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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Big Bra Shop Grand Opening Ch. 02

group twoup 2018-03-01

Cathy drove, Marissa sat in the passenger seat with left Chloe and me to get to know each other in back seat of the BMW. She climbed over and sat on my left and immediately placed her mouth of the head of my cock as Chloe continued to stroke me. Who was continuing to wank me off and aimed my cock which was still firing huge strings of cum in Cathy's direction. Chloe, covered in cum was licking her tits clean, Marissa was wiping cum from her pretty little face, cum was dripping from the roof and Cathy was busily wiping cum from the windscreen so she could see where she was going.

Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 09

group machiavelliwriter0 2018-03-01

Hallie felt Aiden's erection, stiff and pulsing at her back as his warm wet hands began to knead her stiffening nipples. As Ewan continued to slide his cock up into her sexy cunt, Annie's tongue began to dart around Hallie's sensitive clit. Annie, wrapped her arms around Hallie's thighs and held her ass for support as Ewan fucked her, all the while she licked and sucked on her twin's most sensitive flesh. Hallie's lips were soaking and the scent was only making Annie more and more excited as the combination of her tits, clit, Ewan's cock, and Hallie's moans only served to feed the growing sense of tension in her core. Annie felt the flow of sticky cum slide from her gaping pussy as Ewan's cock slipped out.

It was a Wonderful Day

group jimbo12 2018-03-01

I'm torn between wanting to casually walk past the concession stand and showers with my cock near full mast with the possibility of being stopped by a ranger. Feeling a little self conscious, I look at my hard cock and say jokingly, "Sorry about this, but it's mostly your fault you know!" After a few more beers John Stands up and says, "Hey Lis, let's take a little walk." to me he says, "Help yourself to anything in our cooler, Jack. I imagine John approach Lisa's pussy with a nine inch long hard cock. John's cock is clearly outlined by the material and Lisa's shirt is so thin I can see her large nipples standing out proudly and the darkness of her aureoles clearly.


Introducing Peter & Gloria

group BigDave1340 2018-03-01

Christmas came and went in a wink of an eye, and before we knew it, we were dressing up as vicar and tart for Peter and Gloria’s house warming party on New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t looking forward to the party, but Tanya couldn’t wait to get over to their house, nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac at the far end of the estate. The look on Peter’s face when we came into the lounge was funny, especially when he told us you were talking football.” Tanya knew Peter had fibbed, I can’t stand football; rugby is more my choice of contact sport, along with sex, of course.


At a Concert

group Tolstushki 2018-03-01

At that same moment the tall guy pins your arms behind you, somebody else grabs the edge of your dress, and the fourth man, kneeling down in front of you, hugs your knees and slides his hands up your naked legs under your dress, in one fluid motion, hooking your panties with his fingers and forcefully pulling them down. You feel large hands grab onto your hips and Tall's cock enters your pussy from behind, as you try to open your mouth wide enough for Blondy. There's nothing but music in your ears, hungry cocks in your mouth and pussy, and hands, strong male hands, touching you, squeezing your back fat, your upper arms, your pussy mound, your ass, your thighs, your tits, your belly rolls, pinching, probing, grabbing, stroking, caressing and slapping in turns or all at once.

A Cure for Boredom

group joncolstar 2018-03-01

Those green eyes flashed with the same excitement I saw earlier as she clambered on to the bed atop of Lisa, who now aware of the imminent fun, gasped and smiled before Niamh clamped her lips gently around hers. Niamh broke momentarily to moan "fuck me while I warm up this slut" before she began biting Lisa's neck, causing her to whimper and moan in sheer pleasure. An excited squeal emerges from Niamh's lips as you jump up and she lowers her perfect pussy, trimmed, but not fully shave, over Lisa's mouth. Niamh and I, facing one another, her sitting on Lisa's face, me fucking her pussy, stare intently at one another, briefly breaking as our eyes close in waves in pure joy.

Street Party Ch. 02

group Simitoo 2018-03-01

"You will need to remember a few rules now that you have started playing." "No is no, but usually means you can ask me again later." "Yes is maybe, lets try." "Yes, yes, yes is, got the t-shirt, tried it before and want it again." Then there is the, ask for everything, no holes barred bit." Jean added a little giggle. You seem a bit unsteady there propped up on my shoulders, sit down and let me pop a nipple into that open mouth of yours?" "There are a couple of holes that could do with a bit of attention and a wash and polish inside and out if you can spare the time."


Tabby's Friendly Roomate

group Tabby18lover 2018-03-01

I moaned this time, feeling my light blue lace panties getting damp. Once more I kissed her left breast, then her nipple, My hands held her sides as my tongue led a trail back down her soft skin toward those sexy panties. "Hi Tabby, feeling horny were we?" Craig said, then laughed as he began rhythmically fucking my hot pussy. Linda had crawled off the bed and was lying under Craig, her tongue licking my pussy, his cock and balls. I felt Linda's lips clamp on the edge of his cock as he pulled slowly back, sucking my juices in. It seemed like an age, but it wasn't, before Craig stepped back, letting Linda suck and lick him clean.

Candice, Julia, and Max

group JennyX3 2018-03-01

Candice and Julia arrived just in time to see Max win the final hand at the final table -- stacks of chips were piled high; he smiled as broadly as someone who, well, someone who had just won $10,000. Candice ran her fingers through Julia's long blonde hair and pulled her close for another passionate kiss. Julia hopped off the bed and helped Max unbutton his shirt -- she kissed his strong shoulders, thick neck and muscular arms. Max fondled Candice's small tits and rubbed her clit -- Candice was close, she bounced up and down and rubbed Max's chest; she wrapped her fingers around his neck and kissed him.

After the Company Picnic Ch. 01

group Mohavekid 2018-03-01

I lost control, my hips thrust upward, and my hand grabbed Laurie's head and held it on my cock while I pumped my load into her mouth and down her throat. Once I was hard, Kim opened her mouth and slid my cock all the way down her throat, the tip of her nose coming to rest in my pubic hair. While Kim continued fucking my cock with her mouth, her right hand moved to her breast. Kim quickly pulled off my cock and climbed on the bed on her hands and knees, her ass facing me. I began to fuck Kim slowly, her juicy wet pussy making squishing sounds every time my cock bottomed out.


Grad Student Ass Kisser

group shavedkitty23 2018-03-01

Chrissy told Denise that Robert tasted really sexy and that maybe they should head back to Denise's office and put that comfortable couch to good use. Denise came around the side of Robert and took a hold of the back of Chrissy's neck and pulled bringing the two women's mouths together for a deep kiss. Denise then told Chrissy to strip off those wet clothes and to go lean over the arm of the couch so that Robert could have a proper view of her. Denise told Chrissy to clean her really well because she had not had the chance to shower since her morning work out ended so soon to Robert's thesis defense.


Friend's Email Sex Encounter

group Robb 2018-03-01

It happened one night when Linda was working (Steve's wife), he was in the chat rooms and he was chatting with woman that went by the name, Rikki. When Steve got the email and read the description and saw the picture, he had to stroke his cock to a spitting experience. He was looking at the sexy chain that went around her waist, through her belly button and it ended up in a very erotic little charm clipped to Terri's pussy lips. Steve got Terri positioned on the side of the hot tub and entered her from behind. Steve brought his cock out, waved it at the girl and then stuck it in Terri's soaked pussy.

Clubs & Balconies

group badfun 2018-03-01

I fall head over heels every time I look at her; long angelic blonde hair, diamond eyes that glitter like stars, a smile that lights up the world, a tiny size 6 body with creamy fair skin and the most amazing, soft, big 32DD's I've ever seen. Just as the DJ mixed into the next song, I started to pull my hand away from her hot spot when she once again, grabbed it with her's, made me slide her underwear to the side, and pushed 2 of my fingers deep inside of her. Not only could I not believe what my baby was doing, but her facial expression, and the look in her eyes, showed no fear, and the big smirks in between her flirtatious giggles made me feel like she'd almost forgotten about me.......It turned me on.


Office Competition

group kootenay 2018-03-01

No big deal I thought so I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it at Marie and Matt did the same to Lisa while the girls howled with laughter. Jennifer reached forward took my balls in her palm, looked directly into my eyes and with a slow, sultry voice said, "I want to see your cock hard." She then began to stroke it while Lisa did the same to Matt. When I felt myself getting close Lisa said, "Good boy show us what you've got for us." I looked down to see her holding a champagne glass under the head of my cock.

Adam, Liz, and Bill

group Trialbasis 2018-03-01

Sometimes I'll finish myself off in the shower but on that day I wanted the feel of panties on my cock. I felt the familiar itch start deep in my balls and I knew that soon I would do as she asked and fill her panties with cum. My dick grew rigid and then the first jet of hot cum shot out and I bunched the panties around the head of my cock to catch every drop. I wanted to start with me wearing the panties then removing them to expose my cock and finally jacking off and cumming on the panties themselves. Every so often she or Bill would reach down for a feel and taking their lead I slipped my hand under Liz's skirt to caress her pussy through her panties.


Ard Rig

group dustybit 2018-03-01

As the sun set in the west Her poor tongue felt heavy and ached, She was the bathed in feminine oil and sweat, Her pale once pristine skin was now raised by welts but the king’s Women had all taken what they wished from Her to the delight of the watching crowd many of whom were inspired to couplings of their own. The great doors opened to reveal the druid leading the girls bearing the tribute platter, which they lowered to the floor just inside the doors before scurrying away followed by the lustful glances of the warriors.

Reggie Or Not, Here I Cum

group thiggs 2018-03-01

I quickly noticed that Reggie didn’t have a bag. “I’m getting dress myself, but I guess you can take a quick shower, while I finished” I pointed at the bathroom I handed Reggie a wash cloth and a towel. He started with graduation and explained he went to New York landing a job as a board-op for a radio station. By the time Reggie moved in, I knew I was fooling myself with Angie. Angie left Reggie in the bedroom and came at sat by me on the futon. She pulled his underwear down and Reggie hand went quickly to cover his manhood that was growing quickly. She winked at me and removed Reggie hands before she began licking Reggie’s member.

Jack Ch. 01

group jackh. 2018-03-01

"We are gonna have a great time honey, I'm sure of it" Shelly said, turning to me "you should put those bottles in the freezer jack." I smiled and swallowed hard, looking deep into her eyes I said "wow Lindsey that was great..."" Lindsey turned her back against the couch and Shelly moved over her, Lindsey sat back as Shelly's mouth started softly kissing her neck while holding her hands at her sides. Shelly broke the kiss and started kissing her neck, looking at me slightly and smiling with lust when she saw me rubbing Lindsey. I moved slightly closer to the two girls, looking them over, watching Shelly as she turned this little redhead on. "Lindsey, its your turn to ask." Shelly said, pouring another shot.


Roland Arranges My Pleasures

group 2018-03-01

My hubby Roland had wasted no time in getting my legs over his ears in the back of our car and had joyfully busted me for having another cock in my pussy. This time I put one hand on my stomach and felt his cock poke up inside. but then the cock started moving again and I felt my nipples sucked and pulled. but watching Roland and then Gloria’s huge tits bobbing started to work on me and Rob’s cock found exactly the right spot. I brought both Gloria and Josie to screaming orgasms and Gloria fucked my pussy and then my ass with her strap-on while the men sucked as many titties as they could find.

The Corruption of Katherine Pt. 02

group RiteofSpring 2018-03-01

A month later, snuggled in bed after another hot sex session, Katherine told me about a church lady called Mrs. Wilkins. It's what Mrs. Wilkins wants to see." So I pinched Patricia's nipples and handled her vulva, pushing a finger into her vaginal canal and enjoying the warm wet feeling in there. Mrs. Wilkins was breathing heavily now and rolling her eyes, and her hand busy under the waistband of her panties, her skirt now above her ample thighs revealing the outline of a full-lipped cunt. Mrs. Wilkins now had her skirt around her waist and her panties to her knees revealing a dark brown pubic thatch streaked with grey hair and dribbles of come as she frigged herself with her fingers.


Doggy Style

group adel5000 2018-03-01

“Don’t be afraid,” Mrs. Randall said with a sultry voice, “she only bites when I tell her to.” I looked up to see my mature neighbor running her hands all over herself - from her tits, to her thighs, to her increasingly wet pussy. It was true; Mom was just kneeling there on her hands and knees like she would let me do whatever Mrs. Randall told me to do to her. Eventually, Mom became comfortable enough during these play dates to look me in the eye, and even tell me things like how much she loved my cock, and how good I fucked her pussy.

Betty Boop Discovers Threesomes

group Mag58 2018-03-01

He then shook my tits and slapped my arse, "You're fucking gagging for my cock aren't you babe?" I glared at him but did nothing to stop him when he pushed his hand between my legs and pressed a finger against my pussy to test how wet I was. "Woo Woooo Woooo!" I kept howling until I began convulsing and suddenly got the urge to cum and wee at the same time......"Wow Wow Wooooow Wowwwwww Shhhiiitttt!" my hips were shaking uncontrollably as I came and couldn't believe my eyes as what looked like wee shot out of my pussy as Barney pulled his fingers out.


The Encounter

group bigbonedbeauty24 2018-03-01

"YESSSSSSSS," Airy screamed once more and then her body went limp and she leaned forward against the headboard, exhausted, her legs wrapped tightly around my head as I swallowed her cum and allowed her spent clit slip from my mouth. "You are TOO fucking much," Airy moaned as she dismounted my face and I saw the blonde for the first time, sucking on my cock as if she hadn't had a thing to eat for a week. and Tori relinquished her prize gladly as she moved to the head of the bed and mounted my face doggie style as I felt Airy sliding her pussy down the length of my hard cock.

The Boss' Wife Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-03-01

Jamie hopped up on the pool table, her tits jiggling nicely, then leaned back as Kim started to slide up the hem of her red dress, revealing that she was also wearing black stockings with a red and black garter belt. Fucking her felt absolutely incredible, but I was also looking forward to slipping into Jamie's hot pussy as soon as the two of them had cum. I had to lean back a little bit as Kim lowered her head, apparently to lick Jamie's clit while I continued to fuck her sweet pussy. I continued to fuck her, enjoying the feel of her even wetter pussy, even as Kim raised her head, kissed Jamie then asked her if she thought they should suck my cock.