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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lesley and Dennis

group avalon_sunset 2018-03-01

Many months later, I visited their home, close to mine where Dennis and I shared a glass of his latest brew; Lesley joined us after putting the kids to bed. Lesley did not resist, nor did she respond when I pulled her chest to mine and enjoyed the feel of her breasts on mine, soft now after loosing so much weight. "Lesley loves this bit!" Dennis teased as we watch two guys undress a woman, she making feeble attempts to stop them. I drink from the glass and Dennis and I look up to Lesley who steps around the room as if she were inspecting the contents. A few seconds later, Lesley resumes her action on my tool, this time holding the shaft with her hand.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 09

group SteveWallace 2018-03-01

I had watched Cindy and Elsa playfully and quite visibly swap the fluids back and forth, one even standing above the other and letting the mix dribble from her mouth into her sister's. I pulled Elsa and Cindy into one shop and asked the pretty black sales woman if she had three identical rings in our sizes. This time, however, Elsa asked that Lucas accompany us, ostensibly so that he could get to know Cindy and her better, since they'd be around me more and more in the future. I'd let Barnes, Mark's butler and valet know that we were coming for the evening, but explained that we'd bring our own dinner so he didn't have to worry about doing anything for us other than arranging for us to be admitted to the place.


First time threesome for my wife

group zarafirehot 2018-03-01

He was demented and his lusting for to explore every inch of her petite toned body, his fingers probing under the waist band of her leggings, into the wet crotch of her saturated skimpy panties.I pulled up her tight white vest to give him full view of her gorgeous breasts which he immediately sucked on. Zara was making her way out the shower and as she entered the room, there he was standing before her with a hungry look in his eyes. I slowly opened the door slightly further and watched in awe as my best friend was licking her beautiful smooth pussy. I turned her body over, she spread her long, luscious legs apart revealing a very wet, and wanting pussy.

Rayne's Charming Adventure Ch. 01

group Danny69 2018-03-01

As I said, I decided to make charms for as many unique sexual experiences as I could think of." I pulled out the charms, lining them up on the table: MMF MFF MFMF SUB OWNED SLAVE DP GIRL I SUCK STRANGERS FACIAL QUEEN SYBIAN RIDER PUSSY EATER CUM SWAPPER PORN STAR BUKKAKE GANGBANG GIRL GANGBANG CREAMPIE ORGY GIRL WHORE "Maybe you would like having five real live guys pounding you." Rayne made a little sound, halfway between a gasp and a sigh. So the thought that excites you the _most_ is GANGBANG CREAMPIE." I pushed that charm across the table, leaving it squarely in front of Rayne.


Hannah Dances

group malacoda 2018-03-01

Running your hands over yourself in time to the music still, you fondle your tits, hands sliding lower until again, although we cannot see, we know that you must be rubbing your pussy. Standing up, I expect you to come to me, but instead you straddle Lee. You tell him to suck your nipples, and that although you won't fuck him, you do want to feel his cock against your pussy. Slipping behind you, I watch as you grab hold of his shaft and rub his tip over your pussy, over your clit while he sucks hungrily at your rock hard nipples. Lee continues to wank over you, but you grab him, and guide him to your pussy, again rubbing his cock over your clit.

A Long Term Relationship

group Roohan 2018-03-01

I put my hand on her thighs, touching her for the first time, and gently began caressing her, my finger slowly going higher and higher, brushing her crotch over the dress. I kissed her, slow lingering kiss, her lips parted to dart her tongue in me, we stood there kissing, my hands moved to the shoulders, pushing down her straps and pulling down her dress. Let go baby, let go." My hand crept to her pussy, my middle finger parted her lips and slid in into her warm and wet cunt. It took some time for my cock to stop throbbing, and once it subsided, still half hard I started moving in and out of her, slowly.


A Hotwife's Tropical Vacation Ch. 02

group KenLukin 2018-03-01

I puffed my cheeks in and out to swish his cum around, then turned my head to the crowd and opened my mouth so they could all get a look at his big, creamy load. Smiling, almost naked, on my knees in front of a hundred people at center stage, I swallowed MC Carlos' big cum load in one satisfying gulp. I was really looking forward to feeling that big, black cock in my pussy, and I orgasmed as soon as Carlos started to penetrate me. I think my pussy made a popping sound as I rolled off the table and that big cock of Carlos' pulled out.

Kelley's Spring

group kelley_and_tracy 2018-03-01

Jay's jaw dropped, the wine had all of Kelley's inhibitions gone as she got on her knees in front of Chris's chair, pulling his shorts down, releasing his youthful, thick cock. She continued this, time and time again, Chris's huge balls rising to shoot their hot sticky cum into Kelley's mouth only to cause her to stop once again. I put my head under Kelley, licking her sweet pussy as Jay continued to pump his cock into her. Putting Jay over the edge he too began his climax and started pulsing hot sticky goo into Kelley's eager cunt, pulling out and finishing on her swollen lips and my lapping tongue. We got up and Kelley moaned that she needed Chris's cock in her pussy.

One Hot Summer Ch. 03

group irishcurse 2018-03-01

I stood over the girls, beer bottle in hand, and pulled Jill's top over her head. Maybe it was the fact that I was better with my right hand than my left, or maybe just that I knew what Jill liked; but she quickly forgot about kissing Missy. I pulled my fingers from deep inside Missy, and clawed Jill's ass with both hands. I shifted over the silky thighs I was straddling, and Jill's hand positioned my cock between Missy's legs. Jill never looked up from Missy's breasts, as she pulled her boyfriend's raging cock into her friends awaiting body. I could feel Jill's hand pull Missy's thighs further apart, as I pumped again, deeper yet.

Breaking in Eileen

group Rod 2018-03-01

It was obvious she had been drinking quite heavily because when I went to take their order - whether by accident or design she had let the dress slip open and was displaying quite a bit of ripe creamy thigh above her hold-ups and what looked like black high cut pants straining to cover a very prominent cunt mound. I gotta say I got an erection when I saw her walk to the bar with the big unbraed hangers bouncing and when she pulled herself up on a stool the skirt hiked right up to expose her big creamy thighs above her black lacy stocking tops and as she crossed her legs I got a glimpse of her big fat shaven box.

Lovely Nina

group kregless 2018-03-01

Richard immediately started to beg me not to say anything while trying to cover his cock. I took the camera and reset it and got ten seconds of her sucking my cock. I asked her how she wanted it and she said Richard in her pussy and me in her ass. This was amazing cause with every stroke that Richard made, not only did her ass tighten but the sensation of both cock rubbing against each other separated by the thin wall sent her into multi-orgasms. when I got home I pulled into the garage and before I could close the door my wife came out naked and I knew as spent as I was I couldn't disappoint her.

Naked Reunion

group oggbashan 2018-03-01

I didn't know Henry, her husband-to-be, but Elaine told me that a few of 'Ian's harem' would be there and would like to meet me again. At the end of the reception, after the bride and groom had left, I was nursing a drink, looking round the room to see if I recognised anyone from the archaeological dig. "Shut up, Jane," Helen said, "but she is right. Helen's breasts were cutting off the air to my nose and mouth until Jane eased them slightly away to let me breathe. I slid down, helped by Jane's hands, before tilting my head back and pushing my tongue into Helen's cleft.

The Seduction of Julia Ch. 1

group Rod Walloper 2018-03-01

As Bill felt the sperm rush from his cock and splatter over the bedroom door, he could still discern the wild crashing of the bedsprings and the obscene outbursts of the two men as they emptied their lewd cum deep into Phoebe's beautiful white belly and her stretched rectum. Bob reached under Julia's body and began squeezing her dangling breasts as his cock continued to saw in and out of her wetly enveloping pussy walls. He looked back at the movie just in time to see Bob empty his cock into Julia's cunt, his buttocks clenching and unclenching as he pumped his load deep inside her.

Two with One

group keithswest 2018-03-01

These ladies -- termed 'girls' in the business -- are very willing to have a party with a man and open their mouths and spreads their legs for his sexual pleasure; condoms required. I would like to party with Andrea and Heather." Like a "rose between two thorns", Warren walked between the two ladies, hand-in-hand, to the party room containing the large king size bed, a small sofa, several chairs, and a medium size bathroom. The three went into the well-lighted bathroom, the two 'girls' faced the large mirror and Warren stood in back -- enjoying the reflected view of four breasts and the start of the crease between two pairs of pussy lips.


A present and a deal for the son pt 10

group vtevte 2018-03-01

I grabbed one of my grandma's breasts and looped my other arm around my mom's waist, pulling her body up against me. My grandma started to breathe heavy and my mom relaxed a little. My grandma had to pull her mouth off my dad's cock to breathe in the peak of her orgasm. As my dad and I collapsed and tried to catch our breaths, my grandma's moans eased and she unwrapped her legs from around my mom. My grandma and eye stopped kissing long enough to laugh a little as my dad rolled off my mom and laid next to her. After dinner my mom and grandma worked together to give me a slow blowjob and at the end they swapped my cum back and forth a couple of times.

Come On, Sweet Thing Ch. 01

group LaPatitMort 2018-03-01

Russ "Stinky" Carroll has been my best friend since he got his nickname thirty years ago. "You're running out of work and he's looking for a soft porn honcho for a series of "halfs" for a cable channel - could be a good six months of work, even if you're not picked up." The first story will be used as a pilot and it actually has sort of a plot - seems this beautiful girl wants a real job but cums so easily that she keeps screwing up and getting fired." Somehow I was thinking about a job, going into work each morning, being glamorous when I wanted to be and being private the rest of the time."


Video Story: Felicity's First Erotic Party

group LitTV 2018-03-01

Literotica is happy to introduce LitTV - a place where community members can share sexy stories in video format. Please share your opinions and suggestions for the future of LitTV. Want to share your sexy video story, erotic vlog, or hot how-to? It's easy and fun! Click here to get started. In this video, Felicity Feline tells about what it was like attending her first sex party wearing a collar and leash. Enjoy Felicity's video story, and please let us know what you think in the video comments on LitTV! Felicity's First Sex Fetish Party

Another Hot Wife Tale

group jason1000 2018-03-01

Bill then told me that every guy there had fucked Connie, at one time or another, and that Jody and I should consider the possibilities. In a flash, Connie was naked and on her back and one guy flopped down on top of her shoving his hard cock into her. As I un- buckled my belt I saw Jody disappear from the room, and I thought, "Sure, she's pissed now, but she'll get over it!" Nothing was going to hold me back from fucking this fantastic blonde waiting for me! Everybody clapped and cheered and Jody quickly dropped her skirt and was naked, gracing the guys with a look at her firm, fantastic, flawless body. I think Connie got pretty pissed when it became real obvious who all the guys preferred fucking.

Early Days of Summer Ch. 04

group rhys30 2018-03-01

"I positively loved seeing Matt's huge prick sliding into your pussy." I finally told her "I would love to know what it felt like, with him buried so deeply. Asking if he wanted a lager but getting a refusal, I sat down next to Laura, opposite Matt, inspecting his face. "Come on the boys, show the fox the rabbit!" she purred before she raised her hands to Matt's chest and started to unfasten the buttons of his shirt, pushing it from his broad shoulders once opened. Continuing with my tongue, I moved my hand back to her slit and pushed my thumb into her wet pussy, achieving louder moans of pleasure from Laura.


Porn Hazing

group SM402 2018-03-01

"Look at him, he's all scared, poor thing, but hey, we all went through this, let's see if he's got what he needs," said one of the girls, this one with blonde hair and huge tits. "What the fuck do you think you're going to do with that, I'm not taking that shit, noooo," screamed Jimmy and the blonde guy turned Jimmy over while Kandy put the dildo up Jimmy's ass. "I think he's getting used to it, why don't you check on it Karla (the Asian girl)," said the blonde haired guy (Jake). "Look at him guys, I think you two did the job, he's hard," said Mary as she and the other two girls approached Jimmy.

The Taking of Amy

group fantasy123 2018-03-01

Victor was living the hot blooded male's ultimate wet dream -- of drowning again and again in a tangle of feminine limbs, of wallowing in the softness of two pairs of breasts, of breathing in the heady scent of two seething pussies, of listening to the music of two women moaning for his cock to plunder their flesh. But still, there were nights when I dreamt of two men taking me at the same time, of the hard throbbing flesh of one plundering my cunt while the other claimed my bottom, of the relentless rhythm of two cocks plunging in and out of my body rubbing against each other insidiously through the thin membrane that separates my love tunnels, of my lips moaning shamelessly as thick fresh cream oozed from my orifices after they had had their way with me.


Martha in America Ch. 12

group leBonhomme 2018-03-01

"I guess so," Martha agreed with a wry smile, then glanced at Becky and said: "Not when it's like that," Martha agreed softly, then glancing up at him with wry smile at her having shown interest in his cock after having tried to discourage Becky's for so long. When her hand moved to her pussy, he did glance at her for a moment, nodding with a slight smile, but then his eyes returned to watching what Martha was doing, and he moaned again. Despite his arousal at what she was doing, when he saw Becky's hand find her pussy, he glanced over and watched it for a moment, nodding and chuckling between moans, as he observed how her fingers were moving.


Impregnating Alice Ch. 07

group eatoure 2018-03-01

The men, Gabe, Curt and the two guards, Bill and Manuel, stood around Alice and Bobili, taking off their clothes and then watching the action, with their dicks sticking straight out. Bobili came over and took his penis, covered in come and pussy juice, in her hands while Bill went back to Alice's face and boobs. A few minutes later, he came again, with a contorted look on his face like Alice had reached inside him and was pulling the orgasm out of him through his cock. Finally, after coming in Bobili's sore rectum, Manuel pulled out, fell on the floor, and went to sleep, exhausted by his superhuman exertions.

I Pick Up Angelina And Maya

group Boxlicker101 2018-03-01

The side edges of that lovely place were the next to enjoy the caresses of Maya's tongue, as she probed under the inner lips, slowly licking her way toward Angelina's clit. She slid her tongue into Angelina's wet love hole and, after sucking out all the delicious juices, started licking the top of the lovely hole, stimulating the underside of her adorable clit, resulting in Angelina slamming her pussy even more strongly into Maya's face and producing more of the delicious juices. Angelina also tightened her lips on my cock and started sucking my with faster strokes, continuing to take my entire shaft into her mouth and caress it with her tongue, giving me a special thrill every time her stud rubbed against me.