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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 28

group SteveWallace 2018-03-09

Sheila came home from the museum, Ivy appeared with kisses and a brief report about her new job at the main Boston library, Ally flew in and right back out after a change of clothes with apologies because she'd promised Matt they'd go to a hockey game, and René texted that her services in the ER were in high demand because of a couple of multiple car accidents and some victims from the collapse of a construction scaffold. After dinner, Sheila and Ivy did clean up, while Fran, Loren, and I went into the living room and fired up a romantic chick-flick on the DVD player.


The Discovery Club Ch. 01

group Hikergirl 2018-03-09

"That sounds like it would have been a lot of fun, Kate, but I have plans this weekend," she said apologetically. Mike and I are getting away for the weekend with some friends." Sandra tried to avoid Kate's crestfallen expression. When she saw the questioning look on Sandra's face, she elaborated vaguely, "You know, kind of a couple's retreat; relationship building and stuff." Sandra nodded, "My hat's off to Denise and Larry, they really put a lot of thought into that theme." Kate remained crouched in her chair, too busy trying to make sense of the conversation to feel guilty for eavesdropping. When Richard turned to go back out the door, he saw Kate in her chair, trying very hard to look like she hadn't heard anything.


The Hostess

group biwifeplaying 2018-03-08

I commented on her beautiful breasts and Tessa the party animal just went right for them and started playing Connie's tits while sitting next to me. While Sean stripped, and the rest of our clothes came off, Ruth reappeared from a brief absence, wearing a sexy pair of fishnet thigh highs, stiletto heels, a garter belt and silver black panties. Ruth, me, and Tessa took turns smacking Connie's ass with our hands and the crop and her pale skin soon glowed pink. Sean started fucking Connie who was smiling as his cock slammed in and out of her cunt while he spanked her with his bare hands. This time, I happily observed Sean's white hot cum flow into the waiting open mouths of Connie and Tessa.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 32

group riverboy 2018-03-08

When we were heading north from there I got a call from Penny letting me know Johnny was playing shows in Florida before making his way west toward Texas. Marta could barely walk, but walking wasn't on her mind — she wanted more from Johnny and me, and we gave it to her, finally stopped by an angry knock at the door telling us it was past checkout time. Marta and I both knew that true love wasn't in the cards for us — we were just enjoying the moment, and the last few weeks had been wonderful. "No need for that my friend, she's in good hands." His eyes twinkled with love as he looked at Marta.

Me being a redhead.

group 2018-03-08

He messaged me saying that he really did like me and that he wanted to see some pics of me. Darren opened the door and said I looked good. And by the time I was aware of what was going on I turned my head to the TV I was starring directly at Darren's cock. then the blindfold cam off I opened my eyes and looked up and didn't see Darren but one of his friends I pulled that tasty cock out of my mouth and while still grasped on to it with my hand I looked around the room in shock as I saw Darren and 4 of his friends in the living room all naked and stiff waiting for there turns.

Weird Fantasies 10: Because Why Not

group TessMackenzie 2018-03-08

A friend asks me if I'd like to go to a party at a waterfront mansion. Which is actually quite nice because small so not so much looking usually happens when I have clothes on. I'm a bit surprised, but the idea of being passed around like that is kind of sexy. I know I shouldn't, but I let the new guy lead me away, back to the bedrooms. I stand there, a bit nervous, while all these guys look at my tits. Then the guy holding my hand leads me over to someone else, and gives me to him. That guy comes in my mouth, and then passes me to another guy, and I suck him too.

Couples Dance and Swap

group shinheat 2018-03-08

Todd had now moved so that he could cradle my breasts in his hands, my nipples incredibly hard and puckered with pleasure at being touched by another man whilst holding my husbands erect penis. As they did so, I could feel David building up also and had the intense pleasure of holding his balls and the base of his cock as I felt his cum surging through him into Maggie's welcoming mouth and over her face and breasts. My own fingers joined Maggies tongue on the wet shaft of David's cock and I sensed she was licking my cum on him as I was touching that same moistness.

My Girls-Tina & Janice

group NickyFaulkes 2018-03-08

Janice gave them a minute and then pushed Tina aside to kiss Sally herself. Like they'd rehearsed this in advance, Tina pulled her mouth off me and held my cock at just the right angle for Janice to push Sally down on it. Tina and Janice kissed then went to work on Sally's big tits. I felt Tina's dainty little fingers against the shaft of my cock as I slid in and out of Sally's tight pussy. Janice fell to her knees and pushed Tina's hand away to lock her lips on Sally's throbbing clit and make her come again. Tina kissed me and said, "My turn now," and stepped to the other end of the table to lower her hot little pussy to Janice's lips.


group suzie3w 2018-03-08

Brittany shifted in her seat to face Roger, getting a better angle, and allowing her to use both hands on his dick as she began to enjoy it. Brittany's hand had never stopped pumping, and when she felt his rod get firmer she knew he was going to be shooting before long. Teresa threw a small towel toward Roger's deflating rod, and Brittany took it, wiping off her hands first, then Roger's dick and balls and stomach, and finally his pants. Ben's moan was heard by a few people in between cheers, and Brittany began to actually enjoy what she was doing, at least a little. A voice asked if Ben had actually cum, so Brittany turned toward the voice and opened her mouth.


Sex makes the heart ponder and grow fonder

group flyboyB4 2018-03-08

She walked directly to the bed, turned to face me, laid down, got up on her elbows, spread her legs as far apart as she could, raised her ass up and said, “Just bring that wonderful cock over here and slip it right in to my juicy pussy, and just let me watch you fuck me nice and slow. She became so comfortable that she’d often moan, “yes, fuck me”, or ‘yeah, eat that juicy cunt’.” I, of course, talked to her every moment, with encouraging comments, like, “oh, baby, I love sucking your beautiful tits”, or “here it comes babe, I’m cumming in your hairy cunt”.

Wife's Summer Trip

group Roscoe0829 2018-03-08

I arrived Friday afternoon after Kevin watched me pack some of my tightest and skimpiest clothes, drove me to the airport, gave me a kiss goodbye and told me, "Have a great time I'll see you Monday afternoon." After arriving I was able to visit with some of my old girlfriends and help Mike set up for the party. Chris grabbed one from him and he and Jimmy helped clean me off taking extra time with my tits, sucking and kissing my breasts and nipples as they wiped Mike's cum off. After he finished and pulled his dick out of me Fred grabbed my ass with both hands and fucked me like a piston inside an engine until I felt his already massive cock get larger inside of me and spurt his spunk into my pussy.

Bob's Old Friends

group atlantic_rim 2018-03-08

Bob was sitting on a sofa wearing just his underpants - old-fashioned big white briefs, and I was immediately turned on because I knew what was in them and that I was going to get to play with it. I licked him hungrily and reached around to feel his erection, licking my fingers with my saliva, Bob's saliva and Ben's own ass juice. He kept on for a few minutes and then said, 'Okay, now you fuck Ben.' He lubed my cock and Ben's hole and watched as I placed my dick between Ben's buttocks and slid slowly into him. Again, this went on for only a few minutes before Bob, the master of ceremonies, announced that Ben was going to fuck him.

My Ex Wife's First Gangbang

group TheycallmeMrBig 2018-03-08

She said she was already super wet from anticipation so she wanted to feel my cock in her pussy and my cum shooting inside her. After I had exhausted my ready supply of man liquid, I pulled out and as I backed away I looked up to see this guy wearing a mask kneel behind her and shove his cock in her pussy and went to pounding away. After a long hot shower, Sherry turned to me and said that she had fun but, she wanted to feel my cock one more time in her pussy, ass and mouth and not necessarily in that order.

Halloween Screams

group DaddyHeart 2018-03-08

Kari was excited the quarterback of the college football team had invited her to the frat Halloween costume party. Finally alone the quarterback put on more music and they took turns dancing with Kari. Kari was beyond caring, worse in away she was enjoying the attention of four of the hottest guys on campus. Soon a naked Kari is kneeling begging four guys for their cum. She was a slut in that room that night the conservative Kari was reborn, instilled with lust she ground against the cocks between her legs and sucked feverishly at the guy in her mouth. Kari was sure she must have blacked out at one point because she couldn't remember getting off the floor and onto the quarterbacks bed.

Happy Hour Threesome

group hhart708 2018-03-08

"Now this is a party, Larry on your back, I want to ride you hard, Kris get on his face and you better do a good job with your tongue boy or we will have to get rough," said Julie, as she gave my balls a hard squeeze. As Kris turned around and went to sit on my face ass first, Julie pulled her down hard and pushed her ass toward my face and told me to start to lick and suck. ""AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, motherfucker, feels good, don't stop thrusting and bite harder bitch," screamed Julie as her cunt muscles grabbed my dick like a vice. "That sounded like a good cum Kris, do you think we should let Larry cum now or not," asked Julie.


group AverageBloke 2018-03-08

I had bent into the wind a little, so when I grabbed her to steady her, it took me a moment to realize that my left hand was gripping her upper thigh -- under the skirt. I leaned back in while her legs were still up in the air, for the first time touching her bare skin as I held her hips and snuffled my mouth on her pussy. As I watched in awe, the mother slowly licked her daughter's damp pussy lips, then parted them with her long tongue and lapped her slit directly. As her mother played with her pussy, Jessica reached across and slipped a finger into Nikki's freshly fucked cunt.


Win/Win Situation Ch. 02

group jazm49 2018-03-08

As she joined them Doug was introducing the short rotund man next to him as Bob. Then Jake was shaking hands with the tall skinny man with a moustache and goatee whom Doug called Big John. And another time Jake slid his hand up her skirt and gave her a big grin when he felt how wet she was. What she couldn't tell him, and now didn't need to, was that she'd always wanted to know what it would be like to play with more than one cock at a time. "I want you to go out and suck Doug's cock," Jake said as they lay side by side, still breathing heavily. Against her neck she felt Doug's cock start growing hard again and she reached up and gripped it with her hand.


Poker Party Gangbang

group cendin 2018-03-08

Candy is a 5 foot 4 inch Chinese-American babe with dark black hair, a beautiful face and full lips that look incredible when she is coming. When a drop of his precum appeared, she wasted no time sucking that out and then began working on his cock. She licked it like a lollipop until it was glistening and then let him fuck her tits while she sucked on the head. Candy began working her way down the line. When she got to me at the end of the line, she looked up and mouthed, "I love you," then asked Steve to fuck her from behind. Jim was taking longer so Candy licked her finger and slid it up his ass and before long he was pumping cum down her throat.

Cuckold Husband

group danexxx 2018-03-08

John obediently knelt down beside you and started licking the cum of your face while I was rubbing the rest in while massaging your big tits, only stopping when he was ready to lick my cock clean. You looked at the screen, the lady was now on her knees, surrounded by men jacking off and soon starting to cover her face and tits in sperm, she had her mouth full and was playing with it with her tongue. There he knelt on the floor and you held my half-hard cock in your hand and when I started to let go, you aimed the cock at John and let the hot pee rain all over his face, ordering him to open his mouth and swallow.

I Love Lesbians

group gtmluv 2018-03-08

I was placed in the middle of Stephanie and Jade and both started rubbing their tits and pussies to me while dancing. For a moment Jade thought that it was Stephanie's finger and started moaning which encouraged me and I inserted my fingers in her panties and straight in her pussy. Jade was sucking her clit and I inserted my finger Stephanie's pussy while I was sucking her nipples. Stephanie's nipples became very hard as if ready to burst and she moaned "I'm cumming" and was wet, Jade lapping her pussy. Jade commanded me that since Stephanie was in erotic delight I should suck her pussy and tits too and I immediately sank my head between her legs and pushed it deep inside her pink sweet pussy.

79% mff

Taming a Bitch and Beyond Ch. 04

group wetwordmixer 2018-03-08

Looks like your heading off to work, but thought a little fun tempting wouldn't hurt." She twirled around in her high heels and tossed off her robe. "Maybe we can do dinner tonight?" Katie asked looking from Anna then to me. Katie looked at me, shot me a questioning smile, and pulled Anna in for a kiss. I apologize," I answered as I took Katie in my arms and gave her a hug, followed by a deep kiss during which I pushed my tongue into her mouth. "I love knowing you are horny and thinking nasty thoughts." This was followed with more kisses which Katie now returned.


Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 14

group Andyhm 2018-03-08

Simone smiled as she looked at me and said, "It's your own fault, you made her the way she is. Lise stood on one leg as she pulled her panties off and kicked them across the room looking pleadingly back and forth between Simone and me. Simone came and sat on the side of the bed beside me and she handed me the chain. Simone pulled a stool over from the dressing table to the side of the bed and padded it with a couple of pillows to raise Lise ass to the right height. Our bed has been a big place with an empty berth without you." She reached over and removed Lise collar and handed it to me.


That One Night in Vegas

group BrindleChase 2018-03-08

He wouldn't ever let on, thinking it a bad thing for a husband to like or enjoy, but I wasn't foolish enough to think any man wouldn't be happy to see a naked hot chick. She left it like shackles about her ankles as she smoothed her caramel hands across her glittery skin, caressing herself in ways that made me blush for the moist warmth I felt between my legs. Our lips melded together and I managed to look at Brad who was staring, mouth wide open and I could feel him throbbing beneath my hand. Brad owed me big time and I could tell the entire scene was a little slice of heaven by the way he watched us with worshipful eyes.


group Sinbad69za 2018-03-08

She starts gently kissing you while spreading the oil, down your throat to your perfect breasts, which, by now have firmed up a little more in excitement, your nipples standing up in jealous anticipation of the same attention.......... You move your hands eagerly down to her ass, and spread the oil across both cheeks before sliding them down to the tops of her thighs and between her legs. She pushes backwards and forwards, your two pussies opening up and coating the others upper thigh with your juices, putting pressure on your, by now, very hard clits..... You release her, not wanting me to intervene again, and slowly slide your hands down her flat stomach, spreading oil on the way.