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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Awakening Ch. 3

group NavalWriter 2018-03-02

Faith ran and through herself bodily on her oldest and dearest friend, kissing her soundly on the open mouth, unmindful for the longest time that Sarah was caressing her naked body as they lay on the bed. 'God,' Sarah said as they broke the kiss, 'I have wanted to feel your lips and body like this.' Slapping away the exploring hands of Sarah, she looked at her friend and asked it she remembered the special catering date she had in college. 'Steve,' she told him, 'this is Tim and Lisa, my new neighbors and the reason for the party.' The men shook hands, but both Faith and Lisa rubbed their bodies against him as he got a welcome kiss from the two of them.

Booty Call

group lindaswan 2018-03-02

His director's personality came forth immediately: "Come over here." Without pulling out of Cyn's mouth, he reached for my breasts and squeezed me, a little too hard. Cyn glanced at me, while still working Leonard's cock, and gave me a little nod. I licked and sucked at her moving nipples -- familiar territory -- feeling the internal banging of two cocks via Cyn's breasts, pulsating with each stroke. The men kept banging Cyn but began watching my breasts and hands. I went faster, they went faster, the noises increased, Cyn kept moving to add to the depth and feeling of each man's stroking cock. I was still playing with my pussy, and still trying to follow Cyn's breasts with my mouth.

The Sounds of Sin

group urdreamcumtru 2018-03-01

Mmmmmmmmmmm yeah baby come and fuck me. Oh yeah fuck me hard and deep baby. I want to feel you cum in my ass. Can you feel your dick with your finger in my ass? I want you to grab my waist tight and fuck my ass hard. Yeah baby push that dick deep in my ass. One in my mouth while another is fucking my pussy or ass. After about an hour of this going on you finally come out and tell the guys that it is time for my cum bath. I feel your dick entering my pussy but you aren't very hard. I wonder what you are doing but then I felt your dick twitch and I knew right then and there that you were about to piss inside of my pussy.

My Trailer Park Mistress Ch. 09

group nighttimestories 2018-03-01

Amy bounded to the French doors and said, "Look Maggie a pool! Maggie reached down and grabbed Linda by the back of her head and said, "Oh yes right there." Linda finally spoke, "Amy and Maggie I don't mind if he fucks around as long as he comes home and "makes love to me."" Amy finally closed her mouth and said, "I have to confess, I was beginning to have stronger feelings for Jim than just "fucking." How do you feel about that Linda?" Amy then asked, "So you just want to come to Florida every so often and fuck Maggie and me? Amy then asked, "Jim and Linda can Maggie and I have a moment to talk alone?"


Beach Party

group kezza6969 2018-03-01

At their camp she turned to him, a wicked glint in her eye, and gave him a deep, open mouthed, passionate kiss, working her lips against his in a slow, sensual crescendo as her hand reached for his cock, stroking it gently along the softened shaft. Her tongue was at full stretch as it ploughed through the sweet cum and pressed against her clit, and the woman rocked her hips forward to get that extra millimeter of penetration, giving mini humps each time the clit was touched until with another panting, sighing shriek she came, bucking and pushing the sensitive tongue down into her fanny, nearly stifling her pleasure giver.

Our Anniversary Night Out Ch. 01

group wldhrs 2018-03-01

I had closed my eyes for a minute to enjoy my wife’s sucking mouth, but when I opened them I saw that one of the guys had pulled out his cock and was jerking off while looking at the black dildo moving in and out of Jan’s pussy. As soon as he began to shoot into my wife I felt her mouth tighten up on my dick and then she began shake and moan as she started to orgasm on this guys cock. I began to pump harder and faster as I was starting to reach that peak, when I heard Jan begin to moan around the truckers cock.

Lindsay's Turn Ch. 02

group johnnydrama 2018-03-01

The professor turned to Leslie, still on her knees, grabbed her head in both hands and fucked her mouth deeply for several long strokes to make sure he had her under control, then quickly un cuffed her, hauled her to her feet, had her step out of her shorts and panties, gestured towards Katie as she lay face up and panting across his desk and said "I believe it's your turn." Leslie smiled and hopped up onto the desk, wasting no time in planting her shaved box right onto Katie's face, the still cuffed young girl was powerless to prevent Leslie's domination, her only protest was to turn a deep red in embarrassment as she slowly, hesitantly worked her mouth onto Leslie's snatch as the little asian beauty settled into a 69 position atop her.


Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 04-06

group Alexandra 2018-03-01

Justin on the other hand kept turning to stare at the others in the bar and his eyes so threatened to pop out of his head that I was forced to grab his hand and tell him to stop behaving like a ten year old in the lolly shop. But I still wanted to be the one in control, so I manoeuvred us so that Amy was between Justin and I, and while still holding her, reached across with my free hand and caressed his crotch. 'I do want you Alex,' Amy said plainly, reaching out to take my hand in hers. 'He thinks she looks like you,' I said to Amy.


First swinger club

group mj8319 2018-03-01

You are still just gently rubbing my hard nipples and kissing but my hands are lifted up and handcuffed up... My thighs are stroked, I try and open and oblige... I feel two hands on each thigh. There must be you at the head, one at each thigh, one holding my lips open and someone playing with clit! My toes curl and I hold my breath as I feel a finger slide gently in. I am aware you haven’t moved which lets me feel safe, relax and enjoy.... I am moaning...My thighs are opened further, I feel myself go more... I am lost, I know fingers are changing, I know I am coming, I know my clit is huge and very hot ....

How I Met My Roommate

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-03-01

Avery loved sex and would let men fuck her as hard and fast and wild as they pleased before she took their money and sent them back to work camp. Zooey, the raven haired beauty said,"I was on my way to the gym after gambling a little, so sure, that sounds like fun." Finally I approached the rim of the hot tub and found a big man with a hard cock waiting for me. The man sat up at the side of the hot tub and pulled my mouth to his hard cock. The man that was currently filling me up with his thick hard cock noticed my blind fold had slipped and that I was staring at the pussy of the beauty spread before me.

Ron Ch. 02: The Party Continues

group Susie_O 2018-03-01

The large screen TV in Ron's cousin David's house contained the question, "Who would you most like to fuck?" It wanted him to select three of the women present. Dahlia began using his penis like a Popsicle as the TV made a coupling assignment: "Ron and Courtney go to the master bedroom for 10 minutes of whatever you wish." Ron had assumed they were all the older guys there, maybe Sarah's MILF of a mom, never imagining that Courtney, who looked like the youngest and most innocent girl, could possibly be one of them. Soon after answering "10" to both questions, "Ron and Dahlia use a mattress to fuck with the woman on top for 5 minutes," appeared on his phone and the TV.


A Friend's Confession Ch. 2

group markindy 2018-03-01

Nevertheless, as Linda teased my brown-eye with her finger while we made love, I couldn't help but think back to when Drew had done that to me, and recalled the feel of his hot shaft resting in the crack of my ass. You want it bad enough to pull this shit, then you're going to swallow every last inch." I grunted as I fed my cock to my best friend, his spit trailing down my balls, and memories of a similar even pouring into my head. Looking down at Drew while his prick strained against confines of his cargo shorts, I was taken over with lust for cock, and I knew this wasn't going to end in a one-way exchange.


Leaving the Navy Ch. 04

group Scorpio44 2018-03-01

It was a good thing Mark went with us as neither Pat or I knew where the market was or the dry cleaners. He wanted to know if the rumor was true that we met at a conference earlier this year, that we got married on the Navy base in Pensacola and that it was me you married and not Della or Margie." Eventually we stopped kissing and Margie asked, "What did you want to talk about?" After we ate Pat and Margie helped me make a list of what needed to happen in the houseboat over the winter. Margie must have been doing something with her hands and mouth because Pat started shaking again and came hard with one of my nuts in her mouth.


Used By My Man And His Son

group XMAGNUMX 2018-03-01

D'andre got up on the edge of the hot tub so I could suck his big ass dick (about 11", the biggest I've ever had). I reached over and started stroking D'andre as I sucked Junior who was ready to explode in no time at all. Junior stood behind me holding my arms as if he was arresting me then he rammed his thick dick into my pussy and started fucking me hard. Junior came up to my head and began kissing me, holding my legs back for D'andre to get into my hot pussy. I stroked Junior as he kissed me, wanting him to fuck my face while his dad ate my hot pussy.

Sharon Goes Dogging

group Friskee_cpl 2018-03-01

"Look at that," Sharon said as she pointed out three men standing around the driver's side door of a car. Sharon felt the breeze filter over her and she looked up at the men and their hands that were now entering the car, stroking and rubbing her legs. Jacko, still rubbing his hard cock, turned to his mate and moved slightly away, "Your turn Billy, try and get it in her mouth." To accommodate this request, Sharon rested her chin on the door and opened her mouth. Marcus just sat back and stroked his cock as she flicked her tongue around her lips, "Cum in my mouth," she said, "Fucking spray me." Sharon turned to Marcus and with one eye closed thanks to the ill aimed load emptied on her earlier she said to him, "Let's go home.


CJ, Emily and Michelle

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-03-01

Michelle also told CJ in the heat of their fucking that so often while with her ex-husband, she'd thought of him, how no one had ever filled her up like CJ's big cock did right now. Emily and Michelle talked for awhile and Em found that she liked the beautiful blonde that had been CJ's "dream girl" in high school. By this time he'd collapsed back onto the bed, he had pulled Emily into a passionate kiss and slipped two fingers into her pussy as Michelle's wet mouth worked on his cock. Michelle looked on in fascination, fingering her cunt as she watched CJ's generous cock slide in and out of Emily's pussy.


The Plant Whore Ch. 01

group brownsugar1976 2018-03-01

Lick it like a good slut!" I quickly yanked down his pants and boxers, and started wanking off his 8" cock, flicking my thumb across the head as the rest of my hand stroked the hard shaft. David pulled on my hair and began thrusting his hips out of his chair, fucking my hot mouth with his cock. Put your hot sticky cum all over my face!" David began jerking his cock hard and fast, and aimed the head at my mouth. He quickly shoved his cock all the way into my juicy pussy, and banged the fuck out of me, grunting and pulling my hair and slapping my ass.


group Mumbo700 2018-03-01

A while later, it was that same Mr. Crabb who looked me up and down, approvingly I thought, but then did a peculiar nod of his head as if bidding me to turn and show my ass, including I imagined, bending over. I then looked for signs that Sarah may literally have been pinned against the wall, by a cock, fucked by her visitor within a yard of coming inside. Jane, this is Jim," Sarah began and for some reason she tapped his hard cock to identify him; as you might perhaps gently tap on the arm of a buddy or someone's shoulder. Sarah raised an eyebrow and looked at John's rapidly wilting cock and then his spunk on the piano.


Fun at Sturgis

group specialknight 2018-03-01

As Joann come up to my cock grab her tits and pull on her nipples and fuck her slowly at first , start hammer her as Mary hears the "poping" as my cock and balls slam into Joann's pussy and i finger her ass and rub her clit. As I am watching this , I feel asl**p and then after few minutes wake up hear a "popping" sound look over to Mary see that she has the 10inch strap-on in Joann's pussy deep in pounding hard and fast Joann is moan and breath hard as Mary bang her harder and Joann is on her back and grab Mary nipples and twist them suck on them an fingering her pussy.


group KKHowling 2018-03-01

Frank and Linda cleared the dinner dishes while Josh and Kaydee pulled out the blender. Rob knew Frank and Linda were not gamblers, nor Josh for that matter. “You got a deal.” Josh laughed and shrugged and gave Rob the money. Kaydee looked at her and gave her another warm smile and a wink, and almost immediately, Linda felt more relaxed. Kaydee was looking at her cards and her money, then her feline eyes made their way around the table. She thought she would feel a bit better if she wasn’t the only girl undressed, even if she knew Frank would be getting a show.


New Zealand Cruise with Linda

group Johnsexlife 2018-03-01

Linda loved to tell me a little about her own stories while she had that vibrator deep inside and she would suck me no time at all. So, knowing how sleepy Linda is in the morning, I went out and got some croissants and juice for my lovely wife. I took off my clothes, got in bed and told Linda how incredibly horny it made me to watch her fucking another guy. I was looking at my watch and timing my moves so that I was fucking Linda when the four guys arrived. Skinny guy got most of it and gave Steve a dirty look, but then went back to the ass he was grabbing and fucking.


A Cosmic Disturbance

group yvesmondog 2018-03-01

Under the stars on a warm night Ella, Rex and their friend Matt lay on an old mattress, looked to the heavens and waited. When Rex turned his gaze from the night sky to his girlfriend Ella she is already kissing Matt. Rex and Matt offer their naked bodies and growing cocks. Ella opens her eyes, all is dark around her, the night breeze is cool on her sweat, her mouth and cunt are full of cock. Ella knows her orgasm is approaching so she is startled when Matt and Rex both remove their cocks. Rex stands back pulling his cock hard and shoots a long stream of cum over Ella's back, lesser streams hit her shoulders hair and face.


made my wife a high class prostitute

group harvin007 2018-03-01

Rittu did not have any inch of an idea that muskan was taking her for fucking with a client.muskan and rittu took lift and when she rang the doorbell of the room one young guy by name of ravi opened the door.He was a mascular man and had a good height.His eyes gleamed in excitement on seening a newly married girl in tight short skirt.Muskan introduced ravi to rittu and told her that he is her old friend and soon ravi gave a tight hug to rittu.Ravi then ordered drinks in the room with snacks and rittu too was feeling relaxed in the atomphere thinking that she was totally safe with muskan and when ravi gave her the drink she was hesitant but again she was in command of muskan and she gladly took the drinks.Muskan now tok out cigratte from her purse and rittu was surprised to see muskan smoking.Ravi now put on some slow music and soon muskan came near ravi and both started kissing and rittu was little bit of jealous in seeing both kissing each other as she wanted to have muskan for herself.

Hot for Playing Teacher

group AngelEyes503 2018-03-01

Cinna bit back a moan, as David's fingers moved under the skirt, and Mark's hands fell to her shoulders, holding her in place. "Ohhh....teachers, what are you doing?" David took over the spanking, and Mark's fingers slid between her legs, and she bucked harder, panting, almost coming as they worked together, spanking and driving into her pussy at the same time. "Damn, you feel too good to resist..." At the same time, Mark moved against her mouth, and she took his cock in her lips, her tongue dancing over him, tasting the cum and licking it away. David moved closer, unable to resist the sight of her fingers gliding into her wet pussy, each time making Cinna shudder a little more, and moan a little more.