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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Buddy Fuck

group jason1000 2018-03-04

With that, he reached down and unfastened one button on her dress The guys at the table said, "All right!" With that, her other friend, Bill, reached down and undid another button. They noticed what she had done and were a bit taken aback when she slowly spread her legs open so the guys at the table, which was at the perfect level and only a few feet away, could see her bare, glistening pussy. She showed them her crossed legs but the real reason was that she wanted Gary and Bill to face the bar now. When Gary got busy with her pussy, Bill went to work on her dress again. Gary's dick was very long and skinny and somewhat crooked she said; he got on the bed between her legs.

Plaything's first day

group sluttypiglet 2018-03-04

In this little fantasy of ours we live together with a plaything, something that I would like very much for Master, in order to fulfil all of his needs and desires. Being a stay at home Pig has suited me better than anything else, and I think it has been good for bear too, it’ll be interesting to see how it all works with the plaything in tow. I hate it when it goes in my hair and gets all sticky, but I know that my Master’s pleasure is so much more important than my silly slut hair and it does remind me of how deeply I am under his spell, how I crave to be used as his cum dump again and again.

Blow Buddy Blowout

group BJcumcraver 2018-03-04

I had done a lot of servicing at Blow Buddies in years past and I had never seen so many guys at the club like that rainy Saturday, it became so busy that you had to pretty much fight to get a booth. I sucked a lot of nice dicks all day long, black, white, Latino. I took a restroom break later on to take a piss and tried hard to run back to try and get the same booth that I had had but no luck,Busy day today at Blow Buds. I have had some big thick bones, guys with sweet mushroom heads, but as I said, dicks where coming out of the walls that day.

Party of Four Ch. 03

group Raynne 2018-03-04

I could feel his hot cum splashing against my insides as his finger rubbed me and his cock thrusted hard into me. One of the men was finger fucking me while another had his stiff cock against my leg and his hands on my tits, rubbing me. I felt hands rub it all over my body and then a cock pushed into me and pulled me up, my eyes still closed. He pushed far into my mouth but I continued to suck and moan while the other two pushed their swollen cocks in and out of my wet holes until I felt both splatter their juice inside of me and pull out.

Alone for the Weekend

group Dirkstimson 2018-03-04

"Ya know," Bobbie said, still curled up on the wing chair, "I asked your wife what it was like being home with a successful writer, ex Seal, bla, bla. Bobbie took Louise's hand and moved it to my cock. Bobbie then reached up and took Louise's hand and put it back on my cock. She broke of the stroking and moving her head down without letting Bobbie stop she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck at me in earnest. As I said this, Louise gave a full body shudder, took a very long pull on my cock as I shot a full load into her mouth. I looked down to see Bobbie pulling her head back from between Louise's legs.


The Ski Bunny Ch. 07

group photosaurus 2018-03-04

After we got back home, our sex-crazed relationship quickly evolved into a beautiful meeting of the minds and bodies, and as we relished our astounding adventures in carnal knowledge, we began to fall for each other in a more meaningful way. Anna greeted me with a kiss, and before I could inquire about her friends, she passed into my house and my lips were greeted with a hard kiss from Hailey. One was a brunette like Hailey, and the other another blonde like Anna, but unlike the two I already knew, both new girls had curly hair. Anna soon went to the refrigerator to get two beers, smacking Hailey's lovely ass on the way. Hailey looked me in the eye as Anna hands me my next beer.


Us and the Waitress, Again

group mikoli5763 2018-03-04

"Tiffany, Mikoli just got home." Sandy moaned into the phone which I had not noticed before. When I finish cumming with my "cock", Mikoli is going to give me the real thing." Sandy continued to say between gasps for breath. Phone sex with Tiffany is okay!" I said to Sandy with a gleeful tone to my voice. I would like to sink my dick into that hot, tight pussy Tiffany has a few more times." I told Sandy as my fore mentioned appendage began to stir. "You called wanting to spend the afternoon with me because you were horny." Sandy told Tiffany trying to remain calm. "Kiss your way down to my pussy, Tiffany." Sandy ordered our new sex toy.


Animal Instinct Ch. 04

group riverboy 2018-03-04

"My, this is a nice bright space isn't it?" Mrs. James said as she walked into Mr. Black's big room. "Good morning," Mrs. James said as she passed them, and she walked through Mr. Blacks open door. "Mr. Black, this may sound odd, and feel free to decline if you think it wouldn't add anything to your research, but I was wondering if we could continue the experiment here, tonight," Mrs. James said. Mrs. James exhaled loudly and her nostrils flared as she looked at Mr. Black's massive penis, and her hands went nervously to the bra clasp. Mrs. James took another big sip of her martini, and another long look at Mr. Black's smooth, ebony skinned body.


Jamie's Graduation

group craigool 2018-03-04

Only when things had really thinned out near closing time did I finally notice Jamie at the bar, slamming down shots and talking with the bartender, James, yanking his bald head into her bosom so he had to turn his head to look up at her. They lasted for a long time, Jamie's tits hanging down, shaking like bags of jello as James reamed her pussy with his tool. Duncan played with his cock, and Jamie teased right back as he trolled it back and forth across her lips until her tongue whipped out to lick it clean. I slid my fingers into her panties as I kissed her, playing with her long red hair, rubbing it into her lush pendulous breasts.


Train Fhair Ch. 01

group belab 2018-03-04

You should see their underarms they are hairier than any man and Sameer was keen to get them both as well but they were not available.” Karim said as he licked the long strands of jet-black hair in her unshaven armpits. Like me Sameer was jerking his cock, which was massive in proportions as he toyed with long sweaty hair in her untrimmed hairy pits. Beads of perspiration had formed in her bushy underarms as vipin pushed his cock into the thick brush of lush jet-black hair in her unshaven pits. My own underarm hair hardly grew a couple of inches and here was the mighty engine of the huge man’s penis getting lost in the forest of hair in Aunt Sudha’s bushy pits.

Around The Corner

group PanCakes 2018-03-04

Slowly the mysterious girl stood, and crossed the room to Annie, and leaning in close, just as their lips were about to meet, her arm snaked out and around Annie’s still wet and towel encased form to close the door. Annie’s mouth however is dry and open, her hands grab at black hair, and blanket, one to pull the other in, and one to hold her down. The cold rubber followed, pushing itself deep into Annie’s pussy, her walls pulling it in deeper and her hips began to thrash around on the bed, the frame squeaking, and Annie didn’t care, she was drowning in delicious pussy juice, and just drowning in pleasure.

Holiday Threesome

group maturemancock 2018-03-04

After a few more minutes, as I was banging her, I knew the signs, I said to Gordon "Rub her clit" as he put a finger on her she came again. As she came to I pulled her up onto all fours, saying to Gordon "Slide underneath her and slip your cock in", as he did in a clumsy fashion, I knew he was in when Donna groaned, licking her ass she knew what was coming. Suddenly Gordon said he was coming, "Don't cum in side her" I said, as he pulled out so did I, as I turned Donna over onto her back I slipped my cock deep into her pussy as Gordon stood there having his cock licked.

First Impressions

group RomanSteel 2018-03-04

"Here" Kyle said extending a hand toward her "I'll show you back to the guest room and let you get settled in." He took her bag and waved her down the hallway, taking a moment to look at the curve of her ass as she strutted through the narrow hall. "Suck." Ben said firmly, taking her bun in one hand, forcing her mouth over the length of Kyle's swollen cock. He grabbed her head and pushed her down Kyle's length watching him spasm as the woman on his cock quivered and choked, causing her slick spurting pussy to convulse around him, taking him for everything he had. Kyle took a step back, looking Miranda over as his brother pulled out, dripping their mixed juices all over the floor.

Nicole In Our Bed (Threesome, FFM, bi-sexual, firs

group pure_lust 2018-03-04

As he collapsed into the bed, Nicole reached around my head and pulled me in for another open mouth kiss, my husband's sperm glittering on her lips and chin. Tongue extended, she leaned in, lapped it up and then pushed inside, just the tip, and opened me like a blossoming rose as I felt her warm, moist breathing on my clit. Another look square into my eyes as she moved in, tongue pressing inside me deep this time, circling around once it was inside, tracing my circumference, gathering every drop there, blowing on my clit again and I slipped slowly into another place for a while as the stars started to move, swirling around our bed in time with the slow twirling of her tongue inside me.

An old friend....with a surprise ;)

group wild_celt 2018-03-04

A couple of weeks ago I got dragged along to a work reunion, really wasn't keen as my time there dragged me down a lot, it was all a bit highly strung and I had little time for some of the management, anyway it was a kind of 10 years thank you thing and a good friend who was involved for a short time begged me to come along and keep her company, knowing that there were several of us who went under clouds, so all in the same boat. She gasped and mate half grinned in shock but went to leave, I called him back and told her that when both of us were finished she could go....he's a sly,dirty bastard too and I knew he wouldn't decline, she agreed, with a mix of shock, excitement and reluctance.

Travis, Liz & Lisa

group DireLilith 2018-03-04

Then, right before Travis' eyes, she put a hand on Lisa's bare knee, rubbing it. She put her hands above her head on the arm of the couch and watched him as Liz licked and lapped over her breast. Lisa's hands came up now, pulling at Liz's bottom, spreading the girl for Travis' cock. She teased at them, and Travis opened his eyes, watching as Lisa's hands tugged and pulled on the lovely little tits. Both girls moved forward now, and before Travis could blink, they had their mouths on his cock, both of their lips working furiously over his shaft. Travis hadn't even pulled out of Lisa yet as Liz began to whisper the sweetest, dirtiest nothings in his ear.

Sunbathing in Hawaii

group i69DrDave 2018-03-04

He continues to lick her as the other guy stands up and slides his cock into her mouth. After a few minutes the guy starts licking your pussy and clit. Now the woman is sucking a guy's cock as you are getting licked. I slide my fingers in and out of your pussy and start licking your ass. Suddenly the guy sliding his cock between your tits starts to cum. We watch as one of the guys lay on the floor and she gets on top and we can see his cock sliding in and out of her. I start sliding my cock into you faster and harder as we watch both of the guys fuck her at the same time.

The Power of BBC over her AND her husband.

group BellDonn 2018-03-04

You look up to see he is now fucking her harder moving his cock in and out of her wet pussy his body it now tense and you know it won’t be long until he can no longer hold it. You move away from her now and walk around to where he is standing between her legs pushing him out of your way - knowing it is you she wants, she wants to feel your hard cock inside her fucking her. Teasing her, inserting only the head of your cock and moving so slowly – knowing how badly she wants to feel all of you inside her.

The Consultants Ch. 02

group T@nman 2018-03-04

A couple of weeks after unexpectedly running into Judy at the hotel where Jon and I spent several nights getting reacquainted, I decided I had better give her and Rob a call. "I'd like to start with Rob on his knees in front of you as he unzips your fly and begins to suck your soft cock and take it all the way up to where you butt fuck each other." Judy pulled my cock back to her warm mouth and spread her legs as we stretched into the 69 position and I buried my face in her sopping pussy. "Yes. Hello, Jon. Hi Brad." camn extended his hand and Judy took it.


Winner Takes All

group PeekShow 2018-03-04

I had seen girls in movies doing all kinds of moves that guys liked so, taking a page from them, I strutted up to Lyle and turned my back to him, shaking my tight ass just inches away from his face. "I've got to taste those." Lyle didn't waste time; he hoisted himself up from between Conner and Joey, grabbed me around my waist, lifted me off my feet, and stumbled backward to crash down on the other sofa so that I landed on top of him, on all fours, with his face pressed against my soft, fleshy orbs. I gasped, my head rolled as far back as it could go, then turned to the right where I caught sight of Conner and Joey, hard dicks in hand, as they furiously stroked; their eyes locked on me.



group eugenestar 2018-03-04

The three of us stood there in the school computer room with the Principal Ms. Marchelle McElroy and the Mathematics teacher Mrs. Trudi Leon, both in their mid forties, sporting disapproving looks whilst watching two double-D breasted lesbians caressing each other's breasts and taking turns in licking each other's nipples. Crouching slightly she bent over the desk, her plump breasts hanging heavily below the desk edge as she put her face in front of my cock and gazed up at me from the corner of her eyeliner defined eye and reached her tongue down over her chin making desperate moaning sounds whilst continuing to wank me.


Rocker Girl Ch. 03

group KenJames 2018-03-04

She stood motionless while they moved down, gradually undressing her, massaging her shoulders and back, caressing her breasts, kissing her navel and buttocks, rubbing her front and back thighs, finally taking turns eating her pussy and ass until she screamed and came. Dennis was kneeling behind Nancy, working two fingers in and out of her butt as Kevin continued fucking her pussy. "Fuck you boys," Gurl and Janis tenderly whispered in unison, still fondling the brothers' bodies as Kevin slid into Dennis. Nancy and I were cumming almost continuously as I fucked her ass and she fucked her cunt with Super Bob. Kevin and Dennis suddenly pulled out of their women and sprayed their cum on Nancy's breasts.


Dana Ch. 02

group dercrackin 2018-03-04

"Listen," Jeff said, "do you still want to fuck Dana?" "Oh god," she begged, "please...fuck me." A slight shift in pressure on the next sliding stroke and my cock split her lips and slid inside. I opened my mouth and Jeff slid the head of his cock between my lips. I again tried to match my thrusts into Dana's ass with Jeff's cock pumping my mouth. I hesitated, but just for a moment before sliding my head between Dana's spread legs and swabbing her just fucked ass with my tongue. Finally pulling my head up, I saw Jeff lazily stroking his cock as he watched his wife cumming with my tongue in her asshole.

Friday Foibles and Easter Edibles

group Bethyboo 2018-03-04

I obey, licking and sucking while he twists my nipples with the clamps, unable to breathe, my ass closing on that plug...trying to push it out...the belt once again striking my ass, hitting the plug and driving it deeper, my clit coming to life as the vibe starts buzzing...not sure I can take anymore until I feel his fingers digging into my cunt, tearing at my silken walls. He drives his cock into my throat and lets loose his spunk while my clit explodes, ass tensing and bruising the delicate tissue with the force of this orgasm, his fingers on my gspot....pressing, digging , probing.....and I swallow his seed, as my juices pour, soaking his hand, my thighs , even the floor beneath me....and in a fog I hear "Five."