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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hotel Wake Up

group hopelesslydevoted 2018-03-07

My husband has decided to give me a wonderful rimjob - surely the only proper reaction is to stop these stupid confused thoughts and revel in the orgasm that will appear shortly. But what we both really love is that he cums on my tits or my face: that's the perfect finish to a good fuck. The tongue is not only managing to talk on the phone and give me such a delightful rimjob, it's also now kissing the back of my neck again. "Tits, I think." I have great breasts, and they look perfect covered in cum. Mary mainly plays with my clitty while he fucks me, but sometimes she bends down and licks her husband's cock while it's moving in and out.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 14

group TxRad 2018-03-07

I looked at the new fence running both ways from the gate. Sue and I walked up onto the porch where Karen and the two staff members waited. Love, happiness, and family are the key words," Sue said. Karen said, "What do you think of Matt?" "That's right we'll let you watch, if you're a good boy," Karen said laughing. Karen and Sue looked at each other and dove under, Matt disappeared, straight down, with a splash. Kim sat between Matt and I, with Karen on my other side. Matt and Kim sat and looked back and forth between us. We arrived back at the patio about the same time as Matt and Sue finished their talk.


The Stag Party

group JenniferO1 2018-03-07

While he was going upstairs, one of the other guys whispered, “I’ll be right back, I got my camera in the car, I was going to try to get some pictures at the stag, but fuck that, I’m getting some pictures of this”. “I’ve got to get a close up of her pussy it looks like a sweet, juicy peach” another voice said and the camera clicked again. “Christ, I’ve wondered ever since I met her what she looked like bare ass, I knew she’d be a little hottie, but god, check her out, she’s perfect Man. What a tight little body, I’d love to fuck the shit right out of her.”


No Kissing

group t_taffoard 2018-03-07

You can tell you've got him turned on, as he grabs your long, straight, dark brown hair and moves your head to fuck your mouth. I climb onto the bed on my back and slide underneath your stomach, pulling my head up between your legs as you drop your hips, pressing your wet lips onto my face. Like you have done to me so many times, I climb between his spread legs, grab his cock in my hand, and begin to lick. With one sure motion I open my mouth and take his cock deep into my throat, locking my lips on the shaft in a slippery embrace as I slide them all the way to the base.

Tabby at the Game

group Tabby18lover 2018-03-07

Cliff moaned as the new scene revealed itself and Tabby’s face moved closer to his hot cock. At first they stood back admiring the scene, especially the view of Tabby, her legs slightly apart, despite her position, and the black lace panties being held away from her pink pussy lips by Bob’s big hand as he pushed rhythmically in and out of her pussy. Tabby sat back as Bob moved himself to pump more cum onto her thigh and crotch as he pulled his hand away. Holding forth his cock he spurted a long sticky string of cum onto Tabby’s butt, streaking the black lace and her pale skin.

What Angie Wants

group Amity Villian 2018-03-07

Angie was sitting in her aunt's front room with Castillo, Ronnie and Sergie. She just wanted to suck his cock and feel his cum all over her face. She hoped it would bring Castillo's cock to her mouth and his cum all over her face. Angie started licking Castillo's balls while she stroked the other two cocks off. Angie took Ronnie's cock and Castillo's cock in her mouth at the same time. When she took the two cocks out of her mouth, the guys coated the bottom of her lips and chin with pre-cum. She started a series of fast sucks where each guy got his cock sucked by Angie for ten seconds, she would suck as fast as she was allowed.

House of Venus

group Honey-Kitten 2018-03-07

Justin slowly followed, but paused at the door, seeing that Casey and Sia had resumed kissing, and Alaska was lying behind his girlfriend, tweaking her nipples and nibbling gently on her neck and shoulders. Justin moaned as his girlfriend pressed breast-to-breast with Sia, her arms snaking around the Asian girl to slide the white negligee up to expose her beautiful naked ass. Casey lay back on the bed, momentarily spent, as Sia joined her blonde companion, taking turns sliding their heads along and around Justin's cock, tongues darting out and circling his head. The girls swapped again, working in perfect unison as Justin's rigid cock slipped from Alaska's pussy to immediately find its way back to Sia's snug sex.


It's Only Fair Ch. 02

group oldnavy55 2018-03-07

She straddled Sherri's limp and sweaty body and gave her the same slow sensuous kiss Holly had received not long before. Upon opening my eyes Sherri had knelt behind Lisa and starting kissing her neck and ears. After a minute of recovering her breath Lisa kissed me with the same passion the other ladies had experienced. Lisa whispered in my ear to fill her with my cum and Sherri worked my balls even faster. After the stars faded from my vision and my hips returned to the cushion Sherri joined Lisa and I in a three-way kiss. Sherri gave him his first kiss of the day as Holly and Lisa removed his shorts.

Unexpected threesome on Mexican holiday (True stor

group hornyintheuk 2018-03-07

She was at the bar with a friend, and my wife got her attention and commented how we liked her dress and the way it hugged her curves. More drinks happen, both ladies are getting quite d***k, and eventually we suggest we go to bed, and ask our new friend if she's coming. The new girl, clearly likes cock as she takes me whole in her mouth, and then switches to sucking on my balls while pushing my wife’s head onto my cock. A quick switch and my wife is on her back with the new girl between her legs, fingering her and licking her clit, making her cum, while my wife sucks my cock.

Our two day getaway

group Jeffheart 2018-03-07

I got behind my wife and grabbed all of her hair in one strong hold with my left hand, and then placed my right hand on the back of her neck and slowly started to push her head towards Chris' cock. I told Chris to go ahead, so he knelt in front of her and started to rub his hard cock all over my wife's clit and up and down so her pussy lips would massage the tip of his dick. I remember that Amber had to quickly pull my cock out of her mouth to tell Chris that he's not allowed to cum in her pussy. I think the sight of this was enough for Chris too, because he started fucking Ambers pussy harder and then asked where he should cum.

Double Trouble

group 2018-03-07

Tommy grabbed a chair and pulled it up next to me and I started licking his balls and playing with his cock. And the closer I came to cumming the harder I sucked on Tommy fabulous 9 inch cock. Not being able to moan or scream because I had a mouth full of cock, I just shook with pleasure..As I swallowed Tommy's load and Russell licked up my juices, I still needed to take care of Russell. Damn, Russell was going to cum and I could feel Tommy thrusting in my wet, tight pussy harder and faster. As i came off Tommy's now soft cock, I told Russell don't stop, I am sooo close.

Time marches on Pt 2

group wheels1825 2018-03-07

"Hey, I know you're kinda busy, but I had an idea, well two actually." She looked interested, "What are you thinking?" I smirked, "Well, I was thinking about last night, how I gave Tiffany that engagement ring." Mariah's face sank like a rock, "You what?" That's right, she didn't know, I had to explain a little faster, "Well, last night we were talking about how, most girls deserve someone who treats them as a person and not an object, well I'm only one person, but I figure that after last night, you 4 wouldn't mind sharing me, or each other?" She suddenly had a confused look on her face, "Ok, so where are you going with this?" I wanted to be a little cryptic, "Well, I'm gonna drop you off at the mall with the others, then I'll do a little running, when I get back to get you, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Strip Hearts Ep. 02 Ch. 04

group alternatereality125 2018-03-07

Rachel hadn't seen much action so to speak, and she was shadowing Krystle the next two rounds, who only saw action really with Jenny even though Michael did cop more than a feel when he stripped her denim shorts off. The final score - Jenny 80 (unchanged), Krystle 85 (jumping two strip levels from 59, and bringing Rachel with her), Donna 94 (from 68), and Alysha 105 (from 79). Other than Jenny, all the women would have to perform a dare, and Michael and Rachel would be fucking Alysha. Michael's hand went to adjust his really hard cock, and then got up and excitedly walked towards Krystle and Rachel.



group greatcameo 2018-03-07

When Sam introduced me, Steven smiled and I made the fatal mistake of quickly looking away from his stare. I turned from Sam, a little annoyed that he knew me that well, and saw Stacy walk in the bar. Before he could answer Sam had come back to the table, laughing hard at something Stacy had told him. I took the time to watch Stacy enjoy my husband's body, then noticed that Steven was leaning against the door. This time he was already kissing me back before he remembered to look to Sam. By the time he realized he hadn't received permission he already had his hand on the back of my neck pulling me to him harder.


The Opening of Shanni Ch. 2

group Jonesfalls 2018-03-07

Shanni then took this time to take that long tongue and stick it in Yummy's mouth. Shanni broke the kiss and sexily said, "We're going to fuck you rough and hard Yummy. Shanni opened Yummy's front closure bra with her expert mouth and tongue and quickly went to work on her nipples. Shanni looked back at me and told me get my cock out and stick it in her pussy first. When Yummy had finished cumming, Shanni laid her head down leaned over her body and gave me a nasty open mouth kiss with that long tongue going everywhere over and in my mouth. Yummy even grabbed Shanni's panty clad ass as she was sucking on that long tongue.


group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-03-07

I told her that I loved it and started stroking her leg, slowly moving my hand up and parting her wet underwear, stroking her clit. I was in the moment and I just took his cock and licked it's entire shaft up and down and swallowed it whole, sliding it in and out of my mouth like a mad man. I heard her moan with pleasure (her husband had told me how much she wanted a younger man) and watched as her head bobbed up and down on Mark's cock like there was no tomorrow. I was bent over Mark sucking his cock when Jane came back. I looked up at her pussy drenched with mine and Mark's cum and wanted to lick it some more.

In The Forest

group maanmathan_playboy 2018-03-07

Rajiv's eyes were all over my breasts trying to find out its texture and shape which was safely covered up inside my faithful bra and salwar. Rajiv mounted her from behind with his cock lodged deep inside her ass leaving Rohan no other choice but to take the only hole left in her body her mouth. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Priya orgasm from the heavy fucking she got from these guys. "Do you like what you see, Rani?" Gautam asked me planting a soft kiss on my ear lobe which sent shivers through me arousing me at the wrong moment at the wrong place. My soft nude breasts touched his hairy chest arousing my nipples which he sensed instantly and smiled looking into my eyes knowingly.

Car Trouble

group BlowPopJ 2018-03-06

Romeo had good shoulders as well, but not as wide as Wesley's, and his stomach was smooth with a trail of hair going down to his dick. I crooked my index finger to Wesley and brought his dick to my mouth and proceeded to pleasure him with my mouth as Romeo lifted me to my knees and dipped two fingers to my already wet pussy. I could taste the sweet pre-cum that was dripping from Wesley, which let me know he was enjoying the dick sucking he was receiving. I came long and hard, Wesley dripping wet with my saliva on his dick, traded places with Romeo who glistened with my juices.

Last Night Ch. 01

group CalixteBella 2018-03-06

I knew my tanned skin looked appealing over taut muscles. I had arrived at the water's edge only a few minutes before. My swollen, pink lips were sheathed by a thin strap of satin as I had almost brought myself to climax not ten minutes ago, then hopped out of bed and slid into the flimsiest panties I owned. The sun was setting and I knew the lowering rays caught my eyes in the most appealing fashion. He stood next to the pool, broad and tanned like a Greek god. I pulled my feet up to balance on the edge of the pool, showing him a glimpse of my swollen lips encased in Victoria's Secret.


Neighbourly Encounter

group Raskel61 2018-03-06

Next hand went to me and Jill with the panties and Mary gasped at my wife's shaved pussy. Mary did the most surprising thing yet, she leaned over and kissed Jill firmly on the mouth and place her hand on my wife's breast. I moved behind Jill and slid my hard cock deep inside my wife. Jill put Mary's legs on my shoulders, reached down and guided my cock in to our new fuck buddy's wet pussy I came very hard and streams dribbled down Mary's mouth and chin, which Jill did not waste by moving in and licking up the rest of my seed off of Mary and then returning to kiss her and share the spoils.

Desert Oasis Ch. 12: I Don't Care

group WantonSalon 2018-03-06

She wrapped her right hand around my cock; I saw her left glide down her body and through Jillian's hair. Sliding up the bed, Bee turned her head and swallowed my cock in her mouth, her tongue swaddling me. Bee curved her arm around my hip and, pushing on my ass with her hand, slid me in and out of her mouth, my hypersensitized corona sliding along her firm tongue. Before me was the grand landscape of Jillian's body: the gentle contours of her abdomen, her navel, her dainty breasts stretched tight against her chest, her powerful throat, the black blades of her pubic hair, her full thighs.

Nikki Gets Busted...

group nikki_2020 2018-03-06

I scrambled off the table and dropped to my knees in front of him, taking his cock, covered in my pussy juices into my mouth, sucking on its head as I pumped the shaft with my hand. As he started to fuck me, I told Paul to come and put his cock back in my mouth. I had to pull his cock from my mouth and the second spurt of cum hit me on the cheek, then one hit me on the forehead, tangling with my hair and running down my face to land on the carpet of Dave's office. Now shut up and butt fuck me." David pushed his cock into my pussy, getting it nice and wet before positioning the head of it against my puckered arsehole.

Sinful Pleasure on a Rainy Night

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-03-06

"Hell Phil, I just remembered, Lucy's gonna call the cabin in a bit," David turned to look back at Gail, "My daughter's supposed to be landing at O'Hare and I told her to call the lake house. "Let's go; the storm seems to be moving on, so maybe we can get in there, warm up a bit, before heading back out," David said, before opening his door, and making his way to Gail's. "Okay," said David, he turned to leave then stopped when Gail added -- "oh, and the one from Victoria's Secret." She blushed when the older man turned back to look at her, his lips were lifted in a smirk, and his eyes carried a touch of humor.


Peggy's Big Boys Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-03-06

Roger felt his cock stir in his pants as he uncovered Peggy's beautiful ass. Peggy lowered her head to the bed and turned to one side as Roger caressed her lovely ass. Peggy loved the feeling of Roger's cock in her ass as she loved the tapered shape of his uncut dick. Peggy had worked her fingers in her pussy so she had orgasmed a few more times before Roger finally shot his load in her ass. He watched Peggy's big ass sway under the terry robe as she walked in front of him and he wondered if she had ever fucked a black guy. Then Peggy took the cock from her mouth and Reggie watched as she squeezed more cum out the end of his dick.