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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Lawn Rangers Ch. 10

group texaswade 2018-03-07

"Baby, you suck a good dick," Claudia said to me at one point. "You fuck John in the ass too then," Claudia said. Once I was all the way in Claudia's ass, I stopped and tried to enjoy the sensation of being in her ass and being able to feel my friend's big dick fucking her through her pussy wall. "Damn this gay shit is so fucking hot, I'm going to have to quit my job to stay home and jerk off," Claudia said, masturbating. I looked at Claudia and said "Now let me show you how you take an ass fucking baby." In the car, Claudia and I talked about all the hot sex we'd had, about John's monster dick and about our upcoming fourway with her sister.

Daddy's Girl pt.3: All Night Blowjobs

group SafeSexting 2018-03-07

I was pumping my hard thick cock slowly in and out of my daughters wet tight pussy as I stared into Alexis' big blue eyes. I pulled my hard cock out of Heather's tight wet young pussy and moved in behind Alexis. Heather got up and knelt next to me, kissing me on the cheek "I love you daddy." She took my cock in her little hand and guided it inside her friend's twat. Heather kissed the tip of my soft dick, then Alexis did the same, only she sucked my cock into her mouth for a second. This is your house too now Alexis, you can stay as long as you like." She kissed my cock one more time before falling asl**p with her head right next to it.

Tropical Tart Takes Three

group Fourtsix 2018-03-07

As Sally walked away I turned to Bob and Bill, "What do you think? Bob slid a condom over his cock and slowly eased it into my slut wife. Sally moaned and pushed back against him, plunging his hard cock to the hilt in her wet pussy. After a few minutes Sally pulled away from my cock and gasped, "Cum inside me, shoot your seed into me." "I'm cumming," he said, and just as my wife pulled his cock out of her mouth, a stream of semen shot from the head of his cock across her lips. The sight of my wife with a stranger's cum on her lips and face was all I needed to start my own cock pumping.

my gangbang

group 2018-03-07

I have always dreamed of being gangbanged but never dared try. Last Weds I invited two male friends over for drinks and fun. Then we went upstairs where I stripped ( see pic) and bent over a chair. During the session, the doorbell rang and the friend I was blowing said he'd take care of it. Just as I came, the door opened and six other guys walked in with cocks hanging out. I had seen a vid of a girl on her knees taking several guys, so I went the same route. While the last two were fucking me, the others had got hard ons again, and I had to take them in my mouth. That was always my dream.

The Inner-City Kinky Boutique Pt. 02

group BondGrl 2018-03-07

I was so relieved, then as I looked up I saw Jodie, coming through the front door with two big bottles of bubbly. I saw Jodie, as she approached Samantha, and started interviewing her and looking over her application. "Wait, I don't even want to know, cuz by the look on your face, he made you cum really good, and he's a black man at that. Jodie said, "Okay, it's not that messy so as soon as I'm done, I will come to the office to check out the sales totals." "I'm ready just let me grab a bottle of champagne, so I can drink on the way," said Jodie Jodie said, I like this blue caviar, it is so freaking good.


Office Surprise

group bowtie4u 2018-03-07

She could tell he was enjoying what she was doing he grabbed her foot and started to fuck it hard. The other foot, soaked with his cum was guided to a warm moist are, which Jen knew was the woman's hot pussy. Jen was at the point of no return she could feel the contractions in her pussy starting there was a couple of fingers inside her hot pussy, one on it way up her ass and this woman eating her pussy. Jen's juices started to flow and she let out a little scream and said, " Fuck I am Cumming". This only seemed to encourage the couple as they fucked her ass and pussy with their fingers and the woman was sucking on Jen's clit as the juices were flowing out of Jen's hotbox.

Sheila's Awakening

group Jerrycurious 2018-03-07

As these thoughts ran through Sheila's head she absent mindedly began caressing her left breast with her right hand, trying to stop the tingling in her body but only serving to make it more pronounced. She had been thinking recently that perhaps she should sneak out of bed and go down to the living room and enjoy herself there but she was too afraid that if David found her missing in their bed he would come looking for her and she would be discovered, and in a much more obvious way than in her quiet bedtime play. "Well, here's the thing," Howard said, " if she agrees we can inform Judge Hitler - I mean Judge Feeley, and start working on a settlement."


Rub a Dub-Dub...

group Daren 2018-03-07

At one point, Hannah pulled Julie down onto the big pillows on the floor and teased us by saying, "You must have been to strip clubs to watch women dance... Without speaking further she pulled Gary's towel away from his waist, leaned over his lap, and started licking his cock and balls. After a few minutes she turned around to face me, holding Gary's balls in one hand, and started nibbling on my own rod. She looked so sexy seated on that stool, the cool drizzle matting her hair against her face, her head tilted back looking up at us both, her tongue flicking from one cock to the other, smiling impishly while she squeezed our balls.


Annie - Party Wife

group ammotr 2018-03-07

I’d see her chatting, mainly with guys, and then I’d lose her in the crowd, only to spot her a little later talking, or more like flirting with someone else. Annie just looked down at her feet, trying to hide the guilt in her face. Do you want to slide inside me and feel his sticky cum against your dick?’ I could feel the other guy’s cum squishing around my dick and start to run out and over my balls and down onto Annie’s twitching arse crack. Within minutes, the excitement of the moment took over and, grunting like a pig, I blasted all I had into her as she thrust her cunt hard against me, clutched my neck, and rammed her tongue halfway down my throat.

A Lecturer & Her Students Ch. 02

group mandywilluk2000 2018-03-07

I know that as I looked at Paul and Neil I couldn't help seeing what I had seen and held yesterday, their beautifully hard, young cocks. "So we won't have to come in or have tea if we stay here will we?" He said as I felt Paul stroking my chestnut hair that I was wearing half up with ringlets hanging down my neck. Worse of all as Neil leaned forward so his face was close to mine and looking right into my eyes cupped my breast and as Paul reached over my shoulder and cupped the other one, my body was contradicting my mind. "And why Amanda did you let us both cum over your big tits?" Neil said crushing practically any resistance I had left.


Chat Room Meeting Ch. 02

group First_time_bi 2018-03-07

"Oh god...I just love the sight of a man on his knees, his ass in the air and his cock and balls hanging down." Cynthia began to kiss my ass cheeks, working her way closer and closer to my little unused hole. I gasped and drew off of Lou's cock for a moment when I felt her tongue on my rim. Lou had his hands on my head and was pushing me down, insisting that I take his cock all the way. They kissed as Cynthia took Lou's hand and placed it on my ass. Each time Lou thrust, my face was pushed deeper into Cynthia's ass.

Calahonda Threesome

group hamishmcl 2018-03-07

Peter asked if I still wanted to watch him and Brenda making love and I said yes. Peter knelt beside her and started rubbing and sucking her nipples then moved down to her clit. Brenda was holding and rubbing Peter's cock which was fully erect by this time and sticking straight out in front of him. I was asked if I wanted to rub and suck Brenda for a bit. I didn't feel that I should try to enter Brenda just then so I got off and went to rub Peter. Brenda said that she wasn't fully satisfied and she wanted my cock inside her.

A Vacation Resort 2/3

group billstew 2018-03-07

As the dawn broke, I awoke in Mark's arms with his soft cock still inside me and Juan nestled spoon style at my back with a hand possessively cupping my breast, and Mark whispered into my ear, "Well, love, do you feel impregnated yet?" And just as I was about to answer, Mark pulled his hips back, disengaging us and Juan thrust his cock into me from behind with one smooth firm stroke and began pumping. Juan stayed on his back while I knelt on my hands and knees over him, leaning down to let him continue to suck my nipples, while Mark knelt behind to fuck me doggie style.

Human Sexuality 101 Ch. 01

group GirlofDirection 2018-03-07

Eric would be running to the computer lab to print Trevor's seminar extra credit invitations after he read the questionnaires and sorted out the students who would make the cut for the Role Play Erotica seminar over the Understanding & Treasuring your Body ~ a discussion on safe sex and mutual monogamy. I haven't had any sexual experiences yet but I'm hoping after taking this class I will have a better understanding of sex and to feel comfortable exploring my own sexuality and finally getting away from my parents domineering religious crap. Fetishes and fantasies, I like reading rape stories, step parents with their step kids, I have kind of a perverted sister my family adopted and I wouldn't mind fooling around with her and watching Edward fuck her while I'm fiddling with her clit and pinching her tits.


Thanksgiving Snow Storm Ch. 02

group snicker69 2018-03-07

Peeking I could see Kati backing out of the bathroom door, making room for Alison to exit the shower. Alison was looking down at her, towel still in one hand while the other was coming to rest on the back of Kati's head. Kati began kissing her way down to Alison's pussy, as she dropped to her knees. What guy would turn down two women making out in his bed as he woke up?" Kati tried to keep Alison in the moment. I so wanted to see Alison's tits with their rings, and to have Kati suck my cock again. Moving around the bed I got a few from the side and then several looking down at Alison over Kati's beautiful tits.


A Little Chocolate Vanilla Swirl!

group Enchantress15 2018-03-07

Joe was pressing me right into Bill and his hands were going everywhere - up my shirt, down my pants, squeezing my ass and pussy and finding that I was already soaking wet. Joe passed him the lube as he sat down in front of me and grabbed my hair, forcing me to suck his cock until he got hard again. Bill took me alone later too, having me ride him most of the time while his hands were around my throat; never cutting off my air flow, but definitely strong hands that could if he'd wanted to. They both took me one more time while I sucked the other one off after my break and then they let me sleep.

My first 3 some

group Roxana36 2018-03-07

I felt quite shy now, but by now I was already half way, I thought what the hell, I turned my back and slipped off my bra, then faced them hands over my boobs, then danced some more, I was told to move my hands, I dropped my hands showing my boobs to the strangers I felt very nervous, my tits bounced as I danced, I kept covering them but got used to showing, then I slipped down my knickers, I first danced with hand over my pussy and boobs then danced with my hands uncovered, I was full nude and dancing for a stranger I was so horny, then after 2 songs my boyfriend led me to the stranger and got me to kneel, to my shock the stranger took out his cock, I was told to suck.

Best Friend & Wife

group paulanon 2018-03-07

I could feel my cock go limp as she slid her mouth off, stood up, and leaned over to Jay. I watched as she gave him a juicy passionate french kiss, and I thought I saw a slight swallowing motion from my best friend as I pictured him receiving my semen from his wife’s mouth. She resumed moments later, and once again I lay with my eyes closed enjoying the fact that my best friends blonde wife had her tongue in my ass and her hand around my dick. As my head was back, Jay lent over and french kissed me, his tongue swirling inside my mouth, sending another pulse of cum shooting out of my still hard cock.

Tina and Grace

group 2018-03-07

As I watched, she closed her eyes and the picture turned towards me and I saw she was looking at a shot of Grace’s cunt with my cock-head opening it. We lay for a long while in each others’ arms, kissing and laughing and I could feel the erection going and it begin to slide out. She had a hand between her legs and was working her cunt furiously and kneeling astride her face was Tina, She was supporting herself on the bed-head and moaning as she ground her pussy onto Grace’s face. “Should be an interesting night,” I said and kissed my wife, tasting the girl-cum on her lips.

Jane (John) Part 2

group aznpucilvr 2018-03-07

For me that was not problem because I could wear boys’ clothes at anytime but I wondered about Jojo. Edith tied my hair up into a bun and with a hat I looked like a teen-boy. So, it was off to the mall we go Josephine, John and Eddie. Josephine went to the f****y restroom and came out a few minutes later with her silicon breasts in her bra. While walking around the mall I noticed many of the young boys giving the eye and a smile to Josephine. Josephine took off her top and skirt but wanted to stay in her bra and pantyhose. I liked the freedom of not wearing a bra so just took off my shirt and pants, leaving on only Jojo’s briefs.

My New Place Ch. 08

group p_c352006 2018-03-07

I wondered if it was as hard as it got and wanted to find out so I slipped Jay's dick out of my mouth and moved in front of Dan. I opened up a little wider than I had to for Jay's dick and I let Dan's hard cock slide past my lips and deep into my throat. Watching me get fucked while I sucked him off must have a been a big turn on for Dan because he was beginning to fuck my face with two hands full of hair and as I played with his balls I felt them tense and a flood of jazz filled my mouth in several short bursts.

Two Bosses to Fuck

group BradCarson 2018-03-07

When they saw her Paul said to Warren "hey, I have a great idea." He excused them and told her not to get dressed that they'd be right back. "Your turn boys" she said Paul slowly untied the belt of his robe and let it fall open; exposing to her a big semi hard cock that looked so suckable it got her even wetter than she was. They picked up from where they had left off, Paul kissing her while Warren sucked her nipples, caressed her thighs and pussy. She wanted Warren to fuck her with that thick, chunky cock while she sucked on Paul's big beauty. Warren was eagerly jamming his broad cock into her saturated pussy while Paul was leisurely fucking her hungry mouth.


It's Not Gay If Its A Three Way

group GreyHamAndEggs 2018-03-07

As the cab twisted and turned through the streets I couldn't keep my hands to myself, and either had a hand on Tasha's silvery tights when I was talking to her (and eying up her cleavage as discretely as I could which really wasn't very as her boobs jiggled every time we went over a bump), or on Bel's sheer clad leg when I was trying to get her to chat to me, she was shy alright, but seemed Ok with my hand on her leg. I love the feel of smoothly shaved flesh, and her plump cunt lips seemed to like to be touched too, soon my fingers were getting wet from her juices as I entered a digit, then another into Tasha as she stood before Bel and I.

After the Pub

group phorty 2018-03-07

And while Roger was getting the drinks, Sandy started to pull out my cock and suck me off. Grabbing her hips around me, he slowly enter Sandy's ass just below my cock. Unaware of the difference, (and before I could protest), Roger begun pounding my poor ass harder than he did Sandy's. Screaming in ecstasy, I buried all 8 inches of my cock as deep as I could, into Sandy's ass and shot more loads then I could count. She moved so that her face was under us, just in time to catch the massive load from my ass, as Roger with drew from me. Seeing her chance, Sandy sat herself down on his lap, making Roger's large cock back into her pussy.