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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Car Wash Fun

group Simplicity 2018-11-11

Myself and Becky got the sponges and started to clean the car before Jan also grabbed a sponge. Jan dropped to her knees in front of Roy and took his hard cock in her mouth and began sucking and slurping. Becky also dropped to her knees behind Roy, where she rubbed and kissed his ass and stroked her fingers up and down the crack between his cheeks. Roy pushed two fingers into Jan's pussy and one in her ass and began to finger fuck her. Becky was on her hands and knees on the bed, still wanting Roy's cock in her ass. Meanwhile, Jan put on the strap-on and began to fuck Roy in his ass.

A Womans Journal-Chapter 4

group 1nympholes 2018-11-11

Sam, the guy that stopped me a few days ago to ask if I was going to Kelli's party came over to me and put out both hands. When the event finalized, I turned and looked at the door as I was sure I had heard someone there before I clasped onto Sam's body, and he gushed his cum inside me. Once our body temperature lowered and we began breathing near normal, Sam turned to me and said, "Whitney, you know Tim, don't you?" It was time for a change, so I said, "Boys, I love to be tongued and licked, but right know I need a hard cock in me.

The Secret Slut

group peaches 2018-11-11

Nika couldn't believe she was doing this, but the thought that all she had to do was this and she would have the job. Stripping off her dress and then her top, she strutted towards him and sat on his lap. Shaun could not wait any longer as he started feeling her ass with his left hand and kissing her breast with his lips, while gasping hold of her with his right hand. Nika went and sucked one of the other guys cock, it was big and hard and being thrust down her throat as the fore play ended as quickly as it started. Nika felt so confused, she barely knew these guys or could follow who was who, yet they were all filling her holes with their cocks and giving her the banging of her life.

Big Women's Anal Sex Club

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

I'm a big admirer of these two wrestlers, Hannah Lee and Sholonda Brown. One thing I find quite fascinating about Sumo Wrestler Sholonda Brown is that this six-foot-two, busty, thick and big-bottomed black woman used to wrestle for Dale College, back in the day. My buddy Jason Stone, a rich white guy I had some classes with, knew of my fondness for big women, especially wrestlers. Hannah Lee and Sholonda Brown, the two biggest names in women's sumo wrestling today. Hannah Lee told me the only thing she loved more than a big black dick in her mouth or wet pussy was a dick up her ass. I bent her over and spread her plump black ass cheeks wide open before shoving my cock into her shit hole.


The Erotic Reality Game: Randy and Samantha

group xhardx13 2018-11-11

She called herself, "Sam," and she didn't live far from the country club where Randy, Guy and Bernie had agreed on the Bachelor4U game. Feeling more relaxed Randy said, "How about Sam helping me out here. When he was hard and fully extended, Terry said, "Randy, you have a magnificent piece of equipment there. I love getting ass fucked," Samantha gushed She grabbed a tube of lube and handed it to Randy. Terry couldn't resist licking Randy's cock as it rocked in and out of his wife's ass. "Hey Randy, there's room for both of you," Sam said. When Randy pulled out, Terry rolled Samantha over on her back and plowed into her with both of her legs far apart and high in the air.

Black People Fuck The Police!

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

Nearby, my partner, Boston policewoman Elisabeth O'Leary is having some fun with Tyrone Brown, Shamika's dumb-ass husband. Meanwhile, Tyrone is howling like a bitch as Elisabeth rams her thick dildo deep into his ass. Almost at the same time, Elisabeth presses a special button on her high-tech, mechanized strap-on dildo and unleashes a torrent of hot artificial cum deep inside Tyrone's ass. Spreading Shamika's plump black cheeks, Elisabeth pushes the dildo into her ass. The black bitch howled like one of the damned as Elisabeth slammed the dildo into her asshole like butt-fucking was going out of style. I happily fucked Tyrone's ass until I got my nut, flooding the black man's tight asshole with my manly cum.

My Lost Shaker of Salt

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-11

Melissa was talking, "One bedroom, King-size bed, lots of pillows, cable and wi-fi, kitchen (there are coffee set-ups there), bathroom suite, screened in porch...", but I noticed something on the kitchen table. Good morning." Melissa sat in the electric cart not twenty feet away and staring at my soft cock hanging down between my legs. "You like that, don't you, Ray?" said Melissa, watching from the bed. I gently removed Silvio's hand and said, "Yes, I like it but you'll excuse me if I have to take a leak?" We stayed like this for a few minutes until Silvio quietly said, "That was the best, most intense cum I ever had.

The Judgment of Alex

group oceanrunner 2018-11-11

As the bolder women held Sophia’s arms down at her side, June said something quietly in her ear, and all I heard was, “...your idea anyway…” Sophia took a deep breath (which had a fantastic effect on her breasts), and looked me in the eyes, her grey eyes looking nervous but also excited. The die has sort of been cast, wouldn’t you say?” Then, turning back to me, June said, “Really, Alex, why do you think I like having you clean my pool, instead of just hiring Perfect Pools?” June started to lower her mouth onto my head, but just as her lips were about to touch my cock, she said, “Oh, and one more thing.

All Women are Bitches Ch. 12

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

I've lost count of the number of times I've had steamy and raunchy anal sex with a big woman. I prefer to fuck big women in the ass rather than skinny chicks. Yeah, Roselyn is the woman who got me hooked into the anal-sex-with-big-women experience. Natalie is best friends with my brother Carlos Lowe, who's a student at Iowa State University and a member of their Men's Rugby Club. Yeah, she was a sex maniac and totally down with anal but it takes more than that to join the ranks of the legions of men and women I might dial for a booty call on a Saturday night.

Passed Around

group JackiePie 2018-11-11

"Maybe I better let someone loosen you up a bit first, little girl?" He stepped up onto the couch, straddling my waist as he brought his big cock to my face and I opened wide, finding it hard to take it in my mouth. Vince grabbed my ankles and roughly forced them over my head, raising my ass off the floor as he returned his cock to my tight twat and began to pound me balls deep. Somehow, this feeling brought me to the edge again as I came, squirting and finding resistance from Vince's big cock as he slapped my face and began to grunt, cumming deep inside my pussy.

High society

group ricky12345 2018-11-11

When Linda leaned across my lap and began licking her, Libby turned around in the front seat and got on her knees to watch. When Bill parked, the older women got Libby out of the car and told her that she was to be a special guest at the party. Libby's tongue instantly began exploring the woman's cunt and asshole. Then Joan took Libby over to a chair where a man was fucking a shapely woman who must have been in her fifties. Libby began licking and sucking the copious amounts of cum from the woman's lips and fuckhole. After what seemed like forever I was nearly ready to cum, but Ming took her mouth off my cock and squeezed the head.

His Breeding Bitch

group bigbubblygurlnc 2018-11-11

"Good bitch," he said picking up the collar and pulling out a five foot long black leather leash from beside him on the limousine seat. The CEO moved to her head pulling out his hard 8 inch cock and rubbed it on her lips. He gave her pussy a few strokes and removed them, replacing them with his stiff 9 inch cock and gave her ass cheek a hard slap. The judge, whose 8 inch cock was already out and hard, ran his hands over her ass soothing it from the spanking it had received. Cherry was shaking and breathing heavily as the mayor's and judge's cocks slid out of her pussy and ass.

First Time for Everything, The Gift Part 3

group peachbuta 2018-11-11

She actually CAN deep throat." Matt's voice rang out from behind me as his powerful hand was placed on my head, pushing me forward until I was once again gagging on the man's cock. My body betrayed me as I felt myself grinding my hips into this man's pelvis like a whore, trying to get his cock ever deeper into my hungry ass, no longer caring who this man even was but knowing I wanted to feel more of him inside me. Leaning forward to lick the man's dick clean forced my ass in the air and I could feel Matt's eyes raking over the image of my tender, puckered hole as it started to leak the other man's cum.

Not the usual saturday night

group wickle 2018-11-11

 "Its ok i will call the breakdown service on my mobile"  I replied.  The lady on the phone assured us someone would get to us within half hour so me and Vicki  started chatting between us.  I asked her if she noticed Simon was staring at her tits  all night to which she replied  "of course i did " , "did you think the top button of my blouse came open all on its own " she laughed " feel between my legs" ,  I put my hands between her legs and felt how wet she was through her black satin knickers. I made my way round the back as I wanted to see  Vickis stretched pussy getting fucked by Wes's big black cock.


Sex on the beach

group candytales 2018-11-11

At almost the same moment that Leon entered me, Amanda had got on all fours so that Mark could take her from behind and he was fucking her with long, slow strokes that made her grunt loudly with every thrust. Mark and Leon had to stop to put their wet shorts back on but we hadn’t taken our dresses off and by the time we all got back we all looked in a dreadful dishevelled state. I sought some retrospective permission from Leon but it wasn’t long before his cock was deep inside Amanda’s soaking wet pussy and both he and Mark were fucking her.

A New Discovery (Part 2)

group Choenix 2018-11-11

I could totally feel that dick rubbing against my butt cheeks…” Helena said it while sitting on my bed, caressing my legs. Helena took off her dress and pressed herself against Jake’s back as her hands went to his chest to fondle with his nipples. I could feel Jake’s dick starting to thicken and pulsed inside my mouth as I played with his balls, squeezing & pulling them while I went up & down his shaft. Unable to hold it any longer, I shut my eyes and bit onto Helena’s pussy as my body arched itself forward, sending waves of electricity through my muscles as my orgasm took over. Both Jake and I shared eye contact and we smiled as we move ourselves over to Helena, trying to sit her up.

OHGirl & Velvet: Real Porn Stars

group ohgirl1 2018-11-11

I was getting eager to make movies and as I laid between his legs in bed, licking his cock after he had cum in my ass, I told him that we needed to sit down to discuss business as soon as possible. You told me that you weren’t a stripper and I know that you aren’t a cheap hooker, since you’re too pretty for that, so I figured that you’re an e****t, because 19 year old girls don’t fuck and suck a cock like you honey. “Hey chica, I need a girl like you.” one of the thugs told me, while he pulled my head back with my hair and shotgunned a blast of reefer smoke into my mouth, all the while continuing to slam his cock into me from behind.

Gordon and Angela Part Two

group NancyAllbright 2018-11-11

I walk over to Angela and ask her to tell me the numbers of the guys she wants to fuck her. Number One guy is going to come and he is going to fuck Angela in his Range Rover. Angela gets in and this time lies on her back as Number One guy gets in and she puts her legs over his shoulders so I can see his thick cock punishing her tiny slit. On the way back home Angela sits on a towel because I don’t want the car seats stained with the come that has started to seep out of her.

Haitian Men are Kings Ch. 03

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

Jeff complained about how his wife was insatiable and when he came home tired about a hard day patrolling the highways of provincial Ontario, he wasn't always 'ready to go'. Well, I thought I saw a sign of progress when Maria linked hands with Jeff, smiled at him and said she would do anything to 'make it work'. I got Jeff to confess that while he was quite tired after work, his tiredness wasn't the only reason he neglected Maria in the bedroom. Soon Jeff was thrusting his big cock down Maria's throat like there was no tomorrow. Yep, I slid my cock into Jeff's ass while he fucked his wife Maria's juicy-looking pussy. I fucked Jeff's tight ass for a long while, and he stayed hard inside Maria the entire time.


One Thing Leads to Another: Hey! That's my Ass!

group Magical_felix 2018-11-11

"You are very pretty, how old are you Christine?" Juan asked as Roberto formed some lines from some cocaine he had cut up beforehand. Roberto does look pretty good and his friend Juan isn't bad either...Christine thought. Juan slowly moved his thumb in and out causing Christine to suck on Roberto's dick harder and faster. Juan pulled his dick out of Christine's butt-hole slowly and waited for it to clench shut then he shoved it right back in hard. Roberto butt fucked her for a good ten minutes before he flooded her ass with his cum. "I fucked Juan and Roberto in his room and gave them my bra and panties alright.

Cheerleader Sandwich

group BedroomAngel 2018-11-11

Swallowing Darren’s cock down my throat I could feel Justin between my legs his tongue had began to work on my clit then suddenly his fingers started to enter my pussy first one then two then all five of them. Dropping down next to me Darren looked me deep in the eyes and said “baby what do you think about letting me fuck you in the pussy then letting both of us fuck you at one time?” I did not really need to think about this at this point I was game for about anything including getting banged by two guys at once. Moaning loudly Darren said “its okay baby, cum we are both with you.” At that moment Darren and Justin blew their loads into me I could feel Darren’s cum deep inside my ass and I could feel Justin’s cum leak outside of my hot pussy.

We meet again... And Again

group CommonClaire 2018-11-11

I decided to make one last trip to the ladies room before seeing if Taylor was really up for continuing our previous encounter, but this time when I come out I run right into Michael. Again, he focuses on my g-spot while pulling on my clit and I feel the juices of my sex rushing out of me, splashing Michael’s face and running down the side of my car, pooling on the pavement below as my back arches off of the hood and I let out a long, drawn out cry. I think I’m about to pass out from the orgasms and then I feel Taylor tense up and yell that he’s coming.

Mail Order Menage

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-11

Most of the ladies who came out West to be mail order brides were already a little scared, coming out to be married to a man they'd never met. Jake didn't know whether he was envious or relieved; after all, they were asking their new bride to kiss two men she'd just met less than an hour ago. It was an arousing sight; small Evelyn with her rounded curves pressed up against Wilson, making it easier for Jake to imagine what she would look like when those curves were no longer covered by her dress. Maybe she hadn't expected her new husbands to be quite so forward, considering they'd just met, but no reason not to start like the same way they meant to go on.


Razia, The Horny Divorcee Ch. 01

group sahebji 2018-11-11

Hello Miss Shabnam' then stretching out my hand, 'and how are you doing today Mr. Rashid?' Razia nodded her acknowledgment, Shabnam blushed prettily and Rashid pulled himself to his full height said, 'Thank you sir very well'. Razia did not reply but I heard Rashid say as I pulled the door shut, 'Mommy did you hear what he said? Razia studied the fare for some minutes, 'The children will have a bowl of porridge, two fried eggs with toast, butter, marmalade and a large glass of hot milk each. They said yes they had one and it is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but today when I wanted to leave the children there, they tell me that it is closed today because the lady who runs it has reported sick.