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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Thrilling Rides

group JayPierce95 2018-03-08

Seeing that David and Trey were in conversation, Olivia subtly slid her hand into Charlie's pocket. As their car stopped with a hiss in front of them and the gate opened, Charlie turned back and whispered behind Trey's back, "Olivia, come sit next to me." For Olivia, the House of Mirrors was just constantly seeing reflections of David and Trey checking out her chest and her bubble butt that was visible in her flared skirt. Upon seeing what Trey had done, David cautiously moved his hand off of the restraint bar and placed it on Olivia's exposed mid-thigh. "Sorry about stopping short," Olivia turned and apologized to Trey, acting as if she either didn't know or didn't care what had happened.


Vacation Hotel Ch. 02

group leilianu 2018-03-08

Don trailed Alex and watched as Amy barely got her hands around the guy's cock. "Fuck." Alex felt Amy's ass tighten around his cock. She felt like she was ready to explode when her ass cheeks finally reached Alex's body. Movements from her ass made her arc in pleasure as Alex's hands pushed Amy up and down his long shaft. Amy let out a moan as she was pushed and dropped faster by Alex and plunged deeper and deeper with each drop by Alex's cock in her ass and Don's cock in her pussy. Amy smiled and fell back on Alex's stomach, her ass still full of cock and cum and her pussy, as Don pulled out, full of cum.

Nina's Night Out Ch. 02

group Nina21 2018-03-08

"What are you doing?" The taxi driver asked, frowning at me as I sighed when Emma replaced her middle finger inside me and began to stroke the sensitive mound of my clit with her fingers. The taxi driver had stepped out of the car to argue with Nathan, and Emma was opening the door when I had an idea. Emma grabbed my hand and Nathan's and stood between us, resting her head against my shoulder and looking at the taxi driver. I took his cock in my hand and thought of getting to strip that tight pink dress from Emma and bury my face in her pussy while Nathan watched.

wife and her best friend.....

group navillus76 2018-03-08

However they would never want to fuck each other alone even though I have egged them on repeatedly. So I am at work the other day and get a text from the wife saying that my girlfriend wants some.....I respond saying, give her some. No response for 50 minutes.......I guess they got over their anxiety and the girlfriend dropped her pants and my wife sucked her pussy til she came, switched and she did the wife.... I came home that night and wifes pussy was still wet...The next night I went for a drink with the girlfriend and started asking her about it and soon after stuck my hand in her panties to find her soaked...

Invitation to a Discreet Gangbang

group WarmMornings 2018-03-08

"Looks like everyone needs another drink before we start," Jen said after finishing her tour of greetings. Here I was in a room full of naked men flashing wood, with some guy's wife perched naked on the table right in front of me, while he casually stood off to the side with a drink in his hand watching the action. I never seen anything more sexually provocative in my life than Jennifer, her chest flushed with recent orgasms, her legs draped casually open, and excess semen dripping around her mouth while she quietly sipped her drink surrounded by guys ready to fuck her for the next six hours.


Chapter 3

group 2018-03-08

Finally, without warning she jerked the bungee cord, stretching my cock painfully, causing me to moan as precum dripped down my shaft. She then struck my stretched cock and balls very hard very hard with her riding crop. After a while, perhaps half way through, as the bidding began to slow down, Mistress Dee stood in front of me smiling. The bidding slowed, Mistress Dee, slapped the head of my cock with her riding crop. Striking the side of my cock hard, I jerked moaning loudly, “Going Twice !” calling out with a devious smile. To the lovely couple in leather!” Mistress Dee struck my balls, three times with her riding crop.

A Birthday Surprise

group Many Feathers 2018-03-08

During those times when they'd spoken candidly with one another about their lifestyles, relationships, Brian had admitted to Rachel he'd often thought of her being with Teri. Darlene was just finishing up with Teri when Rachel came down to the den where Brian was watching TV. Seconds later he saw Rachel open the sliding doors to their den stepping out onto the deck and make her way over to where the tub was. Truth was, Brian did feel a slight awakening and quickly located himself in a neutral corner of the tub as Rachel stepped in, sitting across from him. Brian had parked his car around the next block, hurriedly making his way over to Rachel and Teri's home.


Gemma's spa experience day part 1

group madmackem61 2018-03-08

The spa and the changing room was quiet and my mischievous mind wandered to whether or not it would be so quiet that I might get the opportunity to play with Gemma's pussy when no one could see or maybe go further if she was up for it. With the showers now empty as he had moved away, I took a cooler shower, f***ed other images into my mind, pulled on my swim shorts and, having restored some control over my pricks urge to grow to a full erection, left the changing room and headed for the spa After entering the spa and showering we sat alone in a room where warming tiled benches began to raise your body temperature and start the process of relaxing both body and mind.

Ladies' Night

group candi_hotte 2018-03-08

With Bobby rubbing my clit and Trey and Mike sucking and pinching my big, sensitive nipples, I couldn't take it much longer and screamed, " OH FUCK, guys, I am going to cum so FUCKIN' hard!!" Bobby sat down at the edge of one of the sofas, spread his legs out, and said, "Back up to my cock; I want you ride my cock with you facing forward so I can grab your tits and pinch those huge hard nipples of yours!" James and Kevin got on either side of my chest and resumed sucking my rock hard nipples while squeezing the hell out of my big firm tits.



group ladie_lover069 2018-03-08

Natasha found Kelly pleasant, although a bit immature, and decided she would probably let the young couple's plan play out. He was probably the only other guy in the bar that she found attractive and normally she would have taken the drink, but the possibilities presented by Kelly and Mike seemed much more interesting. Kelly let her hand fall into Natasha's lap and started gently rubbing her thigh. "It's kind of hard to explain," the pretty blonde girl said as she slid closer to Natasha. Natasha moaned softly into Kelly's mouth and she began sucking on the girl's tongue. After what seemed a few long moments, Kelly broke the kiss and leaned back on the couch smiling.


The Little Witch Comes To Town

group stockingsandgarters 2018-03-08

I was just describing Melanie's grand finale in which she had a serial airtight with the three guys each coming in each orifice, working their way from hole to hole until they had all come in Mel's ass, pussy and mouth before they were done, when the girls walked into the kitchen. When it was fully ensconced, with his balls against her rectum, Jim paused for a moment to allow her to adjust; Mel wriggled a little, driving back and down with her ass to make sure she had maximum penetration from both cocks, then urged, “Okay, boys, do me.”


group daisy 2018-03-08

I sat in the living room thinking about what my brother said and immediately started to feel nervous for some reason. About 10 minutes later when I said dinner was almost ready, my brother went out to his car to get something when Cathy came into the kitchen. He grabbed her around her ass and started to move her hips faster and faster on his crotch until I heard a gut and my brother grabbing the sides of the chair he was sitting in while Cathy continued to rock back and forth. I closed my eyes remembering this feeling again and when I opened my eyes again, I saw my brother smiling and watching Cathy.


Man Addict Ch. 02

group EnglishEm 2018-03-08

The man glanced at me as his partner fussed with her hair and his eyes widened as a hair-roughened hand reached out to caress my breast, strong fingers slipping under the material of my dress to pinch my nipple. There was enough light showing through the curtains to dimly outline his body and I reached out, smoothing my hand up his inner thigh and over his balls to the base of his impressive cock. Cupping his hand around my cheek, he flexed his thumb, rubbing it along my lips until he touched the shaft of the other man. I relaxed into his body, running my hands over his warm skin and enjoying his strength as the muscles in his arms, chest and abdomen flexed beneath my touch.

1.First threesome with metalhead and his girlfrien

group i55y 2018-03-08

His coffee remained forgotten as he fingered me there in that kitchen, putting his other hand over my mouth so that his flatmates didn’t hear me squeal. He held me close, undid my trousers with expert fingers, kissed my lips and sucked my tongue, and slid first one index finger and then his middle finger between my pussy lips. She grabbed his hips and dragged her nails down his back, making him shiver and push deeper inside my cunt. He didn’t push any further, but instead started kissing the back of my neck, flipping my own hair away, and traced my spine with his long fingernails. His tight stomach moving in unison with my own as we pushed against each other, his beautiful long hair hanging in my face and his eyes closed.

The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 07

group thewhitestripe 2018-03-08

Well you're going to fuck me on Kelly's bed and then cum on her underwear," said Alice, unbuttoning her white blouse. I dove down to her chest, sucking her nipples into my mouth, then kissing my way down her body until I was pushing my lips against the warm and very moist spot on her panties, feeling her soft pussy lips underneath. After a few minutes of oral sex, Alice looked down between her heaving titties and pulled at my hair, dragging me up to her mouth where she french kissed me forcefully, licking up her pussy juice from my lips and chin. "I think slutty Kelly likes getting touched by a girl," said Alice, looking back at me.


MIchele's Mistake - 6

group THIRDCOAST 2018-03-08

I explained that Everett chooses my clothing.When they asked again about where I was going dressed like this, I finally told them Everett was taking me to The Pit. They both squealed and said they’d both wanted to go. Daddy places his hand on the small of back again, and guides me into the main room. Master Evan kisses my hand too, and makes a comment to Daddy that I look impressive in my corset. I finally feel something very cool being placed on my nipples and right above my vulva. Daddy comes and places a ball gag in my mouth. When Daddy’s cock slips out, I feel his warm cum mixed with mine, wetly drip from my splayed lips.

The Hunger Ch. 03

group CorsetLvr 2018-03-08

Then it suddenly came back to me, the wonderful, lust-filled night I had spent with Sharon and Jim. I rolled my head to the side and saw the source of the sounds. When the older couple got up and got in the pool she said, "Sharon, we're having a little get together at our place tonight and we wanted to invite you and Jim, and Kim here if she is into it, to join us. "OK, that sounds nice, let me touch base with Jim and talk it over with Kim. Can I let you know in a couple of hours?" Sharon asked.


Second Honeymoon

group Roboboy 2018-03-08

When Gerry and I got married, both of us had jobs but almost no vacation, so for a honeymoon we simply went to a resort near where we lived, stayed for a weekend, screwed non-stop, and reported to work the next Monday. Then in one motion I pulled my mouth off Gerry's cock, stood, turned around, and bent over, putting one hand on the counter edge. To sustain the feeling just a little longer, I turned toward the shower, pulled my outer lips all the way back and let the warm water run over my exposed clit. Gerry moaned and a drop of clear pre-cum appeared in the little slit at the end of his cock.


Chance and Libertine

group wmzlvecv 2018-03-08

A hand reached under her t-shirt and cupped her breast, letting it hang as naturally as it could within the confines of the fabric, running his fingers over the nipple. Like some force reached up through her spine, turning her into its marionette, sliding her hand downward to the bulge in his pants. She watched him stare at her for some time before finally bending forward and positioning herself over the arm of the couch. If in the course of reading this story you assumed the hair color, physique, or the like of any of the characters, then this approach would appear to be working to some extent. I wanted to convey delicacy and awareness, alongside a woman who is the focal-point, mindful of her carnal desires, and in control.

Learn to Swing as a sub

group sw-zh 2018-03-08

One attractive guy started talking to me and I could sense his dominant streak and the next thing I know he was fingering my cunt expertly and I was coming, standing up and still holding Husdom's hand. The guy behind me took me good and hard and long and my scream and moans were drowned by the music and then he stopped and told me to suck his cock. Once again Husdom had found a guy to fuck me from behind, hard like a phenumatic drill, making me choke on the guys cock that I now wanted so bad in my cunt.

Ron's Journal 01

group Hypoxia 2018-03-08

"Hey Ron, do I taste any better than Judy?" asked Ann, pushing forward. Over the next few weeks, Ann and/or her sisters occasionally showed up at Judy's for more "jam sessions" where all we jammed were fingers and tongues. "Put your long nose in front of Ann's cute cunt and pay attention," Judy said, leaning forward. ooooh," Judy said as Ann's working tongue started affecting her. Hope and Ann were mouthing Judy's tits. Faith abandoned Judy's vulva and was replaced by Ann. Hope leaned over Judy's head from behind and they slurped each other's tits. Judy pulled herself away from Hope and Ann and moved toward Faith and me, saying, "Hey, make room for me in there."


Ozark Widder Woman

group tony_tiger 2018-03-08

When she served dinner she saw it and commented with a smile, "Guess you are enjoying my company!" She let her hair down and took off the apron and I was treated to a view of the prettiest pair of tits I'd seen in or out of the office in a long time. On the one hand it was great, and she was going to fuck two different men that day anyway, but would it be special if it happened all the time? With the savings in the out of pocket costs for housing, and what I felt to be a fair share of household expenses, I had figured out that Caren could now afford to pay one full-time farm hand a modest cash salary in addition to room, board, and pussy.


A Fantastic FMF Threesome

group kezza6969 2018-03-08

As Jeanette began to kiss her way along Robyn’s feet, ankles and calves Robyn moved her lovely slim legs, parting them, silently assenting to Jeanette’s mouth body. Her body shuddered, mewing sounds came from her throat, her hands clutched at my head, her mouth sucked at my tongue, her nipples hard to my touch. Jeanette lay back on the bed, a pillow under her head, her legs spread, her pussy open to our gaze, her big breasts mounded on her chest, a look of happy lustful expectancy on her face. I moved my head and watched Robyn stroke her tongue back and forth amongst the open long folds of Jeanette’s pussy.

Swinging in the pool

group cuplfun 2018-03-08

We both began joking back and forth, and even got my wife up to going to the bathroom but she got there a second too late with our friends hopping out of the shower. Within a few minutes of hanging out my wife took her top off and threw it out of the pool, and in turn her friend threw hers out as well. Everyone continued to hang out after a short time my wife began kissing and grinding on me while our friends were doing the same. After a few minutes my wife turned away and locked eyes with her friend, my wife hopped on the other wife and they began wildly making out. My wife's friend was now playing with my hard cock thru my pants, while I continued to finger her.