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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our Next Encounter

group nedflander 2018-03-11

He started to knead her tits, teasing the nipples while I probed her juicy pussy lips with my mouth and tongue, making her writhe and moan. He started to fuck her mouth, her moans getting more and more muffled as his huge head filled her throat. 'Try and stop us!' I said, and sank my cock deep into her pussy, starting off slowly and gradually picking up speed until I was pounding my balls against her ass. We switched round and she screamed when that massive cock started to thrust savagely inside her. Again we switched so I could feel that velvety smooth arse on my straining cock and that massive tool was stretching her pussy wide open.

What Have I Become? Ch. 04

group walterio 2018-03-11

Nichole then located the dildos and in a bizarre move she grabbed two of them so that she could fuck Katrina’s ass and pussy at the same time. Nichole smiled at the pretty American professor as she was fucked by Henri and then she straddled Katrina’s face and lowered her pussy to Katrina’s waiting mouth. Henri lifted her by her hips so that her ass was perched in the air and Nichole raised her hips to keep the fake cock buried in Katrina’s pussy. Henri removed his tongue from her ass and ran his hard cock between her ass cheeks as he spoke to her, "I want to fuck you in the ass Katrina.


That's What Friends Are For

group Violalee3 2018-03-11

As I ran the dildo between her legs, he leaned down to lick her wet pussy. I whispered, "baby, lick her clit." I could see his fingers spreading her pussy open. Our legs intertwined, we began to thrust ourselves towards one other, the dildo thrust deep into our wet pussies. With the double-ended dildo still inside of me, I leaned up on my elbows so I could watch his hard cock slide in and out of her mouth. I reached between my legs and began to rub my clit as he licked hers. He ground his face into her pussy as his hips began to thrust back and forth, pushing his ass onto her finger.


A Risky Foursome

group Dr_Hotspur 2018-03-11

All the while her expression had been controlled and lustful as she took in the male flesh surrounding her, the three hard-as-nails cocks, a look that said, Yes, I've chosen well—and of course she had. Greg and I watched and jerked off for what seemed a good moment or two until suddenly she fell forward, her face locking onto Tim's, her black hair in a curtain around his head, her nipples bending against his compact bunches of chest muscle. Almost animal-quick his action between her widely spread thighs, supporting himself on his elbows, shoulders quivering a little with the effort, his face bowing low over Greg's perky arse cheeks which were moving in time to his slower servicing of her mouth.


Hot Sluts & Dirty Bastards

group dirtylover 2018-03-11

“Hmmm, I like surprises.” Tom felt a stirring as more images flashed through his mind: oval, peachy, moon-like, creamy buttocks, squashing everything else out of his conscience. God, she was feeling horny, and Tom was looking stunning: his cute little smile, shirt slightly open, showing the top of his chest, and his beautiful cock waiting for her. “Don’t worry, no-ones around to see us,” said Trish, “but if you say another word, you won’t get the dirtiest fucking you’ve ever imagined.” Tom felt a rush of excitement at Trish’s dominance and the anticipation of what was to come. Trish then reached into her bag and got out Tom’s outfit; she felt a nervous, tingly excitement; there was no going back now.


Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 04

group NPH786 2018-03-11

"Doesn't watching me lick pussy make you hard?" She asked, reaching down to rub my dick through my swim trunks. She turned her lounge chair so that it was perpendicular to mine, sat down, pulled her knees up so that her pussy lips were facing my right arm, and proceeded to pull grapes from the bunch and pop them in her mouth. "Gina says that mango is really good to wake you and give you energy!" She announced as she pulled a long thick slice of mango from the plate, put it to her lips and began to suck on it. "So, the girls agree that you're the best pussy licker of the men....." Lisa said in between kisses.


The Mediterranean Guesthouse

group stonearc691 2018-03-11

We chat a bit more with Kate, but I am really feeling tired now and after agreeing what time she should set up breakfast, we say good night. I can hear Julien and Christine head out, maybe to a restaurant, shop or a fast food place. I imagine Julien's face buried between Christine's legs, his tongue flicking her pussy at the rhythm of the quiet sounds I hear. Christine looks at me with a shy smile and blushes, Julien's gaze lingers a while longer, but he also sits down with a smile on his face. Some time later I hear the terrace door from the next room open, and I look over, and say hi to Julien and Christine.


Ski Resort

group ArbyDam 2018-03-11

Lucky wrapped her hand around it and guided it into her mouth while Chevy went to work on my chest with her tongue and lips. After nibbling on my ear for a while, Chevy moved down to my cock and motioned for Lucky to let her have a piece of it. In the meantime, Chevy moved up to Lucky's head so her pussy could be eaten out by her friend. Soon we were in a daisy chain, I was eating out Lucky, she was eating out Chevy, and Chevy had my dick engulfed in her hot, wet mouth. Wrapping her wet lips around it she began to suck it in and out, tasting her friend's pussy juices as she did so.

Hotel of Dreams Ch. 02

group sexyparty 2018-03-11

While the camera watched, I moved to Max's bed and began licking his cock just around the tip. Max's eyes were fixed on Leslie and her beautiful soft brown pussy and the vibrator slipping in and out. I saw her move to the bed and untie Max. She put the vibrator in his hand and said, "Your turn darling, Fuck us both." With that she leaned over the bed and began licking Russ's cock slowly. I had a vibrator humming in my pussy and Max's long cock, covered with his wife juices, pushing into my ass. Max took the vibrator and pushed it into Leslie's ass while she continued to ride Russ and he began fucking her ass with it.

Steve's Auto Shop Ch. 03

group Cherokee Rose 2018-03-11

"Stacy, are you sure you don't mind going to this Christmas party?" Steve asked. We entered the crowded living room and Jake got us a drink, chatted for a few minutes, then drifted off toward a group of barely-legal looking girls giggling in the corner. He lifted my skirt, smiled when he saw I wasn't wearing panties, spread my legs, and motioned for Jorge to move between them. As Steve kissed me, Jorge placed his big hands on my thighs and spread them wider. I tossed my head from side to side, holding the back of one hand to my mouth to stifle a scream of ecstasy. I turned my head to see Steve kneeling in front of me, stroking his own rock-hard cock.


Extending the MILF List Ch. 13

group Contrasting 2018-03-11

I, I think that last night, seeing, seeing things go awry like that, I was so nervous, so scared but now, now I realize that sex is a constant process. "Nell, do you happen to know if Mrs. Honeywell's office is open?" "I think we'll wait in her office, if that is acceptable." I said with a slight burr of authority in my voice. I'll be back with your request, Mrs. Kline the second." I left her standing in the office looking perplexed but a little amazed and dubious at the same time. I remembered the camera in the office and had a new thought, I didn't want them to have Portia on camera fucking the help. "Ellen, do you know how to turn off the camera in Mrs. Honeywell's office?"


Early Birthday Present

group aziris 2018-03-11

Kelly continued to rub Tony's clit and had now began to finger pussy. I felt something warm and wet slide over my balls and realized that Kelly was licking my cock, balls and Tony's pussy from her position. I still was not close to cumming, Kelly handed me a bottle of water, removed my condom and took my cock into her mouth. I sat on the comforter, trying to avoid the huge wet spots from the squirting Tony, while Kelly expertly sucked my cock. I pushed Kelly onto her back and Tony was reading my mind as she moved over to slip a fresh condom onto my cock. I pushed Kelly's knees to her large breasts and began to fuck her as I had Tony, remember, it is my favorite position.

A Trip to the Beach

group Paul44 2018-03-11

Closing her eyes Rachel gloried in the feel of two sets of tongues licking at her breasts and felt teeth gently taking the nipples in their mouth and pulling at them. Her fingers pinched and caressed the large erect nipples, she kneaded the soft flesh and felt the woman shudder as she touched and licked the clit that was at the junction of her pussy. Rachel's hand moved down the shaved skin and then found the prominent fleshy mount and circled it ruthlessly feeling the woman's womb shudder and cum flooded her mouth as she licked at the pussy dementedly.

A Much-Needed Second Vacation Ch. 02

group Well_hung_Well_off 2018-03-11

As Jill moaned into my ear, I looked over to see that Cindy had Claire's dress up around her hips and one hand inside Claire's panties, massaging her pussy with the open palm of her hand. While Claire ground her pussy against Cindy's face, I slowly slid my tongue down the front of Jill's body, her dress already pooled around her feet. Cindy literally howled when I did this and I reached out and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back as far as it would go as my cock started to shoot spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her. When I did, both Claire and Jill scrambled to latch onto Cindy's pussy as my cum started to leak out of her, dripping down over her clit ad pubic hair, and along her thighs.

Race Weekend

group wantsomefun1951 2018-03-11

"This is her sister, Sonja," she said, indicating the equally luscious-looking ginger-haired girl, "and that's Marcy," pointing at the leggy brunette. "In fourteen minutes, you're going to cum in my mouth," Sonja said, lightly licking the head of my cock and stroking the shaft with her hand. Jack and Tom were still hammering on the rear tent stakes when Tina dragged me inside and started tearing clothing off both of us. Sonja pulled back the tent flap and stood there, nude, calling out, "Hey, Tom, Jack, I think Dan needs a little help with some things in here." Sonja got on her hands and knees at Haley's feet, lowered her face toward her sister's clean-shaven pussy, and said, "Someone needs to fuck my ass."


Hobson Manor

group robhasby 2018-03-11

Claire must've been daydreaming about Ben, because soon she heard Florrie calling out. Ben felt Claire jump when his tongue hit that little knob. "Can I put it inside you now?" Ben asked, feeling it was time to fuck Claire. "Of course miss," Claire set aside her dress and stood up to help Florrie. "You are a lucky boy, Ben," Florrie said while Claire undid the laces to her corset. Ben had resumed fucking Claire, this time harder than before, each thrust forcing her face into Florrie's lips. They took turns sucking on bens cock, and before long, Ben came all over Claire's breasts, covering them with his white cream.

A College Education Pt. 06

group captain_kinky 2018-03-10

Leaning forward and grasping the back of the couch, Lexi surrendered herself to him, letting Josh work his magic, thrusting deeply into her, his hands on her ass controlling the depth. Her first fisting was underway, and the group of guys from that night were hollering their appreciation on screen, as Lexi gave a very clear tutorial, first on herself and then on Emma's tight pink pussy, opening her up gradually until she had taken Lexi's entire hand. Lexi's screams of pleasure continued from her bedroom, the sheer amount of cum everywhere sent Emma's mind racing - Just how many guys does she have here tonight?

Maspolomas Dunes

group trilogic 2018-03-10

That evening we met Rudi and Dani and ended up in their jacuzzi after dinner and drinks with our wives topless which wasnt anything new as both went topless around the pool. I sat there with my cock being stroked, my wifes pussy beig finger fucked in her red panties by Dani and her with another mans cock in her mouth and she was moaning. Obviously neither of the girls had come and Dani took Tracy's hand and they went to the bedroom which was open to the balcony. 2 days later Rudi and Dani flew home and we all agreed not to stay in touch given we loved our partners and there was nothing to be gained from a long term arangement.

Our Little Secret Ch. 01

group shelliebear20 2018-03-10

"She has the most amazing tits and she loves giving head." my boyfriend said. "Turn around." I did and he pulled my dress up, rubbing his hands over my ass. My boyfriend pulled my head back by my hair to look in my eyes. I bit my lip as w pulled out and pushed his cock into my tiny hole, a little bit at a time. I turned my head and sucked my boyfriends cock some more. My boyfriend fucked my mouth so deep I could hardly breathe and reached over to rub my clit. "He's giving you a good fuck, isn't he?" my boyfriend asked me, pulling my head back and gazing into my eyes.

Mikey Ch. 02

group Ni2kStory 2018-03-10

Mike was going to cum, Monika knew she looked up at him with big blue eyes and had a sort of smile....even though her mouth was filled with his cock. Monika started to stroke Mike, trying to get that cock nice and hard again...This didn't take long seeing as Amy was grinding her amazing ass into his face as he tongued her. Monika started licking Mikes cock with Amy, Sucking away at the whole shaft. Amy got back up from breathing heavy and moved her lips over to Mikes balls and Monika's Pussy. Monika smiled, kissed Mikes cock, kissed Amy, and got up and wiggled her little ass off to her suit cases to get dressed.

The Diner

group DrkSword 2018-03-10

As I turned a bit more to get a better look at her I noticed her hand was gently rubbing the inside of her thigh. When the waitress walked away she raised her head and looked my way. When I finished the kiss I looked into her eyes again and saw a different woman in front of me. I sat her down on one and she reached up and pulled my cock fully out and began to kiss, lick and suck me. I pulled my cock away from her luscious mouth and lowered myself down to partake of her wet sex. I reach up and grab the chains of the swing again and begin to stroke my cock in her.

Sorority Sisters Frolic

group genderbender 2018-03-10

The invitation is formally tendered and the zipper is in front." He smiled, helping Shelley rise to her knees, then taking the liberty of pressing his face between those incredible breasts as his hands filled themselves with bountiful flesh. "We aren't moving very fast are we?" Shelley's fingers cradled his head as he turned his lips from one hard nipple to the other. Rob took the occasion to pull his lover's thighs toward his own mouth and a moment later they were sharing that most intimate of caresses, mouths to genitals, tongues and lips working feverishly as tension mounted in heaving loins. Shelley's head turned and their lips met, his tongue mimicing in her mouth the movement of his cock in her pussy.


Bro Code: The Prequel

group DoctorOh 2018-03-10

Evangeline, sitting like a gorgeous sculpture in the front; me, sweating bullets as I wondered what I was supposed to do with Evangeline when we got home; and Bob and Trish in the backseat, giggling and making sucking, slurping sounds. "Jesus Trish, that's nasty," said Evangeline, reaching out to scoop some of Bob's cum off her friend's check. Bob, shirt unbuttoned, his sweaty, hairy chest glistening in the moonlight; Evangeline, looking like an inflatable sex doll magically brought to life; and me, head on a swivel, hoping no one would see us. "Hey, let me introduce our friends," said Bob, pointing to Trish first. "And these are our friends Jessie and JJ," said Bob. His hands fluttered helplessly between the two of them, making me realize he also didn't know which was which.


Is It Hot In Here?

group Radioactive_man 2018-03-10

Every now and then, one of us would stumble out of the bedroom, dash through the heat, and bring back some soda or some snacks, but otherwise, we sat there on the bed; my wife still in her nightgown, and myself wearing boxers and a tee-shirt. My wife's eyes rolled back in her head as her moaning increased; and as I stood there with my dick in my hands-absolutely in awe at what I was watching-the whole bed shook with my wife's screaming, powerful orgasm. The waves of pleasure swept us both; as my wife drank my come from my penis, I continued to gently stroke Jenny's pussy with my tongue.