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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Threesome: Tim's Story

group Ginger 2018-03-09

Jessica turned to me and looked into my eyes, then she gently kissed my lips. Matt kissed her back even harder, and I felt my crotch twitch when he reached across Jessica and grabbed my hand, guiding it and placing it on her leg. Looking at Jessica's excitement-flushed face and hearing the enthusiasm in Matt's voice made me think this was the best risk I'd taken in a long time. I leaned forward and nuzzled Jessica's neck, just inches away from where her lips were experiencing Matt's. I want to taste." I almost groaned out loud when Jessica slid her middle finger between her pussy lips, parting them. Jessica put her finger to Matt's lips, and he sucked it into his mouth, cleaning it.


A Billionaire's Life Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-03-09

And once they were all naked, Taylor and Rebecca headed off to the shower while Mia came over to undress me. Once Mia got a few shower heads turned on and surrounding us, she wasted no further time. My arms grasped her torso as Mia got herself positioned upside-down with her head at just the right position to suck the entire length of my cock down her throat. But I still had to support most of Mia's weight in my arms, so I supposed I was getting that upper body workout Rebecca had wanted for me. In the midst of Mia's writhing climax I reached down and palmed a firm tit with my left hand and let my right fiddle with her engorged clit, spurring her orgasm to higher heights of pleasure.


Quads Ch. 07

group PDumbledore 2018-03-09

The girl closed the door, and quickly made her way in, placing her hands over mine, stopping me from putting my cock out of sight. Getting undressed, Jack walked up to the girl and pushed her down so she was lying on Shane's chest; his cock still buried in her. Slowly Jack pushed in, and when he was fully buried, both him and Shane waited until she got used to their cocks being in her. Just stood there and watched as Jack, Shane and I slid our cocks in and out of every hole this girl had. The girl took Jacks cock, and was soon swallowing his cum.

The Downhill Run Pt. 04

group aadirtyoldmaninphx1 2018-03-09

Celia took my cock in her hand and we walked up to the side of the bed, waiting a few seconds as Nico gasped, his cum gushing into Amy's tight pussy. With their free hands, both Celia and Amy reached over and wrapped their fingers around my dick, pulling me closer until the tip of my cock brushed against Nico's thigh. There was no way I was getting hard again any time soon, so I buried my face in her pussy, sucked her clit in my mouth and strummed it with my tongue as she shrieked and thrashed, stopping only after she climaxed twice and clamped her thighs around my head.


The Club

group Steelecowboy 2018-03-09

"This is called the sacrifice," I said, "Do you see that man at the head of the bed?" I saw you nod as you looked over the most muscular and powerful of the 15 men whose cock was already massive without even being hard. "You like this don't you," he said, "you're a hot little slut wanting to fuck all of these men." He pulled out and thrust himself in again with a force that almost took your breath away. You heard one of the men start to moan as his partner pulled his cock out of her mouth and aimed it towards you, jerking it off and shooting his cum all over you.

Threesome For Unconditional Friendship

group Adoruhbul 2018-03-09

As her thong was being removed I notice she wasn't fully shaved only trimmed…I prefer it to be all shaved but this fantasy has had my horny for days I had to live it I finally get to enjoy the taste of Cami's come and Mike's hard cock inside me. I took a break from Cami and started getting close to mike he had already taken his shirt off and was beginning to remove his jeans. Mike took his cock out of my hot pussy and began to fuck Cami while I took her tits in my mouth and sucked on them the pink of the nipple was such a perfect shade.

The Classroom Pt.2

group 2018-03-09

Jane did what she was told and then stood off to the side as Mrs. Witlock took off her blouse to reveal a perfect set of 45 yr old 36c tits. "Come and suck these," she commanded Jane and like a good girl Jane did as she was told. "Now blindfold him again and suck his cock again," she again commanded Jane. As Jane began to suck my cock I felt what seemed to be a large dildo pressing against my lips. "Do you like my cock?" Mrs. Witlock asked. My answer soon came when my blindfold was removed and Mrs. Witlock stood in front of me with a huge cock and me wanting more of it.

University Sex Ch. 03

group Benny024 2018-03-09

I looked up at Sue to gage her reaction, as Jackie turned her head to the side and said, "Eat my know how much I love that! Jackie said she had begun to touch herself, when the guy on the other side of the hole said, "Fuck!" She said she immediately knew he was cumming in my mouth because she saw my throat bobbing - like I was swallowing. Jackie said her pussy immediately began flooding her panties as she watched me back my bare ass up against the hole and then reach back to spread my cheeks. As I tongue-fucked Jackie's ass, I looked at Sue. Her smooth, golden brown legs straddled the bench and her delicate, pink pussy was directly in front of Jackie's mouth.


The Seduction of Celine

group west120d 2018-03-09

I spun you around and locked my legs in between yours and was grinding into you closer and closer with each bar of music, and then grabbed your right hand and put it to the back of your head and dipped you slightly as our groins worked the beat. Celine does not like to be outdone and the music and alcohol helped to facilitate her decision to run both of her hands through your hair bending your head back slightly to expose your neck. Your hands were around her waist and your eyes closed in passive encouragement as she bent her legs slightly and ran her breasts up your torso ending with a hot breath and a heavy kiss on your neck as she squeezed her handfuls of your hair.


group tonibbw 2018-03-09

I know it sounds strange but I had no thoughts about fighting, just expected a little abuse, and with that now in my mind I started to feel tingly, shivers went through my body and before I could feel anything more this girl just slapped me, I did not feel any pain, was more in shock than anything, then she grabbed me by the hair and we started fighting, I have never been in a fight in my life so had no idea what I was doing or was going to do to fight back, with my arms just flaying around and not really making any contact with the other girl, I managed to get her hands off my hair only to be grabbed by my dress which got completely ripped down the front with buttons flying everywhere.

Living in Style

group sex4u4647 2018-03-09

Joan was not waking me when she came in late, she was wearing sexy underwear to work under her uniform, was getting and making more phone calls, and was a hour or so late getting home a couple times a week. "Well honey, you were so worked up the other time you knew I had been screwed by someone and you fucked my wet pussy that I figured you might like it again." She asked. The girls started with the dirty jokes, then Joan asked if they wanted to see some fuck movies? Joan was kneeling over Jack sucking on his prick while Bill was fucking her doggie style, pounding his cock into her willing pussy.

Pregnant Workout

group deggles 2018-03-09

grinned, looking me over, and said, "Far out!" Her eyes lipped mouth that looked like she could suck a bowling enormous tits rested on her belly like half-inflated "We like your shape too," giggled Tina, eyeing my crotch. Have you ever watched a half-dozen big-titted pregnant "Except that we want you to work out like us," said of my cock; when Susan did it, I said "Beep" like a stroking their bloated bellies and plump bare ass cheeks, pussy lips, holding herself open for my sliding cock. My hands had all the soapy tit they could feel, my cock fuck me with your luscious pregnant pussy, your bare- bare cock like a sucking mouth. many huge, wet, soapy tits swinging in my face, so many

Fucked By My Coach & A Masseuse!

group Ashley1991 2018-03-09

Mark slid 2 fingers on my pussy and was massaging my cunt well while his other hand's fingers had worked their way inside my ass hole. I sucked him while I played with his balls and made my way to his ass hole and stuck a finger inside, He immediately shot loads of cum deep down my throat and I swallowed it like a good student/slut. "You tease..." Coach got on the bed and spread my legs even further and scooped me and drilled his huge cock inside my wet tight pussy. Yeaaa ahhhhhh deeperrrrrrrr ahhh yeaaaaa ahhhhhh MARK" I was moaning both their names as they kept ramming their hard cocks inside my ass and pussy.


group rotorooter69 2018-03-09

Looking in the window I noticed my wife on her knees in front of Kevin sucking on his cock. I was in heaven, my wife was blowing Kevin and Lisa was stroking my cock. I pulled her to her feet and pointed at the window, she looked in and couldn't believe her eyes, my wife was on all fours with her ass in the air and Kevin had his cock buried in her cunt, he was slowly stroking in and out. After about 10 minutes my wife and Kevin walked out from the house, Lisa and I were in the tub acting like we hadn't missed them.

Key to a Party Pt. 01

group The Big Bopper 2018-03-09

I got home from work around 6 on the Wednesday night of our first week living there and my darling wife Susan greeted me with the news that we had been invited to a party this coming Saturday night. Before she could plunge her hand in to select a set of keys, Alan announced, "I can smell the testosterone in the room tonight with all you guys wanting to have a crack at the new one. It was an incredible feeling to watch my loving wife of 21 years reach her hand into the enormous glass bowl and take out a set of keys belonging to some other man in this room.


The Counselor's Office

group Sean Renaud 2018-03-09

Crystal decided to pull a boy, Eric, out of our senior Pep Rally for a little behind the bleachers hanky panky." The way he said the last two words was lewd, both women could feel the words drip from his lips. As soon as their lips met Tyra wrapped her arms around Crystal pulling her close and slipping her tongue into the smaller woman's mouth much to Crystal's wide eyed surprise. "That's good to hear Tyra because what I tell your parents depends very heavily on how well you and Crystal play together." Mr. Hammond kissed behind Crystal's ear and down over her shoulder cupping her breasts at the same time. Once Crystal was satisfied that Mr. Hammond didn't have anything left she stepped over to Tyra and pulled the larger women to her feet.

A MILF waiting for her son in her car

group 2018-03-09

He lent forward and suckled on my nipple, his friend leant through the open window and did likewise on the other, 'Oh fuck', I thought as the dual pleasure of each nipple combined, to banish time and concern, I could hear the sounds of pupils leaving school, but strangely it held no fear, I wanted to fuck again and as I held the back of each boys head tenderly onto each of my breasts and closed my eyes to the outside world, only feeling their tongues and lips, and the semen oozing from my other lips onto the car seat.


Teacher Collecting Insects

group nearlydoc 2018-03-09

The next day we went down to the creek as usual and when we got there Graham said to her It was not going to go any further than us YET but it was time she started to let us have a little of our own fun to. Besides that - (Graham hit the high note saying) look we can end our little escapade here right and now and we will let our mates know what has been happening here and they can come down to the creek with you instead of us, but I tell you they will not keep quiet about what has been happening.

Betty Goes to Mo's

group HoustonJake 2018-03-09

Being on the left end of the bar I could face Betty, look over her shoulder and continue to salivate over Monica's ass. We were half finished with our second glass of wine when a good looking guy in his mid-30's asked Betty if the barstool next to her was taken. With a big smile on her face, Betty comments to Monica, "How lucky can one lady get to be seated between these two gorgeous guys." Betty leaned over to me and quietly asked, "Would it be ok if Mike had dinner with us?" Her question is followed by the little smile that says she is winning and knows that I will answer yes. "Mike, Betty and I are just good friends enjoying a nice night out.


Recollections Ch. 08

group Kaadorix 2018-03-09

"It's called taking baby steps." I picked up the dinner basket of hot sourdough rolls and extended it across the table to my older brother Hudson, and snuck a peek at our sister Janae. Alexa went to college right here in Lawrence, of course - some 30 miles away from my hometown of Lake Quivira - but I had opted to devote the evening to Hudson and Janae. I thought about stopping by the dorm room that Alexa shared with Merissa at the University of Kansas here in Lawrence and saying hello before traveling home, but decided against it. I THOUGHT I had been doing everything right with Alexa thus far - taking baby steps - but Hudson put doubt into my mind.


Bi-Curious Wife's Fulfilled Fantasy

group GC66 2018-03-09

I decided I was going to look for a moment when Valerie was away from Monica and tell her about Tina's fantasy. You look beautiful, Tina," I said, kissing her. "And girl, I tell you: you should wear a little color on your cheeks to make your eyes stand out," said Valerie. Valerie's eyes went wide in shock at Tina's unexpected aggressiveness, but they soon began Frenching. Now it's your turn, Tina," said Valerie, leaning back and fingering herself. Tina broke the kiss and licked Valerie behind her ear, eliciting a moan of pleasure. I tried to pace myself, but looking down at my little Tina with her head practically buried in Valerie's pussy and Valerie moaning and groaning in ecstasy was too much.

My Best Friend's Wife Ch. 4

group oddone 2018-03-09

Sue told me that after I left, they got out one of Linda's vibrators and proceeded to fuck each other's cunt and ass several more times. Sue was now also naked with an identical bow, and I looked over to see Paul lying down on the couch also naked with his cock slowly rising as he observed Sue and Linda in their naked glory standing there. After a minute or so of that, Linda guided Sue down onto her back and proceeded to straddle over her, burying her face in Sue's very wet cunt and, at the same time, lowered her dripping wet cunt onto Sue's eagerly waiting tongue. With that agreed, to warm Linda up, I buried my face in her went cunt, tonguing her clit as Paul and Sue sucked on her nipples.

Cheating Italian MILF

group Satyrist8 2018-03-09

I moved north to let her taste her juices off my soaked face and she started purring about how good I am at making her a dirty cheating slut, so I knew my work was not finished. After she came for the third time, I was ready to keep going but knew it was getting late, so I grabbed onto those thick hips and pounded until I finished. Ava stood on the bed with both of her holes exposed, while hubby licked her pussy and I sucked her ass. The little cuckold got the trifecta of licking some cock, watching his wife get penetrated by a real man, and then topped it off when I came inside her pussy.

Only a Half Hour

group Sean Renaud 2018-03-09

Millian only thought about mouthing off to him for a moment before she twisted around on the bed so her head was hanging of the edge and she opened her mouth. "You aren't going to just sit there are you?" Millian purred splaying her legs wide and looking at the blonde boy with the glazed look in his eyes. Shooing his friend out of the way for a moment Millian wrapped her lips around the blond virgin's sack and started slurping at the tender flesh there while working her hands up and down his shaft. Millian's eyes shot open in shock as the boy flooded her mouth with cum. She only took a moment to look at them before sitting down and crossing her legs.