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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Stay Hungry

group GeorgeKnows 2018-03-10

Dr. Darla Bailey pulled into the parking lot of Kent Biological Research Facility, barely controlling her frustration. She had noticed him before, since he was young and good looking, but she had no time for a relationship, especially with someone more than ten years her junior. Then, uncharacteristically, she thought to herself: ("He actually looks younger than I remember -- TICK -- I'd love to get him in the sack") Darla groaned loudly with obvious pleasure as Jimmy began fucking her, first gently, then more urgently as she encouraged him with the most primitive facial expressions he had ever seen. Darla, though completely satisfied from her thorough rogering, began to feel regret at having dragged this young intern from work to fuck his brains out.


That's What Friends' Dads are For

group DulceCrema 2018-03-10

She'd made her way to the parents bedroom and was applying the lotion to her legs when Gina's father walked into the room. Just as she was unwrapping her legs from around her best friend's father's head, Gina's little brother walked in to the room. Jason stood, mouth agape at the sight of his father finger-fucking his sister's best friend. She motioned for Jason to come closer so she could suck his dick while his dad fucked her. Gina's dad pulled out of Maria's dripping hot cunt and told her that he wanted her to suck the cum out of him. She happily obliged and as she sucked his dad's cock, Jason climbed between her legs to clean up her juicy pussy with his tongue.

The Catalyst

group Red_Writer 2018-03-10

My hand seemed to have a mind of its own and without consciously thinking about it, my finger reached over and slid deep inside the wet, open pussy on my desk. She had the other woman's thighs spread wide on the edge of the desk and was moaning into what must have been the most beautiful and desirable pussy in the world to me, my twelve-year fantasy woman, Debra. I stepped forward, grabbing a handful of Jade's rich hair and began to fist my hard cock in its softness. Then, entwining my hands in the Jade's long beautiful hair, I pulled the now-almost-naked lovely forcefully off my cock. "You helped me fuck Debra," I reminded Jade as I pushed her forward across the desk.


Surrender to Love

group yukonnights 2018-03-10

With a sly smile, Sylvia lowered her hand to my crotch and replied," I don't know if I can do without this though," and reaching over to Randy, "Or this." Continuing to pout she added, "I love you both so much and can't stand the thought of being alone." It just dawned on me that I have never been away from both of my men for such a long period of time." Then finishing her thought in an even more serious tone, she added, "It's made me think more about how much happiness and love we all share together."


Second Job

group jmc11 2018-03-10

As the twitching stops and the cock slips from her mouth the camera turns away and kind of pans the room as the woman says “Ok, who’s next.” It’s the fist time I really get a look at the woman, and to my utter mind-boggling disbelief the woman sitting on the end of the bed with an ear to ear grin on her face and hard cocks pointing at her from all directions is my wife of twenty-three years, Jean. Finally Jean leans her head back so she’s looking into the camera upside down, she’s using both hands to slowly, sensually rub the sperm that’s splattered all over her breasts and stomach into her skin.

Tia Can't Help Herself

group Silvertuch 2018-03-10

He moved up to the edge of the table right next to where Tia was tied and slipped his long thin cock into his wife's fat flesh apparently finding her pussy. She opened her legs and Gene pushed on the back of Tia's head forcing her face in between the fat thighs to the sperm slick pussy Jeri wanted licked. Gene handed the controlling end of the rag to Jeri who pulled it forward and Tia was again captured and controlled by the fat janitor lady and remained at her mercy as she licked. Gene slipped his hand up along the inside of her soft Asian thighs and let his fingers come to rest at the bottom of the black mat of pubic hair that surrounded Tia's sweet spot.


Cindy Takes Charge

group DainishPastry 2018-03-10

"No, No, No." she said, "I want to watch him." Cindy pushed me back, my cock popped out of Nick's mouth. Cindy in her garter belt and heels, Nick still clothed and me naked with my hard wet cock bouncing. Cindy was urging him on with nasty cooing, "suck him baby, oooohh lick his balls, suck him all the way." She swung her leg over my head, facing her cock-sucking hubby, and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I mean if she would want to do something like this again." My cock was growing hard again thinking about sticking it up Nick's tight ass.

Gaining Experience

group suzie3w 2018-03-10

Linda now looked again at the two naked guys standing across the room, her eyes drawn to the bare dicks hanging in front of them. "I've told these guys what you told me," Kathy was saying as Linda felt the dicks grow and twitch. Linda looked a bit confused to Kathy, so she asked, "Have you seen a guy cum?" When she mentioned that fact, Kathy reached over and pulled on Linda's wrist, making Dave's dick point away from her face. No sooner had she said that than Linda felt Dave's dick throb, and he began moaning steadily. Just as that was said, Linda saw the white cum shoot out of the tip of Dave's dick.


Same Old Lang Syne

group jake1969 2018-03-10

She takes Steven in her hand and begins to stroke him, and shares her fantasy of making love to him and Jake at the same time. "What she is trying to say is that she wants to make love to the two men she cares for most.", Steven says as he walks back into the room. She looks down to see Steven's face, his hands on her ass, his cock working against her wet slit, searching for entry. Her head lying on Steven's chest, she catches Jake's eye and mouths "Thank you." He smiles in return. Running his fingers through her hair, Steven says "I think you two should spend some time alone."

Night at the Oil Party - Part 6

group 2018-03-10

“Same here honey, I hope we all have a long fun night tonight,” she replied and then moved right back into give me a long wet and passionate kiss all while stroking Jack who was seated on the other side her on the couch. The smell of women’s pussies combined with the increasing amount of moaning began to really get me excited and slowly released Claudia’s beautiful breasts out from her teddy and moved down to lick and kiss them gently. It was hard to tell exactly who was with who but in the two beds I could see from where Jack, Claudia and I were sitting bottles of baby oil were being poured into the hands of many and that bodies were being rubbed down and the smell of baby oil began to fill the room.

Mom, Her Daughter & Me Ch. 04

group flashgordon562006 2018-03-10

Diane told the guests to get naked as the party was going to start. Then Diane told me to fuck Jessie's ass as mother and daughter were doing 69. In no time at all, each male guest took turns fucking and cumming in Jessie's ass. She watched as the five guys all exploded at almost the same time, either filling her cunt and ass and mouth with their cum and cum shooting all over her tits and face. Diane called Jessie to the floor and told the men that Jessie never had more than one man at a time and she wanted to change that tonight and to make her mom proud of her.

My Wicked Ways Ch. 18

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-03-10

"Mark, honey, Anton is not yet done with the girls...and I can just tell that Ninve and Sandra need you now...just look at them," she said as she kissed my lips. I wasn't sure what Lucy and Ashley were doing until I felt tongues and lips on my balls...and then some lube, followed by a finger slipping into my ass. It was about the moment that I exploded inside Sandra, and then felt first her orgasm (after which I tasted Ninve's as she creamed herself), that Max unloaded inside Nydia's ass, while Cherry erupted on the inside of her thigh harness, and Nydia all but melted into a mass of drenched exhaustion.

Two Orgies Pt. 02

group JonRogue 2018-03-10

You have to go back and then go home before coming here, okay?" My stepmother wasn't making much sense but I wasn't really listening because Barbara was slowly rubbing my cock through my jeans. So shush and let me send him home happy!" Barbara said as she knelt down, unbuttoned my jeans and took out my very hard cock. Holy shit holy shit oh fuck!" my stepmother complained but she didn't move, watching the whole time as Barbara expertly sucked me, squeezing my cock again and again to keep me from shooting. I saw my stepmother sit down on my bed and start to play with her pussy as she kept telling Barbara to stop.

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 07

group quimmaster 2018-03-10

Beth looked up at me as she rested her head on the pillow and then felt John's cock slip into her tight pussy. His fingers closed around her nipples and he began to tease them as he gently thrust his hips forward and Beth felt his cock slide deeper into her tight ass. Wrapping my fingers through her soft, blonde hair, I kissed her deeply, sucking her tongue into my mouth as I pressed my hips towards hers and my cock slipped into her tight pussy. Beth felt both our cocks deeply embedded in her young body as I kissed her and John fondled her panting breasts. John slid in and out of her mouth for several more minutes as I continued to tease Beth's pussy with my cock and fingers.

Summer Heat Ch. 03

group litguy100 2018-03-10

"The guys went wild over Eva's big titties and I think my pussy is two sizes larger after being fucked by that last guy," said Cyndi a little too loud. Eva started with Justin's dick in her mouth while she put her hand around Ian's cock. "Go sit next to Juan and Cyndi," said Eva to Ian. Both girls watched Jason furiously jerking his huge cock with one hand while staring at Cyndi fucking Juan. Ian could see his dick pull at Eva's pink pussy lips as she rose up on his cock and then she would suddenly push her big ass down and drive his shaft deep into her cunt.


2nd TV Cottaging trip, And so Friday Cums...

group uktvmaid 2018-03-10

Condom wrappers were heard, and whilst a new short but very very fat cock was stuffed into my mouth, a cock was at my hole, it nudged around, my lower back was pressed upon, this older man's belly was on my arse and lower back, he went in, the pain seared through me, he told me to relax, easier said than done I thought, he took his time though, I was grateful, then he started to put more and more in, he wasn't big, he was just the 1st ever...

Meeting Up

group exclusivegames 2018-03-10

Phil & Michelle looked in through a side window, as Hev wasted no time in summoning Keith over and kissing him passionately before turning round and slowly bending forward whilst drawing up her skirt. Keith obeys and his tongue goes to work on her moist sex as Phil and Michelle look on, enjoying the erotic sight of Hev being taken in this near public setting. Hev opens her eyes and beacons Phil over and soon his hard cock is quickly accepted into her willing mouth and she feels the wonderful sensation of having two men service her eager body.

Wishes and Fantasies Ch. 04-06

group HarleyGirl 2018-03-10

Sami snaked her hand down and found Brandon's huge erection, stroking it urgently as Kristen rubbed her pussy even faster, her fingers pumping in and out of Sami's wet tight cunt and her thumb rolling over her clit at a fevered pace. Sami brought the tip of Brandon's cock to her pussy and rubbed it gently on the back of Kristen's hand, as if to silently ask permission to go further. Sami glided Brandon's cock up and down her slippery folds and across her sensitive, swollen clit, tilting her hips up slightly as the huge head slipped in her tunnel. She dug her nails into Brandon's shoulders as he continued to thrust his cock deep inside her and Kristen kept up the furious pace of fingering her clit.

Long Weekend

group xoxoM 2018-03-10

I mean I know why I'm going -- you know I love the desert and, more importantly, wanted me to come along -- but I'm still not sure why it's important to you to have me on a golf weekend with a bunch of your friends I've never met. I am definitely feeling more relaxed by the time I come out of the bathroom, naked except for a towel wrapped turban-style around my head. The feel of your hand opening my naked legs brings me back from my thoughts. The feel of your hands spreading my legs and your tongue swirling around my clit bring me back to life.

French Isn't Just For Kissing

group Jade1017 2018-03-10

"If by 'free time,' you mean unsupervised gallivanting, I'm going to tell you right now that we're allowing you to go on this trip not because you're all very responsible young adults, but because we want you to learn more about France and the culture surrounding the original 'La Belle et la Bête.' You won't have much time to wander off." To be honest, I had no idea what to do- they were, after all, legally adults, and though we were on a school-sanctioned trip, I'd overheard Mr. Grant say 'shit' in conversation with a group of kids, and Coach Kerry openly discussing relationships with the boys he was sitting with...


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 81

group SteveWallace 2018-03-10

While Marcia would be working for Worthington Industries, unlike Melanie and Izzy, Marcia would join Sheila and be traveling part of the time to assess other offices and manufacturing sites regarding their surveillance, communications, technology protection, and overall security situation. I noted the combinations for the first round: Deke with Marcia and Izzy; Mike with Cindy and KC; James with Sheila; Ryan with Melanie and Stacy; Carter with Elsa; and me with Alice, who was exceptionally affectionate and loving. I knew he was kind and had an compassionate streak that led him to do impulsive things like give a beautiful stripper over six-thousand dollars for her teen's orthodontic work, but I never thought he'd think about annexing other men into our family.


A couples sexual experiences

group petercee 2018-03-10

The first time David fucked her there was just the two of them I watched from the bedroom door as his long thick cock slowly penetrated Anne's highly lubricated cunt his bulbous glans stretching the vaginal muscles while she screamed in agony/ecstasy until the glans got through and his shaft slowly disappeared from sight, then for ten minutes I watched as his cock slowly pumped its way in and out of her now welcoming body then he started to speed up ten to twenty rapid strokes later I watched his balls tighten as he shot his load some of it forcing its way past his shaft to trickle slowly down Anne's body to the sheet below.

The tale of the damsel in bondage

group wannabyours 2018-03-10

And then started to rub my pussy and fingered me until I was quite relaxed and put a dildo in me and fucked me really fast and hard with it and she asked me "Does the dirty slut like being fucked like that?" and I said "oh yes!!!!" Then I came so hard and I screamed soooo loud I couldn't believe it was my own voice I was hearing. He told her to untie my wrists and then he stuck his cock in my ass and started fucking it and she mounted my face and I ate her pussy and she told me to finger her at the same time she was so wet my fingers slid right in 2 then 3 then 4 and i was like wtf?

A Trip North

group Jaywesal 2018-03-10

Tom had bought some amps and other things from a friend up in New Jersey and wanted to get them, everything was a little large to ship UPS and since Pat and I had an Aerostar van we were sitting one night having a few trips and decided 'road trip!' We knew coming from south Florida that it would take at least twenty-four hours up and back plus the time to get to the coast of Jersey so we figured a long weekend. Going west through Virginia and then into the Smoky Mountains the scenery was magnificent, although the guys spent more time looking at Pat's half naked breasts as she spent a lot of time turning in her seat to talk to them.