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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Proud to Serve

group ScorpioFury 2018-03-01

Hearing the sound of the squad car pulling away Talley let out a sigh of relief, which intrigued Alexander. He went to the passenger door helping Talley out of the car; watching Panther closed the door. Panther couldn't believe this small red-hot bitch want him to discipline her with his body. Panther said these commands in a very authoritative voice; which was making Talley get so wet, without panties she was flowing down her legs. Talley could feel Panther getting hard she stroked his crotch, as they stood very close. Talley wanted more of Panthers cock; so she didn't pay any attention, until the Captain; stood in front of her with one big juicy (she hoped) bulge in his pants.

Bachelor Auction

group Rocket1010 2018-03-01

Carol licked her lips and whispered in his ear "I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight." Kathy whispered at almost the same time "I'm going to suck your hard cock until you cum on my face." Rick was shaken and horny as he got up from the table. She winked at Rick and said, "I knew I could get them to pool their money to buy you sweetie." Carol and Kathy looked at each other and laughed "our man is going to get twice the pleasure tonight as yours sweetie." Rick sensed that the night was only beginning as he pulled both women close and said "we had better get started if I'm going to get two for the price of one.”


The Geek's Sex Games Ch. 04

group SexyGeek 2018-03-01

Nostradamus' next direction was, "And after that events played out in the god's honor as the goat beings threw the girls on the ground and ravished them." We did just that, Jose overturning Faleesha so she was face down on the floor where he approached her doggy fashion, and me laying Anna Marie on her back and spreading her legs to plunge my cock into her dripping pussy. As he reclined languidly on her couch she made an artful picture." Sara, our dark Hispanic beauty, emerged from the dressing room holding part of a sheet in front of her, so that it draped down over her body and fell between her legs, showing tantalizing flashes of skin but covering her breasts and pubic region.


The Senior Trip Ch. 10

group SteveLee1146 2018-03-01

Things just happened between Kenny and me, and it certainly doesn't mean that he doesn't care for you!" As they embraced, neither woman was conscious, at first, at least, that, with Beth's nightgown open, their nude bodies were squeezed against each other, but it just felt good in the intimacy of the moment. Then, taking Beth's hand and placing the palm on Linda's abdomen, Kenny began sliding it slowly, moving in small circles, down over the slight curve of her belly to the mass of curly, fluffy hair crowning her pubic mound. Without waiting for instructions, Beth drew her knees up to her breasts, opening herself completely, giving Linda her first ever direct look at another woman's cunt. Slowly, she ran her tongue between the cunt lips and began actually licking the entire area, staying in one place if Beth reacted strongly, and then moving on.


The Sister's Seduction Ch. 02

group story_lein 2018-03-01

I sat there gazing at their pussies, and felt my cock turn hard instantly. I started to eat Kari's pussy as Brie was sucking on my cock. I moved over to the couch and slid my member into Kari's waiting hot love-hole. Brie went home to check on Kari and I tried to pick up around the house. After getting ready, I stopped at their house to pick up Brie. Both Brie and Kari waved to me later in the afternoon when their parents were with them. We quickly took advantage of the opportunity and I again found my hard cock stuffed into her pussy. Brie and I both got out of the hot tub and were greeted by Kari coming thought the gate.


Leaving the Navy Ch. 08

group Scorpio44 2018-02-28

I looked out the kitchen window and saw Pat drive away, headed for the dry cleaners. I asked Sandra, then Della if they could go with me to pick the right one for Pat. Then we asked Margie if she wanted to go. I opened the door to Pat's room and without letting go I took her inside and put the clothes in her closet. "You do?" All of us nodded, except Mark who put his hands on Pat's belly and said, "Roll over, Fido!" We all started to laugh, Mark jumped and said, "I felt him move!" When the hugging and kissing stopped Della collected all the clothes and we helped Pat to her bedroom. We snuggled together and after a minute Pat said, "You smell like sex."

Hot Thanksgiving

group u84v38 2018-02-28

"Karen, you look awesome." I had nothing but good memories of her and when I saw her at the bar and got that kiss I knew it was going to be a fun night. After a couple of minutes, Karen stood up and turned around and said to Mike, "You know what I want, right?" They started kissing. Karen put her hand on the back of Mike's head and he leaned in and put my dick back in his mouth. In a minute or so he started moaning and Karen said, "Cum inside me." In response he said, "Fuck I'm cumming!!!" After he was done, he pulled out and his dick was wet and still big.


Consequences Ch. 10

group PrevertedMe 2018-02-28

Trying to resign herself to the situation, she one again thought about the future and how these men would be looking at her in her shorts during football games and company picnics, remembering her wet pussy wrapped around their hard shafts. Ken's hands moved over her body, one minute caressing her torso and coming teasingly close to her breast, the next rubbing her outer thigh, sliding along the edge of her dress. The time in the other's laps had affected her; the men's lips on hers, their arms pressing her body against theirs. When they stopped Frank helped her climb from his lap and then held her hand while she took several deep breaths and steadied her legs for the walk back to her post beside the TV.


Adventure In Water

group srweezy 2018-02-28

She started to rock her hips, fucking her clit into Frank's mouth and her asshole onto George's tongue. Frank felt her clit throb against his tongue and her asshole gripped George's. Grabbing a hard cock in each hand she smiled and said, "Well, that was great for a start, but I think it was a tie so I get to choose which of you gets to go where. George slowly lowered her onto Frank's dick, feeling him enter through the thin skin that separated them. Never had she felt the ripples of pleasure that coursed through her body, tightening her pussy and ass around the hard dicks filling her.

My Best Flight Day 03

group Tetris07828 2018-02-28

It's a nice way to start the day but I want my turn too." Sara took Carries bag and dropped it on the floor near the door. "Baby, while I don't like the lying I appreciate the thought." Carrie put down the drink and went over and hugged Sara sweetly. Sara said emotionally, "Everything I do I do for us Carrie, I hope you know that." Sara went right to the oven and took out the chicken to let it cool. I stood up and followed Sara, Carrie had placed everyone's drinks on a tray including the pitcher and followed us. Sara bent down and gave Carrie a quick kiss on the lips.


Summer of 2000

group frenchy19 2018-02-28

I didn't and I felt Jimmy's cock jerking, he groaned and let go a great load of hot cum but kept on fucking me, shooting more loads and finally he fell on top of me rolled over and looked at me with a great smile. Billy brought me a cold drink and I asked him if he had put something in it before, he looked at me with a smile and said "I needed you to relax." I was going to fuck you and didn't want you to freak out when I touched you.

Parking Lot Sex Party

group riverboy 2018-02-28

Good lord, was she about to be fucked by a thirty-year-old man she'd never met in a dirty motorhome in the parking lot? Your change sir!" Amber said, snapping my gaze away from Hot Donna's spectacular ass. I opened the back 'kitchen' area of my little teardrop trailer and started putting my groceries and a fresh bag of ice in the cooler, when the door to the Winnebago opened and a woman with messy blonde hair came out. The others were Jen, from the register next to Amber's, and a guy named Ryan, who looked like he'd just won the lottery being dropped into bed with a naked 'Hot Donna.' "Pretty good for an old guy, huh Amber," Donna said with a giggle.


Let's Go For A Run Ch. 03

group Tomcatfive 2018-02-28

When I turned her around and pulled her against me, my tongue going deep into her mouth as my lips ground on hers, I felt her hand grasp my cock and begin to stroke me hard. She shuddered and rolled a little bit towards me with a big smile and leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Did you know that what you did to my breasts got my pussy all wet again?" And she giggled as she reached down and touched herself between her legs, then brought her finger to my mouth. She went faster and faster, and in a matter of seconds my hips lifted from the bed, ramming my cock through her lips, and I gasped and shuddered and groaned as my cum burst forth in spurts into her mouth.


She Spends Weekend with Them Ch. 05

group metacarpal 2018-02-28

Dale obviously worked the camera as the scene showed Bev carefully massaging, licking and sucking the young man. Once the young man's orgasm finally began to fade, Dale withdrew his fingers, coated with semen, which he spread onto Bev's tummy. Dale and Bev thoroughly enjoyed licking Karen's now smooth pussy, taking turns after each orgasm they gave her. The camera recorded Bev licking Karen as she stroked Dale's cock buried in Karen pussy. The final clip was one Bev had been anxious to have for herself, Karen taking her time making sensual, erotic love to Bev spread-eagle in the middle of their bed, Dale making sure he got lots of naughty close-ups of they sex-play.

Mr. Sims' Extra Credit Ch. 06

group NickHardon 2018-02-28

I was happy with slim Julie, voluptuous Tanya, sweet Kim and the adventurous duo, Marci and Jessica. Kim kept sucking and I turned to kiss Marci once a gain as perspiration rose all over my body. Jessica buried her face in Marci's crotch and then Kim knelt on the floor and started to lick and suck Jessica. My cock got a little stiffer and with Marci and Jessica on my arms we headed to my bedroom. "Now fuck me in the ass with that huge cock Mr. Sims." Marci ordered. While I stroked my slippery cock Jessica dripped small drops onto Marci's puckered hole. Jessica couldn't suck my balls during my vigorous motions so she rested her head face up between Marci's legs and started licking her pussy.


Walt and Rhonda Ch. 15

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-02-28

"You hopeless do-gooder," he grinned, "you think Frank needs a good woman, and you know Danielle is looking for a guy," he told her, "and you think that since they have both been involved with us, that they would appreciate each others...uh-m...tendencies, so you want to pair them up." She glanced in the direction the young man had motioned in to see a dark-haired woman about his age, sitting forward in her chair, her elbows on the table, looking directly back at her with a suspicious grin, and Rhonda's sensations of defensiveness altered to a feeling of prey. And while she was looking forward to experiencing Gary's cock, and watching Walt plow himself into little Diane, she was resistant to the planned nature of the evening.


Just Four Friends

group Boudoir_Babe 2018-02-28

"Girls, you have to taste this!" My eyes flew open in time to see Terri and Kate entwined in a deep loving kiss. I was torn between concentrating on the feel of her lips on my pussy lips, her tongue probing me, her teeth lightly scraping my swollen clit, and watching Terri lift Kate's skirt. A noise behind me made me raise my head and Anna and I watched as Terri lay back on the sofa and Kate lowered her now naked body onto our friend so that they could lick, suck and eat each others pussies.


A Very Happy Birthday

group wickedjester417 2018-02-28

I stood along with Cole as she slowly began to unzip my dress allowing it to fall to the floor. Cole turned and moved her hair out of the way allowing me to slowly pull down the zip of her dress. Cole slowly hooked her fingers under my thong and pulled it down revealing my shaved, slightly wet pussy. I knelt between her legs and let my nails slide over her pussy lips; the way I liked it, before leaning down and blowing on her wet juices slightly. She bent down and began licking my soaking wet pussy as Mark straddled my chest and began giving himself a tit wank and Daniel was now thrusting in my mouth.

Casual Encounters - Newbies

group RodRo 2018-02-28

"M-mmm," Nancy whispered again as the blonde let the big cock slip out of her mouth for a moment before starting to lick back and forth across the circumcised knob. I followed suit with my own shorts and underpants, allowing my cock to spring completely free before Nancy's mouth moved around it, her tongue sliding up and down in time with the blonde girl's ride. Nancy and Karen—we now were all open about our names—had talked on the phone twice since our exchange of emails and agreed we should get together on what Karen called "neutral territory." We would meet in the lobby of a downtown hotel where Karen and her husband Alan had reserved a room.


Romantic threesome!!

group sxuldv8 2018-02-28

Dressed in matching black lingerie, Maddy O'Reilly and Natalia Star exchange a lingering kiss over their man Giovanni Francesco. As Maddy grows closer to her climax, Natalia drops to her hands and knees beside her friend to tease Maddy's hard nipples with her mouth. Stymied in her climb up her friend's body, Maddy reaches forward to slide a finger into Natalia's tight twat while Natalie takes charge of her own pleasure, massaging her clitoris as she watches her lovers move together. Maddy is there to help both of her lovers feel incredible, licking Giovanni's balls as he thrusts in and out of Natalia's warmth, and then massaging her friend's hanging tits as Natalia climaxes again.

Lunch Suprise

group alwaysupforu2004 2018-02-28

Much younger than Nancy, Janice was a glamorously pretty blonde whose blue, tear-drop eyes and full lips were a warm invitation for any eye to drift down and take in her large breasts and long legs. Even when not built up by all the flirting and ogling of the day, Nancy was a woman who could easily orgasm, and she could feel one building already, just from sucking the young man's cock. Their breasts came together as they pulled each other even closer, Nancy sucking the younger woman's tongue gently at first, then harder. The blonde moved lower, sucking on the other woman's breasts, her lips and tongue on Nancy's hard nipples a gentle salve after Woody's pinches.

Th Apprentice Grows Up

group patdown 2018-02-28

I was doing my best to hesitate when Kim said, "Well Craig what do you think?" Then she got up, stood in front of Sarah and reached around grabbing Sarah's big solid butt with both hands. I moved behind Sarah and with Kim smiling at me I ran my hands from Sarah's hips around to feel the full roundness of her butt, gave it a good squeeze and said, "Doesn't look one bit fat to me, looks great feels even better, I like it." Sarah turned hugged me tight and we kissed, then as Kim was pulling down hers pants Sarah said, "Damn this girl is one eager beaver we are going to have some hot time tonight."

Sensual Massage For my Wife

group MassageForWife 2018-02-28

After he massaged her shoulders he again asked my permission to take off her bra to rub her back. He was surprised to see a Czech married couple doing this, and this was why he kept asking my permission every time. Then he started to rub her large soft ass cheeks while her small string was still on. My wife's large, soft, cellulite ass cheeks were jiggling like jelly as he rubbed them with the lubricant. He massaged my wife's pussy for a very long time and started fingering her pussy. He took off his boxers, wore the condom on his cock which was larger than mine, and jerked off together with me, looking at my wife and fingering her pussy with his left hand.

Too much fun.

group jackhammer111 2018-02-28

So after I restrained her like this photo I gave her sensation play then walked away for a few minutes. I knew he'd made my wife cum 2 or 3 times already so I wasn't expecting much, I just wanted it because of the dirty notion and because it feels so fucking good. making sure I could feel the bottom of her pussy, and over past the point of return where no f***e on earth can stop me until the madness ends and I roar like an old lion. When it's over and I slowly side out of her I let the head rest on her pussy and could feel the load on top of the load running out of her running on to my dick, down her thighs, dripping into a pool of cum under her.