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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Friends with Benefits Ch. 01

group SteveRay 2018-03-04

That was enough to have Lisa jump up on the bed and slide in beside me so that before I knew it I had my 2 good mates lying beside me whilst I had the hardest cock ever known making a tent of my sheet. That suggestion was just fine by me and it obviously suited Lisa because she took the chance to put her hands under the sheet and squeeze my cock through my shorts, looking up at me with a cute smile. The combination of my finger and Lisa's touch had Kate telling us she was ready to cum. Not having any experience I really didn't know what to expect and with one hand on her heaving breasts and a finger inside her pussy just went along for the ride.

My first bukakke

group amy_X0X094 2018-03-04

I was welcomed in by Carol who quickly explained to the guys that this was my first bukkake party and that I wasn't too sure about it, she seemed to give one of the guys, who I later found out was a regular, a bit of a wink and he came over and started chatting to me. It wasn't long before the guy I had in my left hand pulled his cock out of my hand and started stroking it himself until he launched a thick load of hot cum all over my tits, Marc followed shortly afterwards and I got a bukkake facial right there in Carols lounge lol

Tied to the balcony

group cummm_junkie 2018-03-04

I raise your skirt above your hips, baring your beautiful ass to the night air, then drop to my knees and start kissing and gently biting your ass. I grip your hips and push my cock deep into your wet pussy. I fuck into you hard, deep and fast, gripping your hips, telling you how wonderful you feel. One after another, some of the party goers head out to the balcony and take turns fucking you as I watch from a chair in the living room. They grip your hips and pull you onto their cocks and fuck you furiously, not so much thinking about you as just wanting to get their nut off, to fill a beautiful young woman with their cum.

Bestfriend Jack and girlfriend Kaylin: Caught

group 2018-03-04

I then pulled down my pants, turned around and told him to fit that cock in my ass how ever he could. Then I looked to my left out of the barn and saw my girlfriend Kaylin standing there watching me get fucked by a huge cock. She then started to suck it and then grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her. She slobbered all over my cock and when I looked up I saw Jack fucking her and fingering her ass at the same time. I also asked how he fit in her so easily and she said that she had been fucking men with huge cocks behind my back.

Swing Party

group blkjack0718 2018-03-04

As I've said Shirley and I had talked before about swapping with Dan and Madison, so swinging in a group was not too far from that. I thought Shirley was behind me, I turned to look around and she had gone the other way, and now talking to Bill a guy from the next street over. I looked around and saw Shirley laying on her back with Madison straddling her face and Roger pushing his huge cock into her pussy. But I mean Rogers must have come almost down to his knees, and there was Shirley taking it all in as she licked on Madison's pussy. I teased her about taking Rogers cock, and she said I looked worn out after fucking with Grace.

Hello Miss Robinson!

group rovijack43 2018-03-04

Just as he was thinking about this, Tom said, "Miss Robinson, er, I mean, Mandy, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I never realized you had such a sexy figure. Mandy, however, was clearly ready to sample the hard cocks at a much more intimate level, so she slipped away from Tom's mouth and half turned towards Jim, so that she could put one arm around each of them. She continued, "And I want it like this!" as she turned over on her back, with her head slightly hanging off the end of the bed, her legs folded and raised back against her, leaving her pussy completely open to Jim. She told Tom to stand at the end of the bed, his dick dangling in front of her face.


A Halloween Party

group Tipson 2018-03-04

It was a hot blonde, wearing a halter top that did very little to conceal her ready-to-pop-out breasts which to Mario said that if they did to please suck them. For some reason I have a feeling that many girls are gonna be wearing that one," making Mario wish that he was invited to the party, "I need something hot, sizzling, nice and naughty all in one." Mario seemed like he was never going to touch them then suddenly he moved from tongue fucking her to sucking her clit and running his tongue over it very fast; also he moved his hands from squeezing her breasts to twisting and pinching his nipples.


Truth or dare gangbang

group WereIT 2018-03-04

They were obviously taking turns on her because another couple of minutes went by and another pic comes in of the third guy with his huge cock sitting on top of her belly stopping at her belly button. Then another pic came in of the third guy stroking his huge cock with the message ‘where do you want me to cum?’ I answered; ‘I dare you to cum all over her pussy’. I started stroking my cock and realized how amazing it felt since it had been pumping precum down the shaft for what seemed like hours as I tried not to entice myself to cum, just waiting for the right moment. A video text came in as the third guy pulls out of Jessica’s pussy slightly as he started to cum.

A very boring schoolgirl recollection, please dont

group 2018-03-04

As a teenager in Angola, working as a aupair, for a diplomatic f****y, my bedroom oversaw a shower area for the blacks, and I would be there as they showered, marveling at their physiques, their blue black penises, and others with pinkish-white heads on brown shafts, my cock heaven, I used to call it, and I was naked as I looked, masturbating as I dreamed I was amongst them, pressing in on me from all sides, firm flesh parting softer yielding flesh, marveling at the different skin tones, blue-black embedded deeply inside blond-pink, feeling two heads exciting each other in a dance of double penetration, pink lips and perfect teeth, chewing rigid pink nipples, four black boys ringing a sweet Swedish teenage girl. It was going to be a long tedious journey, so I came prepared, taking a small hand towel and a vibrator and sat in the rear of the bus, I was thirteen years old and felt no shame, just like Anna, we were young girls with a strong sexual needs, and I was determined to enjoy this journey.


group TheGreyKnight 2018-03-04

For a moment it seems there will be preamble, or maybe even talk, but instead he closes the door and puts his hands on your waist from behind, pulls you into him like you're old lovers. You drop your hands and one goes to the back of his head to grab his hair and push him down, the other to crane around my neck and hold me close. You start bobbing up and down on his cock, stopping with mouth open wide to let him push himself in and out between strokes. But the moment you can, you grab my flesh beneath the shirt and hold onto me, cling to me, make me feel like I'm still important to you as he finally makes it all the way into your ass.

Debbie's First Threesome

group virusman 2018-03-04

As our passion subsided to be replaced by the blissful peace of post coital bliss, I glanced up, and through the mirror beside the bed I could see Debbie in the open doorway, her panties around her ankles, rubbing her pussy furiously, and thrusting two fingers into her cunt until she too came in ecstasy, a look of unimaginable rapture on her face. I looked into the kitchen to see Susie loading the dishwasher, "That naughty girl," she said, "she hasn't done anything I asked," knowing full well that she had been masturbating whilst watching us fuck, "You will have to give her a good spanking on her bare bottom."


Capri to Roccaraso to Rome

group walterio 2018-03-04

Betsy wanted to try two cocks at once so she took me in her pussy and Paolo in her ass and she loved it. Pam was still not interested in anal sex but she took me in her pussy as she sucked Paolo's cock. I caressed her small tits and tweaked her nipples as I leaned over her body and whispered in her ear, "Betsy you have a hot ass, I love fucking you in your hot ass." "Oh Lars, look at his big cock, it's beautiful," Inga gasped as she took a hold of it. I lay back on the bed as I recovered slowly from a fantastic blow job and watched Lars fuck Inga until his body stiffened and he announced that he was cumming.


Stew, Steph, Sherry and Rich

group Humpdee84 2018-03-04

The cop handed the kid's identification card over to Steph and said, "This is his third time like this. When she got to Rich, he said, "Well, I'll be honest, I was trying to get some work done here at my desk and fend off the advances of my assistant manager, so I didn't see a damn thing. That evening after Steph got home about 6:30, they sat for dinner and Rich told her all about the robbery and the cute cop he met. "It must be fate," said Steph, "We're both meeting cute cops these days." Then she told him about Stew. Steph got home and said to Rich, "I met your cute cop today.


Apartment Two Zero Six

group JosephBarnosky 2018-03-04

Jeremy begins to get a rhythm going where he pulls out slowly until just the head of his cock is in and then he slams it back into Candice's waiting pussy. With both hands wrapped around Taylor's ass, Jeremy slides his tongue up and down over her pussy lips working slowly and closer each time toward her clit. Jeremy doesn't waste any time and quickly thrusts his tongue into Candice's warm, wet pussy as Taylor takes his cock in her hand and guides it to her own dripping pussy. Taylor sets her own pace to maximize her pleasure and leans over to kiss her mother and for the next few minutes the only noises are moans and wet sloshing noises of Taylor's pussy against Jeremy's cock and his tongue lapping up Candice's pussy juice.

Summer Cottage

group PoliteSuccubus 2018-03-04

With a look of curiosity on his face he let his hand glide lower and lower, stroking her breasts, following his pets with kisses down her neck and watching Mark at the same time. Through slitted eyes Donna watched Mark as he pushed the coffee table out of the way so he could see better what Keith was doing to her. Sucking Keith's balls into his mouth he was surprised when Donna's hands began to caresses his shoulders, run though his hair. Wanting to please Keith he moved up and sucked and teased the little fold of flesh, which pushed back at him, just like a cock would while Donna began to writhe and moan.

The Accountant Ch. 02

group janetsue 2018-03-04

By this time she was so wet that I speared myself into her with one stroke, hard and fast, and to my amazement, Gloria gave several little grunts, then one deep cry, and I felt her pussy muscles spasming around my cock as she came. I started a slow stroking motion into her mouth in time with her rhythm, but I realized that would soon get me hard again, so I reluctantly pulled my cock away from her mouth, kissed her softly on her forehead, and said, "Maybe we should quit for the day and make ourselves presentable in case someone else should walk in on us."

Happy Friends on a Beach

group Paul44 2018-03-04

Reaching forward Heather slipped her fingers beneath Lucy's breasts and Lee saw her fingers caress the pierced nipples for a short time before she moved down to the brown flesh of the ass cheeks. This way Lee faced away from Paul her body resting against his and she looked at the naked Dick and Lucy near her, Lucy held Dick's hard cock gently in her hand. Paul's legs were thrust between her calves and using his legs he opened wide allowing easy access to Lee's pussy, her lips were excited, aroused and swollen, her clit felt so large and she wanted to rub it hard.


Waiter free for all!!

group nightsins 2018-03-04

“Not a problem love lets pay up and get home I’m feeling tired it’s been a long day” with that we got up and found Tony. “Thank you Tony that’s most kind, let me just get Karen” As I went upstairs Karen was pulling a dressing gown round herself. She pulled his cock out saying, “spunk over my face, treat me like a slut!!” Tony started to shoot over her face, it went in her hair, her eyes, over her chin. Laying back with her tits being sucked and a cock in each hand, Tony started to fuck her cunt.”God, you’re so tight” he said.” My husband said I’ve got a cunt like a virgin” she laughed.


group spike60 2018-03-04

The night of the party, I drove over to her place early to help with the preparations and was greeted at the door by Leana- she was wearing a red and black leopard print top with tight black vinyl jeans that were so shiny and slippery looking, I could hear the squeaking sound of her legs coming together and the friction the vinyl caused as she walked and could see her pussy lips outlined by the ultra-smooth plastic. They switched positions and soon the guys were shooting off again, this time inside her mouth, cunt, ass and all over her jeans.

The Shower Ch. 06

group MungoParkIII 2018-03-03

Finally, Alicia sat up and said, "Guys this is crazy, I mean Bob and Jason are best friends and Jean, I've gotten to know you pretty good, but we're sitting here like a bunch of strangers each one afraid to speak. Alicia now mimicked what Jean was doing while both guys simply enjoyed their wives while watching their best friend's wife sucking her husband's cock. The two women began moving up and down on their husband's cock when suddenly Jason reached over with his left hand and caressed Jean's left breast. Alicia remained on top of Jason, his cock still in her pussy as they stopped moving and watched Bob and Jean as they began moving faster and faster.

Insatiable Desires of a 26-year-old

group sexkitten4 2018-03-03

I love come-fuck-me-shoes...they make me feel every bit the whore and they showcase my gorgeous long legs and tight little ass perfectly. "So, you little cock sucking whore," a familiar voice said, "Are you ready for the fucking of your life?" As he asked me this I felt my nipple getting pinched awfully hard and held that way and then the other one...and I realized that nipple clamps had been attached to my perky little nipples. "Well, aren't you a horny little bitch?" A hand began to rub my clit through my g-string and it was so wet it stuck in between my pussy lips. "Oh there's no need to worry about that, we're going to take care of you, you disgusting whore," one of the guys said and I felt a hand reach through my head and grab a fistful of hair.

Kate's Exhibitionist Life Ch. 01

group Jillykins 2018-03-03

Steve likes taking photos of me either naked or dressed in revealing clothing and he is quite a good photographer. I stripped off the skirt and top leaving me standing naked at the roadside, I put the clothing into a rubbish bin and got back into the back of our estate car with the back seat down I was spread-eagled in the car. If anyone had looked into the car they would have seen me naked, my legs spread wide open showing my shaven and excited and very swollen cunt to the world. He untied me slowly and let me out of the car, remember I had thrown my only clothes into a bin some while ago so I had no choice but to get out and walk across the road naked to out front door.

The Day I Lost My Skirt

group 2018-03-03

There were six of us – Terri and Bob who’d gotten married almost right out of college, Clare and Paul who’d been married for just a couple of years, and Tom and me, Millie. Of the three, Paul had the smallest ass, and Bob had the most hair, but they were all pretty nice and it was lots of fun to grab them and play with them a little. “Looks like we had a little effect on them, doesn’t it?” Clare said as she reached out and stroked Paul’s growing cock. Bob just wouldn’t stick to my clit for long enough to really get things built up, but it did finally happen, and like I said, it was really nice.

Lindsay Gets Boys & Girls

group EroticaSeanStyle 2018-03-03

And every chance she got, Miss Christina here grabbed my ass!" Lindsay said with a little giggle, and I gave the other girl a little "what-are-you-thinking-grabbing-my-girlfriends-ass-like-that-without-my-permission" look. I'm sure she was thinking, "What am I getting into?" But she just smiled and said, "well, if there is going to be sex, I should take my panties off now then, huh?" Without waiting for an answer, she sat on the couch and raised her legs together, giving Lindsay and I a glimpse of her purple bikini panties, barely covering her pussy. Lindsay spread her legs wide, and I took my hands, using them to pull the pussy wide open, before Lindsay drove her tongue very deep into Christina's well-licked twat.