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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Two for One Drink Special

group CharlieGG 2018-03-06

Alex paused, looking at Jennifer for a couple of seconds before adding, "Well, let's see what your boyfriend thinks when he gets here!" She took two steps back and sat on the couch, her fingers sliding down her body as she pushed her hand into her panties and began playing with herself slowly, never taking her eyes from Alex's. After 30 seconds of sucking and stroking, Jennifer turned her head and gave Greg his turn at her wet mouth, rubbing her saliva all along Alex's thickness. Alex ran his hand up her stomach to her breasts and tweaked her nipple as Greg slid his cock into Jennifer's waiting pussy.

Game Night

group The_O_State 2018-03-06

"I would like to play 'truth or dare'," Jade said. But when Jade frowned, thinking he was smiling at her suggestion, he explained that as wild as his high school days were, he hadn't played it either, but Rebecca had. When the song was over, they turned around and Eric was messaging Rebecca's back and she was messaging Jade's. "Hhmm, let's see," Rebecca said, looking at Jade. Okay, dare," Rebecca said, conceding to Jade. "Like what you see?" Rebecca asked, looking down at Eric's hard on which suddenly returned. While they kissed, Rebecca let her hands roam to the places she liked to touch on him, his muscular back and arms, the feel of the short hair on the back of his head, his legs and ass.


The Adult Cinema

group zimabean 2018-03-05

Someone came up behind me and slid his cock in me as the guy in my mouth started to cum. Another cock was pushed into my pussy and started to fuck me again and after a minute it pumped me full. I rolled over on my back and spread my legs wide putting my pussy on display.A fat old man took his place deep in my pussy, and seconds later drained his hot jizz in me, I came watching and feeling him cum. A couple of other men must have came into the cinema and took turns pumping their DNA into me. I lost count of how loads of cum were pumper into my pussy that night, I swallowed five and four were pumped onto my bush.

Great Loop Ch. 06

group Creekman 2018-03-05

About an hour later, I slowly drifted awake to find both Helen and Lori kissing me and stroking my cock. As she was stroking my cock, Lori stepped forward, reached between my legs and started massaging my balls. When he finished, she rubbed any left over cum into her tits and face, stood up, gave Helen and Peter a kiss before putting on their clothes and leaving with the other couple. Helen came up to me, placed her arms around my neck, pressed her body against mine, gave me a toe curling kiss that started getting me hard and said, "I'll NEVER forget last nights shagging.


Plan To Bring Home Some Creampie?(couple)

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-03-05

After almost an eternity of fucking, he started to almost groan and told her, "Princess, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." My wife tenderly told Alex, "Cum now, can you feel my pussy squeezing you?" To intensify his pleasure at that point, she squeezed her vaginal muscles and f***ed a gob of Alex's cum out of her pussy. My wife spread Alex's cum like lotion all over her naked body. She told him in an affectionate manner, "This big, big pole is now mine!" She held the monster cock with two hands and said to him, "Alex, your penis is so HUGE.I have never seen anything as large as this It made my pussy feel so good and it penetrated deep, deep inside me!"

Shame Game Ch. 05: A New Fit

group shamefever 2018-03-05

Then I told them that I was going home because my darling husband had begged me to bring some stranger's cum to lick off my body. When Bill admitted that he was a little scared of what we were about to do, I tried to assuage his feelings, by saying, "I know that when you see me being ravaged by Frank's monster cock, you will get so excited that you will be begging him to treat you like a woman, also." At that, Bill was raring to go, but I decided to humiliate Bill a bit more. When you start your orgasm, my cumslut husband will suck every drop of his cum out of your mouth."

The Actress

group hi1 2018-03-05

"No time to clean up I guess." Steve said without looking at Rose. 20 minutes later Rose was in a Mariott suite with 3 men and Steve. Everybody in the room turned to look at Rose and she knew that it was Rose turned a little so that her wide ass was close to Mr. Bedall's The boy sucked her lips while trying to look at the men in the room. The boy placed his hands on her naked hips and pulled Rose closer. Rose felt the boy moan and started lifting her ass with every thrust. white cum ran like a river from Rose's cunt and dripped on the carpet. Carl was now bent over Rose, hands on either sides and cock buried

CvsN 19: Closing the Deal

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-03-05

Robin excused herself to go to the bathroom, and rotten Beth, who definitely was showing more and more of a mischievous streak, wriggled off the couch and went and planted herself on Ron's lap, to everyone's surprise. Beth came over and stretched out across us, her head in Debbie's lap, her butt on Amie's, her legs hanging off the end of the couch. I got one good look at Beth giving him a long lick before she tugged his pants down, while Robin opened his shirt. My hot little teen bed-warmer climbed on the arm of the couch, leaned into Ron and whispered into his ear, while the two of them watched sweet Amie slide up and down my straining cock.


Guy's Weekend

group My_Fantasy 2018-03-05

The taller girl's name is Marge while her friend is Tabitha. "I'm guessing your friends think you are getting lucky tonight," Marge says as we get to Tabitha's car. Maybe I should drive and Tabitha can sit on your lap instead." I feel myself get hard at the thought of the tiny girl sitting on my lap in her short skirt. By the time we get to the girl's house, Tabitha is breathing hard and I can feel heat radiating from her crotch. If you want, we can take you back to your hotel where you can spend the night in a room with a bunch of guys or you can stay with a couple of horny girls that think you're pretty hot.


Finally my first threesome!

group tonyc1234 2018-03-05

I told him I would go put the kettle on and left him to go into the room, I sneaked upstairs and I opened the door slightly to find Rie bouncing up and down on him, I then heard him say I cannot cum, I saw Rie get off his cock and started to suck it like mad while pulling him, he said I'm going to cum, with that he shot up and laid Rie back down and pushed his cock in her he thrusted for about another 20 times before I saw him plant his mouth on hers and then say I'm cumming to Rie saying she was cumming, he shot is load right up her she gasped he kissed her more, I sneaked back downstairs until I heard him leave to the bathroom, then I shot up and walked in the bedroom, Rie was smiling saying he's done it!


A Reluctant Stripper

group Riley196730309 2018-03-05

The taller woman, Kelly, I later learned, said "we were hoping you were our stripper." The other, Laura, a blonde, slapped her on the arm and was clearly embarrassed. I could hear several others in the room and they were playing music and having a good time – apparently a bachelorette party. I said good night and went into my room. She licked my head a few times and just when I thought I was going to get a blow job, she stood up, kissed me (while I fondled her tits) and then said thanks for the show...I'd better let some of the other girls have a turn. My disappointment was immediately replaced by lust when Kelly and Laura entered the room.

Party of Three

group Pegasus_Wings 2018-03-05

He looked at me and smiled, raising his eyebrow and slightly tilting his head towards the back of the car as if to say"not bad, hey?" Marc had taken a special liking to the fact that I was Bi-sexual, and he was always on the lookout for a new plaything, so when he indicated to Vanessa, I knew what he wanted, and I though it was a great idea. She whimpered and raised her hips to meet me, using the tip of my tongue, I gently flicked her, harder and harder on her clit, she buried her hands in my hair and pulled me into her wet pussy, fucking my face, and moaning loudly.

Jerk Lucks Out with 3 Coeds

group sugarisnice 2018-03-05

There was Mary, a blonde hottie, Cheryl, with dark auburn hair and long legs, and Connie, who said she was part Asian, part African-American. I took the high road, saying my name and that I was truly an alumni of the university (well, I couldn't tell the whole truth), but really just wanted to get to know the hottest girls on campus. Then Connie looked my way and used her index finger to tell me to come join the party. Connie released herself from Mary and Cheryl and started kissing me. I kissed her harder and she pulled me into the other two girls who started placing their hands on my chest and ass as I started fondling Connie's breasts, using my fingers to pinch her nipples.

Bride to Be

group hamptonite 2018-03-05

"We need help to finish this champagne" the maid of honor declared, as the bride to be merely blushed as she giggled while playing with her hair and looking at me. "Maybe the one of you can bang something else out," the brunette rather provocatively declared as the redhead started giggling like crazy again, leaning her beautiful head into the busom of her friend. Taking the bottle from the wine bucket, and taking the redhead by hand, I led the two girls to the elevator, which we took up to the third floor where the honeymoon suite. I let go of the bride long enough to help undo my belt, and as my hands returned to her chest, I could feel the brunettes hands grab hold of my member, and within seconds, I could feel her lips wrapping around my cock.


Ladies Club

group jehoram 2018-03-05

The choosing continued, with Maria (whose pussy was indeed shaved bald, instead of the profuse mat I had known) taking a short burly fellow, and an Asian woman with dark brown nipples on firm small breasts taking Bret. As the crowd cheered, she stroked his penis for what seemed like less than ten seconds before it erupted with a stream of cum that arced through the air and landed on Denise's left thigh. Helen stood behind me, her tits pressed hard on my back, and took my rock-hard cock in her right hand reaching from underneath, tickled my balls with her left.


Young bottom fucked by old store owner part 2

group jedrek37 2018-03-05

After a minute he pulled my head away and started inserting the dildo slowly into his hole. yeah like big black dick in your white hole" fuck yes i said. "good cuz ima cum in your white ass too little fag boy" soon enough he came too and it seemed he did for a while. He stuffed it in my mouth saying "taste that hole boy" I sucked it as hard as i could getting any cum out of his cock. I shoved my cock in and pumped him a few more times before my load shot up his ass. I went home that night with the taste of cum in my mouth and a throbbing ass.

Wall Street's Finest Party Ch. 01

group bustyrosa 2018-03-05

Out of the corner of my eyes, I watched Adam mesmerized as Mr. Brooks slipped his hands through Violetta's bra straps; he slowly slid them off her shoulders, then in one motion snatched the flimsy piece away and threw it back stage, revealing her large, heaving breasts and delicate erect nipples. "Gentlemen, thank you so much for all you do for our company, and I hope you've enjoyed my openness with you..." at this point she was interrupted by loud cheers, which took a while to subside as we were all watching her gorgeous bosom being touched by the VP, and wishing it was our own hands doing the groping.


The Lawn Rangers Ch. 09

group texaswade 2018-03-05

John looked like he was in heaven as Claudia grinded into his huge dick. "John, you don't fuck like a virgin," Claudia said. We were nervous that we'd get into it and Claudia would be able to tell that we weren't cock sucking and ass fucking beginners. "Actually hun, I brought some lube with me," I said, figuring that hand lotion was not going to lube me well enough to have John fuck my ass. "Let's see how you like getting a dick in your ass, and then we can discuss you fucking my ass," she said with a laugh. Before John continued to fuck me, Claudia took a look at my stretched out asshole.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 20

group mountaincat4 2018-03-05

After we did Suvarna's visualization I took both their hands and without needing to say a word it was understood that we would sleep together and continue to share ourselves in love. Use that wonderful tongue and lick my slit from my clit to my ass while I watch Janelle play with your cock." "Prem she told me that what happened to me happens to a lot of models and said if I really wanted to continue being a model I could come stay with her and Giorgio and she would introduce me to a very reputable modeling agent and get me started in haute couture in Milan.


Bryan's Seduction

group Many Feathers 2018-03-05

Bryan was a good six inches taller than Rachel was, as such, she stood on tippy-toes, reached up placing both hands on either side of his face and kissed him, quickly...but kissing him all the same. Chalk it off to the cooler air in this section of the office for whatever reason perhaps, but looking at her now, he couldn't help but notice the twin hard little points that had suddenly appeared beneath the shirt she was wearing. Bryan wasn't just blushing, his face had turned crimson as he watched Rachel quickly disappear, thankfully closing the door after herself when she did. In fact, the good news is, I'll probably be getting off a little earlier today than I thought I would," he said, remembering the postponed conference call.


My Best Friend and Wife Mess Around

group mrshanowski 2018-03-05

When they went to the bathroom they made out a bit and John took her tits out of her bikini and started sucking on her nipples but I guess it was too sketchy to do anything else there. Then once we got back and Phil and I went to the store, she told me that she started to bend down to get out utensils to get ready to BBQ and John said he couldn't stop staring and her ass as she bent down. She had a smirk on her face and said that the vibrating egg felt so good and she wanted to fuck John right there in the living room when I kept turning it on and off.

On My Knees at the stag party

group oddtastes 2018-03-05

party just within our group, to be a good excuse to get Dave d***k/high :) We had the party at Jack's apartment (since he was the movie cock, and when the guy shot his load all over her face and mouth, I let glanced at Paul, and he was just watching the movie, stroking his cock, saw was my married friend Paul staring at me, mouth slightly open. My head turned, my mouth opened, and Jack gasped the thought that this man would cum all over my face and mouth. away from Jack and kneeled at Paul's feet, with my face near his aimed his cock at my face and let go with a *huge* load of cum, right at

(Take) a Walk on the Wild Side Ch. 02

group Mag58 2018-03-05

My balls immediately began to ache and my cock sprung to life in my new black boxers as Connie looked like she was in her element as Lauren had her head between her legs and was lapping at my wife's cunt through her nylon panties. I rushed into the neighbouring room to see 5 or 6 people watching through the window; so I politely edged my way to the left hand corner and could see Connie already on her knees fondling two of the Pakistani men's cocks while Waqar rubbed his long ebony cock across her smiling face.


Dirty Dogging Fun

group mattescort 2018-03-05

By now they'd got me completely naked and pushed me 2 my knees and i was sucking both their dicks and everything had clamed down a bit by now bt then all of a sudden they picked me up and put me in their van and started 2 drive away, my clothes were jst left on the ground and my car door left open, now i really was shitting it bt they didnt drive far jst 2 another carpark a bit further in the woods, we stopped and the guys said i hope your ready for this and i didnt know wot they meant cuz they jst stayed in the front of the van.