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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Girl's Night Out

group PegSyren 2018-03-02

"Kiss me," I said as I leaned in to my friend and took her lips softly into mine. I called the bartender over to me and told her that I'd like to buy that guy a drink. I took our new friend into the backseat and straddling his lap I began kissing him passionately...first his lips but then his ears and neck as well. Totally nude, our breasts pressed together, she and I again kissed...this time in such a way that he could watch as our tongues met. Kissing her, our tongues entwined, I continued to slide my pussy up and down his hard cock while he ate her like it was his job.

Some Boys are Bigger Than Others

group angryjimmy 2018-03-02

"I've happily endured your frequent verbal returns to this little...or should I say BIG...fantasy enough times during our sexification to know that we are sooo doing this!" I internally thanked my lucky stars for such an open-minded, fantasy-granting girlfriend and cupped her heavy, perfectly rounded breasts in my hands, locating her already hard nipples with my thumb and forefinger, twisting then tracing little circles around them, appreciating the little moans escaping her full lips. As I spread open the hairless lips of Kristen's visibly sopping wet pussy, Brian gingerly placed one knee on the edge of the bed and guided his staggeringly sized pole towards Kristen's mouth. Never taking my eyes away from Kristen's I reached down and began massaging her clit, the tips of my fingers also feeling Kristen's insides being noticeably moved with each inward thrust of Brian's massive cock.

The Screamer Ch. 04

group Liquor69 2018-03-02

I needed that," I said as I leaned over and kissed Debbie sweetly. Rose and Debbie were in the living room when Wendy arrived. Debbie was upset and I wanted to calm her down and cheer her up," Rose smiled. Rose looked at Debbie, "Wow I didn't hear a thing. "Debbie, you think you had a treat last night," Rose laughed. What Rose enjoys is different than what Debbie needs. "Wendy, are you going to be okay down here with Jason upstairs?" Debbie asked. I know he won't remember anything but I told him Debbie was really upset and that I was going to spend the night with her. I moved her hair and exposed her long, lovely neck which I gently kissed.


Cory's Story Ch. 02

group Jenna 2018-03-02

"Yes its me you tease," Brenda tells me as she begins to stroke her plastic cock just like its a real one. "Suck my cock and get it ready for your hot holes you tease," Brenda tells me moving close to the bed till her cock is brushing my lips. Finally I feel the cock being pulled from my ass as Brenda whispers something to Cory. I'm unsure at this point never having ate another woman's pussy before but then I feel Cory's hot cock take the place of the fake cock and push right into my ass. Needing to cum I start to concentrate my sucking to Brenda's clit wishing I had a hand free so I could work my fingers deep into her pussy.

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03

group SilverFox300 2018-03-02

Then, with both hands she stroked both of us at the same time, saying, "I'm so happy that my two best friends can now enjoy each other as much as I enjoy both of them." She had a dreamy look in her eyes and a lovely smile on her lips. It was clear the younger people wanted to stay on for a bit, but Bronwyn was exhausted and we dressed and headed for home, both of us, humming happily and stroking each other softly with our hands as we went to our cozy home. We couldn't seem to get enough of each other - tickling softly, toying gently, teasing tenderly; touching parts of our bodies we never knew could experience such wonderful pleasure, gradually building to huge mutual orgasms.


Super Bowl

group greatcameo 2018-03-02

I dropped the candy cane and grabbed Paige under her hips and pulled her hard onto my face. John seeing my face crawled over to me and began to lick the candy and his wife's cum from my lips. John pushed a little harder this time and I felt him slide inside my ass about four inches. Paige pulled away from Sam's mouth, and I knew it was very hard to resist coming under his expert tongue. Paige started to pull away again and this time I grabbed her and forced her to ride Sam's face. I felt John shoot hard into my ass at almost the same instant as Sam filled my pussy.

Lessons in Harmony

group jon.hayworth 2018-03-02

Jack followed Adam’s lead, when Adam lifted his head. Now she was on top of Jack facing the ceiling, Adam got between her and Jack’s legs then slithered his cock into her cunt. Because Jack was pinned under her, he was unable to indulge in his usual frenetic thrashing about, which was based upon his erroneous belief that the harder and faster a man screwed a woman the more likely she was to come. Anne went mad, she was like a crazy woman.” Jack said. And you don’t come like that for me.” Jack said to Anne. When Jack withdrew his soft cock he lay there holding her come-bathed head as Adam pleasured her with his tongue.


The Surrogate Host

group silvarman 2018-03-02

The door opened and there was Shannon wearing a short, blue leather skirt and a multi-colored cashmere sweater. Shannon, help Margie out of her very attractive party dress." Shannon moved behind Margie, unhooked the top hook and unzipped the dress. As they are stripping while dancing with each other, Tami is wearing a low cut cocktail dress that Thom has unzipped. I found Gladys and Thom and brought them over to where Shannon, Dave and Margie were playing. On auto-pilot she peeled off the lingerie, she dropped to her knees crawled between Dave's legs, pushed away Margie's hand and started licking her cunt. While they were in the final throes of enjoyment, I went into Shannon's bedroom where I liberated some short nighties, some of Lester's flannel shirts and towels from the bathroom.


Bi-curious Ch. 04

group KY ridgerunner 2018-03-02

Finally he blurted out, "Sandy and Tina have gotten together a few times, do you two know,...uh." Sharon got up and came up behind me and said, "I think he wants to know if you and I ever do this." She leaned over and kissed me deeply and put her hand between my legs playing with my pussy. Dale is looking down at Sharon when I call his attention by saying, "As much as we want that hard cock of yours we can't wait to get our hands on your wife." Sandy has on a little sun-dress and I grab the hem and pull it over her head leaving her in just her panties.



group RelentlessPerversion 2018-03-02

Before you know it, your pussy is filled by one...two...three fingers, using a "come hither" motion inside you, they slowly tease your tight fuckhole, prompting you to abandon all sense of propriety and push back against them, your body nonverbally begging for more. You gasp and moan at the release, letting out a low, guttural groan as you feel his cock pushing deep inside you. You feel so full, each hole taking a hard, throbbing cock inside you as your eyes open wide beneath the blindfold, unable to articulate anything other than pleasure. More moaning surrounds you, and both cocks pause, shaking, and you can feel wetness filling you from each direction, your pussy and your ass being filled with cum.

Harper Valley: Up Close & Personal

group Phrenetic_Ice 2018-03-02

"Yeah right," I said, "You want I should let my own eighteen and nineteen year old daughters loose for half an hour with four wannabe rapists in a closed bedroom? Before she had time to regroup emotionally, and with cum running down her thighs now, Brad took over Wayne's role as 'enforcer' and holding her arms behind her once more, said "Fuck her Noel." Seemed like a good idea to me and hell, it was my second time fucking a girl standing-up for the day. I had a sudden urge to kiss Chantelle and even as Brad pulled her skirt off and Wayne removed her bra and ripped top, leaving her completely nude, I pulled her across my torso lengthways, her legs straddling my hips.


The Boys Next Door Ch. 07

group SilverMuse 2018-03-02

She hadn't needed to look over her shoulder to know that Brendan was coming deep in her quivering pussy, whispering that she was so sexy and he was so proud of her, while Ian filled her mouth with hot cream, his low hoarse groans meeting her ears. Diana rolled over in Brendan's sleep-heavy arms and reached in front of her for Ian, just wanting to rub her face against his chest and breathe together with him. Ian was rubbing his eyes, trying to sit up, reaching for her, while the brunette looked from Diana to the twins, her face lit with curious interest like she was watching a show.


In Control

group kelley_and_tracy 2018-03-02

A hand came from Steve, turning my face to his, kissing me, as Jay began rubbing my crotch. As Jay continued to work his tongue into my hot cunt, I cupped Steves heavy balls with my hand and began licking on his throbbing cock head. My heart jumped, here I was with Steve's cock down my throat and Jay's face buried in my pussy with my legs over his shoulders! Steve stopped licking me and I could feel his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks as he entered my pussy. O my god, I had never felt anything like it, the fullness of these two pricks as he began to fuck my ass, Rod lifting my hips up, driving his monster cock into the very depths of my cunt.

Jade Sandwich

group TreborCox 2018-03-02

Beck grabbed her hair pulling her head back and smothering her with kisses as he growled wildly while pumping deeper and harder into her, his cock pulsing as he was cumming in her ass. Jade noticed that Robbie was still inside her while Beck was next to them with his hand on her ass. She looked over her shoulder to see a Beck, dead set on ramming his monster inside her… But he passed her ass by and squeezed into her pussy, joining Robbie in fucking the best pussy either of them would ever have. Jade felt as if her pussy and ass were on fire shortly before the warm cum landing on her skin, somehow making her hole feel better.

Meena - Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 06

group shanti2010 2018-03-02

Continuing to suck on the prick, massaging its entire length with her lips and tongue, Meena opened Ratan Lal's pants and squirmed them down to his knees. I know you do." Meena turned it on for Ratan Lal, the staid, quiet broker who spent the vast majority of his life looking at pawn items rather than a sexy young juicy housewife who seemed to enjoy finger-fucking herself so much she looked like she was about to cum. You really, really do." She started bouncing on his lap, working her pink, tight cunt lips over the shaft and head of Ratan Lal's fiery, turgid prick.

What Have I Become? Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-03-02

Chrissie led Richard by his cock over to where Brandy fucked Michelle spread over the exercise ball. As they walked ahead of Richard and Chrissie, Brandy had his hand on Michelle's ass. Once they got back to the room in didn't take long for Michelle to get in bed and turn his beautiful shapely ass up in the air in anticipation of Brandy's huge cock. Michelle wanted all four of them in the same bed so he and Chrissie got into a 69 position on their sides and Richard and Brandy slid their cocks back into their assholes. Brandy then got behind Chrissie and fucked his ass as Michelle straddled Richard and fed his cock to Chrissie's mouth.


Christmas Present

group kvijaya508 2018-03-02

I sensed that Vinod was about to come again, but again he pulled his cock from my mouth, saying that he had more fantasies he needed to fulfil before he came again. Vinod started whispering in my ear, telling me how much he loved me, and how beautiful I was and how I was making him so happy, as the other mans cock slipped past my sphincter and slowly entered my ass to the hilt. Vinod said he could feel it pumping its come deep into my ass through the thin wall separating their cocks. I collapsed in exhaustion on Vinod's chest as the cocks slowly softened and slid from my ass and pussy.


Miss Julie Ch. 4

group jack_straw 2018-03-02

After a few minutes of this, she pulled her fingers out and pulled the man's cock out of the mouth below, pulled it back between his legs and began to lick the head of the black man's dick. When she wasn't sucking the man's cock, she was pulling open his butt cheeks and rimming his ass with her tongue, getting all wet for the fucking that was soon to come, then she began to finger his ass hard, until she had three fingers working furiously. When he had licked all of the dirty cum off the floor, the big blond man knelt down in front of the young Latino, pulled his head back up and rammed his cock back into the man's mouth.


Same Room Fun

group russman2014 2018-03-02

The other guys wife asked if she could take her bra/shirt off so he could get skin on skin massaging, to which we all agreed (as she was taking everything off she was too drunk to care about hiding, and I saw her topless for the first time. I was massaging my wife's legs through her pants, and she was saying that the friction was actually hurting her skin, so I suggested taking her pants off too since the other guys wife was already laying there in her underwear it wasn't that big of a deal. We convinced the ladies to flip over so we could massage the front of their legs, and my wife rolled over and pulled her shirt on top of her to hide her breasts.

Bosom Buddies Ch. 07

group bosombuddies 2018-03-02

Elizabeth even opened her mouth to protest, but as I wrapped my arms around her curvaceous body and pulled her in for a kiss, her eyes glazed over and the words went unspoken. After Elizabeth had gently soaped up my cock, and I'd made sure her breasts were sparkling clean, she pulled me close and we kissed beneath the steaming spray. She protested that she didn't like the idea of a boy to see her when she looked "not awesome" (her words), but I reminded Amy that she and I had hung out together plenty of times after our runs, when she was covered in sweat and B.O. If I could handle her smelling "not awesome," I could easily forgive the fact that her eyes were a bit puffy and her skin was a tad pale.


Cindy's Birthday

group mdiver 2018-03-02

By the end of the video we had created a picture story board with several scenes that included close ups of the girls all over each other's pussy and the two sharing Tom's cock at the same time. Joan suggested Tom and I work on the picture story board side and she and Vickie would look for some nice light jazz for the sound track. The next evening Tom and I were in his study mapping out a preliminary picture story board while Joan and Vickie were in the family room going through a stack of jazz CDs. Tom had taken the time to print pictures of various close ups we could use in both the FFM and MMF scenes and we talked about scenes that would feature all four of us at the same time.


Foursomes and Moresomes Ch. 05

group HLD 2018-03-02

Plus, I only had to wait another year when Melinda let me have both Leah and Katie's rear ends as a Christmas present. As Geoff and I worked on her pussy and ass, Melinda and Katie were quick to play with her breasts and cover her face in passionate, loving kisses. When Melinda reached between Geoff and Leah and started to stroke our wife's clit, I knew she was close. Katie nibbled on her ear and played with Leah's super-sensitive nipples as Melinda's fingers furiously worked her clit. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Melinda push Mimi on to the bed, but tore my eyes away from those two and concentrated on watching Katie mount Geoff.


Basketball Diaries Ch. 07

group Kellog 2018-03-02

As Kevin and Brian made their way to the Coach's office, Kaci took her brother's car keys and retrieved the video camera that he had brought with him to the game, just in case anything exciting happened on his date with Joey. "You don't know what its like to be young, eighteen, male and hard all the time," Kevin added, making the Coach look at him while Brian continued circling around the desk. Coach Rodgers acknowledged his understanding with her eyes, and then slowly turned around to face Brian, whose finger was pushed out of her cunt as she mirrored her actions with Kevin, putting her arms around his shoulders.


My One Night as a Slut

group Imstillfun 2018-03-02

The boys said they were heading out that night to go dancing. I wasn't showing any more leg than the other girls, but I got a lot more looks. Visions of strong young men fucking me, hot cum hitting me, they flashed through my mind as I had my fingers buried in my pussy. The thought of this young man being turned on looking up my shorts was starting to turn me on. I saw the boys behind me on the bed slowly stroking their cocks. I looked at one of the guys who just came and said, "get these panties off me." I let his cock out of my mouth and got most of it on my face, tits, and some on the bed.