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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Story

group Squee45 2018-03-05

Seeing the boyfriend’s cock push against the crotch of his trousers so hard, he grimaced in pain, Nancy reached over and with on quick flick of her wrist unbuttoned his pants and slowly stroked the now prominent and throbbing freed shaft. Facing away from him, she slowly lowered herself down while the girlfriend positioned the enormous cock between Nancy’s swollen pussy lips. The girl slipped her deft fingers up into Nancy and spread her glistening lips open, so that with a slight rocking motion of Nancy’s hips, the girl’s boyfriend slipped inside her hungry pussy. Then as she slowly slipped my raging hard-on inside her, she whispered in a sex laden voice, that while the girl wanted him pull out and spurt on her ass, Nancy had other plans and wanted him to cum inside her pussy.

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 74

group mimaster 2018-03-05

Ann had called me on the pretense of wishing me a Happy Birthday...and I'd spent ten minutes telling her what had happened at the party, and how I thought I'd blown it with Carol. When I turned on the light in my room like Ann asked me to, Heather and Carol were lying on the other bed...totally naked, waiting for me. Carol and Heather started giggling, and Ann, still on the phone, asked, "Are you surprised?" I had Heather stack the decks this one time to make sure the card I wanted you to pick was on top." And for the record, you can be my escort any time," I laughed, trying more that anything to let Ann know that I supported her no matter what.


Halloween Shop of Whores

group LustQueen 2018-03-05

His erection sprang to attention like a proud soldier and Wayne was suddenly enthralled in the erotic experience of having that redhead lower to her knees and engulf his cock into her mouth like a seasoned pro. The women in the hot tub were watching Wayne get his cock jerked and sucked while Wayne watched them fondle their wet tits before his very eyes. Looking at the redhead, Wayne watched the beauty of her young face suddenly change into a horrifying display of red glowing eyes and huge vampire like fangs emerge from her mouth as she hissed at him. Crawling on top of him, the petite little blonde, now turned vampire, lowers her head down onto his cock and commands it to stand fully erect.

Guys Weekend at Camp, with a Lady!

group DirtyDeni 2018-03-05

John was too tired and weak to argue with Deena's suggestion that she go on the camp-out, and truth be told, he'd rather be home alone to deal with his illness in quiet solitude than have his family around the house nagging him, asking him to do things, telling him to eat this / drink that / nap now and quizzing him frequently on how his bathroom visits were going. What seemed like moments later, Deena was startled awake by Craig's voice, "OK, boys, time for bed." She awoke in a daze and yawned as she looked around, suddenly realizing it was completely dark outside except for the fire in front of them.


Share & Share Alike

group Celtic_Heart 2018-03-05

I know she says the same about me but if we were to compare notes I'm sure she'd come out on top, even when you take account of the fact that for the last three years Keith has been the only man in her life. At the same time my sessions with Keith and Sue became fewer and fewer, although never quite coming to a complete stop. I told him all about our arrangement including the fact that Sue had insisted that Keith and I 'kept each other company' when she had been away on business. “Mmm, me neither.” Sue smiled then continued, “We probably should have done this years ago.” Then she lowered her head and flicked her tongue over my nipples.


Best Friends Turn Bisexual

group danielblue 2018-03-05

Steve looked back at Roger's cock, now fully erect and spit coated as it slid in and out of Aura's mouth. Aura let go of Roger's cock and came and knelt in front of Steve. If anyone had told Steve how good it felt to have something in your asshole while your cock was buried in a moist, warm pussy he would never have believed it, but he knew different now. Every now and then Roger licked up Steve's throbbing cock and into Aura's asshole, making her scream like crazy. At last Steve felt Roger's warm, spongy, slippery cock head sliding up his crack, teasing over his butthole. He begged Roger to let him have it and at last the dark haired hunk pushed his hard cock into his blonde buddy's ass.

Firefighter to the Rescue

group Rescue325 2018-03-05

A woman in her early thirties got out of the car, pulled her short skirt down and adjusted the back of one of her heels before she walked over to where Brian was sitting. John asked him where he had been and Brian started to tell him as they heard the shower turn on. It took a few thrusts before Brian and John got it working together so everyone was comfortable and the woman was going out of her mind. John liked how the friction of Brian’s dick on the other side of her asshole wall felt against his raging hard on. John heard a buzzing sound then felt Brian shoving the vibe from her pocketbook in her pussy with him.

A great provider or so i thought part one

group beansnrice 2018-03-05

married my college sweetheart. i lusted for her so much that i fell in love and married her, thats when i found out why i couldnt score...she was still a virgin. we got married. i drank beers strictly on weekends...the weekends belonged to me...i truly was gifted in many ways, but, sad to state, not in my groin...when it came to measurements? she would tell me that i was way good enough for her and that the average dick was only four to six inches. fastfoward again, like i said, i drink beers on weekends. i only had a six pack in the fridge, so i told my wife to go buy me more beers at the corner store.

The Tan Raincoat

group SierraSprite 2018-03-05

Andrea looked at him and said, "We are getting dressed and taking you out for dinner. He boosted me up with hands around my bottom and my legs around his waist, and walked us into the darkest corner, where his big, hard cock was in me before I really knew it. "Yes. He pretended to stalk me on the train, but when I walked out of the store, he looked me straight in the eyes and took the grocery bag. Celeste eased herself crosswise to Andrea, with her head on the hard rump. The next morning, he decided to have Andrea collect Charlotte from the train, so that he and Celeste could arrange a warm welcome. Charlotte pulled his hair and said, "Jeremy, you stop that nonsense.


The Devil's Mistresses Ch. 03

group christo 2018-03-05

Eat nothing else the rest of the day, your breakfast was large enough." Again, the little man was showing off, letting Roger know that he was under close observation. "Hello, Mr. Travers, mah name is Annabel," the girl said, her voice a soft West Virginia twang. She kept stroking his erection through his pants, and Roger took her lovely face in her hands and kissed her. Annabel's legs were wide open and Roger's fingers never stopped diddling her. "Intention or not, you are," Roger said, cupping her small breasts in his hands. The man kept the pistol centered on Roger's chest until Joubert's voice said, "Thank you, Seiji. "You must duck your head, Mr. Travers," the girl said, and Roger leaned down and walked through the doorway.


Paul Ironwood Ch. 04

group Jack_Love 2018-03-05

We embraced, and the babe guided my hard fuck-stick straight up her lubed-up hot cunt as we kissed slowly and passionately. This one, a blonde with huge perfect natural tits, I took one of her huge tits into my mouth and sucked it hard as she guided my dick up her tight, lubed-up hot pussy for a couple deep, heavenly thrusts. She guided it up her lubed asshole, then her pussy, and I fucked her gently, if briefly, meanwhile squeezing her massive fake tits. The announcement system gently came to life as Veronique's voice told the one thousand babes over the gentle, sexy ambient music that I'd successfully fucked them all.

Latin Lovers Ch. 02

group LilSheba 2018-03-05

Now Kenni turned completely to me, pulling her knees onto the couch as she put both hands on my cheeks before kissing me, gently first, then harder, her tongue running over my lips. I moved my hand from her shoulder to her head, holding her lightly against me, relishing the feeling of the warm wetness and the tongue swirling against my hardened and throbbing little nub. My hips were rolling slowly, easily in time with Carlos' hand running up and down my thigh, but my eyes opened and I gasped, "OH!" when I felt his fingertips lightly brush my pussy lips. Carlos turned to me and his hand went behind my head, pulling my lips hard against his as he rammed his tongue deep into my mouth.


Cabin Fever Pt. 02

group kellyjojo 2018-03-05

I have a perfect view of Josh's cock as he slides inside Julie's pussy, she leans back into him, her eyes closed and her head thrown back, pure ecstasy on her face. Josh does the same with Julie, when he pulls out she moans in disappointment until I see his wet cock peek out and slide up her pussy to her clit, a smile splays on her face and she bites her bottom lip as she moans in appreciation again. Brian and Josh take a few more hard , deep strokes and both pulling out at the same time and letting their cocks slide up our wet slits one last time, their cum squirting on our pussy lips.

Sheila's Awakening Ch. 03

group Jerrycurious 2018-03-05

"So what do you have in mind Dave," Bill Nelson inquired, " I mean do you guys want to come to our next party, would you rather just get together with Donna and me or maybe another couple or two, what's your thoughts?" "There will be a total of eight of us Dave," Bill stated, " you and Sheila, Donna and I, Tony and Nell Donaldson, and Ben and Sondra Tate. Dave was a little surprised and turned to see that Tony had embraced Sheila and planted a kiss on her lips. Ben and Sondra, this is Sheila and Dave Phillips," he continued, " and these other two bums you already know," he said chuckling. "Dave, your wife is beautiful woman," Ben said, looking all the time at Sheila.


our bitch comes to play

group juicylucy39 2018-03-05

My turn now bitch im going to fuck you with my strapon its only 14inches and your fantasy was to be spitroasted.removing the plug I slowly inch my strapon to your butt hole slowly it slides in as you accept in inch by inch slowly it slides in as you accept in inch by inch you dont know if you should move forwards onto the cock or backwards off the cock nearly down your throat the cock is moving faster fucking your mouth i need to speed up to match him gripping your waist i start to move faster and deeper into you keeping pace with the cock, again you feel the familiar twitching in the cock perhaps this time you will swallow it all.

6 guys n counting

group DEE-LICIOUSxxx 2018-03-05

i met a guy off da chatline wen i went to c him he came out with his cousin. we drove to da park . his cousin pulled his thing out n i went down . all of the sudden i heard the back door open n 4 guys jump in. so u kno wat i had to do. WOW was that fun!

Nightsong Ch. 02

group EarthSeaSky 2018-03-05

"Hi' ya Natalie, you sexy bitch, meet Marius and Ann," said John, lecherously ogling her small but outrageously protruding breasts. Natalie raised the palms of her hands, "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you, but before we continue, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, on behalf of John and Fay, our new playmates, Marius and Ann. I'm sure you will make them most welcome," she said, with a provocative curve of her full, red lips. With a slight toss of her head, Natalie swirled her long red hair over Ann's engorged breasts before kneeling to pull down her wet and sticky lace panties and peel away her stockings.


Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 2

group Randand 2018-03-05

I began rolling it between my fingers and this combined with my assault on your ass and pussy, sent you into a convulsing orgasm, that caused your legs to snap shut and your asshole and pussy to clamp down on my hand until it was over. It turned out that after Melissa had fucked Nina with Jake, they had looked for more toys in the bag and discovered the ropes we use. She was pulling down on the center of the rope which lifted Melissa's plump ass up off the bed, and Nina was jamming her hips and Jake, into Melissa's upturned pussy. As Melissa finally relented and pulled Jake from my asshole, you and Nina let go of my balls and cock and Melissa allowed the rope to relax and my ass and legs to fall back to the bed.

Just Fun Ch. 05

group enup 2018-03-05

Jolly had moved into Sarla's room and both wore clothes only while going out of the house or when someone came to their apartment. Toying with her nipple rings, Sarla gave a sigh and told Jolly that she longed for a live, throbbing, cock in her pussy. Sarla replied that she had a sudden hot desire for a female call girl and intended to ask that girl to suggest sexy men, who could be called later. An angry Jolly almost shouted at him, asking him to let her enjoy the sucking and repeated that he was free to fuck Sarla or any other girl. Jimmy too released his load at the same time - partly in the girl's pussy and as he came out, Sarla took his dripping penis in her mouth.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 47

group SteveWallace 2018-03-05

When I ended a phone call and went to see what was happening, there were Lucas, Elsa, Cindy, Marcia, Sheila, Melanie, KC, and even Izzy, all talking at once in excited and mostly happy voices. I heard Andy say to the other exec, "You don't want to get on Mark's bad side." The man looked worried and kept glancing over his shoulder at the two half-naked women. An hour later, after two more applications of Lanocaine and aloe ointment to dull the pain on our asses from our spankings, Mark led Melanie, Sheila, KC, Cindy, and me to the limousine and then to a busy restaurant in the A Loft hotel.


Crystal Clear Ch. 20

group Romantic1 2018-03-05

Around dinnertime, Edie became domestic in the kitchen while George and I kept her company and fed Little Jim. Summer came out of the bedroom carrying the baby. Edie came by several times and kissed George and Summer. I arranged Edie in the middle of the queen-size bed, again spent a delightfully long time orally making love to her breasts and lips, before I slithered down her body with my tongue and went to work on her sodden pussy. Edie said, "That is the sexiest thing I think I've ever seen, especially because it's the cum of the two men I love." She gave me a naughty look the most in the world.


Sexual Roulette

group namelorb 2018-03-05

"We have a game that we like to play, and it requires three players." She said as she looked over to Serena and then back at Mel. Then in a seductive voice she slowly spoke, "There are several rules, but the first one is that we all have to be naked before the game begins. Mel resumed his steady strokes and in no time at all, the bell rang out again and Connie pulled herself forward right with the ding. Mel watched her naked frame as her hips swayed with each step, but tore his eyes away from her and reached his hand out to Connie's had who had sat on the edge of the bed.

E is for Everything

group Many Feathers 2018-03-05

"Oh God Steve, fuck me!" Chris sat the cup of coffee back onto the counter before spilling it, feeling her husbands hands as he fully hiked up the back of her robe, the sound of his belt being unfastened, then the sound of his zipper lowering. Chris moaned pleasurably, feeling his entire length slip inside, her knee's already buckling though Steve held her easily pinning her there against the counter as he began thrusting his needful prick in and out of her wanton fiery-hot cunt. In was now Chris's turn to sit and relax, as she wouldn't appear at the store until ten, working slightly later, then closing as Steve attended to last minute deliveries himself, or came home to call on the status of expected incoming shipments.


Our First Threesome

group kandie 2018-03-05

I moaned and sucked Greg hard and felt Steve ram his cock as far into my hot box as it could go. Steve stopped fucking me for a moment to watch me suck Greg's cock. I stopped sucking Greg long enough to yell, "OOoooh fuck yes I love it fuck me deep fuck me hard arrrrghhhhhh I am cumming!" He stated that he loved to watch a woman suck off a guy and admitted he always wanted to try sucking a man's cock to see what it was like. Steve spoke up and said that he hoped he did not overstep his boundaries as it had been ages since he fuck a pussy or had his cock sucked.