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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bugle Boy

group wife2hotblk 2018-03-06

My favorite was the occasional gang bangs that I enjoyed with a club of black men called the Mandingos. The club was a loose grouping of professional black men, who enjoyed interracial sex play including gang bangs. Of the course of the next half an hour, we were joined by half a dozen other impressive black men, a few of whom I knew and a couple more that I did not. By the time, I got into the room he was wearing only tight black boxer briefs with an impressive bulge that I knew was not a bugle. The two others leaned back against the pillows stroking their cocks as they watched Bugle Boy put me through my paces like an expert jockey on a prime racing filly.

Festival of Fucking

group MissyDemeanors 2018-03-06

Bridget shifted and looked back "You can ummm adjust if you need to." Nate nodded and she gripped the front passenger chair to squat off of him and he shifted his shorts and held up his hands waving to her. She was becoming overwhelmed by the music and couldn't help but be turned on by how aroused Nate was getting watching Arabella licking Melonies neck. Arabella giggled "do mint it's killer with your roll!" She waved her hand and Bridget leaned to the back seat. She rubbed her lips together and leaned over grabbing a shocked looking Fox. She kissed him but kept her hips softly grinding against Nate. "Bro grab my phone." Nate didn't stop fingering Bridget but passed Fox his phone with his free hand.


Private Desires Ch. 02

group Sensuous Swan 2018-03-06

She took Gil's cock from her mouth and began licking and sucking on his balls so that she could watch Joe bringing Beth to full arousal. She watched Beth and Joe as she allowed her tongue to travel the length of Gil's cock. She couldn't wait to taste him, and she knew that with what he had just witnessed, what he was watching now, the moans filling the room, the sounds of Joe's cock penetrating Beth, this would not take long. Laura watched Joe thrust hard into Beth as Gil's moan filled the room and her moans of pleasure joined his. Gil and Joe wasted no time, they immediately started kissing, massaging, nibbling, and sucking every part of Laura imaginable.


Last night in Vegas

group eaglefree 2018-03-06

He was eating her pussy and doing a good job at it as well because she stopped sucking his dick several time as she came. She swallowed me and held me there for several minutes as he continued to eat her pussy and lick her clit. At one point she told me to "suck it for a few minutes so I can really enjoy his tongue." I knelt down and licked his cock. He stopped licking her clit as if to object but when I completely swallowed his cock he moaned and started eating her again. I got down next to her and took his cock in my mouth just as he started to cum. She leaned over and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him.

Finding A Female Coworker On A Yahoo Swinger Site

group Johnnytames69 2018-03-06

Sandy and her husband had put in a profile on this site claiming that they were into swing parties and full swapping. The following day I went back to work, but had a hard time keeping my dick under control every time I looked at Sandy's office and envisioned her with her legs up in the air as every guy in the office took turns fucking her. Unfortunately for me I was not able to fuck Sandy that night, but still had a great time with Lynn. When I got into work yesterday, there was another email waiting for me from Sandy inviting Lynn and I out to their next swingers party in a couple of weeks.

I Heard the Door Open, She Didn't

group Hotham123 2018-03-06

As buddy #1 approached the bed, I reached up, grabbed her head and pulled her down for an extended deep kiss, knowing that she's most likely not feel the bed move. Just let it happen, let it happen..." She smiled, then rolled her eyes up in her head as my buddy drove his cock deep into her ass. Buddy #2 came around the side of the bed, slowly climbed on and kneeling just above my head, presented his absolutely huge cock to my girl! He started throat fucking me, with my cock buried deep in her, and Buddy #2 banging deep into her ass.

Our First Threesome

group erotichindu 2018-03-06

So when Dee came to me, I asked her about Kat and if she ever tried to sleep with her, she just said, "Let's not talk right now" and started sucking me. "That night I came over to Dee and James' place to watch the movie, I was horny and lonely and just wanted some friends to talk to. "But later, Kat and James started talking about the scene in the movie with the two women and she kept looking at me. Kat was close too, because she was fucking my face hard, rubbing her pussy over my nose, mouth, chin, so I grabbed her ass and started eating her more.

Lady Belinda's Bargain

group johnniedee004 2018-03-06

When she turned to face Johnnie, he gasped in delight at the sight of her creamy, pear-shaped breasts, hanging low, perfectly round areolas topped with hard dark brown nipples. Placing her hand between Jean's thighs, Belinda ran her middle finger between the chunky labia, lingering to take full pleasure in feeling the soft lips, to emerge with a dribble of liquid on the finger pad. She went down on her haunches in front of Johnnie, to plant kisses on the head of the handsome cock, licking away its pearl, whilst Jean and Penny escorted Lois to the bay window where stood a long occasional table, covered with several cushions, pointing into the room. Taking Johnnie by the arm, Belinda brought him to bend over Lois's reclining figure, thighs wide apart showing every detail of her entire private parts.


While Fantasizing

group fasted1 2018-03-06

The sucking of my dick, the licking of my balls' spot, and the fucking of my asshole with the dildo causes me to spew rivers of come. One woman is coming in my mouth, as she licks the base of my dick and her friends clitoris. Her friend slides up under her and starts licking and sucking on her clitoris as I stroke her asshole. This technique is starting to irritate her, so she grabs her ass cheeks in both hands and pulls her asshole open wider for my insistent tongue. Almost at the same time as I am sticking my dick into her ass, she starts to quiver and begins to come.

La Playa Ch. 11

group Fog43 2018-03-06

Tonight we fuck, tomorrow we talk, and if I were you, I'd expect things to be a bit different in the bedroom," Sam shook her finger at George as Hector came. "George and I have been swinging for years, and I've always loved my time with the ladies," Sam explained, "but he would never fulfill my fantasy of watching him suck cock until a couple years ago when I got him pretty buzzed before we went to a house party." "Yes, you do look like you could use my cock up your ass, you little minx," she said, setting their drinks on a convenient table and leading Faith toward the sunken floor.


Capri an Isle of Love

group walterio 2018-03-06

He caressed the back of my legs and cheeks of my ass as his warm, wet, wonderful mouth began sucking on my cock. Paolo took my cock out of his mouth and looked up at me as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged my bloated balls. Paolo and I went to the beach, which if you are familiar with Capri, you know it is a serious of rock plateaus along the Mediterranean Sea. It is very common for people to lie on towels or sit in beach chairs in small groups along these plateaus. Paolo and I looked up and saw the two Swedish girls Ingrid and Annika that we had met last night. I would subtly caress Ingrid's ass and she would brush her hand over my rock hard cock.


February Heat

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-03-06

Her beautiful curvaceous body moved gracefully to the music and she looked into my eyes and ran her hands down my well defined, muscular chest. "Kevin," Alex purred in a velvety smooth tone, "Jeremy just said he'll try anything once and you know that thing I told you that I really wanted. I felt Alex's warm mouth engulf my turgid prick and I looked into Kevin's warm eyes as he pulled my lips to his. I couldn't believe that I was being kissed by a guy but his lips were surprisingly soft and his tongue slipped playfully into my mouth making me moan softly. I felt her hand on my dick and she leaned in kissing my face and neck as my head started to bob.


The Waitress Moves In

group mikoli5763 2018-03-06

I knew with me working days as an electrician, Sandy being a stay at home wife, and Tiffany working evenings at a local steakhouse that they would be alone together for much of the time. "I have been sitting here thinking about our situation and something Sandy said while we were enjoying each other's bodies earlier." I began telling the by now curious duo in front of me. "Sandy said that we ought to keep you Tiffany because we were going to turn you into a slut that one person couldn't satisfy. I asked Tiffany if she minded going home so Sandy and I could talk to each other alone.


Tabby at the Poker Party

group Tabby18lover 2018-03-06

She felt her knees being pushed apart by the man, her black lace panties pulled down her legs and then felt his hard cock bounce against her thigh. Steve came around the front, kissing Tabby full on the lips, licking away the residue cum from the other man. Monique parted her long legs letting the man kiss her butt, touching her pussy through the white lace thong. Standing up they guided the girl to the couch, letting her slouch in the soft seat, her legs akimbo, her red pussy oozing a little cum. Steve moved to kneel beside Tabby, letting her continue to suck his hard cock. A mouth closed on her hard nipple as the man started to guide his cock to her red opening.

A Double-D Gang-Bang

group Jonny Cakes 2018-03-06

Show me how much you want to fuck my big titties." The four of us followed her order and started to rub our pricks, staring at the hot slut sitting in front of us, ready for the ultimate tit-fucking gang-bang. Rub that hard cock on my titties." I couldn't believe that I was finally getting the chance to fuck Tara's big tits. Screw my big titties baby." As I continued to bang her boobs, Tara looked over at Sanjay and told him to get ready. Sanjay slipped his cock into Tara's tit-tunnel and immediately started screwing them like I just had. Who want to fuck them now?" Tara was continuing to rub her cunt with one hand and her cum-covered tits with the other.

Hot Chocolate with the Neighbours

group TenaciousD 2018-03-06

My left hand reached up and grabbed one of her tits through her shirt, feeling the hardness of her nipple and rubbing it between my thumb and forefinger. She still had her little purple panties on, and my dick was still mostly in my boxers, but it felt so good as she slowly and sensually rubbed her ass into my hard cock. Our kisses were soft and tender at first, but after a bit Rachel reached up and put her hands behind my head, pulling my mouth harder against hers and really whipping her tongue into a frenzy. My pussy can't wait any longer!" I gave Rachel's swollen sex one more kiss before turning around to face Deidre.


2x4 Makes Great Ch. 02

group sirliketolickalot 2018-03-06

Linda's little display swung the conversation to sex and by the time one more round of drinks had been downed, Kristy said "It's getting hot under here, let's get into the pool and cool off." Immediately clothes started coming off but Lisa and I held back just I bit. Beth went first and drew my name, Linda drew Al and had to put it back and draw again, pulling Don this time, then Lisa drew Jimmy's name which left Kristy with Al. I was beginning to think there was trickery going on, it seemed like Lisa kept ending up with Jimmy's dick in her mouth, not that I minded.


Goodbye Party Fun

group suelove58 2018-03-06

I started to enjoy the kiss a bit too much so I tried to move away but Tom moved his head to keep his lips in contact with mine. Tom took hold of my legs whilst Peter and Nick continued to fondle my breasts, periodically pulling on my nipples. I felt hands on my thighs and my pussy being teased and I said "No, seriously, no more." To which they just laughed and Tom said "It's alright Sue, I'm just cleaning you up a little." When I raised myself up I saw that he was gently mopping my somewhat gooey cunt with tissues from the box that I had used earlier.

The Graduation

group DarkSwordsman 2018-03-06

On June 20th, exactly a week before the big day, over a health conscious dinner of grilled chicken, rice and green beans Kayla's mother Michelle simply came out and asked. When she got out of school, Kayla took a tour of the seedy, rundown parts of town, sticking the 'invitation' up in the windows of dive bars and sex stores, strip clubs and brothels, in alleyways, phone boxes and public bathrooms. Kayla had been so excited she'd barely slept the night before, but still leapt out of bed bright and early that morning like a kid on Christmas Day. Her graduation ceremony dragged to such an extent that it felt like time was going backwards, but she got through it and rushed home as quickly as she could.


caught by my s****r and her friend 3

group carlos06 2018-03-06

Quickly I pulled my pants up and Kate opened the door, "my office now!" ordered miss Rogers, as we were marched down the hall girls lined the way covering their faces to hide their giggles, my s****r Susan was there and just glared. Susan began moaning, clearly these girls had some history, then Kate waved me over, she held Susans pussy lips open and pointed to the small shiny knob above the opening, "that's her clit" she said (so that's what she was rubbing I thought)"lick that and you will make her cum. As I looked down I smiled, here was miss goody two shoes licking her best friends pussy, ass covered in her b*****rs cum while he has his cock balls deep inside her.

The Adventures of Nicole Ch. 01

group GMan69N 2018-03-06

A small, almost imperceptible murmur escapes you as the outside of her hand brushes the swell of your breast, your eyes half closed, shifting slightly closer to her, inviting her further touch. Taking my hands again, she slides them down your navel to the top of your thighs, before leaning in closer and kissing you fully, her tongue tracing the curve of your mouth, tasting you. Sophia leans forward again, seeking me, and I allow our mouths to meet, her tongue parting my lips to taste me, all the while my eyes open and on you as you slowly slide her dress down, revealing her curves, her exquisite lingerie.

Jessica Gets Tricked

group iswallowloads 2018-03-06

It actually didn't taste that bad at first, like cherry Kool-Aid. She sucked it slowly into her mouth, letting out a slow moan. He suddenly let out an animal-like grunt, pulled his cock from her mouth and began spurting cum all over her face. "You don't get it cutie." "I'm already happy, I got what I wanted." "Sure, I would have loved to find out whether your pussy tastes as sweet as it smells, or maybe even fuck that tight little ass of yours, but my happiness is no longer important." Jessica was a small girl and her tight little pussy could barely take it when her boyfriend wanted to fuck her more than twice in a day.


The Priest of the Goddess Ch. 2

group bamboomoon 2018-03-06

I just knew that you were born to love and pleasure all people." She looked longingly at Father and slipped her hand under his tunic. "We're on our wedding holy day in the big city and we don't know what to do," said the groom, Yamba, hugging his ordinary looking bride, Ulana. Yamba had a small penis and I caught Ulana starring at my 9-inch cock but I ignored the attention and continued setting up the feast. Ulana released a small moan when I took another piece of crab, dipped it between her legs and gave it to Yamba to eat. Una lubricated Yamba's member with her tongue while I licked Ulana's pussy and anus.

Indiscretion's wages

group fordmed 2018-03-06

Jesse's cock was in no way as nice as daddy's, but the thrusts still felt wonderful. No sooner did Jesse start to cum, pulling all the way out out of me between spurts, but slamming hard into me to deliver each splash of cum deep inside my pussy, until the compartment door opened suddenly. As I looked back at staff sergeant Tyler, still impaled on Jesse's twitching cock, I could tell by the hard look in his eyes that I was in trouble yet again. This went on for a time, Gunther fucking my cunt, the other cabbie stuffing his cock down my throat and me trying my best to jack the other two off.