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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Boys of Summer

group tonidelasalle 2018-03-09

Stan's shorter but thicker dick pressed between my ass cheeks as his hands gripped and massaged my tits. I felt full of man and worried a little that I wouldn't be able to feel Brett's in my sweet vagina when Stan was done. I had the random thought that both Brett's and Stan's scrotums were pressed against each other as they were both sunk in my body to the hilt. Never had I felt so much as woman as I did while Stan and Brett drove their powerful rods into me. As I sank his dick into my mouth, I could feel Stan starting to work his thick prick into my anus. And each time his balls smacked my snatch, Brett's dong slid into my throat.

Interesting Movie

group shrekhot1 2018-03-09

I soon looked at the young guy again and maintain eye contact with him as I lowered my mouth on to him. I felt her warm lips on m y neck just as her hand found my breast. I wanted to feel her mouth on me, so I lifted my sweater with my other hand as I found her breast for the first time. She had me almost to the point of climax when she pulled her hand out of my pants and began to work them off my hips. I leaned over and kissed her belly, and she slid down a little so I could suck on her nipples as he kept going to town.

Heera and Sunita: A New Wave Sluts

group sajit 2018-03-09

Sunita watched with ‘awe’ and admiration as Heera let the saree drop off her sexy silk pristine flesh and slowly started unbuttoning the blouse which took an excruciatingly long time to get off the arms and drop on the floor, her ‘drab’ bra was looking very alluring to Sunita who had no hesitation in beckoning Heera to the bed, using the middle of the 'well moistened' fingers- and upon reaching close to the bed stand- it was sheer ‘animalistic’ of Sunita who just pulled Heera over and got the bra clad boobs onto her lovely face- she smelled the fragrance and the fresh sweat collecting in the ’crevice’, it tasted very salty and ‘sexyyyyy’ of course.

Nikki Gets Busted... Ch. 03

group nikki_2020 2018-03-09

He started to grunt and I told Sandra that I thought that she should let him cum in my mouth so that we could share it and she happily agreed, dismounting and moving back down his legs so that she could watch as I bent over and worked his shaft with my hand whilst sucking on the head of his cock. Dave withdrew his cock from my pussy and I felt it pushing at my arse, I told him to get it in there and as he did, I pulled my skirt right up around my waist and worked to remove my blouse, struggling with my hands being between me and the desk.


group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-03-09

"Shut the fuck up, Sheldon!" Penny told him as she pushed him back on the bed and straddled his face, putting her cum filled pussy over his mouth. She started alternating sucking Raj, Howard and Leonard while still fucking herself up and down on Sheldon's long dick, feeling it go far enough into her to hit her cervix each time she pushed her ass cheeks against her thighs. Raj, feeling left out, moved one hand down to Bernadette's pussy, rubbing her clit before slowly moving his mouth down to Howard's cock, sliding it between his lips and started to suck on his best friend. Sheldon's cock erupted in Raj's ass at the same time, and he collapsed, completely drained and observed Leonard fucking Bernadette while she continued eating Penny and Raj resumed sucking on Howard's cock.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 17

group Jeremydcp 2018-03-09

Did I really want to tell this nice girl with the quirky, sexy accent that I was a 34-year-old retired multi-billionaire, and I lived alone on my own private island? Kristanna did not want Ariel to be around any other random children in the waiting room, some (if not all) of whom were likely ill. "Perhaps yew should dink about leaving da island and going back into da real vorld," Kristanna suggested. "I like talking to yew," Kristanna told me with that wacky, yet sultry accent. Kristanna was not able to keep Ariel safe and sound within her womb for a full 39 weeks, giving our daughter necessary time to nurture and develop the way nature intended.


Kay Winds Down After Work Ch. 02

group mitchuncensored 2018-03-09

Having recovered enough, I started pulling on his cock while I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. I sucked all of the remaining juice out of Mitch's cock and also licked his balls clean. By the time I finished talking with Jenny, Mitch had cleaned up the broken cup, poured me a new coffee and had the bacon back on the stove. I got down on my knees on his right side and said "My name is..." She cut me off by putting a finger to my mouth and then leaned in and kissed me. I hadn't noticed Mitch had stopped fucking me until I heard him say "that was probably the hottest thing I've ever seen." He had moved around to get a better look at what Red and I were doing.


Remembering one hell of a night!

group McLoweryJr 2018-03-09

As the last inch of his throbbing cock came to a rest with his nuts acrossed my nose and the soft pulsing and leaking head of his joint down my throat, I felt the girth of his cock expand as I pushed my finger hard into his ass and could feel his eruption bloat his shaft from the base of his delicious cock up to the swollen head of it until his hot semen boiled into my watering mouth. I began firing my wad into the back of Michelle's throat and she tried to swallow every drop, but just as I hadn't been able to swallow all of Steve's load She let a little leak out over my pubes, then she got up and kissed her husband pushing my load of semen with her tongue into his wanting mouth.

Harry, Kate & Jan Ch. 09

group OVERLAND 2018-03-09

Harry thrust his ramrod home, all the way up Jan's fiery hot passage. Jan spent a lot of time playing with Harry's cock after first of all sucking all of their combined juices from it. Harry filled his mouth with Jan's juice but he didn't swallow it this time. I want you to fuck my arse hard, just like you did my pussy; and Harry?" "Wow," said Jan languidly, "I sure am leaning a lot about sex very quickly from you Harry. Harry gasped and thrust his by now hard shaft at her mouth, pulling her head to him with his hands. Harry promised Jan that she could come again but again warned her that Kate might be in attendance next time.


Foursomes and Moresomes Ch. 04

group HLD 2018-03-09

Hell, we'll even let you fuck Geoff if that will make your day," Melinda said and the four of us laughed. Geoff, Melinda, Leah and Katie were staying behind to watch the kids. Following the roads up the mountain, I made my way to Asheville's historic Grove Park Inn. It's one of those places that's featured on shows like "America's Castles" and was built in 1913 as a resort for rich people who wanted to get away from the summer heat to the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Not like Leah and I were friends; there was never any sort of sexual tension between us or deep undercurrent of unrequited love.


At The Bar

group Toolmo 2018-03-09

Before Dan got back with the shot Susie had striped off her skirt and had climbed up on top of the bar then sat naked cross-legged showing of her tight pussy lips and hard tits. At the same time she reached back with one hand and pulled her pussy lips open, Dan took the hint and dropped his shorts and plunged his cock deep into her wet hole. She must have clamped her pussy down on Dan's cock so hard during her orgasm that it set him off also and he shot deep inside her wet walls, then she gripped my balls and tripped me over the top making me erupt into her mouth, and she did not miss a drop, sucking till I was empty.


Lusty Lynn - Sexy Biker Nurse Ch. 01

group FOUNTAINPEN67 2018-03-09

It was just the thing she needed after a long shift...a chance to blast through that hole in the hill ahead; the tunnel lights and dotted lines racing past her as those after-market side-pipes reverberated with deafening thunder against the tile walls. Some girls had their time in the tub with a glass of wine, some had smutty paperbacks in a lounge chair by the poolside; Lusty Lynn - the sexy biker nurse had the fucking tunnel. Two hours later, Lynn rode out of her drive and down the lane; leaving her neighborhood and heading to the highway as fast as cheap gas and expensive bike parts would take her.


Introduction to Bi

group authormk 2018-03-09

He bent down to suck the one closest to him, making Trudy moan as we started sucking both her breasts at once, and soon James' fingers and mine moved down her body and began exploring her open, wet pussy together as she squirmed with pleasure and arousal. James climbed up beside her and I watched in fascination as she took his big cock into her mouth, sucking it lovingly as he caressed her breasts and told her how beautiful and sexy she was, and asked her if she liked what I was doing to her. James' cock felt warm and good, pulsing and alive as I sucked up and down his thick shaft, and Trudy sighed, "Oh, beautiful!" caressing her breasts as she watched me sucking her husband's big cock, urging me on and saying how hot it made her to see me suck him.


Acting out Fantasies

group revolution1776 2018-03-09

A little later, as we layed back and talked, Shar informed Jill of my fantasy involving her daughter. Again much to my surprise Jill responded favorably, saying with a devilish smile, that my having sex with her daughter sounded like a "fun thing." Just talking about it turned us all on, and soon we were fucking and sucking again. I heard a moan from behind me and turned to discover Shar on her knees, kissing and licking Jill's pussy. I had felt the mattress sag while eating Dian and now I discovered Shar and Jill in a sixty-nine, each with her head buried between the other's legs. I positioned the bulbous head of my fully erect cock at Dian's vagina and then, in one firm thrust, buried myself balls deep inside her tight love passage.

My First Threesome

group knownobounds 2018-03-09

Spit roasted by two strangers who revelled in my debauchery, just made me want more and I did my best to egg them on with my moans and groans as I ran my tongue all over Paul's cock and gripped James' tightly enough to squeeze the cum right out of it. Without question James lay on the bed and I straddled him, guiding his fat cock back into my sopping pussy, still expecting Paul to come back and fuck my face. With a few more thrusts simultaneously filling both my arse and cunt that saw both of them get their whole cocks back inside me, I came so hard, I thought for a moment I would actually pass out, as the room dimmed and my vision faded before swimming slowly back into focus.



group 2018-03-09

After what seemed like absolutely ages, the boy go off and the girl was made to kneel down in front of me and I was told to fuck her sweet juicy cunt, doggy style, as hard as I could. While she did this, the men, once again took turns fucking both our sweet little boy holes till they were throbbing in agony, but beautiful agony. Then they all took turns fucking every one of the girls holes, at the same time as I sucked the horny young boy till he came, all over my face. When we got back to the house we were staying in, my Sensei asked me if I had liked my present, I said oh yes, of course and gave him a long hard kiss, pushing my tongue deep into his mouth.

The Sleeepover - Chapter 12

group TreborCox 2018-03-09

"Mrs. Andrews and I want to talk with you and Kristina tomorrow night," she says without much preamble. "Sure mom, but I think Lauren should be there, too." I know what they want to discuss with us and I'd feel better if my s!ster was part of it. "Kristina is Lauren's best friend, she hangs out with us a lot, I think we'd both like her there, Mom," I answer. "What you don't know," Mrs. Andrews says, looking at Kristina. "Because dad donated some sperm, Kristina and I can't date?" Ignoring my question, Mrs. Andrews jumps back in, speaking faster than before. "I wish I had tits like this!" Kristina laughs, pushing Lauren away.

The Joy of Joy Ch. 04

group LenNeal 2018-03-09

He watched Justin's hand move up and turn sideways, feeling Joy's inner thigh, and remembering exactly what was going to happen, pressed against the gorgeous woman squished against him and put his right arm around her waist. Joy, pressing against Victor with her body, felt around herself and pulled his chest against her back, turning her head to kiss him while the two men continued pawing her body. Feeling Justin remove his hand from Joy to turn the steering wheel, Victor took the opportunity to lower a hand and deliberately placed his fingers and palm on the crotch of her panties. The car shifted abruptly and threw Joy away from Victor, to almost fall into Justin's lap, head down and ass exposed.

Three At Last

group penncd 2018-03-09

The woman would say it was her ultimate fantasy and she loved having her pussy eaten and her nipples sucked and, yes, even the kissing…but when it came time to turn the tables many of them found a way out of it. She loved the little shock waves she felt go through Chessie's body each time her tongue passed over her clit and then lingered, barely moving back and forth. Chessie reached up and massaged Emmy's clit as George's cock dove in and out of her pussy. And cum she did… Chessie came repeatedly as Emmy sucked and licked her as she watched George's cock move in and out of that wet pussy.

Magaluf Fun Ch. 02

group Annatartywife 2018-03-09

That was my total now at: 9 Different cocks, and by my reckoning 66 and a half inches of meat and 12 loads of cum up me or on me. Ian quickly added a second lot of spunk up my cunt, his six inch prick twitching and filling me up with more goo. He ripped my stockings with his fingers as he fucked me from behind and he spunked all over my tits after I had sucked my cunt juices and the cum from his six inch cock. He fucked me all over my apartment room and finished off the first time up me as I stood on the balcony, his second lot of cum was splashed over my arse as he fucked me doggy, both up my pussy and up my arse.

Laurie Ch. 4

group wolfpack-leader 2018-03-09

"I was thinking that maybe we should try to get two rooms side by side," said Daniel as he slipped a hand around Laurie's waist. The clerk's face immediately turned beet red, and both Laurie and Amber pulled away from Daniel's back, and began to laugh hysterically. Daniel looked out the window of the hotel room, and spotted Amber and Laurie swimming in the hotel's swimming pool. "Oh, yes, baby...suckle on mommy's breast," she moaned softly, one hand pulling at Daniel's still dry hair, while her other hand slipped down between her legs to rub at her pussy, which was beginning to feel warmer than the water she was currently submerged in.


Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 10

group FantasizeAndRealize 2018-03-09

Maria grabbed Sandy's head and pulled her toward her kissing her tenderly on the lips. Maria replied, "My pleasure honey!" "But I still want more of your sweet stuff!" And, with that she turned around plopping her pussy over Sandy's mouth. James and I both looked over when we heard Maria yelling, "That's it girl." "Suck hard!" "I'm going to cum all over your pretty face!" Together the girls started convulsing and I knew that we were witnesses to a very special moment. As the girls were calming down, James removed his head from my cock and said, "I'm sorry that I couldn't clean your load before." "I was snowballed once before and almost puked from the taste." "I just can't bring myself to trying it again."

Daisy Got Laid Ch. 03

group rachlou 2018-03-09

Gravel crunched underfoot as they stepped out of the car and Franco took Daisy's bag from the boot while she stood and admired the view across the fields behind the house. Daisy followed Franco through a huge oak door that looked as if it had been hung to withstand the Viking invaders, and found herself in a cool, spacious hall, the walls painted a melancholy duck egg blue. In a couple of months we are moving back to France so I haven't bothered doing much to the house; I've been way too busy having fun!" Franco grinned mischievously and grabbing her hand, led her down an oak panelled corridor towards the back of the house, from where the delicious aroma of food was wafting from.


made my wife a high class prostitute

group harvin007 2018-03-09

I was very excited now and made gupta sit down on the sofa and and asked rittu to make some drinks for him.Gupta was now eagerly feasting on my wifes body and rittu came and made some drinks for him and then she lit a cigratte like a professional whore started stripping in dim light.She stood on the table and with sexy music on she took off her black saree.She was now exposed in black blouse and petticoat and her body was treat to watch as she was a true heroine of some films.Guptaji cock was also bulging and I could see a huge erect in his pants and.he gulped another drink from the glass.Rittu now unhooked her blouse and unrobed her petticoat.She was now exposed in red netted bra and panty with her long loose hair touching her ass.and her total waxed body was giving a treat to guptaji eyes..Guptaji now stood up and offered drink to rittu and I lit cigratte for her and with one glass in her hand and other with cigratte she was looking like a true prostitute.Guptaji now started touching rittu body and rittu started looking at me but I winked at rittu to carry on .