddling Cathy had pulled my leg open to match Jim's hold on me, Dave jammed his cock boys came back with drinks and told us it was my turn to fuck Cathy. tail and Dave inserted a butt plug before much of Jim's cum got out. Cathy and Jim and Dave as good a cunt show as I could. Then Jim inserted the silver balls into my ass while Dave did Cathy.

Alicia Takes A Chance Ch. 01

group LunaSolstice 2018-03-12

Ben grabbed the back of her head and began to softly fuck her face as Alicia began to lick the girl's tight ass hole while fingering her own cunt which had grown swollen and wet at the sight of the girl struggling to take her husband's massive cock into her mouth. Spurred on by his wife's obvious pleasure Ben began to fuck the young girl very hard, intently watching his member disappear into the mocha pussy as his wife moaned above him. Ben slowly worked his cock into the girl's tight virgin asshole, while his wife teased Charlotte's clit by grinding her own pussy against it.

My First Threesome

group Carson Dyle 2018-03-12

Playing the field as they had Mary and Margaret found each other and became instant soul mates, finding similar criteria from what they each wanted for their physical and mental needs: a good fuck with interesting men. Visually and consequently mentally it couldn`t have been any more erotic being in the presence of two milky white skinned voluptuous women in stockings and suspenders staring ardently at our hard cocks, wanting us, willing us to fuck their brains out! "I think Brian has got a fetish about ladies clad in stockings and suspenders," Mary said to Margaret, knowingly.


Francesca's Dream Orgy

group English Bob 2018-03-12

Sean looked on and saw the big man's fingers prying Fran's pussy lips open and probing gently into her depths. He felt so's thoughts were brought back to reality as she realised that one of the other men - the man that had driven her home - had removed his clothes and was urgently pushing a swollen, throbbing cock towards her face. Her ass was being pushed backwards and forwards on the table as O'Malley fucked her pussy hard and deep; thrusting into her body and groaning. Really good, and as the man added a second finger she began to long for the moment when his cock would be firmly in her ass.

Island Fever Ch. 38

group Jeremydcp 2018-03-12

At the same time, Devon kept her right hand between Kristanna's slender thighs and continued to openly rub and massage her pussy through the denim shorts that she had on. Soon, Devon was cradling Kristanna's head in both hands as the Norwegian continued to lick, kiss and caress her neck. Trish reached out and placed a hand upon Kristanna's knee, which twitched in response, but kept her other arm sealed tight around Amy's body. My attention was diverted yet again, as back in the forest, Devon and Trish were lying side-by-side upon the two beach towels, their faces turned toward each other and their lips locked in unison, as Kristanna and Amy performed oral sex on them.


First Wife Swap Ch. 0

group MPhD 2018-03-12

It was getting late, wine had been drunk by the bottle, and somehow Janice asking him whether he had any prospects on the horizon ended up in a discussion about our sex life. Thom was quite circumspect about it, and I kept my mouth shut, but before long Janice was telling my charming mentor about some of the ways we'd been going about spicing things up. As chance would have it, Thom invited me to lunch that day and, ensconced in the overstuffed leather and polished hardwood of his private club, asked me pointedly if there was anything wrong between my wife and I. Eventually, however, I had to come to grips with the uncomfortable reality that I was aroused by the thought of Thom fucking my wife, and a voyeuristic urge to be present for the act.

A Summer Fling to Remember

group tk5555 2018-03-12

When Tracy was standing about two feet away, Fiona leaned forward and pressed her breast against Frank's mouth. Tracy moved her hands up so she could pinch her nipples as Frank's throbbing erection slipped up and down between her sweat soaked breasts. Several times Fiona thought Tracy was going to tip her head forward and start to suck on Frank throbbing cock, but each time she backed off. I want to see you big thick cock slamming into her tight little pussy..oh,oh.." Tracy's voice dropped off into a moan as she fingered and fantasized herself to orgasm. "I want to watch you ride his cock Fiona," Tracy said. She watched Tracy raise her head, putting her hands on Frank's dick instead of her mouth.


My First Gay Fuckbuddy Ch. 02

group mkeelanp 2018-03-12

However, I still have not fulfilled my fantasy of having a 3-way with my girlfriend and Rob. Now, Angela (my girlfriend) and I have only just crossed the sex boundary, and I was not sure how long I should wait. "Well, what I've always wanted, is to have a MMF threesome, with one guy fucking my pussy, and another, my ass." I nearly fell over when I heard this reply. I lay over her body, and started licking and sucking her clitoris, while Rob tongue-fucked her. "I want your huge cock in my Pussy Rob." she said, handing me the lube to fuck her sweet ass. Feeling Robs cock against the wall of her pussy, and cumming to-boot, I also yelled, and had one of my longest orgasms ever.

The Pirate Girl

group sandymonroe 2018-03-12

A huge black guy dressed up as Dracula jerked his cock on a chair beside them, and whispered obscenities to them,s I put my legs above the guy's thighs, adjusted my cock to the pirate girl's asshole, and slowly slid it in. The drunken Batman was laughing and he moved her head under the cape, fucked her face with large thrusts. The pirate girl raised her head up, and jerking his cock, laughed at the guy before her, But the football player below us didn't say anything, he just pounded the girl's pussy with his huge cock. The Batman grabbed the pirate's blonde hair again and pulled her mouth back to his cock.


The Party That Changed My Life

group gryder40 2018-03-12

Looking deep into Tom's beautiful eyes, I sucked his fingers into my mouth and licked my own pussy juices from them. Tom's now soft cock slipped from my pussy, but I could feel it against my outer flesh as he took me into his arms and kissed me deeply. Tom was nowhere in sight, but I saw the party's host and hostess, John and Ann, and my new friend Marie, all of them totally naked and actively engaged in threesome sex on a low upholstered platform of sorts. Having two women sucking my nipples while a man was eating out my pussy was a wonderful introduction to the kind of sexual romps that Ann and John had on a regular basis.


Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 02

group timewarp69 2018-03-12

Cheryl moved in to kiss Miranda with a long, passionate embrace as Tommy smiled at Brandon and said "It looks like you're breaking the dress code. Brandon barely had time to regain his balance before Tommy stood back up, kissed him wetly and eager, and started licking again down his chest stopping at his belly button and circling with his tongue before looking up at Brandon and with a loud slurp, taking his entire length in his warm mouth. He also felt her rock hard erection poking him in the 'cheeks' as she asked "How about letting me get the first crack at that hot little fuckhole, boy?" Brandon asked Tommy if he minded and he nodded an ok.

Fringe Benefites

group jwebster0527 2018-03-12

She could sense that Eric knew what a pile of horny mush he was making her into, so he held the door and quietly said, "I hope to see you later, Ms. Sanders," before Allie walked out of his office and past the hustle and bustle of the publishing firm. Solomon came up from behind Allie and pulled her chin back towards him, resting her head on his chest as Eric's lips traveled along her throat. There was a deeper hunger in her body that she couldn't quite put out on her own or with anyone else, for that matter– but Eric and Solomon worked together to fulfill what Allie needed.


A Groupie's Fantasy Ch. 2

group Isabella Thorne 2018-03-12

"Hey Deuce, you know I'm thinking that Isabella's jeans are so tight they are making her sweet little ass look mighty tempting." The Big Man's face breaks out in this fucking huge grin and he looks at me and says, "Oh yea, baby," as he unzips his fly and pulls out this amazingly massive cock. Deuce is holding on to my hair and whispering into my ear to suck that thing good - make the Big Man cum real good. "Oh yea," says the Big Man to Deuce and Silvio, "you really do have a hot Jersey girl there". I spread my legs and Deuce starts fucking my longing wet cunt deep and hard.

A Drive, A Bath, A Fantasy

group joperrine 2018-03-12

My body continued to remind me of its need, the desire I had to fuck, to suck cock, to have my pussy licked, to have my nipples sucked, my ass grabbed, squeezed and fucked. Jane watched us and then began licking my nipples, sucking each one, guiding Joe's hand over her body, then my body, back and forth, over and over, as she worked her way to my pussy. I put two of my fingers in Jane's dripping cunt and began licking and sucking her large breasts, rolling the nipples between my teeth and circling them with my tongue. I took it in my hand, pulled him closer to me and swallowed him, loving the feeling of a cock in my mouth, and wishing there would be a pussy waiting for us in my bed.

Un-Conventional Fun

group jessijessi34 2018-03-12

I looked down, and saw that Kate's dress was slid way up and David's hand was underneath it, between her legs. Kate gave a little squeak and then opened her legs wider for David's hand. I kept whispering naughty things into her ear, telling her what a nasty girl she was, how hot it was to be fucking her in public, how I loved hearing her little whimpers, knowing she wanted to moan out loud but couldn't... I rocked my hips back and forth against her face, as I spread her lips with my fingers and sucked her hard little clit into my mouth. Kate asked, "Well, Shellie, you ready to get fucked by David's big cock now?"


Snows of Trout Lake

group namelorb 2018-03-12

I have been walking for hours, so I am not quite sure that I know what part on the mountain I am on right now." I backed up and told them the full story of my several days on this hiking / fishing trip while at the same time stopping to look over to Tina who would snap her eyes away from me at every glance I took at her. "Well, let me tell you," offered Mike, "No one gets by for free, everyone pulls their own weight and you do it right the first time." This appeared to be the motto that he lived by and I thought it a bit odd that he just started up the conversation with this comment.


Cheryl... Meet the Author Ch. 02

group JLCC 2018-03-12

They continued through dinner and Julie told everything she knew, including what he was like and just how she ended up in his hotel room, ass up in the air. Sonia sounds just like me the first time I tried that," Sylvia thought to herself as she started to drift into an erotic euphoria, suddenly craving a stiff cock in her hungry cunt and a pussy to fuck with her mouth. Sylvia tugged Jeff's attention away from Debbie. "I've heard that Cheryl gives you ideas for your stories, and that she likes to use her friends. Sylvia got on her knees between Jeff's legs and tipped her mouth to his balls.


Pool Boy Ch. 22

group BigZeke13 2018-03-12

She threw her arms around my neck again and pulled herself off the counter and slammed her hips hard to drive my cock into her depths. She dropped her hands down into my crotch and wrapped her fingers around the short length of my sticky cock that wasn't imbedded in Alexis' pussy. She reluctantly pulled her lips off my cock and turned her head to face Alexis. Emma is several inches shorter than Alexis but she was more than imposing as she pushed her face up as close as she could and with a clenched jaw and pointing finger said, "Don't you ever speak to me like that again, missy.


Wedding Swingers

group kicka04 2018-03-12

It started in college when I began dating my future wife Amy. She had a best friend named Katie. "Let's save the boys from having to imagine it too hard," Amy said as she grabbed the back of Katie's dress and pulled it up. With that, John took Katie's shirt and pulled it up, revealing two breasts that I had fantasized about for years. Katie came over and said next to me on the bed while Amy bounced to John's bed. Amy was laying under John, one hand running through her hair, the other over her shirt on her boobs. "Well that was certainly a good wedding." Amy said as she wiped her mouth and snuggled with Katie on the bed.

Len Goes to a Party

group moodcouple 2018-03-12

Seeing him, Astrid said, "I guess I forgot to tell Len that this is going to be a sex party." "Rob, this is Astrid and Len. It's their first party," Debbie said. Len didn't know whether to concentrate on the blow job he was getting, watching Astrid licking the giant cock of Rob's, or how Monica was doing with the fat thing in her mouth. Just then, Troy cried out, "Oh yes, I'm cumming." Len saw the black cock disappear into the big woman's mouth, then reappear, dripping white cream off of it. When he had finally emptied his balls into her mouth, Len pulled Debbie's face to his and gave her a kiss, tasting his cock on her lips.