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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Salesman Enjoys Trip Of His Life Ch. 02

group milerdan2 2018-03-08

Once on shore it was time to find our tour guide and again I couldn't help but chuckle at all the heads that Sara and Cindy were turning. I soon saw that there was a girl sitting in the shade in front of the sunglass store and even though I had the perfect pair of women going shopping for me with my money inside, I couldn't help but notice and maybe even lust over the beauty of this Asian girl. "You deserve and will find someone that is right for you," responded Cindy and I wanted to read some kind of reaction from Sara who I started to long for even more.


Dogging Sue

group 2018-03-08

My cock nearly exploded in my pants - here was my demure sexy wife, offering to meet my wildest sex fantasy. Having driven slowly past our car he could not have missed the sight of Sue running her hands over her tits. My cock nearly exploded as I watched, this complete stranger, take my wife's tit into his mouth. Sensing he was about to shoot his load Sue pulled his cock towards her face. Like a true slut she rubbed his wet bell end over her face and tits. He walked away, almost shaking with pleasure - turning to me she said "that's it, I want loads of cock tonight".

Business is Pleasure

group emma579 2018-03-08

"Pleasure, Mr. Walker," she breathed, the flutter of air over his wet head making him groan, "I am specially trained in the pleasure of a man." Then she took him into her mouth, sliding her lips down almost to his base, her body tilting and exposing the intricate tattoo on her back. He increased the thrust of his fingers, increased the rubbing of his thumb on her clit, felt her body gathering -- with a spasm she came, crying out breathlessly as he pulled his hands from her sex and pressed them to her inner thighs, parting her, his mouth covering her quivering hole, sucking and slurping her pleasure like a thirsty man in the desert.


Amanda Turns Out for the Tennis Tea

group fireplacelady123 2018-03-08

“Well nothing really, he just managed to get some keys for his old office one lunch time, he took me there, I got on my knees and sucked his big hard cock in my mouth,” they all looked on opened mouthed, “oh and then he bent me over the desk, pulled my skirt up, and fucked my cunt as hard as it as ever been fucked before,” Amanda was in full swing now, “then he pulled his cock and and spunked all over my arse,” that was short and succinct, “as I said, nothing much really.”


Camper Girl Ch. 01

group Dr_Hotspur 2018-03-08

I played with myself and imagined the hot blond one was doing it while his dreamy eyes took in my big boobs, his lips wet and his hard cock about to do a better job than his fingers were doing. George squirmed back out of the way as Mac pushed at the backs of my knees, raising my arse up off the sheet till I was folded right over, the backs of my thighs and pussy facing skywards, my feet over my head. He picked up my feet and lifted them high and wide, then with little alternate motions of his kneeling legs he got his cock-head an inch inside me.


Four Hands and More

group morefunnaked 2018-03-08

After rubbing the oil all over her tits, Wendy leaned over and started to rub them all over my chest, then moved lower and lower until she had taken over for Jim, using her breasts in place of his hands. When I joined him on the other side Wendy greedily grabbed both our cocks and began slurping away on them, first one and then the other and then somehow she got both of them into her mouth at the same time for a little bit. Jim let her suck for another couple minutes with me taking brief little turns, then walked around the other side of the table to take his turn between her legs.

And the Lady takes Two

group tantricjim 2018-03-08

We enjoyed a great evening and following the dinner and wine Heather accepted my invitation to join me in my room. I began slow fucking her, what a strange feeling, my cock seemed to follow along George's, which remained stationary in her butt hole. About this time George lost his control as well and he began to slide his cock slowly back and forth in her butt, and when he felt me begin to cream her, his moves became more frantic. George finally rolled off first and Heather pushed up off of me and looked down with a tired smile, "My fantasy, never believed that it could happen, I loved it."

The Elevator

group anusha 2018-03-08

I felt the older man rub his cock up against my ass and say, "First, bitch, I'm going to fuck your tight little pussy, and then I'm going to fuck you in the ass!" All I could do was moan, because I had the other guy's cock inside my mouth. Now in your tight little ass!" The youngest of the three was sitting there with his cock in his hand, when the the older guy said to him, "I want you to stick your cock up her pussy while I fuck her in the ass!" By now I was starting to feel very tired, but the thought of having 3 men fucking me brought me back to life.

A Taste of Honey

group Camille Savage 2018-03-08

My body longed to know him, to feel him intimately, but slowly, painstakingly, Dan continued to undress me until there I sat on the couch, totally naked, wet, and very horny. I released Dan from my mouth and began to lick Honey’s soft, wet lips that were still busy pumping away at Dan’s cock. I sucked on him a while longer and then Honey and I began to alternate, each taking a turn sucking on his hard cock, both of us teasing him, telling him how good he tasted, how we liked to suck him, how we liked to feel him in our mouth, how much we wanted him.


Stacey Goes to the Ball Ch. 02

group sms41280 2018-03-08

I look back at him winking...knowing I'd shared this fantasy with James some years ago...and he's making it seriously come true...I bite my lip as I untie the neck of my halter and then lift it up over my head...wearing a skimpy sheer black spandex strapless bra...more like a translucent tube nipples visable on my small but firm rack. Their palms now pressing against me, running them flat across your skin...covering so much of you as they explore my body...Johnathon's grooving down towards my jeans, firmly cupping your ass before stroking your thighs, while Rikov leans in...touching his lips lightly to my nipples.

Beach Party Daze Ch. 02

group sandysummer 2018-03-08

Before I knew it he had his cock deep inside her cunt. As I recovered my senses I realized there was another man standing beside me, his erection pointing toward the mouth I was pulling my cock out of. Every time I moved my erection brushed Jane. He must have cum, because he moved and one of the guys took his place in her mouth. "Becky turned away as she took his meat between her lips and kissed the tip to make it hard. Hank must have unloaded by then because the third guy started face fucking Becky. Jane and I locked in a hungry embrace, our tongues searching inside each other's mouths.


Patty: Newly Minted Teacher

group caprine 2018-03-08

It took me some time to clean off his dick, I liked too much what I was doing, but Jim seemed to enjoy the effect of my mouth and tongue on his joy stick. June, July, and early August passed with a combination of part time summer day job and sex at night with Steffee and Jim as well as several friends of his who got invited over from time to time for a real gang bang. I had signed a teaching contract shortly after graduation, so by mid August, it was time to move to my new town to get a place to live and look over my new high school. Before Jeff could move, I lowered my mouth to that cock and circled my tongue around its bulbous head to lap up the bubbling precum.


Golf Partners Ch. 01

group pantie_fan 2018-03-08

Of course both Petra and I knew what was going to happen next and sure enough, James started 'pulling' Daniela's knee to one side so that her legs started to spread. As James slowly drew Daniela's knees apart, I did the same to Petra, watching how the brightly coloured stretchy material of her dress tensed before juddering up her thighs in small steps as her thighs parted. Turning back to look at the other two, I watched as James pulled Daniela's skirt away from her lap so that we now had a clear view of her lace-covered crotch.


Beach Skiing

group Flynn77 2018-03-08

Then her man momentarily took his hand from her crotch to collect his balance and she jerked her groin up desperate for contact, giving me a sight of a clitoris beneath her bush to match her nipples – a thick, long nub of flesh poking right out its hood atop a set of soaking wet, fleshy labia, splayed deliciously obscenely to reveal a hole swimming in juices that glistened on her inner thighs as well. I heard her breath quicken then saw her move position – she opened her thighs wide and made a show of displaying her smooth-shaven, very aroused pussy to us; in particular to Pascal, who gave a growl of appreciation as she peeled open her lips with wet fingers and worked on her little bud of a clit.

Living on the "Wild" Side a Little

group cafwen 2018-03-07

"Hello there..." Angie wasn't entirely sure but she thought the blonde was checking her out for a moment, "I'm Rachel, the ranger for tonight's drive." The beautiful woman extended her hand and Angie took it, pleased at the strong grip, "and that bastard coming up to us now is Adam." A very tall and rather handsome blonde man -- by his attire obviously another ranger -- approached them. Adam got up suddenly to turn the light off (and lock the door she noticed) and Rachel took the opportunity to get Angie's bra off, laying her down on the bed forcefully. Rachel lifted her hips and wiggled her ass invitingly at Adam before returning to her place between Angie's legs, sucking hard at her clit and sliding three fingers inside her without warning.

How I Got To Sleep With An Angel

group Suzie_Christie 2018-03-07

Feeling the eyes of Jessica and the young guy simultaneously on my naked body sends shivers of excitement down my spine and when I finally answer my voice can hardly be heard. We kiss each other passionately and I start to undress him slowly, just like Jessica wants me to do. Once I am naked, too, Angel takes my semi hard cock between his beautifully shaped narrow lips and starts licking it. Now Jessica tells me to kneel down and make Angel cum by stroking his nice cock. We kiss each other for a long time, then Jessica grabs my cock and starts to stroke it until I cum.

Running To, Or Running From

group Strict-But-Fair 2018-03-07

Watching out the side of her eye for the woman's reaction, she opened her legs further, pulling the skirt up slowly until her thighs were revealed, glowing pale white in the light of the carriage. She leant back, her eyes half closed, only just aware of the man's frantic pumping of his cock opposite her, while she drove her own fingers in and out and around the wet flesh of her cunt, her free hand holding back her panties, while flicking a finger at her swollen clit. She watched the woman reaching between his legs with both hands, one hand encircling his cock, pushing his own hand away, the other delving deep into his trousers, obviously squeezing his balls in time to her movements.

Rita's Idea of a Third

group man_as_dog 2018-03-07

Rita was off to my right side, and I noticed that David had gotten on the other side of her, his hand on her butt as she leaned in to taste my cock. When I did come around, it was to watch as David, grinning, sank his cock into Rita, right there on the bed beside me. David came back with a hot, wet wash cloth and a dry hand towel, and he began to clean up my sweaty, cum soaked girlfriend. I wanted this to be a great come, as it was likely the only time I'd ever be in this situation, and maybe a long time until my cock felt ass.


The Adventure Ch. 05

group Harryandsally 2018-03-07

Laura couldn't work out how many men were touching her now, she started to get the idea there could be more than 1 stranger here, just what had Paul set up here? Laura could then feel the bed move to both her left and right, it felt like 2 more men had joined her. Laura realised that he hadn't really taken much notice of what the men looked like, in the position she was now in, she could only see a few faces and recognised none of them. The man fucking Laura then pulled out and sprayed his load all over her bum and the small of her back. Paul started to work on his wife's clitoris as he fucked her arse, Laura hadn't even realised that she hadn't come yet until now.


Tell Me Your Fantasy

group MistressX 2018-03-07

"That feels wonderful." Devin sighed, his hips bucking as he fucked Beth's mouth. Devin grabbed Beth's head and pumped his cock into her mouth. Caught up in the moment and knowing Devin was watching, Kate bent her head and began to lick one of Beth's nipples. Holding Devin's gaze, Beth sucked Kate's fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. He watched as Beth spread her pussy lips wide and swiped her tongue through Kate's wet slit. Devin continued to watch Beth eat his wife's pussy as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth. Kate cupped his balls in one hand and massaged while the other tangled in Beth's hair to hold her to her pussy.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 13

group Jeremydcp 2018-03-07

"I want you to gag on that cock," Trish said, grasping Lindsay by the back of her head and pushing forward. I moved my hand to the back of Trish's head, but kept my eyes fixated on Lindsay for the time being. "Yeah, suck my balls." Lindsay nudged downward just a tad and began to lick and slurp away on one of my testicles as Trish used short, controlled head bobs on the tip of my shaft. "Fuck her mouth," Trish told me, as I began to thrust my cock between Lindsay's glossy, pink lips. "Her little nipples are hard." Trish moved one hand back up and palmed my testicles as I kept jamming myself in-and-out of the 21-year-old's hot, amazing mouth.


The Focus Group Ch. 01

group SexyWriterCouple 2018-03-07

He pumped into her with growing speed, and she was concerned he would lose himself to the excitement before she'd gotten what she really needed, so Marissa gripped the sawhorse with one hand and went to work once again between her legs, giving her clit a little pinch before rubbing around it in motion with their fucking. The feel of his warm seed filling her mouth was all Marissa needed and she came with him, dropping all the way to her knees with his cock still between her lips and her hand still rubbing the last few pleasurable jolts from her hyperstimulated clit.


My First Group Fuck

group supersexyhips 2018-03-07

As soon as I got in I staggered to my room on my weak legs (weak from being totally aroused), clambered onto my bed, rolled up my skirt, and fucked myself hard with my fingers, imagining my hand was a throbbing cock. And then another hand slipped between my legs and a mouth started kissing the back of my neck, I moved my arms above my head to arch my body with pleasure, and my hands landed on someone else's legs as they moved towards me, lowering a hard cock into my mouth. I thought I was going to explode with pleasure and I sucked his throbbing cock, felt her mouth biting and licking and sucking my breasts and another man fingering me hard as he kissed my neck and my ears.

Two busty fuck whores

group 2018-03-07

Meanwhile, I pulled Dee towards the bed, pushed he back on it and spread her legs to reveal her cunt- she'd left a landing strip and she looked at me cheekily and said “sorry sir...”. My cock was getting back to full hardness so I decided to check out Roxy's younger cunt- the tightness was a pleasure to fuck and I could easily have cum again but I decided to pull out and wait. I got them both to swap and as Roxy licked at her aunt I pulled the butt plug out of her arse and shoved my now hard cock straight in. I pulled slowly out of her and put my cock straight into Dee's waiting mouth while I butt plugged Roxy's arse again.