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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Girls night out

group 2018-03-06

John lost no time getting trousers off and stood in front of Sarah holding his hard long cock in his hand. I looked at Sarah all but passed out on the sofa, she looked completely defenseless with her tits out and her legs wide open. She lay there just a few seconds before Ian was ready to take his turn pulling John away and taking his place between Sarah's legs. Ian fucked her hard and it was only a few minutes before Sarah was taking her second load into her pussy. Anyway we were feeling randy and once we got started you were responding like a bitch in heat so we fucked you until we were dried out.”

Jason Hits The Jackpot Ch. 2

group Nichola 2018-03-06

Gerald was flat on his back and Grace could see her son holding his 7 inch cock vertical and Jane, straddles him and gradually settled until her cunt engulfed her husbands prick and then she started to fuck him. Gerald cursed, Jane shouted "Oh FUCK" and Grace, quickly retreating towards the bathroom emulated her daughter-in-law with a muttered.."Fucking hell, I wanted to 'cum'." The telephone was still ringing and being close she called out, "Gerald, I have just left the bathroom, I'll get it" and going down the hall picked it up. Jason, he eyes tightly closed, was jacking his hard 9 inch prick which had already leaked so much pre-cum it made his cock sticky and white.

My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy... Final

group 2018-03-06

When I have tried to suggest a real threesome she has refused asking me, "How would you ever love me the same after seeing another man inside me and how would you feel about me as a mother?" She also asked, "What if the guy we picked was way bigger than you or made me cum harder? She is pretty good too, I hear." "Not like you, baby, I am sure." She smiled amd I said, "Just for me, pretend you are sucking Kevin's cock now." She closed her eyes and began sucking faster and harder, squeezing my nuts hard. After I minute I got close to cumming and said told her to ride me now and she did.

Wifes pussy teased by me and the guys

group gdhubby 2018-03-06

This is one of our favorite games during a pussy party. We bring the Mrs. to the edge of getting off, then we stop,even holding her so she she can't get her self off.We do this several times in a row until she is desperate,and begging to orgasm. Part of the game is getting to see what she'll promise or is willing to do sexually when shes so desperate. I want to know if other Husbands do this, and if the wives like being teased that way. I enjoy doing it to her, and sometimes I like to listen to the guys teasing her and her begging for just a few more strokes to get off.

A Dozen Oysters

group Abelard7 2018-03-06

Katherine was a stunningly beautiful woman, but Jess put her in the shade, her full shapely breasts, supported but not obscured by the basque and tipped by rigid dark pink nipples, crying out for attention. Relinquishing Jess's treasures, he moved one hand to his erect cock and pulled back the foreskin, revealing a bulging purple knob which he placed against Jess's gaping cleft and pushed so that it lodged at the threshold. Holding himself fully engaged, he reached under to cup Jess's hanging tits, then moved his hands to her hips, drew most of the way out, and rammed back hard.


Very Close Friends Ch. 03

group fraoch 2018-03-06

Before we knew it, we heard Pam say “What the hell are y’all doing, you going to join us” as she and Kim walked past us naked towards the pool. As I was taking my turn with Pam, I looked to down to watch my cock slide in out of her pussy. She looked incredible in that exposed position with Steve between her legs fucking her and her large breasts bouncing with each of his strokes. As Steve kept up his pace, he said here it comes and his strokes became slower and more deliberate as he came into my wife’s pussy. On the way home Kim asked me where I got the idea for the fucking her and Pam.


The Sex Toy party

group stella2 2018-03-06

We sat in the pub imagining what was going on back at the house so we went through a couple of scenes and tried to imagine the most kinky things we could like Jo-Anne licking out her best friend Gemma’s cunt who allegedly was hairier than Jo-Anne’s, also we imagined “Wide Wendy” the slapper from the council estate who could fire ping pong balls from her fanny to a rather remarkable distance of 6 feet, anyway you know what blokes are like when they had a beer.

My Second Apartment Ch. 01

group Waynegod69 2018-03-06

Jessica pulled Katie's hand up to my cock, making her hold it as she moved the other girl's wrist up and down, showing her the way she wanted the task done. Katie was leaned back against me, our lips locked as we thrust against each other, my hands gripping her breasts, pinching her nipples between two of my fingers. At that very moment I watched as Shane pulled his cock from Katie's mouth, covering her face with hot, sticky cum. For a moment we all just stayed in that position, Jessica cleaning my softening cock with her warm tongue, Katie holding my right hand against her breast as she licked the head of Shane's prick.

The Facts of Life part 1

group commerciale63 2018-03-06

Sam said, "Well, words like 'cunt,' 'pussy,' 'come,' 'cock,' 'hard-on' Sam said, "I've seen that stuff come out of mine and Ron's penis a lot, but As dad pulled off his briefs, allowing his hard penis to flop out, he said, to just fist it, like this." Dad put his right hand around his hard penis Sam said, "Dad, when you do that, do you think we could see what sperm Sam said, "Well, dad, are you having fantasies right now? Sam said, "Wow, I didn't know how people actually fucked. Dad fucked mom this way very hard, pounding her hips so that she kept Dad sat silently for a long time and then said, "Hey, guys.

Carols cunt gets gangbanged

group Johnnytames69 2018-03-06

Both Carol and Chad nodded, then rolled their eyes when Rachel looked away. "You really should come to the party at Chad's frat house later," Rachel said. Carol was glad she'd picked a south western school where she knew she'd be able to wear her favorite cotton dresses right up to December. Finally, after five minutes of trying to get Chad's attention, she placed the book down gently on the desk and walked to the back of the store, trying not to "Find a book?" Chad said as Carol approached him. room, until Chad pushed a few quarters into the machine, bringing a movie up with a girl having sex with two men. Carol slowly lowered herself down onto one guy as two more came forward to have their cocks sucked.

The Proposition

group drscar 2018-03-06

"I want you to help me fulfill someone's fantasy," he said. "I want you to feel completely comfortable to say no if you don't like what I have to offer," he said. "She hasn't had sex with a woman in a long time," he said, and for a moment I wondered if I had missed the beginning of his sentence. I hope you understand that her fantasy is to have a woman to play with, she doesn't want a relationship and she isn't looking for a connection with you. I spread my arms out as if I were tied up to the bed, and spread my legs so that my entire body looked like Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, minus the penis.


Wearing Out The Flooring

group Kinky Rachel 2018-03-06

Other nights he would have been out on the floor, running his confident hands over some pretty girl's body, occasionally flicking them, pretending it was an accident, over whatever slim fabric was covering the pussy he was trying to get into, maybe cupping a breast as they mimed the art of love, thrusting their hips against each other under the lights. He looked at her pale body, the large breasts completely white save for her large, extravagantly pink nipples; her belly, not toned but slim nonetheless; her pussy large, covered in a shaggy morass of dark blonde hair, darker now that it was wet, curving between her legs, untrimmed. Even more urgently: "I'm going to come." Mark sucked harder on his cock, and unable to stop himself, David came, shooting semen into Mark's mouth.


Shared Cindy: Judy's story, part one

group uklvr69 2018-03-06

Cindy was shocked because there was no way Judy could know about me, her and Joe. Amused by the look on Cindy’s face, Judy laughed and said, “I was only k**ding… but you looked like you thought I was serious...” Knowing how many pictures and movies we have of our various sexploits, Cindy knew this would now be very easy, although actually seeing graphic images might shock Judy, who only appeared sceptical, but in reality was secretly hoping it was true. Sunday morning over coffee, Joe and I were both surprised when Cindy told us about her slip of the tongue that resulted in a still-doubting, but hopefully horny Judy being invited into our bed.

Two by Two

group jack_the_chap 2018-03-06

Karl's fingers and lips continued to work on Heather's own cunt, but she was nowhere as close as Kate yet. Kate's feet were up against Andy's shoulders, while Heather wrapped her legs around Karl's waste, pulling against him and forcing him harder into her on each thrust. Karl and Andy maintained a steady rhythm, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down, but seeming better in control, better able to the moment when the girls' cunts would be filled with hot, wet semen than if they had been working alone. Heather could feel Kate's hot breathe on her pussy lips as she moaned, but still she didn't nothing to taste the beautiful wet quim that hovered in front of her face.


The Storytellers Ch. 16

group Paris Waterman 2018-03-06

I had, of course, sampled her sister Beatrice's breasts the day before, and while they were sizable enough, Lizbeth's pregnant state had obviously enhanced hers a great deal. Dennis greeted each girl with a kiss on the cheek, and then said, "I hope you'll allow us to pay for those drinks, after all we made you take a cab over here and then added insult to injury by having you wait while we got ready. "Nuttin' fancy, have the shrimp cocktail, steak and a baked potato," Toots said as he slapped Dennis on the back and checked out Lizbeth's breasts when she wasn't looking.


My First Time Is With My Teacher! Ch. 04

group football_stud 2018-03-06

I love you but the neighborhood fuckfest is tomorrow and I want you to be nice and full because you are going to be used a lot tomorrow." After she said that she winked at me and kissed me passionately allowing her to taste her own juices. "Hey John I want you to meet someone." She took me by the cock and pulled me over to a very hot Asian lady. "MMmmm well we will have to do those things you were thinking about," she said, as she started rubbing my cock a little. The black guy that was doing Jill in the ass said this and went over and they started their own 69.

Second Time Around

group DrVonWankenstein 2018-03-06

I walked towards her, she leaned forward and took my bone hard cock in her mouth Once I got on the bed she dived on me, giving my cock a good sucking before getting astride We got in and the girls were really ADMIRING one another, Deb was telling Jo how beautiful I watched transfixed as Jo's tongue invaded Debbie's mouth, Deb in turn sucked Jo's tongue, Jo then made Deb undress her, she'd got her big tits out, she got Debbie to unzip her skirt, I took all my clothes back off, again, and got behind Debbie with a view to giving her "Oh CHRIST, you've got a lovely arse, Deb" I enthused

Slut Lessons Ch. 09

group AhMyGoddess 2018-03-06

But I like getting fucked in the ass and Renee has a thing for sucking cock," Stacy explained. The bedroom door slammed open and Richard entered the room, saw the scene on the bed, ran to pull the blonde man off Renee. Leslie remembered how it had felt to have the other girls put their fingers up her hot pussy, she imagined that Richard's cock would feel even better. She wanted to feel his hands all over her, she pressed herself against him again, gasping into his mouth as she felt the hardness of his cock pressing against her stomach. The hands on her ass pushed her harder against his cock and she moaned, burying her face in his shoulder, feeling the shape and the hardness of his cock pressing into her stomach.

Life Changes

group jackiegirl199 2018-03-06

A couple of years later I got a good example of how it worked, Mom wanted a new car, a convertible that she had seen. I knew that my sex was getting wet and my whole body vibrated inside as his tongue touched my nipple. “I want you to put me on that bed and put your hard dick in my pussy, I want to feel you slipping in and out of my hot, wet pussy and I want to feel you fill me up with your hot cum.” It was the truth and it didn’t matter that I had never before said anything like it to him. I want to feel your hard dick in my hands and in my mouth and in my pussy.


Dark Places

group greatcameo 2018-03-06

The little Asian's mouth looked so good going over the blonde's body. I started to daydream, putting myself in the blonde's place, with the Asian girl lightly brushing across my nipples. I felt more hands help the woman pull my skirt up and panties off as the girl on the screen was being undressed also. As I came down from my orgasm, the woman slipped one finger out of my pussy and started pressing it to my asshole. I had never wanted to go down on a woman before, but I really enjoyed giving Roger head, so I thought I would try it. On my last orgasm I felt my ass and pussy clench tight around both dicks and felt them start to convulse inside of me.

Girlfriend Ch. 05

group BlackSnake 2018-03-06

Woah!" Kale's eyes got as big as Zeta took his cock into her hot mouth. Kale pulled Zeta back against the rail next to a young woman sitting on it, while a guy in front of her pumping his cock into her pussy. "Lemmi, I just saw your new girl friend, and she looked like she was going to give Kale a little nookie nookie." "You look like you had more than enough to drink." Lemmi excused the girl at his cock and caught Brittany by the arm before she toppled over. Zeta grabbed hold of Lemmi's butt-cheek and began bucking up on his cock as hard and fast as she could.


The Queen's Pleasure

group midnightfalcon 2018-03-06

Polly immediately responded by forcing her tongue into my mouth so I could suck it and she reached down to lift my own Chemise up exposing me for her more intimate attention. While her lips explored my cunt, her tongue danced within each hot wet fold of my swollen portal and I was gasping for breath, I reached within my dress and began to pinch my nipples. Having been satisfied four times the previous day, once in my coach and three times using my little ivory toy, I was again thinking about Rex. He had arrived hours earlier and I was anxious to enjoy his company and all it promised.


Wheelman Incentives

group JosephBarnosky 2018-03-06

Casey's hand wrapped around his, both of them holding Carrie's head on his cock and they locked in a kiss. Casey crawls back down and begins to kiss and lick at the areas of Matt's cock that Carrie can't reach. Casey impales herself on him, moaning into her girlfriend's mouth each time Matt's cock crams up against the deepest walls of her pussy. With his hands Matt holds Carrie's hips and gently bumps his cock against her sensitive spot, sending waves of orgasmic pleasure pulsing through her. Matt holds himself deep inside them both, his cock enjoying every muscle twitch in Carrie's pussy and his finger lingering in Casey's sweet and sinful ass, long after his final thick stream has poured out.

A to Z Fuckstories – B is for Blowjobs

group jurrjens 2018-03-06

“Well, Jess and Jenna sure enjoyed the size of the member between your legs, and Lauren was very impressed when she heard about it later. I knew that Jenna and Alex were there, and most likely Jess was there too. Jenna, Jess, and Lauren were all wearing tight t-shirts that accentuated their breasts nicely. I think you’ll be able to handle four mouths.” Jenna spit on her hand and started to coax my little guy into life. Alex didn’t waste any time in dropping to her knees and doing what she had done earlier in the day. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to watch Lauren lick Alex’s face clean of my cum or whether I wanted to watch Jenna undress Alex.