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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dominance pt 2 – Sharing

group leatherstocking 2018-11-12

The driver pulled to a stop at a light and caught her eye as he watched in the mirror. “As amazing as she looks, you won’t believe how she feels.” He let his hand lightly run along her back. He nodded to Mr. Blond who let his hand glide over her, gently brushing her ribs and stopping at her hip. With Mr. Blonds help she rolled over and watched as Mr. Brown milked his cock onto her breasts. “Lift her.” She felt strong hands lift her hips as he slid the pillows under her, raising her to just the right height. “Massage your cum into her clit.” Mr. Brown looked at how close he would be to that hard cock moving in and out and hesitated.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.3

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-12

Jeff started gripping the couch sits and moaning deeper as his dick tingle by their mouths He loved the way Brittany’s tongue tickle his cock but two tongues are a little bit better. Jeff stops sucking Trishelle huge sweaty and bouncing tits, to bury his face deep into Danielle’s cunt. Trishelle took Danielle’s ankles and held her legs spread apart, watching Jeff bounce his big balls off her pussy walls and ram his juicy cock between the lips. He was breathing hard and sweating a river as he pounded himself into an orgasm and pulls his cunt-juiced cock out of Danielle’s cumming pussy and sprays his massive load across Danielle’s stomach and big tits.


Sexy Dunes

group tomcat 2018-11-12

The girls, Linn and her friend Maria would come to mark’s place. While I was trying to convince Linn, I could see Marks hand go down Maria’s panties. Linn looked my way, deep in to my eyes and said with a very sexy voice, "Why don’t you come and take of my panties?" From the corner of my eye I could see Maria now without panties and her hand stroking the big hard cock of Mark. When I was kissing close to her pussy Linn parted her legs some more, revealing her pussy lips and clit to my eyes. While she was riding my cock like a wild Amazon, I started to massage her clit.

The Great Rite

group Kim 2018-11-12

The High Priestess, who had been watching me suck the Green Man’s hard cock, was rubbing her pussy, as she, again, fucked my cunt with the thick vegetable. As she left the circle, she closed the magic door, sealing me inside with my Green Man. I watched her drop to her knees and take the nearest cock into her mouth. So much so, that I was barely aware of the Green Man’s crushing grip on my hips, as he thrust deep inside me several times, and then his body stiffened, as hot cum burst from his slit and flooded my pussy, splashing the soft, clinging walls.

Grace 10 – Graduation (4-4)

group aristidis500 2018-11-12

In slow motion she went up on her feet, squatted and leaned back, closed her eyes and gradually opened her legs wide, presenting her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair and opening red vagina to Irene’s flashing camera. The flashlights went off as Irene shot close ups of Liz’s pubic hair hanging around her red opening. Liz opened her eyes as she felt Celia’s hand groping her body. Celia kissed Liz full on the mouth before she went on her back and moved her crotch close to her face. As Irene wrapped up her shoot three naked sweaty bodies, one pale- and two dark skinned, were lying entangled on the white bench under the photo lights.

First time with a couple

group cindy_4u 2018-11-12

His name was Jerry and Linda showed multiple naked pictures of him and asked me if I wanted to come with her and fuck her hubby? Then I felt my legs being opened and my panty slid to the side as Jerry started to play with my pussy. Jerry also face fucked us a little as we took his cock in our mouth.  Linda was on her knees playing with his balls, face close to my pussy watching it being fucked hard by her hubby. Linda immediately got between my legs, spread it open and started to taste his cum out of my pussy. I got up, got down on my knees between Jerry's leg and started to clean his semi hard wet cock.

Eating Pussy in the Kitchen

group Sandrine 2018-11-12

“You’re a sick man, Liu!” Melinda said as she playfully slapped his arm. “Speaking of wedding, show us how you’re going to look tomorrow, Kait,” Liu said as he leaned against the refrigerator. Liu fondled my breasts as I felt Melinda’s hot tongue on my pussy lips, gently licking them before teasing my clit. “Damn you girls are fuckin’ hot!” Liu said as he drank his beer, watching the live sex show in front of him. He stroked his cock as Melinda held my pussy lips open, still stimulating me with her hot wet tongue. Liu was still fucking Melinda as she licked the juices from my pussy. “Yesss!!!!” she screamed, her legs trembling, as Liu licked her hot pussy to orgasm.

MFM threesome with some Athens friends

group atlguy10 2018-11-12

She couldn't focus on blowing me with him fucking her, but watching her close her eyes and moan with my cock in her hand and wet from her mouth while I rubbed her tits and played with her nipples almost made me cum on her face. I knew I was getting close so I pulled out and put my fat, slick cock back between her tits and tittyfucked her until I soon as I felt my load coming I grabbed her head and put my dick in her mouth, and with her head cradled in both my hands I shot a huge wad of cum onto her tongue.

Being a cuckold never gets old

group woreout 2018-11-11

I watched for several minutes and it was obvious William was getting a good look at my wife's shaved pussy. Hey buddy I said, I saw your truck out front and thought you'd like a cold beer. She smiled and said Oh, I'm just showing William my pussy. I sat back in my chair and slowly took a sip of my beer then I said that is a beautiful pussy isn't it William? As I handed William his I said buddy are you feeling OK you look pale. Dude calm down I said, you act you just pumped your balls into my wife's pussy. I was wiping my face and said wow buddy you almost caught me eatting the wife's pussy.

The Shaming Part 3 (Sweet Surrender)

group ChrisM 2018-11-11

I feel his fingers spreading my pussy lips and he leans forward and lubricates my opening with his spit. My pussy is leaking our combined juices despite the fact that his cock is plugging me completely, and I can feel them dribbling down my ass crack. Jerry’s hands wrap around my body, he flips me over and turns suddenly I’m face down, on my knees with my ass high in the air. She shifts her hips and my mouth is now covered by her pussy which I eat out till she stops shaking and I feel her body relax. His hips rise to meet the downward thrust of my descending pussy and each time I feel him go deeper into my hot sopping cunt.

Mile High Club

group Stardust69141 2018-11-11

Your breath is hot in my ear and I look over at your friend to see that she also has a naughty smile on her face, biting her lip and alternating between staring into my eyes and watching you grabbing my cock and balls. I start to walk back towards you, champagne bottle in hand, when your friend stops me in my tracks by saying, "But we will need the strawberries & whipped cream." I can see your friend's eyes get bigger with excitement as you lean forward placing your mouth on my cock and surrounding it thru my shorts, with your hot breath. Your friend is sliding up and down my cock and I am sucking on your clit, gliding my tongue all over your pussy lips, and thrusting my tongue deep inside you.

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Part 3

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-11

Bobbi pulled my cock into position and let it sink slowly into her wetness as the two women went back to sharing my cum as I drank Terry’s from Syd. At first, the thought of drinking another man’s sperm didn’t sit well, but with Syd grinding her cunt against my tongue, I thought, ‘What the hell! Terry finished him off by sucking his member deep into her mouth before turning to Syd and sharing her warm, white, gooey reward. Syd bent over the arm of the couch as Terry slid two fingers in Syd’s still lubricated cunt before sliding one in her ass. Bobbi stood behind me stroking my hardened cock “Try not to push them out when you cum” she said, caressing my balls with one hand while jerking me off with the other.

The Education Of Richard: 03

group SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-11

The girls wasted no time while I was off grabbing my next tool, and when I got back they were both wrapped around Richard's humongous prong, rubbing their tits and tongues against it, and Anna even gave him a little pole-dance, grinding her clit and ass against the underside of his shaft while Tiffany held it up for her, spanking her partner in crime when the opportunity presented itself. He squatted a little higher on me, cock pelting against my lips before I finally opened up and lit him fuck the head of his prick into my mouth on the upstrokes, Anna moved lower to lap at my bubbling cunt as Tiffany came around to take over ball-duty, grinding her huge tits against them so that his whole unit was being pleasured by one pair of tits or the other.

My Ex-Wife - Part Four

group Exwifelover 2018-11-11

I began to run my fingers over her skin and she said in a much louder voice, “Yes, I want you both to fuck me.” I took her dildo and held it against her pussy and she shook as she said, “Yes, I want two cocks inside me.” Steve was finger fucking her and I turned her head toward me and fed her my cock. We turned her on the bed so I could fuck her mouth at the same time and she came again the moment she had two cocks inside her. I looked into the mirrored wardrobe and turned Jan’s head to the side so that she could see and said, “See what a slut looks like Jan?”

Frat House

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-11

That didn't stop her orgasm though, it kept going as she screamed her ecstasy at the watching guys; they were grinning as Chris gasped and buried himself into her convulsing pussy, spilling cum into her body. Fingers reached down to her pussy and rubbed the wet, swollen folds, finding her clit and twisting it; the pleasure began to help the pain in her ass recede a little more. when the guys thought that they'd gotten too sloppy they carried her into the bathroom where they pushed a hose into her pussy and ass, filling her with warm water and making her shriek with discomfort. she screamed as he began to work his way into her poor ass, fingers rubbed on her clit and she was forced to cum as he fucked her with his fearful weapon.

Lovers Part 2

group Sassyandsexy85224 2018-11-11

A couple of weeks later Joe asked how I felt about having his friend Matthew and his girlfriend for a BBQ and an evening swim. I took Matthews big cock in my mouth slowly, stroking it with my hands, tracing my tongue down his long hard cock until it was touching the back of my throat. Joe was behind me playing with my ass and wet pussy watching me suck his best friend’s big cock. Matthew moaned and placed his hand on the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth. I could feel that Joe was ready, I sucked harder and pushed his cock deeper and suddenly pulled him out of my mouth screamed

Cougar Wife 2

group dismantledpsyche 2018-11-11

I moved down so I could kiss her inner thighs and stomach around her pussy lips and spent a long time circling in, stopping for pictures here and there. She was building up a line of juice down her thigh by the time I got serious and buried my face in her pussy. I remained in her until I could feel my cock start to get soft and pulled out slowly, which allowed my cum to start running out of her onto his face and into his mouth. I laid on the bed and she stayed on his face but started licking and sucking my soft cock, cleaning the remainder of our hot session.

P90SEX Chaper 3: The beach party

group p90sex90 2018-11-11

Before long, Natalie offered to show Kim, Nadia and John to their rooms and they all went inside to change into their swimsuits. In no time, John was down on his knees in front of Kim. He lifted her legs over his shoulders to get a good position and started lapping immediately at her pussy. Linda directed us over to the room where Allie, Nadia, Natalie and Kim were all getting their bodies painted. I looked at John and we each took Natalie and Kim by the hand to join our women on the dance floor. Natalie reached around to grab for his cock and started feeling Kim rubbing her pussy against her hand.

Confessions of My Reflection

group DaleHWest 2018-11-11

I started babbling some kind of apology and was about to turn around to grab a dish towel when she grabbed my wrist holding the glass, set her own drink down by reaching past me to the counter, took the empty glass from me with her now free hand, and after setting it down next to her full one, used it to hold my chin and drew me in for the kiss I had dreamt about for so long. I don’t think we played very long before I was ‘interrogating’ Amanda quite thoroughly under those bright pool table lights with my mouth and hands and Mitchell was working on alternately fucking us both.”

Strapon Sex For Black Couples

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

When I'm not in class, I enjoy shoving dildos into the assholes of big black men who seek me out for that specific reason. I don't know why I love fucking black men with my strap-on dildo so much. Tyrone gripped my hips tightly as he slammed his big black dick up my tight Haitian ass. Like many black men, Tyrone secretly loved watching strap-on videos online while vigorously denying being into it if he were ever queried on the subject. One night, I bought a strap-on dildo and gave the macho black football stud an ass fucking he would never forget. I stroked Tyrone's cock while ramming the dildo in and out of his tight ass.

Bank Holiday Camp Pt. 6

group BiUKSwinger 2018-11-11

I started sucking all my fingers, and the using my right hand I inserted three of my fingers inside her eager love hole, and pushed my little finger into her arsehole, while rubbing my thumb on her clit. I carefully remove a finger from each hand that her pussy was clenched onto, and then had them join my little fingers in her ass replacing the two fingers with my thumbs up her slippery fuck hole, and then covered her clit with my mouth and sucked for all I was worth as my hands pounded back and forth. I held my fingers and thumb together on one hand and rubbed it all over Jess’s swollen pussy lips to give them a good coating, and then I began to push my fingers against her ass.

White Mistress & Her Black Slaves

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

Currently, I'm thrusting my biggest dildo into the asshole of a big Black woman named Justine Brown. Justine howls as I fuck her in the ass with my dildo but I tell her to shut up, otherwise I'm going to whip her again. A big and tall Black guy who played Football for Brockton Community College. Devin was stunned when I told him I was going to fuck him in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Yeah, Devin Jones the college football stud played an important in my sexual development after my heart-breaking split from the only man I've ever loved. I've got a thing for those sexy black men and gorgeous black women I see on my college campus.

Neighbor's niece

group dfjohn 2018-11-11

I looked down at her pussy, and saw a small stream of my son's cum leaking out. I grabbed my hard cock, and put it to her still gaping pussy, and pushed the head in. I wasn't going to disappoint, so I started to fuck her pussy hard. She lowered her head down, and took my son's cock into her mouth while I was thrusting in and out of her pussy hard and fast. It didn't take very long before she stopped bobbing her head on his cock, and he let out a loud groan as he filled her mouth with his cum. She moaned as loud as she could with my son's cock in her mouth and a mouthful of cum.

a Visit From Home 2

group Tanksdad 2018-11-11

Tonia was smiling and clutching her bag tightly before she said, “I let the little dick clerk fuck me for what is inside this bag,” I felt lips kissing my neck and face and from the aroma of wine I knew it was Betsy. Tonia slid a second finger into my virgin ass and started pumping them faster and faster. If I cum fucking your ass, you get to fuck mine later,” Tonia said softly. I could hear wet sounds coming from the side Janice was on so I assumed she was fingering herself watching me get fucked by Tonia. “I am going to fuck your ass for betraying our marriage Oscar,” Janice said angrily. Betsy picked up her pace and she started fucking my ass in earnest.