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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Exhibitionism and a Good Fuck

group Damien24 2018-03-03

She smiled and left to go inside as I watched her walk away I could clearly see her boobs with nipples in the street light and then she turned and I could see the flesh of her bum through the thin cloth of the tight skirt. Raj, the local guy had the largest cock almost 10" and pretty thick so Jess went for it and took it in her mouth as far as possible while Jacob, one of the guys from Bangalore stuck his dick into her wet pussy. Raj was the sensual type and he fucked Jess slowly moving his massive cock in and out making her pussy walls feel every inch of its thickness all the while playing with her boobs and sucking her nipples.

Big Tit Bbw milf wife at the 18 and over bar club

group LoveTitPlay 2018-03-03

When I spotted her I was aroused and excited to see her sitting at a small round table alone very close to a long booth where three definitely under 21 guys were seated. Then I watched my Bbw busty wife stand up from her table and walk over to their booth with her drink, one of the guys stood up and let her to offer her a seat putting her between 2 of them with the other one directly across from her. I was seated across from him at the table and couldn't really see my hotwife getting felt up by these guys that were young enough to be her k**s, not old enough to drink, but old enough to feel up, fondle and grope my wifey.

Anita: A Week Of Awakenings

group AngelzDevil 2018-03-03

I didn't waste any time, and I told Bob that first afternoon we met that a) I didn't want to ever get married, b) I wouldn't say no to his cock, if he asked (which he hasn't, yet!), and c) he could have me anytime. I have already talked to Bob, and he understands the problem, and he has said yes, but I need your help too. He thought for a moment, paused and turned to Sue and said, "Sure, Sue. I don't think there will be any problem, As long as no one else needs to know . Oh sure, he said, he flirted with the best of them – heck, he wasn't about to let anyone at work know his "small problem" – but today was different.


The Pit Ch. 04

group bruce_chaos 2018-03-03

Steph pulled away to let the thong drop to Mel's ankles, then returned, now licking a shaved, engorged clit. I hit her gag reflex again and her cough was more violent with her spit trailing down from her lips, but she smiled when she looked back up at me and put my dick in her mouth again. Steph smiled and ground her tongue and lips into Mel's pussy as Mel looked back up to me, mascara lines trailing down her cheeks, her hands still holding mine firm to her head. After another 7 or 8 times I couldn't hold on anymore and instead of spit, Mel started choking on my jizz, cum bubbles raced out of her mouth and nose.

My Second f****y Fucking

group Hardcumer 2018-03-03

He was just as annoyed with Rob and Randy being here for the weekend, telling me how he didn’t think he could last all weekend without feeling my warm wet mouth wrap around his throbbing meat, or feel my tight ass squeeze his shaft as he pounded me hour after hour. Rob and Randy were smiling too, and I must have looked as confused as I felt because dad said ‘Don’t worry, they know everything. He jerked it slowly whilst kissing my neck, pinching my nipples with his free hand as Rob got to work tonguing Jack’s tight ass.

The Babysitter

group zimabean 2018-03-03

I stopped her and told to lay back on the floor, I got between her legs and put my cock right at the entrance to her fine pussy. After about ten minutes I decided I wanted to fuck that twat some more, so I picked Angie up with my cock still planted deep inside her and placed her on top of my wife so the their two cunts were right there on top of each other. Next morning I told the wife about fucking Angie. The next day the wife went to work and Angie came knocking pretty quickly after. We had decided to get the three way going as my wife could not wait any longer to fuck Angie her self.

A Most Indecent Proposal

group Bazzza 2018-03-03

Shane soon lay back on the couch in complete submission as Marisa undid his belt and pushed his trousers down a little exposing his cock fully. Marisa reached for my hand and guided it to Shane's cock, and like her, my fingers couldn't encompass its thick girth. I sat nervously still as both Shane and Marisa turned their attention to me; they took turns gently kissing me as their hands began to roam over my aroused body. An eager and smiling Shane raised himself into a kneeling position between my wide spread thighs, Marisa leaned over and suckled on his cock for a second or two before guiding it towards my pussy.


A Night of Salsa Dancing Ch. 02

group sexycouple1010 2018-03-03

The blow job was feeling so good that I decided to lay back and continue to let Anthony suck my dick; my wife made her way down to my hard dick and begun to share the blow job duty, her and Anthony would take turns putting my cock in their mouth. I began to suck Anthony's cock sticking as much of it as I can in my mouth as my wife watches me; she begins to kiss and tell him she wants to watch as he shoots a load of his cum in my mouth. So I took his cock out of my mouth and began to stroke it faster, and in doing this I begin to feel a tingling sensation in my penis telling me I was getting ready to shoot a load myself in Tanya's mouth.


group Clansmansco 2018-03-03

It was hard for her to watch Linda taking his cock whenever she felt like it and even harder when Jessica was enjoying his body and was brushed aside by her. She shot Jessica a stare and her little slave let go of Ian's throbbing penis as it popped out of her hot little mouth and slapped Linda on the ass as it pointed to the ceiling. Ian liked the way it looked, a little vulnerable, a little painful, so as he buried his tongue inside Jessica's waiting pussy, he grabbed both her legs by her curvy, womanly hips and squeezed.

After School Surprise

group onwardbob 2018-03-03

Watching while some guy's, or gal's tongue drove Jodi in to orgasmic ecstasy, or seeing some stud's hard cock fucking her while she screamed for more wasn't just a total turn-on, it was great fun too! Then, leaving her rove where it lay, and ignoring the playful swat I gave her retreating ass, Jodi flounced over, and giggling like a teenager, collapsed in to Tammy's arms. One word at a time, a nearly breathless Tammy panted-out, " fuck...ooh, that!" And then over Jodi's snickering, I could hear the wet sounds of her fingers rapidly pistoning in and out of a G-spot induced flood of hot slipperiness.


When Fantasy Becomes Reality

group starshine0717 2018-03-03

When we reach our stop and tell Tre that we won't need another ride until later that night back to the hotel, he tells us that at that late hour he'll be home, not near our location, and off Uber time, but he gives us his personal cell number to text him in advance of leaving and he'll make a special trip to come pick us up. You keep looking at me until the last second when you knew you were close to his cock in your hand, then I watch as your turn your head, look at his black cock, then close your eyes as you open your mouth and let it slide into your lips. Tre seems to eat your pussy with more fervor as you start methodically sucking his long black semi-hard dick with your mouth.

Barbeque - Sex Orgy - part 1-another TRUE Story

group bigjohn469 2018-03-03

were done with Angel this time 8 or 9 guys had taken turns whipping her for During this time Jeff had clamped weights on Lauras tits while she was on the of the guys cropped her cunt, but a few also took them to her tits a bit as guys cropped her open pussy & turned in a nice shade of bright pink. around with weights hanging off their cunt lips & Angel with her butt plug in After the guy in her cunt finished I went around & fucked Marys Then I walked around the stocks & watched a guy fucking her asshole cum in This time Angel got hung in the frame with her legs up & her cunt wide open.

My first time as a girl

group cyclosiss 2018-03-03

For some time I’d wanted to totally experience being a girl. I don’t fancy guys, but when I’m Bryoni-Kate I feel like a girl and want to behave like one. He said Ann had stayed home as she wanted to make herself look her best. We sat and chatted over a few drinks for a while then Ann said she thought it was about time I got changed. I went into the living room and stood submissively in front of John and Ann. Feet together, hands in front, clasping my little bag, head slightly bowed. Listening to words of encouragement from Ann, I obediently opened my mouth and allowed her to place John inside.

Fucking other men for Hubby 2

group nightowl58 2018-03-03

Ron walked in the room and rubbed my ass cheeks and asked Tony if i sucked good cock. I felt him start to lick my asshole and my pussy slowly while I sucked Tony's cock. They had me like that for a while when Tony then asked Ron if he wanted his cock sucked, and of course Ron said yes. Tony kept pounding my pussy from behind as i sucked Ron's cock; a couple minutes later i could feel Ron tensing up and his cock started getting bigger and he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my mouth down on his cock. Ron then told me to suck his cock, he wanted to fuck my pussy so i got under the sheets and started sucking his thick cock again.

turn your wife into a slut

group geemaninca 2018-03-03

El Torito’s was packed, close to standing room only, and as I stood at the bar trying to get us some drinks, Kelly and Tish found their way to sit at a table with 3 guys, and were all in conversation by the time I got the drinks. Kelly walked back over to the table and said, “Sorry guys, but I need to break up this party, my husband is gonna be home soon, and as much fun as she’s having, I’m not leaving without my friend.” With that said Tish slid her chair back and stumbled to here feet. So guys, if you want to turn your wife into a slut, get her a slut friend, some good wine, some sexy closes, and getting ready for the freak’n time of you live.

Mile High Club in a Balloon

group hotairgasm 2018-03-03

We had booked the flight the day before and Don, the pilot, had told us that we would need to start early because the winds are calmer just after sunrise and the cooler air makes the balloon fly better. Although we were told to hold on to the rope handles with both hands, Margie had one arm wrapped around my waist in death grip. I looked around at the view and thought, "It just doesn't get any better than this!" Way up high in a balloon with a beautiful lady sucking my cock. Margie then reached up to him, pulled his face down and planted a big wet kiss on his mouth. stays in the air!' I shook hands with Don and Margie hugged him and gave him a light "sisterly" kiss.

How I Became Vanessa Chapter 3

group slutyvanessa 2018-03-03

Elena hadn't changed her sexy outfit and her beautiful face leaned towards Jeff's crotch uncovering his 10 inch cock which was even thicker than John's. I was a little bit concerned about the outfit I would have to wear because I never wanted to get an operation and to get rid of my cock: it was way too good to cum in Elena's mouth and to fuck her while Jeff was fucking me, and even if I loved being a woman and being treated as such, I still enjoyed sex as a man, or more exactly as a woman with a man's organ.

Liz is Willing: Liz's Confession

group lizshusband 2018-03-03

Recently, I found a stack of CDs containing photos and videos of Jen and Liz with many of our male swing partners having sex. Jen's husband, Mitchell, has no idea his wife has spread her pussy for black guys in hotel rooms and at Steven's apartment in sex videos. I know that Liz has fucked a lot of guys in the last six years but I was still shocked that she had let Steven and Kara take pictures and videos of her posing and then fucking. Before I could even ask who, Liz was telling me that "Marie, Julie, Katy, Karen and almost everyone of our female swing partners have been in a gangbang video by Steven and Kara."

Adventures of Carl Ch. 03

group iamcontent 2018-03-03

Mary then entered the room and she was wearing a black pair of matching bra and crotchless panties with garters, and 5 inch heels, she sauntered her way over to Jim kissed him on the cheek, grabbed his hand and took two the two steps towards Carl and gave him a deep open mouth kiss. This just got Mary going more as she had all of Jim's cock in her mouth and was slobbering all of it and making a lot of noise, she then took both her hands and placed one on his balls and a finger up the crack of his ass. Jim made his way back to the couch and grabbed a hold of Carl's very hard and wet cock, he put the whole thing in his mouth tasting again his precum as well as Mary's juices.


Scott Dad and me

group imornery81 2018-03-03

After lunch though, the allure of the machine sitting beside the bed began to much for me, and I found myself once again, placing the plastic cups on my breasts and feeling the pleasure sweep through me as it brought me to the edge of yet another orgasm. The rhythmic sucking of my own father and the taboo nature of the whole situation sent my lust soaring and the moment his finger flicked across my clit I moaned and began trembling with an orgasm that he did not allow to end until he had drained both of my breasts. He took the tender swollen flesh of my breast in his hand and guided the now dripping nipple to his lips and he began to suck.

Friends with Charles & Judy Ch. 01

group TonyUK 2018-03-03

At this point the outside speakers came on and Charles and Judy walked out onto the patio; although it was dark and they were only silhouettes against the dim glow from the candles in sitting room window, we both knew as they slipped off their robes and entered the tub, that they were both naked. Quietly watching the pair of you dance sexily, her hands on your waist, I couldn't help but stare at Judy's cleavage, comparing her to you as both your robes loosened around you middles letting the upper portion fall open slightly. I lifted your head up and kissed you, licking Judy's orgasm from around your mouth, I felt you cum as Charles worked his tongue along and in your pussy, and gently but easily slid first one and then two fingers into your ass.

Another Fantasy Fulfilled

group okayjack 2018-03-03

Finally spent we did get in the hot tub for twenty minutes or so and then had a luxurious shower together soaping and washing each other and never missing an opportunity to make the lovely Marie climax a few more times before dinner. After a few moments in that position, Marie turned 180 degrees and started kissing Peter while fondling Jim's impressive cock. Jim yelled out with an animal-like growl and spewed his hot, sticky load deep inside Marie's lovely pussy. Peter's cock was not as large as Jim at about 7 inches but it was fairly thick and he had some trouble initially inserting it into Marie's tight pussy. However, it did not take long for Jim to move up beside Marie and start kissing her nipples while Peter was fucking her as hard as he could.


Hockey Girls in Action

group OVERLAND 2018-03-03

"Ohhhh Gavin darling, your cock feels wonderful!" she gasped. Gavin groaned and pulled his cock out of Barbara's hot sticky channel. The long hard ramrod slid home and Betty just had to let out a long moan as she felt Gavin's knob end reach her cervix. Barbara moved to see her lover's cock being stimulated by Betty's hot sticky cunt. Barbara reached out and gently removed Gavin's cock from Betty's hole. Pushing Betty up Gavin's chest gave her the room to hold his cock up and to fall quickly down on to his shaft. Not only did Barbara have Gavin's cock pumping deep inside her fanny but also Betty was almost squirting into his mouth.


Dirty Talking Strippers

group willjackson8869 2018-03-03

I want you to ram your fucking fist in and out of my cunt like it's a big fat cock! Carmen removes her soaking fist and buries her face in Roxy's throbbing pussy, tasting every drop of her juices. I could barely concentrate at this point with Roxy deepthroating my cock, but I tried to focus on the fist-fucking I was giving Carmen and my reward of making her cum. Carmen finally lifted Roxy's head off my cock and she was gasping for air, her mascara was running badly and saliva ran down her mouth onto her huge tits. When I was finished cumming, Carmen told Roxy "Be a good cum slut and lick all this yummy cum from my fucking tits."