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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Hair

group Tween2Legs 2018-03-10

Lt. Hinton glanced at Lt. Lindel, cleared his throat and asked, "How did a pussy hair get on YOUR soap, private?" Lt. Hinton looked over at Lt. Lindel and she just shrugged her shoulders like, "I don't know." Lt. Hinton was standing there with a blank look on his face like he still couldn't believe what he was hearing. Lt. Hinton asked, "Where was the squad while the girl was, you know, while she was, ah..." We all started kissing, you know, making out and pretty soon all the bras were off and the girls' tits were getting some pretty good attention from us guys!" Pretty soon we started talking about what had happened - you know, like guys always do.


Couples Sex Therapy

group salukidawg 2018-03-10

Kevin, a guy of average looks and build, and Mona, a cute blonde, were in their early thirties, had been married for about 8 years, and had just purchased the house next door to me and my wife Renee. After tossing the garments aside, Renee looked at Mona and said, "We all know that men just love oral sex. Renee held the base of Kevin's shaft and Mona started to suck on it in a very timid manner. Renee grabbed Mona's hand and placed it on the base of Kevin's shaft. "Then in her mouth it is," declared Renee and she pushed Mona's head back onto Kevin's pulsing rod.

It was a Good Summer

group charlessmythe 2018-03-10

I shot a load so big in her mouth I just knew she was going to choke, but like a real pro she swallowed ever drop and even licked the last drop of cum off the end of my dick. I quickly pulled the blindfold off and to my amazement; it was Denise's husband, Kevin not her with my cock in his mouth and my balls in his hand. Knowing that he liked it, when I took him in my mouth and started sucking but continued to massage his balls. Unable to contain himself, Kevin grabbed my head and started franticly working his hips forward and back, fucking my mouth with his hard cock.

More Fun at the Rally Ch. 02

group Biker_Type 2018-03-10

It was a dream of a glorious blow job from a hot brunette with big boobs, just before I came in my dream the sun struck my eyes and brought me full y awake just in time to see it was no dream but Mandy sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. I licked my way around her lips, dipping my tongue inside her as far as it would reach, swirling her clit and sucking on her little erection. The nipples did the job on both of us; I felt my cock jump inside her as I began to cum and was rewarded with her pussy clamping me firmly as she squeezed it milking me.

Pam and the Party Store

group jallen944 2018-03-10

He looked like he was going to put some moves on her, but Doug came out of the party store with a case of cheap beer and slid in beside Pam, squeezing her in the middle of the wide bench seat. Paul was holding Pam's hand, like she was his girlfriend, and led them into the living room through the kitchen, where Doug stopped to open the case of beer, take three cans out, and put the rest in the refrigerator. Smiling, Pam sat up, leaned over, and sank the length of his cock into her mouth, keeping her lips soft over the head, letting her tongue slide lightly down the shaft.


My Trailer Park Mistress Ch. 07

group nighttimestories 2018-03-10

Amy, Maggie, and I were on our second drink when Linda excused herself from the guy and climbed out of the booth. I stood there for a moment thinking my wife is standing in front of me telling me she is going to fuck this stranger and she wants me and Amy and Maggie to join in. Amy and Maggie rode with me and Linda went with Jack. She went back onto the bed and scooted up until she was even with me and said, "Come on Jack fuck me with your big cock! Amy quickly filled the void that Jack had left and sunk her face into Linda's pussy. Amy then went back to work as Linda continued to suck my cock.


The Screamer Ch. 06

group Liquor69 2018-03-10

Gary pulled into the apartment just as Rose was parking her car. Rose loved that her pussy was in such good hands, lips and tongues. Rose and Debbie repositioned themselves and they both began to suck his cock deliciously. Debbie pulled Rose from his cock and she dropped her pussy onto him quickly. Rose began to lick her nipples and her delicate finger rode along her clit as she ground her hot pussy onto him. Gary lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply as he felt Rose's tits rise and fall at the delicious effect Debbie was having on her. Debbie was starting to cum from Wendy's hot tongue and before long, three women were cumming like banshee's while he enjoyed his smoke.


Ch. 02: Threesome

group Loves_music_loves_to_dance 2018-03-09

The door opened all the way, and her friend Tim with stiff, condom-clad cock in hand, emerged. Tim spread Jen's cheeks wide and slid his finger along her butt crack, examining the hole he'd be invading, the hole he'd dreamed of for two years, ever since he let the opportunity to butt-fuck her slip by when he was in this same position in Anaheim. She was talking about her shit hole being filled, and her pussy stuffed up with hard cock meat, and she was calling them both fucking bastards and mother-fucking assholes, telling them to screw her, fuck her, bang her and make her the whore-slut she wanted to be.


Happy Birthday, Mary

group KinoKe 2018-03-09

Eventually, Lyn came up for air, glanced my way, and said to Mary: 'If you would like a hard cock in that beautiful pussy, I think I know where we can find one.' Mary just grinned. We said our goodbyes, and then Mary and I went back to bed for an hour or so where we discussed the events of the previous evening while she gave a nice long-and-leisurely 'good morning' hand job. Just the other day, we got an email from Lyn. It said that she was going to be down our way later in the year and that she hoped that we could all get together for a drink or something.


group SweetDreemz 2018-03-09

His hard dick had been waiting all day to enter her, and when it did, it was all he could do to keep from cumming on her immediately, but he tried to take his time, taking long, slow strokes the length of her cunt. "Well, let's forget him," Melissa said, cuddling up into Mike's arms. She envisioned the sweat dripping off Jaws' tattooed and scarred body onto her body as he pinned her arms down and took what he wanted. She held her legs together tightly, making her pussy tight and squeezing Mike's dick as he drove into her. Mike was at the shop early one morning, and Melissa was cooking breakfast in the kitchen when Jaws came in.


Snow White

group maverick3489 2018-03-09

"This is how a****ls in the barnyard and the stables fuck—the man takes the woman from behind," he said, and shoved his cock inside the waiting pussy with one mighty thrust, making Snow cry out at the unexpected pain and pleasure that it brought. Her daddy pulled his still hard cum-slicked dick out of her raw pussy and shoved it into her opened asshole, hard and deep, to stretch it out even more with his sizeable beef, much to Snow's delight and the queen's horny disgust. And each time that Snow White went down to the dwarfs' little cottage to fuck each and every one of them, the King was there in the shadows like a perverted voyeur, watching his daughter with all those little cocks.

Second Date

group The Pussy Barber 2018-03-09

I got in front of Janet and started kissing her and massaging the outside her pussy with on hand and caressing her tits with the other. Meanwhile, Barbara got behind Mark and stroked his long dick while he was sliding in and out of Janet. At the same time Mark started cumming, Barnara pulled him out and grabbed his tall cock and sucked on it to get all the cum. By then, Mark was done with his load and when Barbara saw me cum all over her sister's chest, she let go of Mark's flaccid dick and started licking the cum off Janet's chest. Barbara was eager to get her turn, so Mark worked with her tits and started sucking on her pussy vigorously.

Sex on a Cruise Ch. 03

group mike2123 2018-03-09

"I mean I prefer women definitely, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun to have a long hard cock in my mouth." They both grin and slide apart a little and Dan pats the space between them. Tyler stands up, one knee on the bench his other foot on the ground and starts sliding his cock into Dan's mouth, throat fucking him in time with my thrusting up and down. We hear the door to the steam room slide open behind us, and all three look over our shoulders to see this man in his mid 50s, shaved head, hairy muscled body, walking in (not stopping the thrusting, mind you), stare at us, and walk out.

The Darkroom

group Otazel 2018-03-09

The two lapsed into silence as Miriam recovered, listening to the sounds of sex all around them, Miriam's arm still around her friend's shoulders and her hand in turn resting quietly at the very top of her thigh, the fingers moving softly to caress the junction between leg and body. She grasped the woman's shoulder hard, pulling her closer, feeling her hard nipple pressing into the soft flesh of her own breast, wanting to be touched but not quite sure how far she was prepared to let things go. Miriam felt the arm slide across her abdomen and figured that the man's hand was tracing the female arm that led down towards her pussy, still trying to understand exactly what was going on.


Pamper Spa Ch. 02

group Girl Friend 2018-03-09

Chynna was getting into it and she started sucking and slurping on Sven's cock and continued to kiss me. While Sven massaged the vibrator all over my clit, Chynna continued to work both dildos inside of me. Sven came deep inside me and when he pulled out, Chynna quickly got out from under me and placed her mouth on my pussy lips and she started sucking the cum out of me. I got so excited watching this that I kissed Sven fully on the lips teasing his mouth open with the tip of my tongue. Then he kissed me fully on the lips then started to part my mouth with his tongue devling down my throat.


group 2018-03-09

Shoving his fingers in and out of my pussy, while his tongue went on my clit Josh always knew just what to do to get me going, I was so horny and in need that night until it didn’t much to drive me to the edge. When we had finished and were just lying there enjoying his limbering dick soaking in my pussy, I timidly asked him if he would mind going back to his place for the night, since I was expecting Jake early the next morning. From the look on Dad's face, I knew that the thought of making his baby girl cum in public was on his mind, but I struggled to maintain my composure.

Picnic Treats

group BrettJ 2018-03-09

As the girls moaned and carried on, Paul shot his cum deep inside Jen's dripping cunt, before going around to Ari to give her his cock to lick clean. She saved a bit to share a taste of it with Ari. Ari held Jon's hard cock in her hand, stroking it and Jen kissed her, letting her taste Ian's cum. Paul pushed a finger into Ari's ass and fucked it,while Ian slid his huge cock right into her extremely wet pussy. Ian was the next to find another release of hot, sticky cum and pumped Ari full of it.He slid out of her, his huge cock now lying limp; like Jon's; and he went down on Ari and started eating her, tongue flicking across her clit.


My daughters' friend

group 2018-03-09

She wasn’t looking at me so I felt safe and soon there it was again, the parting legs and the beautiful view of her naked cunt. Kerry moved back and took a seat next to Lena and Toni sat where she her friend had been sitting opposite me. I looked over to Kerry and Lena and my eyes nearly bolted out of my head. Kerry was hushing her and stroking her and telling her she loved her and Toni was panting slightly and smiling. I shook my head and placed my cock head back at her hole, Lena and Toni were holding her cunt open for me and I went back in.

Jenny, Jennifer and Me Make Eight

group alexcarr 2018-03-09

It was like Jennifer liked to cock suck over me with her ass positioned neatly above my face so she could in turn smother me, so I was treated to the most wonderful warmth of hot moist pussy imaginable, she had this very thrilling method of sucking my foreskin and then stretching it back with her teeth just lightly applied whilst with Jenny, she was happy to kneel between my thighs and lick my cock upwards from the balls and the girth in the most delightful way until she reached the tip, when I would feel her tongue poking my p-hole and squeezing my hard stiff cock at the same time.


Dream Come True Orgy

group j_storm71 2018-03-09

Since I knew how sexual Kenzie was, I mean we'd been dating for quite a long time now, I told the guys if they wanted to grab her butt and smack her ass they all could. It didn't take long before the other three came up and started grabbing her, two of them each grabbed a cheek of her ass, and the third decided that he'd grab her nice 32Cs. Kenzie couldn't help it so she put her face against me and let out a slight moan. She then grabbed mine and Connor's dicks before looking at Brad's and saying "Looks like I've got a thick monster cock here and a long monster cock here." Then Casey and Jack began to feel the urge to cum so they took theirs out and went and came all over Kenzie's face and mouth.

The Vacation

group Mysteria27 2018-03-09

I put my leg over the sink, and Rob slides his cock into my wet pussy. I tell him that I am going to cum, and my legs start to shake as my juices flow out of my pussy. Rob tells me how nice I look and gives me a long, deep passionate kiss. Layla is rubbing my clitoris, and slowly begins to finger fuck me. I start to kiss Rob. Layla and Jim begin to kiss. Layla begins to cum on Rob's tongue. She guides Rob's cock into her pussy, and Jim lubes Layla's tight asshole, and slowly begins to fuck her ass. I take the soap on my wash cloth, and start to rub it all over Rob's body.

Why I Love Dick

group Willing2Do 2018-03-09

I loved it - my Dick's dick, cock, prong, rod, shaft and other names he called it as I licked the little opening in the end of it, ran my tongue around the helmet-feeling part of it, stroked it, sucked it. My Dick felt my titties some more, kissed, licked, sucked them, my erect nipples.The limo driver took over on my mouth, on my titties. On my prom night, my first time to have my titties felt, kissed, licked, sucked, pussy licked, cum several times, really see a cock, two actually, suck, swallow cum, be fucked by not one but two guys, I was hooked on the good feelings, hooked on dick, my Dick, any dick..

(Take) a Walk on the Wild Side Ch. 03

group Mag58 2018-03-09

Much to my delight Rob was kneeling beside Connie's face and she was eagerly sucking his long pole while Tiff was swallowing all of Sonny's big fat cock, as Cheryl fingered both women's pussies. Half an hour later Ralph, Sonny and Rob along with two other men were back in the Purple Room ravaging my wife from all ends and in all holes, as I watched through the mirror; it didn't take them long to discover her new love of anal sex and each man took at least one turn fucking her shithole and by the end of the session they were like a conveyor belt taking it in turns to fuck her arse, pussy and mouth at the same time.

Sinnndy's First Gangbang

group sinnndy 2018-03-09

I decided after a while that it was time for the boys to cum, I started working on Franks, and after some strong sucking and stroking of his cock, he shot his load in my mouth. I told Joe to get in front of me, and I started jacking his cock with my hand, and licking his shaft up and down. Frank came first, shooting deep inside my ass, Joe wasn’t too far behind, and fucking my face like it was a pussy, his cream flowing down my throat. I guess the boys had other plans, I felt a cock slide into my asshole, it was Joe, and he just started fucking me hard.