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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tax Day

group SharkBait1167 2018-03-07

“No, I want you to suck on my hard cock like you just sucked on your finger,” Shane said reaching forward grabbing a fistful of hair in each hand and pulled her head toward his crotch. Hannah took a cock into each hand and began stroking them while the bald guy grabbed her by the hair and started fucking her throat hard. The fingers withdrew, goatee guy stopped his thrusting, and Kevin pulled his cock back but not completely out of her mouth, as Hannah felt a cock slowly slide all the way inside her ass. Her ass does look hot as fuck all red like this.” And with that Kevin slid a finger into Hannah’s tight hole, making her moan out loud.

Co-eds on Vacation Ch. 01

group bigcanuck 2018-03-07

As Aaron and Marissa continued to kiss, Katie pulled away from Cam and took off her shirt, revealing her small, perky breasts on her pale, petite frame. "I bet your tits are just as spectacular as Katie's." As Marissa reached out and started to stroke Aaron's cock, Cam took off his shirt and tossed it aside. "You feel so fucking good!" Aaron was fucking Katie steadily from behind, while Marissa rode Cam's cock hard and fast. Katie climbed on top of Cam and took his cock all the way up her pussy while Aaron put Marissa on her back and got between her legs before fucking her.

A Lover Scorned Can Be Dangerous

group walterio 2018-03-07

Walt eased his cock back into her pussy and fucked Trudy as he caressed her fantastic ass. He got a lot further this time and she even liked what he did to her but there was no way that he was ever going to get his cock in her ass. Trudy lay back on the bed as Walt got between her legs and slipped his rock hard cock into her warm wet pussy. However when it was time for sex, Kari was dropped off at the apartment and Walt and Trudy headed for Walt's condo. Several weeks later Trudy called and told Walt that she had arranged to get some time off and that she would like to come to Chicago.


Roll With It Again

group bobocity 2018-03-07

She'd talk about dating or something a little naughty, and Donna and I would make eye contact and I could tell she was thinking about how she had been saying to me last night how Emily's ass would like in the air as she fucked her doggie style, and how turned on I'd be to be stroking Emily's ass and sucking her nipples. The girls broke their kiss, and Emily reached past Donna with her hand to touch my cheek. Emily gasped, reached down to my cock and stroked it, looking at me, then at Donna for tacit approval. I think she could feel my cock's spasms as I came inside Emily with what felt like a geyser of cum.

A Night Out With Friends

group Matt&Suz 2018-03-07

Suzanne looked amazing in her bikini, and it was obvious that Marc and Kris watched her every move when she entered the hot tub. He looked Suzanne in the eyes and said, "if it wouldn't cause problems between friends, I would love to fuck you." He moves up on the edge to get a better look at Marc and Suzanne and Kris takes advantage of his cock being so close to her mouth. Matthew continues to watch Marc and Suzanne and she looks back into his eyes. He looks over to see Suzanne's surprise, but it is not about what he just said, it is because Marc has just cum inside her without any warning.

Hot Tub -- The Finale

group Athalia 2018-03-07

Instead, Elly and I gave him a marathon fuck-fest in the master bedroom, while Paul and Sara took the guest room and Jessie slept on the foldaway. He came four times: once with his dick between Elly's breasts, once apiece in our cunts, and once in my mouth. Elly and I went back to bed, but I couldn't sleep, so I got up and had a second breakfast with Sara, Jessie, and Paul (who'd just gotten back from the airport). Elly wanted to sleep with Paul and Sara, so I took the guest bedroom. Jessie sucked like Sara did, hard and fierce, and Elly did the same. Elly was a happy, happy girl, she was, and showed it with a climax that damn near knocked her out of the bed.

Freaks 'R Us

group FreakNYes 2018-03-07

After some more partying, and a lot of flirting, Tim decided to take his dog for a walk outside and asked Lisa to come with him, giving me a wink on his way out. Now I knew I was really fucked up, there was no way that the girl I had been fucking was still sucking my cock while her best friend's ass was in my hand, with her tongue down my throat. I had never felt that before, and although it had freaked me out, combined with Carol continuing to deepthroat me further, wrapping her full red lips around the base of my throbbing cock, I soon felt my balls tense up. My back arched, my cock springing forward, and I dropped a huge load of come right onto Carol's face and outreached tongue.

One Special Spring Day Pt. 08

group Connie_Ann 2018-03-07

Amanda smiles and says, "Hi Bonnie, I know we agreed you would call me tomorrow and make the plan to return the dress, but on my way home I realized you did not actually finish me off like you had commented you wanted to, and I was excited looking forward to that. "Bonnie looks at Amanda to say, "Let's enjoy this time together, as I need think about this, but it does sound like a great idea." The woman who has accompanied the men steps forward telling Connie who they think is Bonnie, "Dear, I am here to help get you ready for Dave and hold your hand while he gives you a special treat.

Anything For You, My Dear Ch. 01

group JustALittleCrazy 2018-03-07

Sue said, "Bethany wanted to know if I'd always wanted to try sex with a woman. Sue smiles at Bethany and says, "Danny is a bit worried about pleasing you because of your experience." I join Sue in eating her pussy and rimming her asshole before I begin to fuck Bethany. Bethany notices and says, "Danny, I'm going to turn around and I want your other thumb in my ass." I smile and she turns around. I'd love to do this many more times but I want to hear what Sue says. Bethany says, "There's nothing to worry about Sue. I love you. When we get home and kiss Bethany good night, Sue and I discuss the evening.


My ex-wife was such a dirty cow!

group garyw 2018-03-07

On one occasion, a friend of hers and her husband came to stay and we all ended up in the same room for nearly 2 days solid. Dawn, my ex, didn't like receiving oral, but she loved giving it and both our guests got to feel her expert mouth on them. I got to fuck dawn in the ass, followed by her friend in the ass, then finish in her friends mouth. She was really apologetic when Dawn explained we were living together, but Dawn laughed it off and in the end her cousin came to stay with us that night. But, at one point the cousin went upstairs to the bathroom and Dawn asked me if I wanted to fuck her.

Moni on loan

group 2018-03-07

Do not look at the men at the bar, just ignore them and look straight ahead BUT DO NOT COVER YOUR BREAST.S WITH YOUR HANDS.” Moni bent her head down, but did as I commanded. Moni was being fucked in the mouth, in her pussy, had a cock in each hand and the other man was waiting his turn as she was moaning loudly. I turned her ass toward the other men and bent her down to me and told her: “They are each going to fuck you until each cums in your pussy. “Baby, you are now my cumslut aren’t you?” She still had her eyes averted, but she replied: “Yes, Richard.” I leaned her back on the seat, pulled up her dress, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.

I Found My s****r Stripping Ch. 02

group Dark_Brother 2018-03-07

"By the feel of things," she wiggles her ass, "You haven't cum yet." She thinks for a couple moments, and then a huge smile makes her eyes sparkle. My s****r pulled me over to the bed, and lay down on her back, my hand never leaving her pussy, and my cock never leaving Dixie's mouth. This way, she can still lick Geo. As soon as I do, Dixie begins to scream and buck and I feel like a cowboy in my first rodeo. Dixie comes over and starts sucking on my s****r's tits, and I grab her ass, and place her pussy over my mouth.

Room 3 with Trudy Ch. 02

group flobalobalob 2018-03-07

Taking Jake like she did, fucking with his mind as much as anything else, that was she and Trudy did best, and they had only just got started, "Well, Jakey I think it's only polite that after you come in someone's mouth you get to know who it is, 'come out honey!'" Jen looked all too familiar and at ease as Trudy roughly pressed her lips against hers, forcing her tongue into her mouth as if searching out my come, Jen reciprocated and they were soon in a very intimate deep and passionate kiss. Jen looked at me lustfully, deep into my eyes leaned forward and gently bit my lower lip before moving down taking my nipple in her mouth.

A f****y Friend 5: The Party part 1

group 2018-03-07

“Oh yeah you ready to cum?!” he said, “Cause I’m about to blow!” he gripped my hips and shoved his cock in deep. Cum now began to drip out from my hole and down my face, as the last 2 men made they’re way out, I heard the front door close and then heard Artie make his up towards the room. “I have to hurry” I said, “ I don’t have much time.” I got out of the shower, but fell to the ground, I guess my legs just didn’t have much strength left. Artie left the room, told me he’d be back with the party, and closed the door.

Another holiday fuck

group 2018-03-07

There were so many of us in the bundle I was sure she wouldn’t know who was grabbing her so I let go of the ball with one hand and got to her left tit, giving it a good feel. I wasted no time with the ball and went straight for her left tit again having a really good feel. The bitch just carried on as if nothing had happened so in the next bundle I was behind her so I put my arm round her and slid it straight down the front of her bottoms giving it a good feel and as I did I had my mouth close to her ear and said “lovely pussy” as I pressed my cock against her from behind.

Learning to Share

group horny_hippie 2018-03-07

I started to look for the friends I came with when I saw Ari across the dancefloor, kissing another guy. I am a fairly open minded guy and I have had my share of experience meeting girls downtown, and I was pretty stoned, so none of this phased me very much as we continued dancing. My eyes closed momentarily, caught up with dancing to the music, when I felt another set of hands come to rest on her hips. I thought things were about to get hot on the balcony when she grabbed us by the hands and said, "C'mon boys, let's get more comfortable." while she led us inside. "It's so hot watching you suck cock like that, you slut." Nick said as he sat down on the bed.

Best of Friends

group newwitch07 2018-03-07

Steve wrote the email to Lorrie and Sam asking them if they would be interested in going away for the weekend. Whimpers of sound escape from locked lips, Sam and Steve circle the pair, touching gliding their hands over exposed skin. Debbie slowly guides Sam's cock into her wet hot pussy. Debbie slowly slides off Sam's cock and reaches for Lorrie, asking her to lie down on the rug. Debbie hears Lorrie say, "Please, I want to feel your tongue and your lips on me." Now the men are mesmerized by the scene as Debbie slowly and sensually trace her tongue over the lips of Lorrie's pussy, which is hot and wet.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 17

group Jeremydcp 2018-03-07

"I'm watching when you met up with your mom and dad, your two brothers and sister, on Christmas Day." Kristanna sighed dreamily. After we moved initially, Mom, Dad and I would go back to Ohio for Christmas trips and vacations, but we were never actually there on Christmas Day itself." I took a long, deep breath, and smiled at Kristanna. Aside from my wedding with Kristanna three years ago, this was the first time that Mom had seen Dad since their separation in 1998. "I cannot wait until Lindsay and I go to Ohio, with Kaylee, for a few days at the end of January after Peyton is born, and things settle down a bit after Pamela gives birth.


Loving Wife Ch. 02

group Tara_Neale 2018-03-07

Eleanor smiled as the man nodded and took her hand, "Don't worry, sweet cheeks, we don't bite." He winked and gave her a bit of a lecherous grin as he finished up, "Unless you ask us to...very nicely." Eleanor found it hard not to gloat as she watched what little color was left in Stan's face drain completely way at the woman's words. We could even see if the semi-private room is available." Eleanor wanted to laugh as the man almost blushed as he added, "Of course, if you don't mind if us guys and..." he stammered.

Patty's Costume Ch. 02

group Brookell 2018-03-07

Bobby did enjoy turning someone into a doormat, but even he got bored with a guy or girl who had no imagination or drive. The next day he looked me right in the eyes when he said "Good morning!" just like nothing had happened. "Fuck yea, its nuts, and I love it." I relaxed my grip on his hand and when he pulled away, I followed it back to his lap, where I found one last argument. You aren't going to wake up after a night of good loving tied up with Bobby's cock up your ass, unless you want it. "Only one, baby!" I left him standing there lost in thought, and headed home for a good fucking.

Lending Kate

group Mentor de Lyon 2018-03-07

Luc played with her tits and kissed the back of her neck while I pushed her skirt up to her waist and pulled off her little black thong which by this time was soaked with her pussy juice. Sabine's head fell between my legs and she lapped my pussy and found my clit with her tongue as I licked her juices from her husband's cock and balls as he fucked her. I watched the shiny purple head of Luc's fat cock slowly split open Sabine's cunt lips as I felt her soft pink tongue slip between mine.


Wanting to be gay in an all male society

group opusdragon 2018-03-07

Mom wanted to know if I had a great time. He jacked his cock until I got the first of many spurts of cum in my face. Next thing I know my dad is standing with his monster cock hanging. As we were leaving he said your mother knows and wants to make sure your okay. She told my father to get her little toy. She told my dad to come over and fuck his mouth while ream his asshole out. Daddy cock was still being sucked but the toy wasn't going anywhere for awhile. It took about 15 minutes before mom leaned over and stuck her tongue my trying to lick up dregs my father left.

Summer 1971

group davidwatts 2018-03-07

I was shocked to hear something like that from Dom, and quickly looked over at Angela who was busy counting money and not paying us any mind. "You don't like my Angelina Davy?" Dom said while sounding a little offended. I settled on it being Dominic playing a joke on me, and I was tempted to tell him I was going to ask Angela if she had really said that. I was hoping that Angela would come out and join us as this felt real weird, but apparently she wasn't going to, so when Dominic climbed out of the pool I followed right behind.


edm cockwhore

group lustylindsey69 2018-03-07

He let go and she pulled back, coughing and gasping, spitting on the floor, then turned back to Ben, slurping and sucking on his dick, then to Josh, gagging and sucking, back and forth, moaning and groaning, her pussy dripping with excitement as she pleasured three strangers. "What a slut!" Ben laughed, spanking her ass and grabbing it with both hands, then he got up, grabbing her hair and pulling her off Josh and shoving his dick inside her mouth, slapping her tits while she eagerly licked him clean. "Let me get in there first, I'm ready to fill that pussy with some more cum," Ben smiled, stepping up, and Jenna wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer as he shoved his cock inside her gaping pussy, fucking her while she kissed and bit his neck.