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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Reenactment Ch. 03

group gdavis 2018-03-11

It was difficult to avoid getting caught looking at Sarah with her lush breast bulging out of her bikini top, but the sight of Jaime's round ass and perfectly shaped legs, which I loved so much, helped avert my eyes (except for the few hard bodies who passed our way that were almost in the same realm as our women. Nick, who kept his shirt on his skinny frame, made a couple of Hercules cracks, but Jaime surely didn't complain, and Sarah, who used to complement me just to kid Nick, stayed quiet, although more than once I caught her taking a long glance at my body. Rachel and Sarah gave a smile, and Jaime simply went with the flow as the girls ventured back on to the dance floor.


A Slut Blooms Aboard the Big Boat

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-03-11

Besides, the two other gals (that I knew could be sexually wild themselves when the occasion called for them to be--Tracey, the biggest slut of the two, was only 29 at the time and alone had already fucked at least 100 guys, having three abortions, two bouts of gonorrhea and couple of other STDs since losing her virginity at 14 to the husband of the neighbor lady she had babysat for ) I had come to the regatta with that eventually abandoned me were probably getting laid by the two grunts that picked them up by now anyway, so I didn't have to worry about taking a boat ride myself and them hanging around worrying.

Knock, Knock. Threesome Awaits

group driver13 2018-03-11

I need to feel you inside me as we kiss deeply, while lowering myself onto your hard cock as it slides into my wet pussy, trying to go so slowly and savour this moment of lust. My pussy feels left out as I stand and sit on the edge of your desk allowing you to finger me, you then kneel down and start to eat my pussy as I grip the other cock tighter through 'oh my god' yes please. You know this gets me more horny and you move me, so you can stand at the side of the bed with your cock between my tits again so you can watch this time as I lick his head keeping him wet.

Darkness in Threes

group Nightandmizz 2018-03-11

Mizz enjoys restraint and feeling helpless, especially when more than one cock is involved. I stop kissing your body to strap your legs wider apart before I whisper. He is now rapidly fucking you with his fingers while I go back to kissing the nape of your exposed neck. You can feel my body heat and you can smell my pre-cum dripping. Mystery man watches from the bed as you start fucking me with your mouth again. Spitting on his hand and then stroking himself you feel the unmistakable hot pressure of his throbbing head entering your pretty little ass. I pull away and watch the precum drip from your lips to my swollen head.

My Cumming Out Party

group NymphoBrainiac7 2018-03-11

Not being as experienced in deep throating as Lilly, Jeff simply bobbed his head up and down on my cock, stroking the shaft with his free hand. Lilly held my nipple clamped tightly in her teeth, the other in between her fingers, as I blasted burst after burst of the hottest, thickest cum I'd ever produced, first, straight down Jeff's throat, until he backed off and started collecting it in his mouth. At this point my tongue has retreated back into my mouth out of self preservation, but the strong hands from behind are holding me in place so that while Lilly's pussy rides Jeff's cock, her clit rides my nose.


Dave and Linda Ch. 03

group platilove1 2018-03-11

Linda shaved in preparation for tonight, so her pussy is as smooth as silk for Kim. Linda grabs at Kim's hair as she begins licking and kissing her clit, and pulls her head closer. Kim licks her way down between Linda's pussy lips and stops at the sensitive spot just above the vagina where the urethra comes out, (if you have never been licked there, I recommend it; some like it, some don't but Linda loves it) Linda pulls hard at Kim's hair and lets out a whimper of a moan. Kim lets up a weak cry, "more." Linda licks and sucks harder and rolls her tongue faster on Kim's wet and hard, little, erect clit.


Teaching The Arts

group H. Lowe 2018-03-11

'Shall I strip your pants off and lower my beautiful lips down until they surround your big hard cock and suck you until you cum, or would you like to bury your head between my exquisite soft thighs and run your tongue up and down my slit until my cunt is ready to explode?' 'And aren't you going to tell me a story as I eat you, baby?' Kim thought for a moment and then said, 'Okay…' Ingrid smiled and lowered her head to that juicy little mound. 'I think… I think I'm ready to try having sex with a man…' Ingrid completely stopped and pulled Kim's legs down, looking closely at her.


After birthday party

group hubbymelissa 2018-03-11

The entire time, Melissa was moving and adjusting herself on my lap, knowing full well I was getting hard. Melissa walked right over to him and grabbed his hard on, adjusting it so that it running down his leg. It was fucking hot seeing his hard cock splitting her ass cheeks, even if they were still clothed. When Melissa looked down, I took the opportunity to grab her tank top and pull it off. He immediately said he was going to cum and Melissa got on her knees between his legs and and jacked him off onto her tits. Melissa took another quick shower and we spent the next hour or so fucking and sucking with Hasan watching.

Point B

group LostinLA1 2018-03-11

Can we call you 'Sam'?" John asked as he extended his right hand. Trent, still holding Sam's hand, asked her if she thought she could trust them. You're beautiful." Sam had been running her fingers through Trent's hair, but now she had a hand on each man's head, keeping them both close. Another small, but glorious orgasm washed over Sam. After a few moments, Trent parted her slick lips and started sucking on her clit. As quickly as Trent stopped, John moved down Sam's body and ran his fingers over her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy. She pulled her head away from Trent's kisses long enough to beg John not to stop.


Carmen's Fantasies Ch. 4

group nawty48 2018-03-11

Never one to refuse a gift, Carmen entered the site and was immediately greeted by two young animal lovers, for the way the girls petted and kissed and competed for the favors of their big, four-legged friend showed a deep concern for his happiness and well-being, especially when they coaxed the dog to come on their faces. Slumping back on the seat with her legs thrown apart like some bad girl coming home from a date with twenty guys, she's assailed by a swirl of disturbing images that makes her pant and sweat like a dog, unaware that her dress has blown up to her waist, and that Vicki is having trouble keeping her eyes on the road.


Sandi's Fantasy

group WSchnotz 2018-03-11

We don't have a ton of time to deal with clothes, though." Our breathing was getting rapid as we twirled our tongues around the other's and I started unfastening my belt and pants as she worked on hers, "Let's just cut to the chase." There was definitely moisture there, Anna knew this was bad and she liked it; I sensed a shudder in her breath as my hand passed. I knew what Sandi's nipples felt like when they were hard; they became very defined, but nowhere near as big as Anna's. I looked at my cell phone as Anna pulled away; making good time. As I was pulling up my pants Anna asked, "Aren't you going to clean that up a little?"



group iamawatcher 2018-03-11

Then Brad gently kissed me and said “Go ahead guys she’s all yours to fuck & enjoy every which way you want.” My dad was the first to start by telling them to untie me so they would have better access to me me so they would have better access to my mouth, pussy & butt. Then Brad gently kissed me and said “Go ahead guys she’s all yours to fuck & enjoy every which way you want.” My dad was the first to start by telling them to untie me so they would have better access to me me so they would have better access to my mouth, pussy & butt.

The Shelter

group mickyr11 2018-03-11

After 10 minutes her arse was opening up, so we then moved on to a beer bottle, what a lovely sight, the dirty slut had an old guy fucking her from behind, shoving a beer bottle in & out of her butt hole, while having 4 cocks around her face, slapping her with them as she takes turns sucking on each. All the guy's spent the next hour taking turns in Karolina's hole's, fucking her like a dirty whore that she is, she got a couple of anal creampies, but most of the cum ended up in her hair on her face & down her throat.

Nicole Gets Ganged

group ssnake68 2018-03-11

Myself and the 4th guy were left to watch and stroke our cocks, as Steve taped Nicole. The guy that was left out got down behind Nicole and started played with her pussy. Nicole stopped sucking cock and told him to stop and wait, but he then got on his back and put his face between her legs and started to eat her pussy. It was having and effect on Nicole, as she stopped sucking on the guys infront of her and ordered them to cum on her face and tits. The guy on the bottom started yelling the he was going to fill her slutty cunt, and the I could feel his cock convulse as he dumped his load into Nicole's pussy.

A Full Swap in Vegas

group BluSkiez 2018-03-11

Susan cozied up to Sam and Bruce slung his arm over my shoulders. "She likes having them sucked on," Sam told Bruce. I couldn't take as much this way, at this angle, but now my face was close to Sam's, and we kissed while Bruce fucked me hard and Susan ground her pelvis into my husband's. Then Bruce was groaning, and I was moaning, and Susan was gasping and Sam was grunting. I held Sam's hand and let Bruce pound me with that huge cock, and listened to Sam cum and watched Susan gyrate in ecstasy. A sound in my throat, "hngh, hngh, hngh," with every thrust and his cock hit my g-spot and Sam squeezed my nipple and I came, too, just a little shiver and a explosion of breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding.

My Wife's Best Friend

group The_Unicorn 2018-03-11

I didn't really care much for the bikini but looking at her cute sexy, and deeply tanned, body I said, "You look great!" I thought to myself, 'good enough to eat.' I had an overwhelming urge to push her back onto the couch and take her right there. "He said he likes the one I have on," Nikki replied, performing her open pose again so Brooke could get a good look. When she turned around and looked at us, Nikki smiled and pointed to the front of my robe, which rode up so high from my erect cock that she could almost see my balls, and said, "I think 'little James' approves."


A Weekend in the Desert

group AssGirl 2018-03-11

I squirm and look in the rearview mirror, but before I have an opportunity to keep my eyes on the road, you've unbuttoned my pants and have your fingers rubbing fiercely on my throbbing clitoris. As I exhale you walk over and stand me up, running your hands through my hair and kissing me, you rub my ass hard and take me to the bed. You pull the underwear aside and run your finger over my clit, in between my moist lips, and right to my ass. I rub Amy's ass and gently pull away from her breast. Behind me you can see Amy leaning forward with her breasts in Jake's mouth while she thrusts into him, arching her back when she gets all the way in.


Twelve Months Ch. 04a

group bifantasyuk 2018-03-11

Si approached the bed, having just activated the camera, and went to kneel in front of Sam. They guys mirrored the girls and leaned forwards, began kissing. we're all packed and can't wait!" "Me too - all packed and ready, absolutely dying to see you guys again," I said, glancing at the laptop screen and watching him shuffling about on the bed, moving from kneeling into lying and going down on me too. oh and booze!" "Lots of booze. Can't wait." I immediately dropped my shorts and said "Well that's me and clothes done with until we leave!" Sarah did likewise while Sam disappeared into the bathroom, and she strolled over to where I was standing in the lounge and passed me, heading out to the patio.


Her 21st Birthday Ch. 3

group nugget 2018-03-11

Rachael had positioned herself so she could look at Melanie's pussy while Rob worked, and was getting very horny watching Rob clean Melanie's ass off. Rachael put her hand on Melanie's ass to, and started slowly rubbing her way down to Melanie's pussy, then told Rob that he should go in front of Melanie and stick his cock into her mouth. Lisa managed to get her hand under her body and started fingering her clit while she was eating pussy and getting fucked hard in the ass. Mac started thrusting his cock into her ass faster and harder, as his balls tightened up, and the waitress fingered her pussy more vigorously.

All 4 One Ch. 02

group timewarp69 2018-03-11

Rod gets behind her as I stand in front and we start to finger slowly. Then we both start rubbing our bodies against hers with our cocks poking at her as we lean in and kiss each other before Rod positions his dickmeat at her backdoor as I'm right at her snatch. Once Bella's 'strapped in', me and Rod both started licking at her as we both took a breast in each of our mouths while fingering her juicy cunt. He starts eating it back out and she cums hard as he devours "every last drop" sharing it with her in a long wet kiss as I rest in her ass a second longer kneading her nipples before pulling out.

Creaming for Ice Cream

group Lord Wolf 2018-03-11

They watch in appreciation as Curtis flips open the freezer and begins to scoop chocolate ice cream into the cone. Again Curtis leans over the freezer and the ladies are treated to a view of his young chest as he scoops more ice cream into a cone. Finally, Carrie says to Curtis, "On days like this it must be nice to lean over the nice cold freezer and cool off. Carrie is till behind Curtis and her hands support his cock as Miranda licks the ice cream. She works her way down to Paula's pussy and simultaneously licks the clit and kisses Curtis' cock with lots of tongue. Paula leans forward and supports herself on one hand and rubs Curtis' cock and Carrie's clit at the same time.

An outdoor encounter

group cyclosiss 2018-03-11

I crossed the fields, got onto the old track, and walked along rubbing my hard on through my jeans. A guy was sitting in the tilted passenger seat with a girl sitting on his lap facing forward her hands on his thighs with her legs bent and feet on the dash. In that restrictive position they were obviously not moving much but the grunts of the guy and whimpers coming from the girl showed they were definitely having a good time. The girl alternated between looking me straight in the eye and watching my hand on my cock. The guy let go of my balls and putting his hands on the girl’s waist jerked his hips as he slid his shaft in and out of her pussy.

Jessica's Crew

group Wet_Senorita 2018-03-11

The man had slipped the woman's strapless halter top under her plump breasts and was licking and sucking at her nipples while his finger worked her pussy. Then Jess spread the woman's pussy lips apart, fully exposing her cunt the the man. The man was rubbing his cock between Jess's ass cheeks, up and down, and it was slick with her wetness. Jess flicked my clit rapidly as the man put his finger up her ass. The man shoved his fat cock up Jessica's ass, and she went at my pussy like a mad woman. Then I watched as the man put his fingers into her pussy as he fucked her up the ass.

Friendly Curiosity

group n2anal78 2018-03-11

"She's been trying to tell us she isn't nearly so innocent as we all know she is, and she says you like to fuck her in the ass." Kate said with a big smile, knowing she'd finally be able to catch my wife's little story. "I believe you said Lind wanted to watch you fuck me?" Caryn asked as she got down on all fours on the floor and wiggled her ass invitingly to me. Caryn really began to moan as my wife's mouth, and my cock worked her pussy, and I slid a second finger into her ass. I began to lift my hips up, slamming my dick deep into her ass as Kate was reduced to just grunting and moaning as yet another orgasm took her.