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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fantasies & Realities

group WarmMeUpNow 2018-03-02

Man, this perfect guy knows all the things I love and knows how to keep me on edge enough to want it. A little disappointed that I have manipulated the situation, dream guy pulls away after the moment and calls me a naughty girl. While I am looking at perfect body I didn't notice that dreamboat and my girlfriend have gotten naked and are kissing and caressing one another. Her moans get louder and more insistent and then, just as I think my job is nearly done, a cock slides inside of me and my hair is used to pull my head up out of its place at her pussy.

Couple Does Bi Guy

group lookinforwoman 2018-03-02

I soon felt something at my asshole, and Brian slowly started easing his massive cock into my ass. Misty continued to jerk me off, until she got her head under me, and started sucking my cock, while Brian fucked my ass. After about 10 minutes, I was about ready to blow, when I heard Brian grunt, and unleash what felt like a massive load of cum into my ass. At that point Misty gets behind me, moves Brian out of the way and started licking his cum from my asshole. Brian then started sucking my cock, until I blew a load all over his face. At this point Brian is ready to go again, and Misty demanded that's he fuck her until he cums inside of her.

Nancy's Mid-life Awakening Ch. 09

group Saltysooner 2018-03-02

A few weeks after he and Anne moved in to her parent's old house, James called Paul and Nancy to invite them to a party being hosted by another couple that weekend. Couples began circulating around the living room and kitchen to engage in conversations that they each tried to steer in the direction needed to get the other person to answer a question on their respective card. Looking all around the table and under the sofa, she still couldn't find it and without thinking asked herself out loud, "Where the hell is that thing?" That led to her being called out by the man who had just finished kissing her and loss of her bra with only one question remaining on her list.



group glendale22 2018-03-02

I told Richard to look for you, but I don't know where he is right now." I introduced Dan and our friends to her, and she said, "Let me get you name bracelets. While Dan lingered by the toys booth and Janice looked at a brochure about a resort for adults only, Bill and I moved around the room. When she saw my surprise, she said, "Like the guys say, can't hurt to look." Occasionally, I would look at Janice and Bill near us, and I would see other couples, yet nothing really took my attention from Dan and the music.


My Pleasure

group 2018-03-02

In the dull candle light, which oddly set the mood (its obvious that candle has been used almost routinely ) Charlotte took Laceys soft cheek into her hand, lightly thumbing over her skin, using her other hand to brush her dark locks from her shoulder, exposing porcelain like skin that was the nape of her neck. Lacey takes one hand and begins to rub the bulge that was quickly appearing in Reeses sweatpants, looking up at him for a moment. Sucking gently on this womans bottom lip, Lacey pulls away and takes her hand off of a disappointed Reese. Using her pinky from her idle hand, Lacey pulls Charlottes black lace panties to one side, and massages the still warm precum onto her friends aching clit.

Did It Really Happen?

group Sanomiya 2018-03-02

I can remember every minute detail: the precise placement of the beads of sweat on the small of Heather's back, the texture of the ribbed cotton on Carlie's tank top, the sounds of the x-rated movie playing in the background. Seeing an erect cock in such close quarters caused a momentary gasp from both Heather and Carlie, who were already pretty hot under the collar from watching the movie. Heather spoke first: "You've got a deal." Without even waiting for Carlie to respond, she began unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them off to reveal a pair of baby blue cotton panties. The scene had caught all of our attention, and when I looked back across the room, both Heather and Carlie were wearing just their tank tops and panties, sitting with their backs to the wall.


Jim's Girl Friend Ch. 03

group Boxlicker101 2018-03-02

Divining what Jim and Susie wanted, George raised his upper body, so he was supporting his weight on his hands, and continued slowly plunging his cock in and out of the wet pussy under him. His arms curled under hers again but this time, he had moved higher on her body, so when he drove his cock into her pussy, the top of the hard shaft massaged her clit for the entire stroke, and did the same when he drew back. Jim smiled, knowing full well how Susie liked it, and gave it to her that way, plunging his cock into her pussy while she moved under him to meet his thrusts.

Night in Washington DC

group Twrgds77 2018-03-02

As I slide his cock deep into my throat, he grabs my head and fucks my face faster, deeper, and harder, as I gag and slobber all over him and myself. I feel the pressure, the heat from his breathe, the pain as he bites down on my clit as his fingers are deep inside me, and the licking of his tongue. As I try to relax and really enjoy getting my pussy licked and sucked, I have VA's cock back in my mouth. I try to calm my body down, as he pushes his hard cock deeper inside my ass. As my ass relaxes, and he is deep inside of me, DC spreads my legs, and puts his cock inside my pussy.

3 MILF's in 24hrs

group lovethembigger 2018-03-02

I heard the garage door open and my dad head out for work followed by my Mom. I sat up on the edge of my bed. I smiled as looked down and she was bent over slamming her ass on my big cock. She brought her right hand up and played with her big nipples getting them nice an hard. I walked down the hall and took a long piss trying not to jack my cock before I went back down stairs. Before I got passed Mike Parents door I heard some moans from inside. I started to run my hands inside her cleavage making it feel like a big dick between her huge mounds. I saw you fucking the next door neighbor with this big cock.

Marlene's Double Treat

group luvjuice43 2018-03-02

When Ben moved off the bike it left Marlene sitting with her legs open, her skirt up, and showing wisps of her thick pubic hair and a dark wet spot along the crotch of her sky blue, bikini panties; Ben took the helmet so she could also dismount the older model Harley Davidson Sportster. She kissed my balls and erect cock as she slid slowly up my body her hard nipples moving lightly over my torso; one of Ben's hands was between her legs but I could not tell if he was playing with her pussy or her ass, or both.

The Adventures of Julie Pt. 02

group pastmyprime23 2018-03-02

In her own way of trying to control the situation, if she knew I was going on a date, she would fuck me like crazy before the date, probably so that I wouldn't be horny later on. Julie and I had only been dating a week or so at this point and one of the things I mentioned that I liked was when a woman got all dressed up and gave me very aggressive oral sex. So, in what would be a common thing -- Julie totally slutting it out before I went on a date -- here she was dressed in an outfit that probably cost her $150 (something she didn't have). Time was getting close (my date was going to be at my place in less than an hour) and I needed to cum.

An Interesting Day

group NymphWett 2018-03-02

Ashley grabs my head and grinds her pussy into my mouth. "I want some of that hard cock, Evan, Ally is being greedy keeping you all to herself..." Ashley says. He tells me to sit on the chair and slouch down so that my head is on the desk, and he has Ashley get on all fours on the desk, lowering her pussy to my mouth. As I am sucking him, I look up and see that he is eating Ashley's pussy. Now that Ashley has finished cumming, Evan sits up and fully concentrates on fucking my pussy. Hands on my hips, he is slamming my pussy on his cock, He leans forward and takes a nipple into his mouth biting it roughly.

Hairy University Ch. 4: Belinda The Black

group motleymorgan 2018-03-02

Goodness me!" she gasped as she squirmed upon my shaft as if trying to get away while simultaneously grabbing hold of my cock with her inner cunt muscles and inexorably drawing me in even deeper. Her vanity revealed itself in her corseted shelf half-bra that kept her breasts artificially high, but the design of the Hearth uniform drew my eyes as they always did to her magnificent muff-covered mound of jet-black pubic hair complete with treasure trail that led from her adorable innie belly-button to the ivy-covered gates to paradise-on-earth. Because 'we all know' it's simply no good to ask directly what you want, no, someone needs to magically read you mind in order for the experience to be fulfilling.

Josie & Gina's City Adventures Ch. 02

group deepemerald 2018-03-02

“You fucking little cock sucker,” he said and pulled her up in his lap where he could suck on her tits. “Come let me feel your tits,” Shaun continued and Josie looked at her boss who nodded and smiled. The men pulled out of her holes as she came and the boss pulled his hard cock out of Josie’s mouth and walked up to Gina. The boss started kissing Josie and fondled her breasts that were hanging down like ripe melons and bouncing every time Shaun filled her with his meat. Gina, Peter, John and Shaun all sat back to catch their breath and watched the boss fuck Josie. When he pulled out Gina quickly crawled over and started drinking the cum from the men who’d fucked Josie’s delicious cunt.

The Happy Plumber Ch. 01

group dave110256 2018-03-02

"You have a wonderful cock," Nancy said seductively as she plunged onto it, taking me deep in her mouth. I had my eyes fixed on the oral assault taking place on my cock as her tits escaped her rope, her robe being fully open now exposing her naked body. "Get on the bed," she said as I was now naked, my cock growing as I watched this guy push his cock into her pussy. My cock quickly reacted and came to attention as her hot, moist mouth worked up and down as she was being fucked from behind. "You fuck me now," Julie said as her boyfriend withdrew his cock, still rock hard.

my diary 2

group xx4u 2018-03-02

Last night was amazing, hubby brought a friend home for me to play with, his name is Danny H, and he is a big six foot two 23 year old man who did not loose his hard on till he had given me three load’s of cum, one over my ass, the next over my tit’s and the last one deep in my pussy, add them to the big load hubby shot over my face as he watched and wanked it cum’s to a total of 6 cum load’s I got yesterday, that’s if you count David’s load he left in my panties which I got a repeat of this morning when he left for uni again,

College life summer 2

group ab8715 2018-03-02

Kris handed Jess a beer to make him feel like one of the group "Matt, does it hurt when Corey fucks you?" Trevor asked. "Yeah dude, I can't ask Scott," Trevor said. but hell we remember the days when snatching beer was fun," Kris stated. "This is the life right here," Tanner stated, holding his beer and pizza. "Hold on a sec, I wanna see this shit," Tanner said with Kris ready to dive "Tanner, you got the guy who doesn't give a fuck," I said. "Matt, I think that's enough for tonight," Corey said. "Man, I do feel like pure shit right now," I stated with my head pounding "I like the game were playing though," Corey said.

Surprise Babe

group Mistress901 2018-03-02

Nicole dropped her hand from Demi's nipple and pushed her friend flat on the bed, pushing her legs wide open at the same time. Josh was still sucking on her nipples, but now Nicole pulled him down and told him to finger fuck Demi so she could cum all over his hand. As Nicole took Josh's entire cock into her throat, Demi screamed and juice came gushing out of her pussy. Josh kept finger-fucking her until the end of her orgasm, and then Nicole pulled his hand out of her pussy and sucked Demi's juices off his hand. Nicole still riding out her orgasm, Demi grabbed her face and locked her in a kiss as she came again, Josh lapping up all her pussy juices like a puppy.

The Visit

group SexySuzy 2018-03-02

"Thanks, Danny, I got my bags inside, and was having a glass of wine, would you like to join me?" He looked down at his feet and mumbled, "Can't, gotta go clean the garage out for Mom, before she gets home. I started to cum, as I felt her hands move up my body to play with my breasts, pinching my stiff nipples as I burst into her mouth, crying out with pleasure. I felt the cum spurt from the corners of my mouth, and Danny, seeing that, got up on his knees between my legs and looked into my eyes, red-faced and sweaty, and jammed his cock fiercely into my juicy pussy.


The Naughty 'Lil Darlin Ch. 02

group eroticstorytellernnc 2018-03-02

Lynn lifted her head and moaned at the loss of the cock up her rear passage, but quickly "oohed" in delight when she felt AC's tongue rake over her clit. Lynn moaned loudly as the tongue slid deep into her asshole, exploring her and licking up all of the excess cum that was leaking from her rear. Lynn felt the familiar stirring of an orgasm building up as she began to grind her ass and pussy against the adventurous mouth beneath her. As the butt plug slid all the way in, and was seated firmly, she heard a loud moan and felt a drop of pre-cum form on the tip of Rebel's cockhead. Lynn began working her cock in and out of Rebel's ass hard and fast.

Traveling for Work

group quietmischief 2018-03-02

The game then seemed to take a turn as she motioned for him to lean a little closer and asked, "one night stand or friend with benefits?" Leaning closer to her, Matt got a quick smell of her perfume, which, combined with her question, sent a jolt of electricity all the way through him. They had all gotten a little carried away with their game, and Steph said that she and Kevin were going out to eat, and they had just stopped by to let Matt know that they wouldn't be home for a while. He brought one over to Camryn and said "welcome to my place, or, at least where I am staying for now." They again clinked glasses, and she looked out at the back yard, saw the bright blue water of the pool, complete with slide and diving board.


Road Trippin'

group Eagle1 2018-03-02

With a free hand I unbuttoned my fly and pulled out my extra long, extra thick dick, pressing the tip of my fat shaft against her pussy lips, slowly running the head of it up and down her moist slit. Chrissie took the hint, at first pushing and pulling on my dick as she stroked it, and then bending down to give me head, alternating by playing with herself at the same time. Chrissie brought her head up off his cock grinning; wiping her chin, even though it didn't look like any cum had spilled. She must have been burning, because she spread her legs wantonly, all of which helped Mark manage to pull Chrissie's shorts completely off her legs, exposing her pussy blatantly to his face.


Thong Fantasies

group Smooth_Bi_Guy 2018-03-02

......I started to imagine my probing fingers teasing and caressing a woman's soft, plump outer lips through the gossamer thin fabric of her thong bikini as my other hand stroked her rapidly hardening nipples through the small triangles of material partially covering her luscious breasts. I envisaged slowly undressing and caressing the soft curves of her sun-kissed body as his rough hands explored my tight, willing thong-clad ass...... He reached through my parted legs, cupping my tight, swollen balls through my thong and trailing his fingers over the silky material that was barely covering my straining shaft. I moaned with desire as my cock and balls convulsed at every tantalizing touch, causing the taut strap of the thong to be pulled even deeper into the crack of my writhing ass.

The Pact Continues

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-03-02

Anyway, I was soon too busy planting my tongue in Tina's pussy and impaling Blanca's cunt with my dick to notice that Des had moved behind Tina and added her tongue to mine. At the same time, my cock was buried inside Blanca's cunt, and she impaled herself with my dick, each inch sinking deeper into her pussy until she moaned and hissed in absolute ecstasy. She also came rather loudly, right at the moment before Desiree pulled out her fingers and stuck them inside Blanca's booty in turn. Then Desiree's motive became clear, as she licked my cock clean of Blanca's own juices and gave the Latina one hell of a lip-lock.