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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Touch Class Ch. 14

group Uzi_Johnson 2018-03-03

She said they couldn't hold the cases for me, but if I called in two days and asked for her, she'd make sure I was taken care of. Two days later I called the store and asked for Ashley. Ashley returned the kiss, then chuckled as she admitted "I think we were both attracted pretty quickly back in the store." As Ashley pulled down my boxers and jock, I unbuttoned and unzipped her slacks, slid them down, and pushed my hand inside her panties to find her wet pussy. "Well, Ashley, why don't I use a nice big dildo to fuck your ass, and then you can swallow my sperm when you suck me to the brink and beyond?"

Broadway Video Club: Halloween Party

group Schwingprose 2018-03-03

True to their costumes, Steve and Patti's mouths were moving over her neck, kissing and sucking her soft skin, while their hands roamed over her royal body. After Jessica got Scott's cock nice and wet with her mouth, he moved down and pushed her breasts together and started tit fucking her. Jessica alternated sucking on Bill and Steve's cocks as Scott and Paul worked her with their dicks. Slowly, gingerly, Paul pushed into Jessica's ass as her pussy continued to be filled with Scott's cock. All the men had filled Jessica's ass, pussy, or mouth with their cum and all the women were brought to orgasm by John or each other.

The Twins in San Francisco Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-03-03

With a second glance at my friends, who were merely staring at Blue's tight body in stunned silence, I took her hand and let her lead me through the swaying bodies and up onto the platform, where I was quickly sandwiched between these two hotties. So with Jerry stepping aside to join the other twenty guys staring jealously at me, Blue/Trinh and Quyen continued to fondle me as we swayed to the music. Shortly after, we apparently had arrived, pulling up to a an apartment with a great view of the city, its twinkling lights spread out before us and leading out to the dark waters of the Bay. We hopped out, and looking like a giddy schoolgirl (except for the lack of noise), Quyen dragged me inside.


An Itch to be Scratched

group Bethyboo 2018-03-03

Now her ass was on fire, burning, itching and she knew, without a Doctor's analysis that the only way to cure it was to fuck it away. "So if I eat, I need to fuck?" she started crying as her ass burned and itched with the vengeance of the gypsy's curse. She had told that old man, who she thought was dressed for Halloween to go fuck himself...only because she had been thinking all night about how it would feel to fuck Will. Tossed his white coat on the chair and stroked his cock, already hard and prepared to fuck the itch right out of this virgin ass so prettily poised in front of him.


betting lead to wife fucked

group 2018-03-03

Nisha caught my eye as my gaze passed her way and grinned, grinning back I walked over to the group she was with, Mohit, an old friend of our and our host’s, Rasmi, Mohit’s wife, our hostess Komilla and Arjun who I knew, but not well. Whatever else he was Arjun certainly knew how to keep a woman from cumming, every time Nisha showed signs of going over the edge he would pause in his motions and wait for her to calm a little, then he would press on. I had a sneaking suspicion that Komilla and Danny had done more than fiddle with time-keeping, but that would have to wait, right now I wanted, needed to know whether my wife had agreed to work for Arjun as a whore.

The Boat Party

group JenniferO1 2018-03-03

We all pretty lit by this time, but Bob was being really careful and as we got closer to shore, we could hear the guys with their chanting again. It was quiet for a moment of two and then I heard Bob say, “ahhh what the fuck, she’ll never know and if we're going to be standing around partying anyway, why not be looking at a nice hot pussy”. When Bob came back, he must’ve sat on the back edge of the boat because I heard him ask the guys if they wanted to apply the lotion. They moved down and I felt hands spreading my legs and again I could feel both heads on my thighs and then tongues sandwiching my clit and Bob didn’t stop this either.


Group fantasy came true

group 2018-03-02

Rohit now sucked my right boob and Aparna took the left one. I kissed and licked Rohit’s pubic hair and took his monster cock in my mouth and started sucking it. Rohit inserted his dick inside my mouth gently and I started to give a blow job. Rohit said “Anu, you are an expert in the blow job, Aparna used to give blow job but not like you, I never got such a pleasure in my life.” Aparna was licking my pussy deeply, her tongue was playing a magic inside me. The next two days I had good time with Rohit and Aparna couple and came back to my native place.

One Summer Night

group Gabriel 2018-03-02

I told them the story in great detail, from the moment I made eye contact with the guy at the club, to the moment he first slipped his fingers under my dress and into my panties, to my decision to "go down" on him and let him come all over my mouth in the parking lot of a local high school, to his decision to "eat out" my smoothly shaved pussy, and finally to one of the best fucks of my young life in the back seat of my Jeep. Seeing the action up front, the guy behind me decided that his time had come too, and pulled out his cock and shot his load all over my ass cheeks and pussy lips.

Jan Ch. 5

group The Glove 2018-03-02

Tom pushed Belinda's skirt over her amble ass and with one motion pulls her panties to her knees. Michelle hearing Jennifer's screams reaches between her legs to grasp my cock. Jennifer seeing Belinda finger fucking her-self pushed Tom away from her. Jim sliding his cock between Sandy's breasts had a weird look on his face. Michelle seeing Jim's white thick slimy cum on Sandy's face jumped up from my cock and ran to her. When I rammed my cock into Michelle's cunt, she moaned and stuck her tongue down Sandy's throat. Jennifer was so dam hot she did not care that Mike's cock had just come out of Belinda's shit-hole. Jennifer's mouth went around her pussy and she sucked all of Belinda's juices.


The Farmer's Wife

group johncockenfurs 2018-03-02

I lied down and pulled my cock out of my jeans and began stroking my cock slow and steady, just imagining I was licking the water off of her perky little tits and shoving my cock deep inside her pussy. He walked over to us and she kept grinding on me, but when he got close enough, she ripped off his belt, pulled his jeans down and took his cock, which was soft for a brief moment, into her mouth. She licked it all clean that she could reach and then grabbed us by our cocks and shoved both of our limp dicks into her mouth sucking furiously and she worked her hands over our cock and balls, even reaching around to finger our assholes.

My Sweetest Swinging

group openmindedmale 2018-03-02

I to her nick and earth with my hands were on her tits little moans went then her nipples got angry need to be sucked, I went and sucked them then her moaned went louder and her husband was watching us and having fun with his encouragement went to belly button oh god was so great her was waiting for my tongue and was totally wet and juicy I got to her pussy smell her wet and juicy with licking and little bight (I love licking) moan got louder and louder her hands were on my head pushing me to her pussy she screamed your tongue so great come on baby lick me LICK ME HARD OHHH I'M CUMINGGGG I'M CUMINGGGGG OH MY GOD FUCK so good so great then she looked at me your tongue so great how about your dick is it same or better, I sucked her pussy last time I wanna taste her cum to make sure no cum left in her pussy all in my mouth.

she craves big black dicks

group 2018-03-02

fantasized about being fucked by a big, black cock. the thought of having another black cock makes me cum black cock sliding into your white pussy! it as his big, black cock slid into her white pussy. plump pussy, making me cum as I thought of a black cock a black cock, as he would rub my pussy at night as I white pussy with that big, black cock." "Think about me being a big black cock fucking your hot answered, "Do you want this big black cock in your tight I was getting what I wanted, a Big, Black cock! with both his big black cock and his hot cum! inches of that big black cock and have grown to loving

Getting Yana Laid

group taleserotic 2018-03-02

I always thought of her as my friend, but it was clear in that intimate little moment that Yana and Tom had a relationship too. "Gelly, I cannot sleep with Tom. He is far too old for me." Her eyes caught that my shirt was partly open though it hadn't been during dinner. Tom took the tip of my left nipple between his lips, touching the tip of his tongue to it before opening his mouth and sucking me in. I'd told Tom about it, how close we had come to making love, how she had a boyfriend now, that she had just fucked him that morning.


The Bonding Party

group Everitt B. Ross 2018-03-02

I winced at the sudden thought that I was not the most savory sight: I had just spent about 10 hours sweating profusely in the cold lake wind, and felt like a wild-haired madman bursting in upon a party of fragrant women. She walked over to the center of the room and knelt before me, eyes on my tent, and ran soft hands up and down my legs. I was vaguely conscious of cries of orgasm all around me, legs quivering, bodies flushed and rigid, hands pressed tight into fragrant mounds of pulsing, swollen, delicious, throbbing, wet vaginal flesh.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 15

group TxRad 2018-03-02

She looked down to where Sue and Matt were joined and her eyes went wide. Sandy dropped her head and then she looked up at Mrs. White and smiled shyly. I moved off to the side and stopped looking for Kim and Sue. They were in the rear, walking with Sandy between them. I'd had a quick talk with Karen and Kim over the picnic lunch, filling them in on the events at the head of the trail. "That's what I keep trying to explain to Shara, Doc," Tom said slowly, looking at his wife. I said, looking into Tom's eyes, "I'm not a doctor, I'm a councilor, an old councilor, twice your age.


The Weekend

group RogerPike 2018-03-02

I hoped my hand wasn't too cold with fear as I shook his. I don't know how I spoke, my head was pounding and my mouth dry. Just as I was running out of conversation the doorbell rang. Her eyes were on me all the time I showered. She towelled me dry and sprayed me with aftershave. Why don't I just run upstairs, get changed and go? I could smell his aftershave again. They enjoyed me in return. I wasn't going to, I was enjoying this too much. My God, his body was wonderful, so powerful. He decided it was time for me to orgasm. The girls were stood above us now, their high heels and stockinged legs an extra turn on.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 17

group Jeremydcp 2018-03-02

In fact, aside from my outstanding personal flight crew (Captain Mike, his wife Carolyn and her sister Barbara, and co-pilot Craig), the only other person on this eight hour jaunt across the mighty Atlantic Ocean was my precious and (most) newly pregnant wife, Lindsay. After Lindsay got the idea that she wanted to tell her family about the baby face-to-face, I called Mike, the crew's pilot and captain, on Friday night and asked him if he could help us out on incredibly short notice again. Lindsay knocked on the front door of her family home and was greeted by joyous, deafening screams from her younger sister, 18-year-old Alison, who was totally unprepared to see her.


Sex at Work Ch. 2

group JenJo 2018-03-02

I get called into either Jerry's or Rick's office once a week even if I lock the door the other is always coming in. Rick told her, "that he would watch for awhile then he would join us." Sheila and I got into a 69 position she tasted good. Boy did Rick ever get excited just by watching us so once I came I told Sheila to go do what ever Rick wanted her to do. I decided to help Sheila by licking Rick's balls he sure came fast after I did that. Sheila not wanting me to feel neglected was licking my pussy while I licked her clit we all came at the same time.

Friday Night After Work

group WindyPete 2018-03-02

We start moving backwards, you feel my upper body slide away and my knees move up your legs as I sit on the bed. As I give the cock back to you to put in your mouth again, you feel the bottom end of the bed give way and two hands are suddenly pulling at the waistband of your panties. As you take the cock back into your mouth, you feel my lips on your neck and my hands are rubbing your nipples again. You feel the back of the legs of the women, which throws you for a second - until you hear her moan "ohh...that's it...right there...ohh God yes" - you realize she's basically sitting on my face and I'm eating her out.

Gangin' the Girls Ch. 01

group voluptuary_manque 2018-03-02

" Well," Gina drawled, "It's like I told Rob. When you want something difficult you need to be careful how you frame the request. He couldn't believe they'd asked him to build it nor could he believe that they actually planned to use it and the last thing he wanted was for his rather prim little wife to know what he'd done. But though Gina was normally a traditional, submissive little wife, when she got fire in her eye and a bone in her teeth there was no way out. Gina slapped her hands on the chaise cushion to give her greater thrust and with a half dozen sharp bucks suddenly threw her head back and screamed into the night.


Dancing in the Shadows

group lthsekpr 2018-03-02

She rolled her head into his hand trying to regain control, but her body, as if with a mind of its own, slide against him. With every step, the idea of this began to trouble her, and just before she turned to deny this, his warm hand slipped thru her hair. As Diedra vibrated her finger in and out and up and down, she also caressed her breast with her other hand. Then Diedra took her other hand and slid it behind her back and suddenly she felt Diedra’s wetness. While their lips were locked, Diedra began to knead her breast and pulled her hands to her own, and she began to massage Diedra’s perky breasts.

The Bare Cave

group oraldave39 2018-03-02

"Suck my cock, that's it take it all the way!" The first man's voice said. "She sure has a tight ass, I think I might cum again." The second man's voice said. I will say this for you, you really know how to suck cock." The first man's voice said. Jim watched as the guys in her ass and pussy pulled out and squirted their loads on her hair. Jim could feel the other guy's cock moving in Julie's pussy. Jim could feel wave after wave of hot cum pour from his cock into Julie's awaiting mouth. "I spent the morning on the beach, went sightseeing in the afternoon, and to a club in the evening." Jim said.

A Springtime of Two College Couples

group sid42 2018-03-02

Jeff and I just though it might be fun to have you two over at our place for some nighttime activities." Then she smiled, put her hand on Trinh's shoulder and continued: "But you know, if you guys are up for trying something just a little different, we don't even have to trade partners; we can stay with our own partners and just put on a little show for each other. At one point, Jeff slowed down a bit as he and Daisy were looking at us, smiled and uttered what I interrupted as a one word rhetorical question: "Well?" Aside from all the moans, groans and squeals, it was the only verbal exchange from the time we started until the time we were done.


Two in the Back

group laurel77 2018-03-02

"Hell yeah," I said, lowering my mouth to the head of Josh's cock and licking it slowly. "I love having your cock in my mouth." We began kissing and Josh continued to finger me until I said, "You're distracting me. I returned to Josh's balls, and began licking and sucking while Katie's head bobbed up and down on his cock. "I want him to cum in my mouth." She lowered her head all the way down on his cock and he moaned as he entered her throat. I slid my finger out, and gently licked his balls, till I felt Katie's body shift as she picked her head up off his cock.