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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Small Town Life Ch. 06

group PinkIris 2018-03-06

Wanda quickly crossed the room and waited until the mayor had pulled away from Terri and then latched her mouth onto the woman's pussy before any jizz could start to leak out. Seeing Wanda reach over to scoop up the cum starting to dribble from Kathy's ass and pop it in her mouth just blew Terri's mind. Wanda pulled her to the bed and taking her time, kissed and worked her way down Terri's body. Approaching each side of the bed, Sharon and Kathy joined them, stroking and running their hands and lips over Terri's body. Terri sat up and and took Ray's cock in her mouth and Wanda bent over the bed so she could play with Sharon and Kathy while Fred fucked her from behind.


Three Kings

group xXxNaughtyDogxXx 2018-03-06

Zach told us about a local chick he'd been corresponding with by the name of Darla who told him that she had a thing for men in uniform, and that he should look her up when he got back. Pedro took position in front of Darla and bent his knees slightly, his hard 8-incher waving in front of her face. Pedro had had his turn with Darla's mouth, so I ordered him to step aside, since I was still pissed about the bottle of Cuervo Gold he stole from me. Zach and I nodded to each other before setting our beers down and putting Darla back on her hands and knees. Pedro stroked off while Zach and I fucked Darla to explosive orgasms.

Chocolate Practices

group meljones 2018-03-06

He said Helen hardly ever swallowed and rarely allowed him to cum in her mouth. I promised him I would, explaining that I always enjoyed swallowing the big loads young guys like him put out. Terry promptly moved down and started licking her engorged nipple. I use semi-sweet but milk chocolate is great, too, and not so rich. Finally, don't let any water get onto the chocolate or your bowl. With a wire whisk or spoon or fork (remember, no water!), start to stir the cream and melted chocolate. Then find friends who will let you put the ganache on their skin so you and others can enjoy your chocolate expertise!

Candace Sucks Cocks

group Boxlicker101 2018-03-06

Candace held the base of one shaft in either hand and started by stroking Frank's cock a few times with her mouth, taking it out and licking her saliva off the tip. Her mouth took a dozen slow, deep strokes of Frank's cock, looked up adoringly at the man who was already giving her so much fun, and did the same for Sam. From one to the other and back, she moved her face, bringing both men along slowly and building to their climaxes. Frank and Sam leaned forward; Candace selected Sam's cock but this time, before taking it directly into her mouth, she licked the underside, enjoying the feel of the tight, smooth skin against her tongue.


Summer on the Ranch 1

group fotisampini 2018-03-06

college, me and my old high school buddies, Steve and Greg, took summer Greg rolled naked off Laurie, took of his condom, and grabbed a towel she moved down, grabbed Greg's cock and slipped it right into her mouth. She pulled Greg's dick out of her mouth then, feeling the pleasure I was Greg's cock in her mouth, sucking hard, but not moving her mouth. Greg's cock slipped out of her mouth momentarily and her moans were Steve slid his hands under her ass and slid his tongue far inside her outward every time she raised her ass, sliding off my cock. This time Steve reluctantly pulled his dick out of Laurie's sexy ass.

Justice Deserved

group CindySexy 2018-03-06

The taller man stood up and placed his penis on top of my friend's. I again looked into the window and my friend was sucking the cock of the taller man, the more muscular man was not in the room. My friend stopped sucking and asked the man outside a question. Instantly the muscular guy let his cock go and began stroking my friend as he finished his cigarette. The taller man moved past my friend out on the deck and bent over the bench. The taller man called the mother over to him, he sat her on his lap and she eagerly took his cock and was grinding on it.

Please Punish My Teasing Tits

group ashtheslut 2018-03-06

Later in the rough biker bar he took her to, he told the girl, "ask the man with you..the one who will be looking down your high neck, half open blouse..ASK ANY MAN near rip it open so everyone can see your big tits. TELL THE OLD MAN "I LOVE YOU...I love jacking you off when I EXCITE YOU with my big TITS!!" Ask him to Kiss your WHORE MOUTH and SLAP YOUR FACE AND TITS while you jerk him off onto your sexy blouse. She slipped open the last button and murmured, " I am your handjob whore." as mens' hands pulled the blouse open to see the same obscene words written on her chest." HANDJOB WHORE." They touched the bound-up tubes of breast-meat.

The Gangbang in Augsburg

group Sigi 2018-03-06

Well we lived in the ground floor apartment at the time and my husband had just come in from the field when this happened. I made it to the second floor and suddenly the door to one of the apartments came open and the guy that lived there, Roger was staring at me and smiling. Bill, Rob and Paul all looked at me and whistled, Roger said that he thought they had got some unexpected entertainment for the night as he locked the door. Roger came to me and told me to suck his cock, I began to argue but then Rob pointed to the corner of the room and I saw a video camera running and from the way it was pointing it showed me and four naked men!

As the Master Wishes Day 06

group Azuldrgon 2018-03-06

The feeling of the different guys' seed spewing into her throat and inside her ass and pussy had been a welcome change of pace ever since the earlier days before her husband when she was known as the Clark County Cum Dumpster. He eventually had his legs on either side of her head and began to pound his dick into her mouth while her hands started squeezing his ass. He took his dick out of her mouth and began to move to her rear when the other man told him that her ass was off limits according to her Master's orders. Before the other guy left, the Master told him to come back and reinsert his dick into his Slave's mouth.


Karen - The Hen Night

group thekingofspain 2018-03-06

On opening in walked two of the male strippers from the club (Ryan & Steve), little did we know that Lucy had arranged for a private party once they were finished working. I opened my mouth and allowed him in, he tasted salty probably both from precum and the sweat of his nights work, I savoured the feel and flavour, he reached into my dress and started feeling my small breast. The night continued like this, the boys danced and each girl took a turn I felt the pressure growing for me to take my turn but was torn as to what to do, my head said one thing whilst my.......well you know.

Tea for Two

group Zurk066 2018-03-06

By this time she was rubbing my cock thru my jeans and I was afraid of cumming in my pants so I quickly pulled away and positioned myself between her outstretched legs. As rope after rope of steaming spooge shot out of my dick Jackie moved her mouth up to my cock and began to eat the remainants of my load. About a week later, I was at home and my buddy Pete called (also from the bar) and asked if I wanted to have a couple of beers and a smoke. I pulled my cock from Pete's lips and he got out from under Jackie and we both instinctively moved to either side of Jackie's face.

Jenifer Comes of Age Ch. 01

group LustyWolf 2018-03-06

One day, only 3 days into her time at the summer program, Jen knew Sally would be at going for a run after school, so she went right back to her room and stripped naked. Sally, having skipped running because she sprained her ankle on the way to the track, got quite a sight as Jen, spread out naked on her bed, legs wide, one hand with three fingers deep in her pussy, the other hand working her clit. Jen relaxed her left hand as she soaked up this new sensation and her fingers fell out of her pussy and grabbed Sally's head and started stroking her hair.


Quinn in the Park

group wordsmith 2018-03-06

“I want your cock, I want you to fuck me, my pussy my mouth my ass make me cum” and as she said it the first orgasm rippled out from her hyper-stimulated clitoris to the pleasure center of being. Being fucked at both ends, one pair of hands holding her hips as a good size cock filled her pussy, and two more hands held her head as another cock got good skull, Quinn was enjoying her jog today. Looking around she saw Bird had paused in fucking Mona and now was taking a substantial cock in his ass. Open mouthed they shared a silent scream as three huge cocks entered three small holes and two petite women were fucked to orgasm.

A Fuck Toy Graduation Episode 04

group Contrasting 2018-03-06

That simple feeling of having a deep rapport with her own sister had been denied to her by the shadow of her overbearing mother, critical and demanding with neither the art of sarcasm or the effort to dull or blunt her direct thrusts at Taylor while praising Anne for similar behavior. Taylor didn't respond to his words, but felt the implied kindness tingle over her skin along with the implication of his expectation of her mouth on his cock this morning. "Holy scumbags." Anne whispered while Taylor laved the huge cock head with her tongue. Taylor closed her eyes, concentrating on the gag reflex, challenging it as she challenged everything else, and pushed the cock head against the back of her throat.


Busted Ch. 03

group StallionKinge 2018-03-06

That, and two naked women together look like two thirds of a three-way already in progress (Hey, I can dream, can't I?). It might be two thirds of a three-way already in progress I was watching, but this time I thought it would be impolite to intrude, but I couldn't take my eyes off what I saw. Somebody over there was into all sorts of color lights from Spencer's Gifts, and their room looked like a disco as they got it on. I had almost finished myself off when they climbed out of the pool together and necked a little more, the water on their bodies making them look like silvery statues in the moonlight.

The Circle Ch. 46

group SteveWallace 2018-03-06

As Derek went off to change and then go to work, Jess headed into the lounge area where she'd taken over one of the tables to work on her article about polyamorous life in The Circle. A fourth man suddenly pushed Kyle between the bumpers of a couple of cars so he was near Derek and Ellie, but off to the side. The man reached for the purse with one hand, but Tracy said from beside him where she'd lagged behind Kyle as they came into the garage, "Hey, do you like this stuff?" O'Reilly jerked his head around and studied Derek, Tracy, Kyle, and Ellie. The Circle became front-page news again, or at least Derek, Ellie, Tracy, and Kyle did.


My Wife Is Not Just A Tease

group joeuser691 2018-03-06

We got in line, and as we waited, we noticed these 3 guys looking at her and whispering lewd things amongst themselves. I took the tray, and started towards where she was sitting, and noticed that two of the guys were bending their necks to look under the table where she was sitting. One of the guys came up behind her and threw her skirt up over her ass, and slammed his dick into her pussy. I was so turned on watching her suck a dick and getting fucked at the same time. The guy fucking her didn't take much time, as he started to cum deep in her pussy. When she said that, I noticed the guy's cum was running out of the corner of her mouth, down to her chin.

Summertime Lust Ch. 09

group Balke7612 2018-03-06

Allison bent forward a little, feeling the cool air and Hannah's breath on her arsehole, she reached one hand down and pushed two fingers between her swollen lips, lubricating them before stroking them across her clit. One of Hannah's hands slipped down from Allison's butt and up between her thighs, quickly pushing two fingers in to her pussy, feeling her squirm against the dual sensation. Allison shuffled her feet forward and pushed her arse back against Hannah's mouth, Hannah's tongue quickly burrowing deeper in to her body, stretching her wider, oh god she'd never thought it'd feel so good.


BJ Bliss Ch. 01 Sucks in the City

group masterandmargarita 2018-03-06

I know, I know, he sounds expensive," Malena continued, addressing Katrin's worried look, "but for some odd reason he was more than eager to help a couple of ladies start up their blowjob business. It is a very intimate and erotic gesture," Katrin explained as she held Peter from the base of his cock and positioned his shaft against Malena's cheek. "Whoa," Malena replied in surprise as Katrin slowly stroked Peter's cock across her cheek. Peter looked down at Katrin and saw her widened blue eyes staring back at him through her glasses as she slowly pressed his hard cock against her forehead and tickled his tight scrotum with her nose.


Dessert After Golfing

group fishgardengolf 2018-03-06

How about coming over and eating my pussy?" As Mike knelt down between her legs and started licking her clit, my wife had the other guys remove her dress so that they could suck her nipples and massage her tits. Spread eagled on her back my wife motioned for Mark and Rick to come beside her head so that she could suck their cocks while Mike fucked her in the missionary position. As she alternated between sucking Mark and Rick, Mike was fingering her clit as his cock slowly stroked her pussy. As Mike collapsed in a relaxed state to the golf green, Rick moved between my wife's legs to take his turn at fucking her hot and wet pussy.

The Sorority House Ch. 06

group bluedragonauthor 2018-03-06

Her perfect face was squeezed into a grimace of pleasure as Trinh's head arose up and down, the noise of her slurping at Kiana's cunt filling the room. The girls ended up with a domino chain of orgasms, Trinh flooding Quyen's face with her climax and moaning her release. As Quyen ducked her head to nibble at Trinh's neck I found my emotions in a tug of war between these two naked goddesses before me, offering all the delights of the flesh I could ever want, and my sweet, loyal, Lisa. My little brother gawked at the sight of Lisa, Daphne, Aika, Trinh, Quyen, Kiana, and Vivian all cramming together to get in a picture with only me.


Used and Abused

group havingfun94 2018-03-06

Their hands are pulling my legs apart as they do this and each is reaching further up my thighs under my skirt. I feel a hand rubbing between my legs then what I know to be a cock entering my soaked and aching pussy from behind. Although of course if I've got you with me that won't happen, although you will make me stop once, on a bridge, you sit me up on the wall, take down my top to expose me again, reach up my skirt to feel my swollen pussy lips, rub my clit till I come then turn me over and take me from behind yourself, erupting inside me.

Knotty Tail

group SouthernScribbler 2018-03-06

When I hit the deck I looked inside the galley, and sure enough, Mike was leaning against the counter, looking at Jan. One hand leaned on the counter, the other poised in front of him. She bent over and began to lick at Mikes hard cock shaft. She grabbed my hard cock in one hand and dove down under my balls and began licking. Jan eased up on me with her mouth as Mike slid his enormous cock into her. I'm not sure if it was the constant thumping of Mikes balls onto her clit and lips or the fullness of his big cock, or the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her mouth and throat.

Wedding Night

group nobarriers 2018-03-06

The sensation of her nipples being sucked and fondled by two men began to turn Sandy into a sexual frenzy, the drink had lowered her inhibitions to the point that she now wanted to be penetrated. She closed her eyes again and re-imagined the curved cock of Darren inside her, whether or not it was that shape was immaterial, it was the thoughts in her mind that mattered right now as her hand reached down and rested upon her gender. The gush from Mike's cock shot into her mouth at the same time as she saw Gary cream over Darrens face. Gary's tongue was now slowly licking down her body, over her breasts and tummy, his intent; to seek out and drink Darren's cum from within.