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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 12

group Silverfox0551 2018-03-12

Don and Carol sat by watching closely as Mike flicked out his tongue and lapped the insides of his wife's thighs licking any droplets of nectar that leaked from her hot pussy. Mike felt Terri's hands on his shoulders that signaled him to move in for the kill, licking her cunt lips until she was moaning with ecstasy. While Mike licked his wife’s’ cunt, Carol shifted positions and was now kneeling next to Mike and Terri, her hand wrapped around his stiff rod fisting his dick as he fantasized about shoving it deep into his wife's succulent slit when he suddenly heard her yell out.


Administrators Additional Duty

group stoneypoint 2018-03-12

I heard Eva say, "maybe after you get off of work?" "I don't think so, I said, but maybe another time, but I appreciate the offer." I went back to the Smith Complex, 3rd floor, and room 310, where Joy and Eva were hanging out. Knowing we were all buzzed, Joy said, "Eva thinks I have a great body and she pulls up her sweater and removes it and giggles, do you think so too?" She sets her mouth on one side and Joy on the other and I ask them, "How are we going to work this out?" We all began laughing. I thought, "damn" I went hard at her again, this time reversing positions and shoving my face up between her thighs and doing her with my tongue.

Vacation With Teens - Episode 3 - The Camping Site

group TeenParadise 2018-03-12

Now Emilia saw them up close, she could tell the red shirted boy had a tattoo across his left arm. "Yeah, me too." Said Joana, "There will be as much to do tomorrow." The look on Alexandra's face gave away that she hadn't expected anyone to join her. "Joana and Alexandra went back." Ivana said, not knowing if Emilia wanted to be left alone or had gotten bored of her toy already. Emilia got on her hands and knees, crawled over to their new friend and with a firm push, he lay down on his back. The girls exchanged looks and Emilia let out a small laugh. "I bet he likes it." Emilia laughed, looking at the face of the boy.

The Bet

group plez2tease 2018-03-12

I move my hands up and start to play with my own nipples and tell Tom I want to watch him stroke his hard cock. When he starts to cum I let his cock slip out of my tits and use both of my hands to jack him off and let him shot cum onto my face and in my mouth. Craig then shots several spurts of cum onto my cheesecake and I tell him to feed it to me because I do not want Mark to take his hands off of my tits. I turn around and tell John to fuck me hard in the ass and move Mark so he is sitting on the side of the tub and start to suck on his cock covered in my own pussy juice and his cum.

Mrs. Martin Ch. 12

group Tom Davis 2018-03-12

"Come in, come in," Nancy said as she opened the door wide, "just go on through the family room and out to the pool, Patty and Andy are already out there." "Nice ass," she thought to herself as she watched Tom pass. Suddenly without warning she felt two strong hands take old of her hips, then the pain shot through her body as that massive organ separated her puffy lips and pushed deep into her. She had never felt so full, then slowly Tom started to rock in and out of her and the pain gave way to pulses of excitement, quickly building to waves of pleasure that rocked her body.

The Mystic Adventure Ch. 02

group smugmug 2018-03-12

The view gave me another jump as I realized that despite what happened last night, I really hadn't seen either of them naked before; not counting Kim's tits of course. It was dusk when we had gotten in last night and with dinner, drinks, and oh yeah, the mind-blowing sex, she hadn't really had a chance to get a look at the place. She must have re-applied that body lotion or whatever it was because she had no right to smell that good after a day on the water and a night of hot sex. "Oh man, we gotta hit that Kell." She paused like she just remembered something and then came over to me, leaned past Kelly, and stuck her tongue in my mouth.


A Good Strip Search

group YOURSEXYWIFE 2018-03-11

Officer Scott and Officer Matt were very professional, yet I could see that my excited nipples had drawn their attention. - The CD's are probably gone, Officer Scott said, but we'll file a report. I was so wet with pleasure I didn't even notice that my shorts were now down to my ankles and Officer Scott was licking up my juices with his long tongue. - Well, we have a special way of handling beautiful young ladies, Officer Scott said. As I began to suck Officer Matt's cock, I felt Officer Scott enter my pussy. I began to rock and pump back and forth, my breast bouncing with excitement and Officer Matt moaning with pleasure. Officer Scott's hard cock entered my ass hole.


group Selinde783 2018-03-11

" The girl was catching the last few drops of precum that were falling from the tip of his cock before the men switched positions and Mike pulled his pants down and crouched in front of her face with his back to Tony. Ahhh…" Mike's fat dick was getting a good tongue bathing on his balls, and Tony thrust his own meat into the girl's pussy, so that when I came up to them they were too busy to pay me much attention. She sucked me up and down with the rhythm of their fucking, as Tony jiggled her on his cock and Mike shoved into her deep ass, pushing her mouth over my cock even more.

My Playmate Ch. 04

group bluedragonauthor 2018-03-11

Did Anna just see her kiss me?** I was already starting to panic, my composure brittle after spending this little bit of time around Courtney. However, both Courtney and Anna were similarly amused, at least until Hailey turned and planted an identical kiss hello onto Anna's lips as well. Anna turned out to be the voice of reason as neither Brian nor I was about to stop what was going on. And I know you like being naughty." With that, Anna slid herself all the way beneath the covers until her head was positioned just over my hips. Before I knew it, I had leaned forward across the couch, holding Courtney's head in my hands as I lunged into her body and captured her lips with my own.


My b*****r In-Law - Part Two: The Bet

group cupidschoice 2018-03-11

He grabbed my balls and started mouthing my cock with such gusto; I felt the need to warn him: "I wouldn't try to get all-" and with that he pushed all ten inches down his open throat. "Ten inches." Cartwright said with a laugh. I played on his greed and asked him: "How much do you want to bet, that I've got a bigger cock than you?" Now he was angry too. "If we take pictures in separate rooms, the bigger cock gets to fuck the smaller one." He frowned. I started measuring, making sure to line up the base properly, as Kain looked at the Pictures on the camera. "Told you, you weren't bigger than me." His member got a little stiffer as he looked at me measuring.

Karaoke FUN Introduction

group LitEroCat 2018-03-11

Polly startled when she saw Mario fondling Maria's big, beautiful, bared tits, licking her hard nipple and Mario's uncut cock half out of his shorts being slowly jerked. After taking a firming nipple into my mouth gently and nibbling on it, I pushed her skirt up as far as I could and completely revealed her small bikini, I looked left and saw Maria's full, curvy, bare ass and swollen pussy just inches from me since she was bent over and gulping Mario's cock. Sue spun around, planted her feet between Pete's, hands on the table, leaned forward to swallow Mario's drenched cock and cleaned his balls as she presented her beautiful pussy and pulsing rosebud to Pete and Polly.

Better Than Shopping

group LadyBlueMoon 2018-03-11

I don't know whether it was I who moaned, or her husband, as Anna continued sucking on my tits while her hand moved between her legs and spread her pussy lips wide. As Anna's mouth continued to work its magic on my breasts I began to play with hers, rubbing the hard little nipples between my thumb and forefingers. I looked up to see his cum oozing from around her lips, sliding down his shaft, My tongue moved to lap it up as she began to bob on his cock, milking it completely. Finally, after what seemed an eternity of peaceful bliss, but was actually just minutes, I raised my head to Anna and asked, "Do he think he would like to fuck my ass, dear?

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 12

group fntsymn 2018-03-11

She had seen Jake's cock spring to attention when Pamela squatted in front of them and she had seen Robert and Edward naked from a distance and she had to admit she wanted to get a closer look. Robert went inside to get some beer and wine and Vanessa noticed that Jen kept stealing glances at Robert's and Edward's cocks while Jake tried not to be to obvious as he eyed her and Pamela. Robert and Pamela were sitting now on the lawn chairs on the deck, they'd placed them so they could look inside and watch Vanessa and Edward.

Sex on a Cruise Ch. 04

group mike2123 2018-03-11

"Mike's fine Anya" I say with a laugh and a grin as she comes down from her high, her eyes still closed, biting her lip, bright red with lipstick. I grin and grasp her firm, tight ass cheeks and pull her up to my mouth, pushing her tight wet pussy down to my face. Anya leans forward and starts licking Dave's long shaft as I suck the head. She leans forward and licks Dave's cum off my face and kisses me again, letting it run into my mouth and I swallow it down. Sarah told me about this strap on she brought" Anya says, biting my neck "And I thought" pausing to kiss my chest "It would be very hot if Sarah fucked me and Dave fucked you at the same time.

The French Maid Ch. 14

group susan12346 2018-03-11

I felt Steven's hand slide under my dress on the outside of my leg and move upwards. Then John, sitting directly behind grabbed my hips in his hands and pushed his face into my pussy from behind. Arranging my legs on either side of John's lap I lent all the way forward until that cock head was inches from my face. John behind me, his hands holding my hips moving them up and down off his lap; Peter in front with his short but fat cock embedded in my mouth. Peter gently lifted my head off his cock and I was asked to stand. Peter stroking my face and throat, John caressing my breasts, pinching and playing with the nipple while Steven had his hands roaming between my legs.

Polyamorous Ch. 02

group Lady_Blackhawk 2018-03-11

Adam had gotten even better looking and more muscular in the past 4 years since high school. I told him I knew him from high school, that he had been captain of the football team and his family lived on Walnut St. The look on his face registered surprise when I told him who I was. He had no gay tendencies, but he wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked. He said he liked the feel of being taken by me, that he loved the feel of having his ass reamed with the thick strap-on cock we'd purchased together. Adam's ultra macho exterior persona would never allow anyone to know he liked being fucked in the ass by his wife.


Diary of a Slut

group joemike 2018-03-11

He wants to fuck like 4 times a day too, I love him so much that I'll let him do that...but I need cock. Oh my god, it felt so fucking good, I'm such a dirty little girl when I see a huge cock. Joe was going on telling me about his day at work while I slowly started fucking Jon's cock. I felt like such a slut, fucking another guy’s huge cock while on the phone with Joe. Jon fucked me so good; it was exactly what I needed. He drove me home today, I know Joe's going to want to fuck me later, I hope he won't be able to tell I've been fucked by 2 huge cocks.

Something For Mary Ch. 3

group Nasty Mom 2018-03-11

She asked me if I had ever imagined a cock could look as good as Antonio's and I said it was indeed pretty amazing. "Antonio, I want to teach Brian how to suck a cock, would you mind volunteering?" he just smiled at her and told her it was fine by him, he liked having two mouths working his cock. Mary eventually lent her tongue to the deal and we wound up licking his balls for a good 25 minutes or so. Next Mary demonstrated the proper way to lick and suck a cock. I let her sleep, this time I sucked Antonio's cock with no coaching and I think I did pretty well...judging by the mouthful of cum I was rewarded with.

Train Fuck

group 2018-03-11

I undo the buckle of his belt and unbutton his pants and slowly unzip his fly reaching in I feel his wonderful long hard cock in my bare hands I pull it out of his pants and smile as I look up into his perfect eyes. I slowed down my rhythm doing long slow deep pulls on the cock inside of my pussy as I watched the young man slide his hand up and down his shaft. I swirl my tongue around his head pressing my lips around him as my husband slams into me hard shoving his cock deep inside of me pushing me forward causing the mans dick to slide deep into my mouth and down my throat.

Maiden under the order

group Dmitriy85 2018-03-11

In those cold winter nights, my friend decided not to earn a bad image of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. And when I saw myself for the first time in suit Snow Maiden, I realized that not sustain half orders if this is not just a marina to it. My friend went on to seduce the customer, touching him for different body parts. I squirmed, trying to look out for allegedly girl from different sides, but in fact, I masturbate, deflection of a very strong orgasm when the sperm flooded her coat. She bent down, picked up a member in the mouth, sucking and smiling, while her friend, our customer has not asked him to turn to her ass. And I like the picture, as a member enters into a girl.

Jim and Micki: A Love Affair Pt. 02

group luvdr 2018-03-11

I looked over at Kay as my dick began to penetrate Micki, Kay was looking directly back at me and she screamed, "Bill, yes eat my pussy and finger my ass, oh god it feels so good." She, still looking at me, pressed his dick to her lips and began sucking the pink knob. "I have seen you get a hard on watching two guys with a girl and especially when one guy is fucking and the other begins to eat out her pussy." Kay said as she continued grilling me. "I thought when he stood up and pushed his dick to Micki's lips that you were going to suck it with her." Said Kay as her excitement grew.

Hellen The Office Girl Part 2 (Continued)

group charlieboy2262 2018-03-11

Hellen kneeled down behind Wendy shaking body and open up her bum cheeks and began to insert the anal beaded dildo into her ass, she worked it deep into the hole and pushed Wendy forward onto the bed and with me holding her hips up, Hellen used the double ended dildo this time and soon her ass was filled with the pink latex shaft. I could feel that I was going to come and filled her ass and pussy with creamy man juice, I was all done now and Hellen squatted over Wendy flushed face and let her taste my still warm sticky cream, Wendy was totally fucked out now her cunt and ass still taking the toys and could barely lick Hellen’s pussy but as soon as she could smell her lovers cunt and my cum soon proceeded to lapped and lick her clean ready for our next time.................................................

The Luxury Box

group body_artist 2018-03-11

Ken specified who to look for in particular and how, at some point during the evening when Kristin thought it was appropriate, to persuade them to enter the lounge with her. As soon as Richard removed his mouth from her breast, Kristin pulled her top up over her head and tossed it onto the floor. Hidden by her dangling blonde hair, Kristin opened her mouth and ran her tongue over the tip of Richard's cock. Kristin let the cock come completely out of her mouth before looking up at Richard. Apparently Richard felt what he wanted because he next put his hand around his cock and positioned it just inside Kristin's pussy.


Slut Performs for Master

group AlexandraRasputinES 2018-03-11

"That looks good, keep fucking my pussy with your hand while you suck my cock. The floor of the booth was disgusting with heaven knows what bodily secretions; she went to her knees and began licking Masters dick while still rubbing her clit. "Well whore what should we do about that poor soul?" she looked up with Masters uncircumcised dick in her mouth not knowing what to do or say. Whatever you think do it now." she started to get up to walk toward the man's dick when Masters strong hand pushed her down and yelled. She closed her eyes and was within an inch of putting the strangers cock in her mouth when she felt Master grab her hair and scream at her.