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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Shooting Pool

group pamper1 2018-03-03

Joy, then stood against the pool table and motioned for me to come to her, as I walked up I knew what she wanted, I got on my knees before her, blocked by the pool table from the other patrons and behind me by the short counter and stools, I placed my hand under her ass and as she flexed her muscle again, dropped a load of Mike's come into the palm of my hand, I then rubbed some of it onto my pussy and ass and the rest on Joy's pussy, I then lifted her skirt and began to lick her pussy, Joy leaned back on the pool table and parted her thighs wider as I sucked her clit and licked her lips, she came within 2 minutes of my licking.

81% pool

Craigslist gangbang

group kristi4bbcfun 2018-03-03

Every half dozen thrusts, he'd stop, almost pull out and make her beg to be fucked."Tell everybody how much you like my cock, slut.""I love your cock in me!""How much you love my cock, slut?"One of the camera guys zoomed on Kristi's face as she said, "I want every inch of your nigger cock as deep in me as you can push it!"He fucked her a half dozen more times. The guy fucking her mouth pulled out and put his hand under her head, lifting it up for me to see.She looked at me while he came on her face and she started moaning with an orgasm.Before another guy could get to her mouth, Damone asked, "You liking this, slut?"Kristi said, "Oh, God, yes!"He stopped fucking her with just the head of his dick in her.

Waiting Long

group mixedchick95 2018-03-03

I smile and spread my legs a little wider, by this time both of the men next to me are watching and my pussy begins to get wet at the thought of their hands on me. Slowly, my hand makes its way to my pussy and I begin to stroke its lips softly and then I plunge a finger inside. The guy with his dick in my mouth holds my head firmly and begins to ram his length into my throat. I feel the hands leave my breast and begin to knead my ass cheeks pulling up my dress which is riding up my thighs the whole time. Soon the burn in my ass gives way to pleasure and I begin thrusting my head and hips at the same time matching every thrust thrown at me.

The Vacation

group Romantic1 2018-03-03

Bob picked up his cue to talk, "When we started thinking about a Circle several years ago I never envisioned it could be this good or would last this long. Jim dropped his hands from the circle of hands, leaned in and kissed Trish on the cheek then turned to his other side and kissed Kim's cheek; he reached across the table and shook the hands of Bob, Jan, June and me making strong eye contact with each of us while he held a pleased look on his face. Kim said, "I know I met all of you a couple of times before this weekend when I popped in for short visits with June.


Affair With Not My MIL

group 2018-03-03

I've always been attracted to my 50 year old mother-in-law Amy. I love her fat ass and pretty eyes. One day my wife told me my mother-in-law needed some help moving boxes. My wife told me one time that her mom liked it in her ass but ever since he'd become religious he refused to fuck her fat ass. I then spread her legs and slide my hard cock right into her soaking cunt. I pull my cock out and cum all over my MIL's pussy and ass. I slam my cock inside her cunt as she continues to lick my MILs pussy. Amy begins to cum as her daughter keeps licking her pussy.

A Strange Story

group RoseWood35 2018-03-03

Stella my live in for nearly five years has always played the part of a long time wife that never strayed or learned anything except what her husband had showed her. She had only moved her mouth up and down my cock when she said "I never sucked a hard one before." So I told her I was happy I could help her out. I gave them five minutes and when I came out both were naked and Stella was sitting on the bed playing with a short thick cock. Stella had two hard cocks fucking her again and she was going wild with an excited she had never known before.

Night at the Oil Party - Part 1

group 2018-03-03

The anticipation of attending a group party built throughout the day and a long work out, and a few drinks at a nearby pub helped stave off the excitement of enjoying a fun night of sexual activity. At the designated time I called the event host, and was directed to a local hotel where I was instructed to park my car at a nearby location and meet the event host and then ride in a van to the party. Louis led us down a long hallway to the end where he slid the card key into room 5072 and entered, followed by Maddy and John, then Bobby and Randy, and finally myself.

3 some

group Mutualfun2 2018-03-03

She left johns cock sitting back as I lapped at her pussy giving a slight shudder, she asked can we go upstairs to bed I lead the way not wanting to loose the moment once in the bedroom John soon had her stripped to her teddy and stockings she lay back in the middle of the bed legs slightly parted breasts now exposed showing her erect nipples John was soon naked too I followed his lead we lay on either side of her she kissed us both deeply as we toyed with her nipples then I moved down to suck each one in turn, John moved towards her head as I knelt between her legs I fitted a condom and guided my cock into her ,I'd noticed I was bigger than John (7" to his just under 6"and bit thicker) so I took my time gently sliding in,Linda turned her head to johns cock licking and sucking on it as I began to fuck her with deep long strokes her hips responded to my thrusts I built up a steady rhythm as I watched her sucking John .

Double Christmas Present

group indigostarz 2018-03-03

Alice looked like a walking wet dream; long, slim legs, a thin, toned waist flaring into subtly curved hips, a tight, high ass and gorgeous breasts. Picturing Alice lying on his bed, her blond hair spread out beneath her on the pillow, being pleasured by Tracy, her black wavy hair sliding across Alice’s toned stomach as she kissed her way from Alice’s breast to navel. Should we have a drink, or do you want to go upstairs and unwrap your presents?” Her moist, ruby lips curved into a smile as she took her hand back from Chris, using it instead to play with Tracy’s hair. As she moved to stand beside Alice, Chris reached out and grabbed the ends of the red ribbons off Tracy’s dress.

The Best Pair of Legs in the World

group Bazzza 2018-03-03

Alana laughed as she headed out of the kitchen towards Strev's bedroom, she stopped at the door way and flicked up the rear of her dress to display the rear of a red g-string and beautiful tanned buttocks. The door opened slightly a few seconds later and Alana's grinning face appeared, Paul standing close by, shook a finger of warning at her. Paul ran his tongue up her left thigh; Alana eased her pussy gently down onto his face and squirmed as his tongue slipped between her lips. Placing her hands on his chest for balance, Alana eased Paul's cock into her until she was sitting on him, then she sat still, smiled down at him and jiggled her breasts at him.


Sometimes You Just Want to Fuck

group BrindleChase 2018-03-03

The flashing lights made it damn near impossible to see what he looked like, but I was so horny by then, I decided he was the one. His hands pushed my skirt up and gripped my ass, clutching my firm buttocks tight as he slid his cock in and out of me. Disappointed, I looked around to see five guys at the edge of the table, clapping their hands in appreciative applause as they watched. I could barely hear the guy behind me, his hips slapping against my ass while he pumped his cock in and out of my pussy. The cock wasn't enough and the guys were too happy to get some pussy to be concerned with pleasing it.

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 09

group DITF 2018-03-03

"Hey Maddy, it's your turn." she called out, and then in a quieter but still audible voice said, "Thanks Jake – that was great!" and gave him a solid but brief kiss on his lips. Jake was finding it difficult to maintain control of what his hands were doing – he was looking right between Maddy's legs at her barely covered pussy mound, with a thin strip of cloth running up her very fine ass. Jake did not respond to Maddy's outburst but lifted his hands off her ass where they had stopped, and simply said, "OK, now you can turn over."


My First Three Sum

group MrNewHouston 2018-03-03

My cock became rock hard when Monica looked at me with a smile and started rubbing the inside of my leg. Her soft lips sucked my cock in her mouth as I shot what felt like my biggest load ever. Monica started to shake and moan and I looked down at Alex as his head moved up and down at a quickly. Alex looked at my cock growing hard again and said get on up here and give her pussy a good hard fucking. Monica started making a high pitch moaning and groaning sound as Alex encouraged me. My hands rubbed her legs and Alex shot his load on her face and breast.

The Dinner Party Ch. 02

group zebra2001uk 2018-03-03

"Rather than telling just you, and you passing it second hand to Rosemary, why don't both Angela and I come round to your house later this evening and talk to you both about what you would be getting into." "Yes, my Dear, and you are going to be gobsmacked when I tell you where I got the information – in fact I have my doubts as to whether you will believe me?" Martin said. Martin invited their visitors to sit down and whilst Rosemary started a conversation with Roger and Angela, he went into the kitchen to open the wine and pour it into glasses. " I understand," said Roger, looking at Rosemary, " that you are interested in participating in the swinging scene. Roger sat silently for a moment looking at Rosemary and Martin.

A First Threesome

group lorelei_echo 2018-03-03

You try to turn your head, to see what I'm up to, but I firmly grab your hair and force your eyes back to the woman in front of you. "Now, how could I refuse an invitation like that?" I meet your gaze and, holding it, unbutton my blouse slightly so that a hint of red lace peeks out at the opening of the otherwise demure white top. I feel the flicker of a tongue on my hand and look down to see that Liane has turned her attention to your scrotum. Your other hand pulls the blindfold up slightly, and you smile tenderly as your nails begin to bite into my flesh.

Strange and Kinky Things

group voluptuary_manque 2018-03-03

Maria turned out to be delightfully curvy, plump and bubbly and Mel had a very hard time imagining her in thigh boots, black leather mask and harness with a riding crop and he said so. April gave pretty good head, Mel thought, but Maria was the expert's expert. Back in their bedroom, April and Mel lay on the bed while Maria explained. Finally, Maria announced he'd had enough for the present, adding, "Now Mel, honey, you just slide over a little and give your wifey and me room," and she descended on April like a starving thing. Well now, lover, April gets the show." She leaned down and took Mel in her mouth sucking hard and bobbing her head slowly to bring him solid and stiff.


I Never Watch

group MikePulse 2018-03-03

So dressed and looking like Jenner Love Hewitt with her petite, smoking body and natural 32DD tits (and sorry Jennifer-more firm body) she drove up to the Swing Club about an hour away. The other dudes before me-were so incredibly selfish and controlling -albiet trying to smother their trophy wife or G/F in the end, the Universe pulled the obsession away from them. The husband is giving direction like a used car salesman trying to pitch his own agenda-even telling her how hot- she is feeling. In the videos, the wife is usually just going along with it, to please her husband-mindful that is she does anyting wrong-he might freak, or get upset or worse yet, not love her anymore.

The Glamour Shoot

group petemgurk 2018-03-03

Come back soon!" They both still seemed a little shaken by the sudden noise, and the mother meekly pressed the sitting fee into Jerry's palm as he guided them out of the makeshift studio in the grocery store's "conference room". Jerry quickly posed mother and daughter seated on the platform facing each other, then told them to turn just their inside shoulders toward the camera and lean their outstretched outside arms on the platform. See you in a little while!" she said breezily, and walked out with a definite strut, her sweet round ass and clicking heels seeming to twitch in time with Jerry's heart.


Work Place Encounters Ch. 04

group showife 2018-03-03

At the appointed time I was waiting in my car in the parking lot and Kay walked out of the door to meet me. The guy that was closest to us started to slide his chair over to get a better look, and pretty soon there were several chairs being moved so they faced towards Kay. It was too dark, and a bit too loud to whisper to her so instead I just started to pull her tits a bit and began to stroke her pussy. I quickly stood Kay up and pulled her coat onto her and we managed to be quietly seated when the door opened.

A new experience

group d4david 2018-03-03

I thought you were my friend Daniel...' Toby looked at me as we he turned the corner saying ' you were trying to catch up to your boyfriend...' We sucked each other like this until the next cut of music came on, Toby raised up pulling his throbbing cock from my lips and lifted my legs up as he knelt between my thighs. His dick head slid in so easily, my anus opened and closed tightly around his cock neck so snugly Toby moaned in pleasure. I hook my heels into the small of Toby's back and tried to meet his movements, Toby raised slightly and hooked my knees in his elbows and slid his hands under my shoulders gripping them as he hunched deep in to my opened bung hole.

Ruby's Interview

group CathyRose 2018-03-03

She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped her hands up inside her bra and I realised that she was tweaking her own bare nipples with her fingers. He looks into my eyes and smiles while he places a hand on my pussy, teasing my lips and clit for a while before letting one finger enter me. Paul carries on stroking, holding his dick over my tongue so I can flick it and run my lips over it, when Sue takes John's hand away from my pussy and bends forward, putting her head in-between my legs. Paul is fucking my mouth now and Sue is rubbing my clit with her tongue while she holds onto my breasts, teasing my nipples with her fingers.

The Favour Ch. 02

group darquestar 2018-03-03

My cock hadn't really softened much, and as I watched Sharon lick her husband's come off of Lisa's back, I felt it twitch as it started to get hard again. "Oh, yeah!" she said, lifting her head from between Lisa's legs and pushing back, forcing my thumb deeper into her asshole. "Wait, Jake, wait!" I looked down at Lisa, who was rubbing my cock, pulling it out of Sharon's asshole. Sharon quickly reached up and pulled her husband's cock into her mouth, moaning as she sucked down his come. I caught my breath as I looked down at Lisa, who was rubbing my cock all over her face, coating it with my come before taking it back in her mouth and sucking it clean.

Morning Coffee And Then Some...

group SaucySlut 2018-03-03

Jaimee started walking around the kitchen and said, "You know Lindsey, I smell something, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Jaimee started kissing Renee and said, "I want to taste her pussy, is it good? Jaimee said she needed to get her pussy licked and Renee quickly obliged. I noticed though, out of the corner of my eye, as I was telling the story, Lindsey and Jaimee started rubbing each other's pussy and Renee was rubbing her own. Renee was pulling her own nipples and looked like she might be close to cumming from rubbing her pussy. Renee lunged at Lindsey's pussy and started sucking her clit while Jaimee was nursing on her nipples. Renee then started going from Lindsey's pussy to Jaimee's.


Erotic Exotic Ball Ch. 01

group Merlin_6 2018-03-03

That day we were discussing Halloween plans and where the good parties might be when Cory let us know she usually goes to the Erotic Exotic Ball each year. Irene is a semi-competitive runner and all of her training has left her with an incredible set of long, toned legs and nice healthy tan. “I see you like it.” Irene smiles appreciatively, my semi-hard cock giving away my thoughts. I hear Cory whisper under her breath “He’s really fucking Nancy right her on the floor in front of everyone.” The only other noise I hear is deep breathing and the slurping sound of my cock rapidly working Nancy’s little hole.