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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Best Two Out of Three

group PhilU 2018-11-11

I noticed that Chloe was watching Sonia masturbate, biting her lower lip lightly, as she often did when very turned on.  I quickly got in a couple of deep thrusts, but still, I couldn't come.  Chloe returned her attention to me and again pulled away from me every time I thrust. Then suddenly she changed her timing, pumping against me.  Finally, we were fucking like we normally did - hot, hard and energetic.  I felt myself approaching the point of no return, then suddenly I was humping the air as the beeping started again.

Bisexual Muslim Men In Ottawa

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

Laila is a fairly open-minded woman but at the end of the day, she's still a Muslim, more so than me, and while she might be cool with having a gay buddy like Matt, she wouldn't want a bisexual man as her husband. Grinning, Matt smacked Laila's ass and thrust his hard dick into her cunt. Sweet pussy your wife got here, Matt said as he began fucking her. Matt had been slamming his dick into Laila's cunt for a good while when I felt like trying something new. Even a woman as sexually energized as Laila needed a moment or two after getting pounded by two sexy men like Matt and myself.


A night to remember

group Mitchnottm 2018-11-11

Lynn pressed the button for the 5th floor and moved in for a kiss with Steve as again her spare hand went straight for my cock. Steve looked across the room and noticed a mate he knew, as he walked away he said to myself and Lynn, "Grab me a beer, I just need to see a mate of mine." We sneaked out the toilet, not that we needed to as the party was in full swing and most men had found their partner for the night even Steve had his tongue down a rather big woman—more his style than Lynn! As I lifted my head to watch Chris's tongue tease my hanging balls, I noticed that Lynn was now naked and standing behind Chris sliding a pink vibrator in and out of Chris's wet pussy.

Bringing Hunter's Fantasy to Life

group CommonClaire 2018-11-11

Hunter didn’t see him right away because I still had one finger in his ass and my other hand was gently stroking his rock hard cock, getting him primed for what I had in store. I kissed him deeply as Sully began stroking Hunter’s cock and then took it into his mouth. Sully has a large cock, but Hunter was able to handle it, taking the length of it deep into his throat and he sucked and licked every inch of it. Sully had already lubed his cock, but he drizzled some more on Hunter’s entrance and used his finger to make sure that Hunter was ready. Sully brought his long, thick cock to Hunter’s entrance and slowly pushed against it until the head popped inside.

Annie Goes Skiing

group AnnFrancis 2018-11-11

It was not a big secret that the only time Annie liked ice was if it was crushed and blended with liberal doses of tequila, and perhaps, a lime wedge and salt shaker in easy reach. “I think you’ll have a great time,” Kate replied with a smile as she reached over and touched Annie’s hand. The next to lose, was Frank who was soon sitting bare-chested at the table, which caused his girlfriend Kate to reach over and give his nipple a playful twist. Frank soon lost his pants so to speak, and as he stood up, his girlfriend Kate reached over and gave him a loving stroke to the bulge in his boxers causing an obvious movement.

Following Orders

group PraizyDarl 2018-11-11

And I had made a my choice, I removed my shirt and got on my knees and began to suck my lovers cock. After the man in my ass pulled out, the woman grabbed the chain of the nipple clamps and pulled me off the couch and began to lead me around the room, stopping at every woman and making them taste the cum dripping out of my pussy. I began to bite and suck her tits just how I liked it done, and I heard her say, "Baby, you're getting that just right, you're going to make me cum doing that." Well, I'd already taken the female plunge with sucking tits, so I decided I needed to taste her pussy.

My bud fucked my wife

group tcg 2018-11-11

He was however apprehensive whether she would ever agree to any of that. "Yes, isn't she? "Well, sure!" He exclaimed. Michelle started to protest, but Johnnie put a finger to her lips, saying, "This isn't all, my love. Do you understand?" "Yes." Better than he had ever hoped. Johnnie moved the tripod with the camera into a better position to capture his cock plunging into his wife's pussy. He was sure that she would be angry, but since she was broadminded he hoped that she would understand. This was something that he was most apprehensive about. It is so typical of you to be careless. You must be the only one to be so careless.

Interracial Bisexual Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

In the 1970s, a black man walking around holding hands with a white woman got looked at in a funny manner. Kurt lay on the bed, his arms folded over his chest, looking serene as the large black woman known as Samantha began sucking his cock and licking his balls. As Matthew fucked me, I looked to the side and saw my husband Kurt and Samantha going at it. The large black woman I despised ( not for being black but for being ugly) and my fine-looking bisexual husband were doing it anal-style and her bisexual hubby was fucking me in the ass too. Apparently, Matthew liked the same thing judging by how hard he was fucking my poor little white girl's asshole.

Newlywed Game

group thatguy625 2018-11-11

Tina and Phil were clueless as to what was going with each other and Nick and I wanted to keep it that way for now. About a minute later, Phil asked if I was ready for that beer and we got up and exited the hot tub, leaving Tina and Nick alone. Two can play that game!” Nick said, pulling Tina onto his lap. Gracefully, Nick slid he and Tina up to the ledge of the hot tub so that Phil and I could see what was going on. It was poetry in motion and the room was filled with the sounds of all four of us moaning and groaning, with the occasional scream from Tina when Nick hit the right spot.

Indiscretion in the Pool

group sexylips_ 2018-11-11

I looked up. Andrew and his mate Dave were standing at the edge of the pool watching me.  I kept fully under the water.  "Hey there," I said.  You feel good," he muttered, as he started thrusting slowly into me, inching himself deeper and deeper.  I raised my hips helping him, feeling his pubic bone against my ass.  I looked round, smiling at Dave, who looked a little dumbfounded.  Andrew slipped a hand over my right breast, starting to speed up as my pussy moistened.  I moaned gently, bucking my hips back as the water splashed between us. "Oh God Anna," Andrew suddenly moaned, gripping my hips, pulling me against him.  I knew it was all over as he gave out a loud low groan, and I felt his cock jerking between my pussy lips as he orgasmed, his semen shooting into me.

Bank Holiday Break

group BiUKSwinger 2018-11-11

Helen adjusted herself slightly, reached a hand down grabbing my cock and held it at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. I looked across at Dave to seek reassurance it was ok to fuck his wife but he had Kathy on her knees and was giving her a good fucking from behind, the look on Kathy’s face told me she was really enjoying it. Helen finished devouring that cum filled pussy and then lay on top of Kathy and they began kissing again. Once finished we all sat with our drinks. Dave turned to me and said, “Well do you think you will enjoy being here?”


group aldenbradley 2018-11-11

“You want to watch the two of us?” she said, waving a finger between Drew and herself. “A woman back home who wants to screw Drew,” Cheryl said, concentrating on lowering Drew’s shorts to the floor. Micah stood behind Cheryl near the corner of the bed as they watch Drew with Melissa. “I wanted to get a closer look,” Cheryl said softly, noticing how Melissa’s body moved an reaction to Drew’s thrusts. “You know,” Melissa said, tousling Drew’s hair with her free hand, “She has the most marvelous lips. “I think,” Drew replied easily, wrapping his arm around Cheryl, “We will probably make long, slow, poignant love, and look forward to our last chance to wake up next to each other in the morning.”

My first adult theater experience

group Redbrick 2018-11-11

I whispered to my husband that I wanted to play with his cock without hesitation he pulled it and I began to stroke it, I whispered for him to unbutton my blouse (no bra!) and expose both of my breasts. He wasted no time and began to play with one of my breasts while my husband played with the other one. my skirt was up pretty high and our new friend started caressing my leg, he then slowly moved up to my panties, which were dripping wet! he slid down on the floor in front of me and began to eat my pussy. I lifted my legs onto the seat back in front of us to make it easier. My husband gave me a long wet kiss, I know he had to taste the cum in my mouth, while he played with both of my breasts, and our new friend continued to eat my pussy.

The Fantasy Room

group eroticstoryteller69 2018-11-11

Katrina felt so vulnerable as she lay spread out on the table for the woman to see (and whoever else may be in the room) and it was turning her on big time. Moments later Katrina could feel her orgasm begin to build until it hit her hard, making her scream out, grasping the woman's head and jamming it hard against her pussy, forcing her to drink up her juices. "Let's see how you handle a little black magic" said an ebony voice from above her before feeling the heat of a large headed cock press against her pussy. The cock slid in as far as she could take it but when she lowered her hands to her pussy, she could still feel a couple of inches outside of her body, god, he must be huge she thought.


Force or Love? (5)

group anuraa32 2018-11-11

Garrett knew that the more he fucked Becky, the more he was falling in love with her. His hands cupped and massaged Becky’s breasts and soon his warm and wet mouth was on a nipple, sucking it, gently nipping it. Garrett fucked her deep enough and Becky felt him gently bump her cervix. Becky got lost in the wonderous sensation that Garrett brought to her body. As Garrett continued to slowly and deeply thrust into Becky, white hot lava of his essence was released deep into the recesses of Becky’s wet folds. As the aftershocks of the quaking climax trembled through their bodies still united, Garrett kissed Becky, deeply on the mouth.

Allyson's First Time Story - Part Seven - Final Chapter

group Mysteria27 2018-11-11

As I’m driving and thinking about this gang bang, I can feel my pussy getting very wet. When I’m with Shelly, I know I’ll always have a good time. We walked over to the bed and I spread my legs and Shelly poured the oil onto her hand and rubbed it all over my pussy. Shelly and I took our overnight bags and went into Jennifer’s room to change into our pajamas. The other girls came over to the bed and started to play with my tits while I was riding Shelly and getting my ass fucked by Crystal. Each girl took a turn riding my face and the other’s just licked at my pussy.

Strong Men Are Bisexual, Too

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

Adam introduced me to his girlfriend, some Black chick named Athena Bentley. I mean, I had a feeling he was like me but when I think of a gay or bisexual male, I never think of a good-looking Black college football stud. Getting fucked in the ass by a sexy man while a sexy woman sucked on my dick was an experience from out of this world. So, while Athena fucked me with the dildo, Adam sucked on my cock. Athena watched, thrusting the dildo into her pussy and masturbating as she watched two hot Black men engaged in hot queer sex. Athena screamed as Adam and I thrust our cocks into both her holes simultaneously.

Uber Driving Slut Fucks the Football Team

group dvoraknc 2018-11-11

As soon as he got in the car he said, “Holy fuck, you are Jen that Uber slut, aren’t you? I did not just cum lightly, I started bucking hard like I was riding a wild bull and I had no control over my body or swaying tits. The other two guys put their cocks to my mouth so I could continue sucking them. My young stud started fucking me with the huge cock he was so very right about. I let his cock out of my mouth and got most of it on my face, tits, and some on the bed. I grabbed the cock in front of my face and started sucking. I could feel the boy in my ass start to cum.

My very first group sex

group sultrysiren 2018-11-11

Jason’s tongue and teeth caressing my nipples, Pauls fingers fucking my pussy and ass with alternating movements, and his mouth on my clit too much to bear, as I’m pushed over the edge and I cum, my back arching and my toes curling as the pleasure rips through my body. I go back to fingering my pussy, surprised at how easily my fingers slip in and out, as Jason moves his mouth to my asshole, flicking it, and as I moan and start running my fingers over my clit again, he uses his tongue to press harder on my tight hole, and begins to push it into my ass in time with the rubbing of my clit.

The ReAwakening of my Desire

group ohgirl1 2018-11-11

Both of Shawn’s friends, Lamar and Duron, were taking turns stuffing their black cocks into my mouth, forcing my head down into their laps to deep throat them, as they told their buddy Fletch to hurry up with their blunts. Shawn’s friends had put me through the sexual wringer, but there was a part of me that had enjoyed the sex, my mind remembering as my body climaxed at least 4 times over the period that they had spent with me, spreading my holes wide and filling me with not only their huge black cocks, but my own sex toys, their fists and their sticky spunk.

Five Nights Ch. 02

group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-11

Marybeth took her mouth off Mike and turned to us, addressing Sue. “Are you going to sit and talk, or suck your man’s dick?” She returned to Mike’s shaft, licking up the length from the base to the tip. My dick was rock hard, but all I could think about was how special this was; first other pussy in more than ten years, first time seeing my sexy friend Marybeth naked, first time seeing my wife suck another dick, first time licking shaved pussy, first time watching my wife orgasm from someone else – my brain was overloading, and I tucked those revelations into a mental closet for later, and extended my tongue, and took my first, long wet swipe up the left side of Marybeth’s pussy, around her puffy lips.

Big Men versus Big Women

group Samuelx 2018-11-11

I'm sucking on my boyfriend Jackson Leroy's long and thick, uncut black cock while his buddy Henry Jenkins spreads my plump white ass and slams his equally uncut big black dick way up my asshole. Jackson is filling my mouth with his cock so I can't scream as Henry rams his cock up my asshole but it hurts like hell, folks. As Jackson and Henry got me into a new position, I noticed that Elisabeth, Eric and Trevor were having the time of their lives. Eric was vigorously thrusting his cock deep inside Trevor's ass while the sexy Asian stud slammed his dick into his sexy Latin girlfriend's wet pussy.


Kim's first big one

group swingsbothways42 2018-11-11

Two got on each side of the cot, and while Jan was massaging her upper body, they began to massage her legs, gently pulling them apart and slowly running their hands up and down the insides of her legs, almost, but not quite touching her sex. During the time he was fucking her, Barb, who has a little mean streak in her, and knowing I didn’t like Dave came and found me and brought me to the tent in time to witness kim’s final screaming, howling orgasms and watch Dave unload his cream into her sopped and stretched pussy.

Anniversary Debauchery – Part II, the Conclusion

group cal_jack 2018-11-11

“Fuck her hard, she wants more of your cum.” Russell looked down and admired her spread ass cheeks, her tight rosebud and most of all, her puffy pussy lips surrounded by wisps of pubic hair. Becky’s muffled moans of delight got louder along with Brett’s gasps of pleasure every time Russell thrust and drove Brett’s cock deeper down Becky’s throat. Then he felt Breeze hold him tight as her orgasm surged through her body quickly followed by Russell’s scream as he came inside Becky. Becky moaned as she felt Brett lick and suck on her clit and then with desire, started to lick Breeze’s cum coated pussy lips and clit as well.