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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hot in the Gym

group dre_jones 2018-03-10

Roxy had taken off her shirt and I could see her large brown nipples erect and contrasting with her tan line as she walked toward me and said, "I am glad you could make it, Brad is such a cutie and he's told us what a good guy you are." She gave me a little peck and squeezed my cock and balls at the same time. I looked to my right and Brad was fucking Jesse hard in the ass doggy style and James had come back to life and Roxy was riding his cock like a cowgirl in heat. Roxy let out an unbelievable series of gasps and yelps as she came, and she was a little embarrassed as James' fat cock slid out of her pussy in a flood of their combined fluids.

A Wife's Night Out

group ALandRF 2018-03-10

Your moan is muffled by the mouthful of cock you have and I notice you have reached out to stroke James' cock as he stands next to you, his hands cupping your breasts and rolling your nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. "Somebody fuck my ass," you moan as you begin to rock back and forth on Jeff's cock. Carl grabs your hips and slams his cock into your ass and I watch his muscles tighten and twitch as he fills your ass with a thick load of come. "Come on, fuck me," you moan in Jeff's ear and you start to lift yourself up and slam yourself down on his hips, pounding his cock into you.

leila the brazilian nanny part 1

group curtispatrick 2018-03-10

Her dark brown eyes locked and focused on mine as she used the tip of her tongue to lick up and down the sides of my cock. "I want to watch you enjoy this.." I groaned again my cock pressed forward. Sucking hard she grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and pressed to the back of her throat. "Not so fast Curtus." she was free again slapping my cock against her face with one hand. Both hands turning my cock out as her tongue and mouth suck hard and fast. I lifted my balls out of her face, took a step back then pressed down on backwards on my cock. She gagged again I pulled free so she could breath then began to fuck her throat.

Tim's Perfect Date

group MetallicNails88 2018-03-10

Rachel wanted her to be ready to cum as soon as she touched her so she moved her hand back up, took Vicky's bra off and, removing hers, went in for another deep kiss, their nipples rubbing together gently at first, going clearly hard and then pressing together firmly as they both could hardly take the teasing, pressing their bodies together, Rachel's leg rubbing up the inside of Vicky's, making her moan even louder. Vicky at this point had brought her hands up and I could see her grabbing Rachel's ass, running a finger down between her cheeks and just teasing her pussy, Rachel let out a huge moan as Vicky teased her and her head came up, she was clearly so close but they were just holding each other on the brink of having a joint orgasm, a matter of barely touching each other and it building up, both so wet with anticipation.

A Couple's Fantasy Goes Awry

group MisterNatural 2018-03-10

I bet that Clarence is too old to take care of you, but I got what you need," John sighed while pulling on his dick and looking at his neighbor, the thought of having to spend the day with his mother-in-law instead of next door looking at Penny pissing him off because while Carol's mother and his neighbor might be the same age they didn't look it. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it Carol?" John asked after they got home from the neighbors, coming behind his wife and wrapping his arms around her to squeeze her breasts through the damp bathing suit, kneading the pliant handfuls while grinding into her backside.


Spring Break

group HSWriter 2018-03-10

There was this girl I liked, a lot, her name was Jessie; she was amazing; she was sexy; she was a cheerleader; she had firm, 36B breasts and her nipples showed through the multitude of tight white shirts that she wore all of the time. I then stood back and began to kiss Jessie's tight little ass, working my finger into her hot cunt. I felt Jessie's pussy begin to convulse, and I heard Amber scream out loud as an orgasm ripped through her body. When my cock was at full hardness, Amber got on top of me and gently began to lower herself down, sinking my cock methodically into her virgin cunt, stopping momentarily as my cockhead came to rest on her cherry.

Randi and Josie

group Amee 2018-03-10

So, when Josie offered to set her up with a friend of Greg's, Randi told herself she'd accepted to teach Josie a lesson - to show her that she wasn't the only girl on the planet who could get wrapped up in a guy, and to make her suffer the same feelings of jealousy she'd suffered. Josie, excited to the point of dizziness, began to lick and suck Randi's nipples, looking up to make sure Greg saw. Josie looked down on Randi, and the sight of her friend, the movement on her clit, and the pounding of Greg's cock inside her overpowered her, She sighed, and came harder than ever.

The Bosses Wife

group Many Feathers 2018-03-10

A small office staff, receptionist, and then Larry and Christine's offices were on the main floor, a well lit, somewhat extravagant looking area that was meant to impress our would be clients whenever they were invited in to begin the final spit and polish of their works prior to release or publication. Perhaps it was the noticeably different temperature change down here as opposed to upstairs in the main office which could account for that, but the fact Christine had obviously been pleasuring herself earlier in her office, made me wonder if she still wasn't a bit aroused from having been reading the book she had been when I first saw her.


The Game Ch. 06

group Sara and Ron 2018-03-10

He smiled and said, "I think I will get you a wig and call you Rachel some night while I fuck your ass." Michelle, Molinda, and Tim were apparently all in the shower together (typical), and Rachel was thumbing through Ron's music and movie collection. Molinda and Tim were fairly reserved being the new comers to the group, but Michelle made them feel at home with her bubbly personality and stories about Ron, myself, and Rachel. Michelle noticed Rachel's interest in her stories and smiled at her saying, "Nothing like sucking cock eh Rach." "Let me know if you want to try it, and I will get you a sample." Michelle said laughingly and lecherously looking at Tim. Rachel giggled nervously; Ron said nothing; Tim smiled; and I was stunned.



group ifitsfundoit 2018-03-10

I almost felt like he knew we'd be hooked the moment we read his words, and I have to admit to a distinct curiosity about him by the time I was half way through the mail. As I approached the end, Brad told me that he'd read the stories I'd already posted, and felt like he knew me. Brad rang to find out where we were, and thirty seconds later, we were going through the rather stilted moments when you first meet the couple you're arranging to fuck. Their kissing continued to intensify as Al began to unbutton the shirt: slowly, carefully, making sure to take a moment between each button to gently caress one or other of Janet's breasts.


Swinging for the First Time Ch. 02

group MiamiCuban 2018-03-10

Nothing happened, not even a kiss but when I went back to my hotel room I masturbated hard thinking about that man seducing me, propositioning me and I accepting, stripping naked for him, letting him fuck me on the hotel bed, straddling my face, his cock entering my mouth. The sensible mother of three had transformed from a sexually inexperienced housewife into a willing participant in threesomes with a hot exhibitionist streak, something that had surprised me and excited me enormously the inner transformation of straight laced housewife to wanton, cock sucking, ass fucked slut. I stripped naked inside that nightclub booth and the stranger named Frank proceeded to finger fuck me as my husband and brother in law enjoyed the moment of defilement.


Complete Control Ch. 2

group Fantasy Girl 2018-03-10

Melanie lye there with her legs spread apart and squirmed as she was left there on the bed with her nipples sticking straight up and her clit swollen just like the boys cocks. George gently rocked his cock back and forth inside me until it was all the way in and Melanie moaned as I sucked on her clit. "Go ahead suck it, be a good girl" Melanie placed her hand around Georges cock and took him deep inside her mouth. Clarissa's body began to tremble all over and her face became distorted and I heard a sound of wetness coming from her pussy and then realized with every stroke of their cocks her cum was squirting out all over the bed.

my slut

group 2018-03-10

Frank spanked her arse for her as I pulled out of her mouth, I heard her gasp, and shot my load all over her face, she licked her lips, not for the first time tasting my salty cum, as she pushed back onto both john and frank seeing my wife being double fucked had always been one of my fantasies, now it was reality, martin moved forward and Pauline enthusiastically took his cock into her mouth, sucking him like a piglet suckling its mother, frank and john pulled out and Pauline was f***ed onto her back as she still sucked martins rampant cock, I reached down and pulled her top down exposing her tits, she spread her legs wide so that I could view her gaping cunt and arsehole, I gave her clit a quick rub, I’d never seen it so swollen .” a lovely piece of meat, all pink and glistening with juice” I uttered.

Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos Ch. 03

group SteveWallace 2018-03-10

Wes had us huddle together as he explained, "We're going to film a scene by the lockers first, with 'big jock' Kurt coming onto 'high school senior' Sheila and then luring her into this empty classroom to 'mess around.' An older guy will catch them - that's you, Tom - and he'll be invited to join in if he won't discipline them and kick them out of school. We'll put the cameras in the classroom now and start filming from when you come in the door." When he got nods from Jon, Ted and Ann, he said, "Action!" again.


My first time and other times

group daleGribble 2018-03-10

stripped off all my clothes and Bruce started sucking my cock and it felt sucked Charles's cock up nice and hard and I got down on my hands and knees and I got his cock back hard and he fucked me again and after he came he I started sucking Bob's cock and got talked for a while and we got undressed and he sucked my cock and He asked me if I wanted to taste his big hard uncut cock and said sure and I suck on times and I felt his cock start to throb and he shot his cum, Richard asked it got hard again, Richard sucked my cock some and jacked me off and he

Five Hard Studs

group lovemonster 2018-03-10

Liz deepened the kiss, snaked her tongue between his lips, moaned softly as his hand moved to her stocking-clad leg and softly stroked upwards, underneath the fabric of her dress. His cock spent, Adam slumped down onto the sofa panting heavily, as Liz sat there, a picture of debauchery with strings of sperm hanging down from her chin onto her bared breasts and her legs spread wide, showing her glistening, pouting vulva. He knelt between her legs, moved his cock into position, rubbed it along the length of her swollen slit, then grabbed her hips and pushed himself deep into her slippery cunt, moaning as he felt her hot sex wrap around him like a sheath. Liz whimpered as she felt Pete sink into her, and pushed back to meet him as he began to fuck her in long, hard strokes.

Campfire Chronicles Ch. 01

group BlueFish11 2018-03-10

The women exchanged glances and giggled, and they headed up the driveway to their site - Beth and Sam walked to the campsite across the street from their campsite. "Girls -- they boys across the way said that there is a concert tomorrow night -- a sort of grateful dead type deal that the campground puts on every year. "Sam, suck on him, you have to feel the ring in your mouth." Beth said in a tone full of wonderment. An hour or so later, after many more drinks, the arrival of the boys and some more smoke -- it was all the trio of Sam, Di and Beth could do to stifle their laughter as he once again asked, ""Do you ladies have any piercings or tattoos??"

Only Couples

group Peter15 2018-03-10

Arms dangling limply on either side of the chaise, eyes clenched tightly shut, Faith shuddered as Dirk's big cock inched up into her vagina, stretching it, filling her cunt as it had never been filled before. His mouth hanging open in disbelief, Boyd sat stunned as he saw his wife begin thrusting up her pelvis to meet Dirk's first strokes. The sharp pain caused him to cry out and gasp, but still he tugged at Dirk's head in an effort to drag the man from his wife before he went into orgasm and shot his sperm inside her heaving belly. "Turn Dirk loose or I'll crush them for you!" When Boyd refused to release his grip on her husband's hair, Lucia made good her promise.

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 19

group bustyalix 2018-03-10

He rubbed his crotch lightly as he pictured the two busty blonde teens rubbing it for him; Brooke on the left, Brittany on the right...their big boobs bulging around his face so soft and supple as he took an ass-cheek from both girls... "Okay, so this guy is going to replace Coach Blue?" Brittany asked. "You?" the guy said as Coach Blue made his way around him. "I signed a contract, Dick." Coach Blue said. Coach Blue nodded as he thought about all the women, specifically the busty duo. "Not like these women." Coach Blue said, leaning back triumphantly. Coach Blue sat back and glared at the man across from his desk, as though trying to figure him out. "You know," Coach Blue said.


Adventures in Piano Moving

group Dave_Loves_Puss 2018-03-10

My cock began to throb and shoot loads of cum into her ass as she reached back with one hand to tickle my balls. Her sucking had Todd's cock back into shape and I said, "Dude, we really need to get on our next delivery." She took my semi hard cock into her mouth and started sucking it while Todd punished her ass again and again. I leaned down further and kissed her mouth and swirled my tongue around hers, not caring if Todd had just had his cock in it as I buried every inch as deep as I could in her hot, juicy pussy. Todd and I had filled her ass and pussy, just like she wanted but now it was time to get on with our work day.

DPP in the Shower

group buffbody 2018-03-10

I can see that both of you are enjoying me and now also each other, I ask Rog to stand against the glass door with the water from the shower hitting his hard body, I then move up against him and with my back against him, ask him to enter my pussy, he cups my breasts with his arms around me, necking me simultaneously, when his thick long member touches my entrance, I shudder, but then Slade puts his hand on my mouth preventing me from screaming and I take a mild seductive moan I cum and scream out loud, I grab Slade's ass when he is busy emptying his load, your pussy is so tight and our balls so drawn up together we are suspended in time, feeling that the shower glass may break with our body weigh.

Need your advice friends

group 2018-03-10

Hi friends,, i'm not going to write a story., In fact i need your advice,. I've a decision to take, but i'm confused, don't know what to do.. Here's the problem: i've got two guys(friends) at work, they are both vry tall handsome cute,.. They both work in the sales department, and since about 1 month they are flirting with me, and no need to say, they are flirting so much that they even give me whatever i'm asking.. I also want them, bkoz both are too cute,, They've invited me for week-end party.. Will they be alone there or will b other guys who want my ass?? There's lots of question in my mind, but i want to enjoy also..

Last Friday Night Ch. 02

group bitexwriter 2018-03-10

Margo was worried that she had let everything get out of hand since she started the festivities, and I was worried that she wasn't comfortable with the fact that I had loved swallowing a big load of my friend's cum after he got through fucking her. It is actually a bit bigger than either Rick's cock or mine, and I think Margo gets a real attitude when she wears it, like she's the biggest stud around. I can't wait to feel you inside me." I decide that I want to get fucked from behind, so I get on all fours on the couch, which puts my asshole right about the same height as his cock with him standing.


In Days of Olde Ch. 10

group Leetah 2018-03-10

She had wanted to tell Dove the day before of everything that had happened, from her feelings at watching the two young men mate, to how their mouths and bodies had felt touching her own, but she was still reluctant to do so. She looked over to see Raven's cock disappear into Dove's talented mouth, then she felt Hawk's mouth moving over her, lightly kissing, dipping his tongue into her sweetness, and now sucking her clit into his mouth. Their mouths moved as one on her face, then Hawk and Dove took her breasts, as Raven slid to the hilt into her soft wetness, and claimed her again.