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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Threesome while Husband Watches

group ILookLikeJailBait 2018-03-04

Yet, rather than actively participating in more sexual affairs with more women, a recent phenomenon, Antonio would rather watch his wife having sex with men. Yet, even though they've been happily married for the past few years without having the need to have sex with anyone else, being that this was the year of Sophia's 35th birthday, Antonio wanted to give her something special. Whether he told her of kept it as a surprise, Antonio was determined to satisfy his wife's sexual fantasy by hiring three men to have sex with his beautiful, sexy wife. I want you all to have sex with my wife," said Antonio looking from one man to the other.


New Apartment Party

group storyxteller 2018-03-04

She wanted to watch them all jerk off around their bed and suck their dicks as she and Eddie fucked. "Right here, baby." Jake said as he leaned over Eddie's head. Beth slowly took his large cock in and started sucking on it. "Mmmm" Beth let out as Eddie started fucking her a little faster. He just stared at Beth's pussy as Eddie's cock slid in and out of her. He quickly pulled out and moved back to watch as Beth continued to fuck Eddie's still hard dick. Jake leaned over Eddie's head, his balls bouncing back and forth on Eddie's forehead as he jerked his large pink cock. "Ahhh, fuck!" His cum sprayed all over Beth's face, and Eddie's too.

Country Weekend

group raelene 2018-03-04

She later told us that she had climaxed with us; it seems that watching her husband's cock jerking out its juices deep inside me combined with my crying, panting breath on her pussy pushed her over the top at just the right time. As soon as he did so, Anne clamped her lips to my pussy and began lapping at the cocktail of my juices and Patrick's jism as it slowly leaked from my cunt. I now saw that I could easily reach her clitoris with my lips, so with Patrick's magnificent weapon pounding at her cunt a couple of inches away I began to lick and suck on her clit. I went back to sucking on Anne's clit as I took Patrick's balls in my hands and gently squeezed them each time he drove home.



group Pandoras Desire 2018-03-04

After the whole Erin Gray compliment, she put her hand underneath my chin, and lifted my head and planted a huge passionate tongue-filled kiss right on my mouth. As I look up from Erin's love place, I can see Erin's mouth draped over Skye's love triangle, tracing her tongue in and out of her love hole, caressing her love button, then begin to suckle there. Erin begins to kiss Skye's inner thighs, I begin to do the same to Erin, then travel my feather like kisses up her long torso, until I reach her meaty breast, and have them both in my hands, caressing them, laving them with my velvet tongue. Erin reaches up and places Skye's meaty breast in her hands and gently massages her nipples.

A Delicious Jessie Sandwich

group dpingjessie 2018-03-04

It was a little awkward but really hot also to see my good friend in her sexy Christmas outfit as she bounced up and down a stiff, hard cock, her knees on the carpet on either side of her husband's hips. I was just moments away from fulfilling my dirtiest fantasy and, even though the time elapsed was probably about 10 seconds, it felt like another five minutes before the head of my cock poked Jessie's ass, guided by my hand. Holding herself up with her right arm, Jessie reached up and clutched my back with her other arm, allowing me to shove the head of my cock inside her, neighboring her husband's cock that was already deep in her asshole.


The Slutty Elf

group PTWinters 2018-03-04

"Great, okay I want to go let other people see my costume, but keep an eye out for me later, kay!" with that, she headed off looking for the next judge. In fact he had been specifically looking for Tara, hoping she'd be wearing it again when he had spotted her showing her panties to Larry. "I was just showing the Dean my proper costume." She looked down to see that she had completely popped out of her top, both breasts were exposed and in fact sitting on the hard plastic of her bustier. The dean couldn't hold back any longer, he had thought about fucking Tara many times in the last year, usually fantasizing about her in her slave Leia costume.


Perfect end to a night out

group slyfucker 2018-03-04

I love watching my wife eat pussy, but I knew what she wanted as she looked up at me and asked me if I was finished fucking this little sluts mouth? I took my cock out and got behind my wife who was on all fours as she ate Jen's cunt, I slipped 2 fingers into her wet pussy before I replaceed them with my cock! After a couple of slaps to each cheek her ass was glowing red so I slipped my hand between her legs and gently massaged her pussy, she relaxed again as I played with her wet cunt, my wife moved around and placed her pussy infornt of Jen's face, Jen could smell her pussy and instinctively stook her tounge out to lick her.

Construction Site Slut

group 2horny1 2018-03-04

My cunt muscles grabbing and squeezing that cock over and over as the foreman fucked my mouth like it was another pussy. The driver exclaimed, " Her fuck hole's trying to milk my cock!" His friend told him to go ahead and cum in my pussy, because he was going to shoot his load down my throat any minute. And no way do I want to get a filthy slut like this pregnant!" He yanked his prick out of my pussy, lined the head up with my ass hole and started thrusting. The men fucked my holes like a****ls, cocks swelling and pulsing in my ass and mouth, swollen balls tightening, preparing to drain themselves into me.

Victoria the Slut Ch. 04

group Lifeisgood21 2018-03-04

Jenny was quick to suck up all my cum off her fellow sluts firm tits before sharing it with Vic, swapping it back and forth in their mouths. Pulling my cock from Jenny's little asshole Vic cleaned me off with her mouth, sucking me vigorously until I came in her mouth. Frank's mouth was opening and he was stammering something, while Jenny was looking at me nibbling in her bottom lip and playing with her own nipples. "Having a practically naked eighteen year old slut suck your cock will do that!" I said grunting with effort, my legs making loud slapping noises against Jenny's ass as I fucked her tight pussy.


The Seduction of McKenzie Rose Ch. 03

group johnnieblue44 2018-03-04

Her knees buckled so violently that John had to catch her as she shuddered, supporting her weight by holding her buttocks firmly, and he took the opportunity to snake his tongue directly into Jill's bung hole, and he tongue-fucked her asshole from behind while McKenzie, the breathtaking model, licked the hot cunt of the male model's mom. With his other hand, John positioned his cock and speared it in one thrust into McKenzie's sopping, vise-like cunt, and her groans were muffled by Jill's pussy surrounding and engulfing her mouth. Instead, she eagerly licked Jill's bright pink labia, spreading like petals in springtime, while John had his face buried in the married woman's anus and simultaneously fucked his student's tight young cunt.


Bi Gangbang - my first cockload of cum

group cuckhappy 2018-03-04

After a couple of drinks, everyone was chatting and feeling each other when Dave, whose house it was, took the lead and started to rub the end of his cock against Julie's cunt lips, 'she's loving this' he said looking at me 'I think I'll fill her up for you John, what do you say?' 'Yes please', I responded; what else could I say? I looked to see that Mark had now moved over to Mary and was lapping my own cum from her cunt, 'Well done John' ,said Dave, ''First time is always the worst, as you don't know what to expect.' 'He did well I thought,' said Jane in support, 'Now you know how a girl feels!'.

In the Chair Ch. 03

group Flashlight7.5 2018-03-04

He held onto my hair while his other hand, holding a vibrating silver egg, slid down my back, over my ass, and onto my pussy. I wanted to lick her until she couldn't stop coming, but all I could do was watch her fuck herself as the vibrator hummed inside me. I licked up the shaft of her cock, keeping my eyes on her as I swirled my tongue around it and let her push it into my cheeks. My Mistress was atop me, pumping her strap-on cock into me with fast thrusts that rocked my hips up and pushed my knees to her shoulders. My Mistress stood and walked to the chair, pulling me along on my hands and knees with her.

Dogging Is Such A Dirty Word

group flyinpete2001 2018-03-04

Steve was telling me he had read on the internet that there was a car park in a local forest where couples park and have guys come watch them play; and if they wanted more all they had to do was open the window for the fun to start. The remaining guys were in close, watching the cocks driving in and out of my two holes, some one took my hand and placed it around his cock as he stood next to me, another was sucking my nipples, a finger was rubbing my clit, my body was being used, used like a woman should be used.

The Special Relationship

group geronimo_appleby 2018-03-04

Carol groaned, her eyes heavy with that look of desire, and she gripped my cock with her free hand as we kissed. She kept making lewd and obscene comments about our prospective swinging partners, about how she was wet with the anticipation of sucking Lee's cock for the first time and how she imagined Louise's pussy would taste. Carol and I had arrived at the hotel and were making our way to the room where Lee and Louise were waiting. I heard the tiny moans coming from Carol's throat as Louise continued to tease her breasts. 'Do you want to watch my husband fuck her with this thing?' Louise asked and waved Lee's cock at me.


Taken By Mistake Ch. 1

group Linda Jean 2018-03-04

I could hear the slurping and then I heard one man say "Good God, look at the way she attacks that guys dick, I never saw any one work a cock like that, shit she does love it, look at her go." I listened to see if I could hear anything that may help me when I get free, so the police could catch these bastards. I assume she started sucking her husband, then Peters voice said, "that’s it baby, suck his cock, suck that cum dripping dick that just came out of your hot cunt, suck it, do you want me to fuck your asshole faster baby?" I heard the slurping stop long enough for Sally to say "yes, oh yes, fuck yes, do it, fuck that ass, fuck me, I heard another voice say, "Jesus, Peter she’s a wild cat, I can’t stay in her"



group ILienBagby 2018-03-04

But, truth to tell, I could hear all the things they were saying and their giggling, I guess I had better admit it that all the talk and Jimmy's hand up high on my leg, it was all getting me a bit horny. I tried to keep my knees tight together, but Jimmy wouldn't let up and he had forced his hand between my knees and up my legs over my thighs and all the way up to my panties and against my cunt. I kept my knees tight together so Jimmy couldn't really do much, but I was pretty sure that he could feel how wet my cunt was.


The Dirty Old Man Ch. 10

group JustALittleCrazy 2018-03-04

Joan, Maria and Vanessa's daughter Julie kissed me on the lips. Fifteen minutes after we get back to the apartment, Julie pulls me aside and says "John, I just want to thank you. After a couple of coffees, Joan stands up and says "Well, I've got to go and let everyone know the Halloween party is on." Joan leaves. I walk out dressed and Julie says "Mom, you've got one hell of a good looking man there. "Well, he got caught there at the breakfast bar and didn't want to run naked to the bedroom." I don't hear what's being said on the other end but I know if must be Julie.


Harry, Sallie and Kim Come Together

group tk5555 2018-03-04

Part of Kim wanted to join Harry between Sallie's legs, but he moved in the opposite direction instead, planting soft kisses on her neck and nibbling on her ear. Fucking her in the hot tub had left him feeling a bit drained, but as he watched her squirm on Kim's erection and swallow his cock he began to feel the first signs of another orgasm. "You're going to fuck him while I watch," Kim said, straining to lift his hips up enough to penetrate her, but only getting the head of his cock past her labia. I'm going to ride your cock and suck his dick until you fill me up," Sallie said, and lowered her mouth onto Harry's rigid staff.


Choices & Decisions Ch. 01

group JimBob44 2018-03-04

It had taken very little persuasion for Arville Brodt, the hotshot quarterback for the University of Louisiana at DeGarde's Storm to convince Helen Vanderkin to allow her blind son to work with Clayton Verdot, the student equipment manager for the three remaining home games for the Storm. Arville's a hundred times better," Trevor said, handing Chip the equipment Clay gave to him. "Pedro, I know you can do this; it's nothing but a chip shot for you," Arville said, patting the nervous man on his shoulder. Arville couldn't help but think it was a real shame Courtney had turned into such a bitch to him; she really was an attractive young woman, even half hidden under the red and white poncho.


Tale of Monster Jim

group maryandbill 2018-03-04

The pump was very strong and it didn’t take to long for me to feel an immense orgasm coming on, both from the vibrating dildo in my pussy and the sucking action of the pumps. He said it is just a matter of time before I start lactating. The first couple hurt then I started to orgasm and it felt good. One of the men started fucking me, it felt good. He came back for me and gave me a good fucking in the ass and pussy. He said that I would have to lactate for 4 hours to get rid of the medication and have good milk to sell. Jim came to me one day and said he had sold me to the giant.

If I Knew Then... Ch. 06

group MVPrimetime 2018-03-04

As I ran my mouth up to concentrate on her clitoris, savouring the delicious taste of musky salty sweetness, I saw Penny's hand reach for Jill's nipples and the other slide down over her stomach to explore the pale pink folds and light brown curls below. "Could you pull Sean's foreskin up and just wank the tip please, honey, I want to lick his shaft and balls." Jill said in deep and wicked tones. Jill stopped what she was doing and said "Do you want to come in my mouth or Penny's hand?" Jill kept wanking me, my hips heaved up, Penny sucked and I felt the rush of spunk out of my balls, forcing up through my cock, pulsing out into the mouth that held me, the tongue that swirled around my tip.


Late Night Dinner

group shoeman1965 2018-03-04

Hoping it was hers, I turned to my left to notice Kevin kneeling between Cynthia's legs undoing her jeans, while Smitty had his had under her shirt rubbing her tits. Kevin started fucking her, as she would lean to each side, taking turns sucking our cocks some more. "Come on, Hector, your turn to fuck this hot pussy," Kevin said to me. We'd turn her around again so I could fuck her from behind while she sucked on Kevin as he sat on the couch. Cynthia got up and headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up, as Kevin and I put our jeans back on and sat on the couch.

Brandy Ch. 02

group JenniferGreen 2018-03-04

Steve brought up the idea of swapping mates over dinner, and while it put me back a bit, Justin told him to ask the ladies, it was fine with him. He could tell I was a bit hesitant, so he took his time to get to know me better, and then we went to the guest bedroom where Justin and I were staying. After a while Wendy started kissing Justin and they went back into the boat, and Steve and I got out. I realized I didn't want a coke addict in my life, and although I wanted to stay with him and felt bad about everything, the counselors at the rehab center said it was his battle to fight and I couldn't do it for him.


First Time for Everything Ch. 1

group AngieBaby 2018-03-04

I wiggled my ass at him while continuing to suck and lick on Mark's delicious cock. I began sucking and licking on Mark's cock with renewed vigor, as my body continued to shudder in pleasure. Mark started thrusting his hips up, helping me swallow his cock, and continued to play with my pussy with the vibrator. David pulled out of my ass, almost leaving me disappointed, but the small waves of mini orgasms that started to shoot through me distracted me once again, and I began sucking Mark faster and harder, wanting to taste his cum. When I was through I rolled off of him, looking up to see David, cock in hand, rock hard from watching us cum.