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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 04

group yoursilentknight 2018-02-28

Sarah and Jenn jumped with glee and gave me a hug, and then each kissed me on the cheek obviously more excited over the news than I was, since my brain hadn't had a chance to catch up to all that State's coach had said. "I will see you first thing Monday morning coach," Ashley said as the old man walked away. I got my vibrator there a while back, and when Ashley asked me about places that sold lingerie at a late hour I mentioned it to her," Jenn said. I dove down between Ashley's legs, and Sarah and Jenn each took a breast and started orally pleasuring her nipples.


Roger is into making love

group andrea0817 2018-02-28

His sounds told me right when he was going to hit it and I went deep, felt him start to spasm and buck while I held him deep and unmoving. Roger was unmoving as I convulsed on him, after I cooled down a bit he moved up higher and for the first time pounded me hard with our hands still locked. Many modest climaxes had passed when he placed his huge hands under my ass and started to drill me with a sense or urgency, and never during all this did the deep kissing stop. We stayed locked together for long time, still kissing hot as I milked every last drop out of him.

My Wife & Her Friend

group autobody040 2018-02-28

Donna was starting to see what Bob liked about fisting, the feeling of a hot cunt wrapped around her hand was great. Donna's hand still in Betty's cunt, Betty started getting even wilder and pushing back harder, saying more, more. I wanted to make sure I wasn't hurting my wife so I asked if she was okay, and she said, "yea lover, fuck that cock deep into my ass." With that my wife pushed down hard against both my cock and Betty's hand. Donna still lightly sucking my cock reached up and pushed her hand into Betty's ass. Betty started to push back against Donna's hand, I could feel Betty's clit rubbing against my stomach, as she rocked her hips and pushed back hard on Donna's elbow deep fist.

Bob & Marcy Ch. 02

group bobizagingwell 2018-02-28

Martha stood, looked at Bob and Marcy, then down at Eddie, and removed her swimsuit. Marcy watched with great interest as Martha slowly licked it up and with it visible on the end of her tongue, slid up to Eddies mouth. Bob looked up, saw that Marcy and Martha were holding hands and smiled. Martha moaned, as she saw Marcy lick her way up Eddie's neck to his face, to his lips and then kiss him. Bob was massaging Marcy's shoulders and kissing her back as she and Eddie shared the moment. Marcy lowered her head, tracing her tongue down Martha's lovely neck and chest and stopped when the nipple of Martha's left breast reached her mouth.


A Ride in the Country Ch. 02

group susan12346 2018-02-28

Turning to look at Xenia I saw her getting fucked by Andrew, with the boy kneeling behind her head, feeding his cock into her mouth. Holding his cock with one hand he jerked his hips once and then his cum started gushing out like a shower, not connected in long strings, but drips and spots of it flying out over her breasts and throat. I run a finger along her back, over her suspender belt and gently caressed her bottom as her head fell up and down on his cock I then knelt behind her, moving my hands around her sides to cup her breasts, pinching the nipples between my fingers as she sucked away like a little baby.


Melanie Gets A Job

group fanatic282 2018-02-28

I had started to fantasise about doing it with other men and got really turned on one night when I slid four fingers into my cunt as I flicked a finger of my other hand over my clit, imagining that I was getting laid by a big cock! He wanted to know every detail about my fuck with John and at the end of the night we were both so turned on that I let Steve fuck me for the first time since our vacation. Then one day a call came in from a client wanting an escort to entertain a group of his friends and I saw this as my opportunity to let Steve watch me be fucked, so I told the client that seeing as they were a group, I wanted to bring a colleague along for security.


Older Men Still Have It

group redkissy 2018-02-28

It had a phone number on it, and all it said was "call me, Wayne." I looked over at him, and he was watching me with a sly smile on his face. While I was sucking on Ken, I felt Mike put the head of his cock at the opening of my asshole. Then Mike laid on the bed, Ken was in my ass, and I was sucking on Wayne. Wayne hollered again, "Switch!" This time Ken was in my pussy, Wayne was in my ass, and I was sucking Mike's cock. Mike got off the bed, and pulled me to the edge so he could slide his cock inside my pussy.

Back to School: Incentive

group JohnEvans 2018-02-28

Bradley's tongue delved deep into Samantha's hot cunt as his hands gripped her ass. The bar was too high for his cock to reach her cunt, so Bradley grabbed Samantha under her ass to pull her down. "That's why I asked Tim Marino and Joe Stewart, the team captains, to be here," said Schwartz. Sarah gasped and looked over at the team before turning back to stare at Schwartz. "Miss Stevens, we didn't know if Principal Schwartz was pulling our chain or not," said Tim, a little embarrassed. "Principal Schwartz was very clear on that point," said Joe, licking his dry lips as he stared at Sarah, now dressed only in her shorts and sports bra.


Afternoon at the pool, part 2

group SteeleK 2018-02-28

I hadn't thought of that," she said, pulling up the shoulder straps of her swimsuit. I wrapped my towel around my waist and opened the door to the shower stall. He had a towel over his shoulder and was pulling on his dick with one hand. there is going to show me her beautiful perkies and give me a hand job!" said naked boy. One hand after another she grabbed the base of his dick and firmly pulled towards the tip as if trying to tease Without warning, Naked man reached and grabbed my cock and squeezed it firmly. With a shy smile, my babe looked at me over her shoulder and said in her sexy voice, "I want to suck it.

The Yearning Tree Ch. 1

group april_memories 2018-02-28

When he come in from the station that Friday evenin', he patted me on the butt and said I should "go upstairs and take me a nice long bath and put on some sexy clothes 'cause Ben and MayLee were comin' over later". "Well now, Lorena're looking real purty this evening," he said, dropping his hand down to rub over my butt cheeks. Me and Lorena wanna talk things over, ain't that right Lorena?" She was lookin' across the room at Ben like she was sendin' him some kind of message or somethin', then she looked at me and winked her eye.


group alibodge 2018-02-28

John opened up the house and I felt there was still a reluctance in the two men to make the first move, so I took the initiative, saying “ come on you two, Let's not waste time and led the way to our bedroom stripping off to my bra and knickers and getting my toys out. I'd only been riding for a matter of minutes when Paul said “I'm going to cum.” John immediately got down and held Paul's balls as he emptied himself inside me, John saying it was a fantastic feeling, he then went straight down and started licking my clit and the base of Paul's cock as he softened slightly and started coming out.

Cockometer Ch. 02

group voucher776 2018-02-28

"Now, given the lack of visual cues, we'll need to establish a, um, base line....." Arnie was watching me as Ben put his hand on Lori's stomach and was slowly reaching down, his fingers sliding down her silky panties, over her mound and between the cleft of her lips. "I just can't tell, Arnie, I think I need more information." Arnie had this shit eating grin on his face and echoed, "More information, yes, good idea." Ben moved his hand under the thin material and raked his fingernails down, parting Lori's silky hair, spreading her lips, smiling at her as his finger slipping into her moist sex.


A Tomboy Named Vixen

group PredatorSmile 2018-02-28

Luke got on his knees and began sucking on Morris cock. Morris held Luke's hair and thrust his cock into that mouth. Morris looked at me while shoving his cock into Luke's mouth. Luke was sucking on Morris dick like there was no tomorrow. Luke moaned, whether from Morris fucking him or my sucking his dick, I couldn't tell. I collapsed in Luke's arms and turned back to look at Morris. Apparently, it was okay for gay guys to take their boy toys into the men's room for a little fun but it wasn't alright for a couple of bisexual studs to fuck the shit of each other and plunder the holes of a willing wanton slut like myself.

I Secretly Watch My Girlfriend

group dave110256 2018-02-28

"Well, it looks like you have a lot to offer a lady Joshua," Candy said, still staring at his crotch. "I'm getting cold, I hope we get out of this cave soon or I might need someone to warm me up," Candy said to Joshua as she leaned toward him. "I'm sorry I didn't wait long enough for you to finish changing Candy, you have a fabulous body," Joshua said as his eyes were locked on her tits. "I find that hard to believe," Candy said as she stepped out of her shorts, exposing her shaved pussy, standing before Joshua totally naked now. Candy was stroking Joshua's cock as his hand moved to her pussy, his fingers searching for her entrance.


Closing Time

group footshrimper 2018-02-28

Vicky reached forward, grabbed me by my cock and pulled me between her legs and Pam quickly crawled next to us on the bed. And while Pam rubbed my ass and played with my balls I began fucking that big wet cunt. Pam got on all fours and had me fuck her from behind so that Vicky could lie face up underneath us and lick my ass and balls. The resistance of Pam's tight cunt walls combined with Vicky's sucking and licking of my asshole and balls made short work of my wad. I grabbed pam by the waist and buried my cock deep inside her hole and held it there while it throbbed and pulsated, depositing spurt after spurt of my hot cum deep into her abdomen.

Boarding School Ch. 04

group pr0nnage 2018-02-28

Rob took a step backward, and another, and sat down on the edge of the bed to watch Evey and Anne kiss, embrace and undress each other. "Mmm let me taste Evey from your lips, Anne..." She paused in her licking and sucking to turn to Rob and kiss him hard and deep, swirling her tongue and her sisters' taste in his mouth. Rob slowly started pumping his cock in and out of Anne's wet pussy, Evey licking at his shaft, and then at her twin sisters' clit. Rob pulled out of Anne's pussy, and let Evey suck his cock clean. Evey pulled Rob's cock out of her twin sisters' ass, and aimed at her open mouth, and Rob came in long, hard bursts in her mouth and on her face.

Madhurima Pt. 06

group HighKingsman 2018-02-28

The cock in front of her mouth and the one she was jerking started to cum simultaneously and also the cocks Veena was jerking had started to shoot their sperm, it felt surreal as the semen was flying in all directions and she had started to orgasm and she squirted herself and all that could be heard was groaning and grunting echoing in the room and she looked at Veena through her glazed eyes and she saw that her face was covered in cum and she was fingering her pussy furiously and slowly the cocks withdrew, she could hear the guys talking among themselves that this was probably the best blow jobs they had got and she felt both happy and proud.

Friends & Lovers Ch. 03-04

group TrulyTerrific 2018-02-28

“So, this is more your fantasy than Ethan’s?” Willem leaned forward and traced his index finger over the back of her hand, sending a fine little bit of frisson up her arm. “Probably more so than you imagining what it would feel like to lick a cock from the base up, swirling your tongue slowly over that thick head before sucking it into your mouth.” He slid his hand slowly down the length of his cock and she groaned as she imagined the feel of his silky skin beneath her fingers. “I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time I supply your demand.” Vivian eased her hand around his thick meat and slowly slid down his straining length.


Birthday Surprise

group Pony_xprs 2018-02-28

"Let me taste that dick baby." She grasped his cock firmly at the base and ran her warm wet tongue up the length of his shaft, starting at his balls and moving slowly up to the head. Lia started licking Jamie's cock, her tongue so warm and wet on his dick. Pam crossed the room and knelt behind Jamie, rubbing his balls while he gradually started pumping his dick faster and harder into Lia's cunt. "Fuck her wet pussy Baby, fuck her nice and hard!" Pam layed down between their legs and started licking Jamie's balls, sucking on them softly. Jamie started pumping his dick harder working Lia's tight ass and his cock to the brink of explosion.

Pizza Capricciosa Ch. 01

group JackBeHuge 2018-02-28

This allowed me to manoeuvre my cock with the help of my free hand to her pussy and once I felt it was in place, I slowly started to push it in. We were both fighting for breath, but while she could close her eyes and just rest while her fingers slowly smeared all over her crotch the cum oozing out of her pussy, I felt a gentle but demanding hand on my ass. I opened my eyes and saw that Liz and Mina were sitting on one arm of a couch each and Gina was lying on the floor between my legs and used her tongue to stimulate my cock.


First Night with Don & Kate

group windblownx10 2018-02-28

Don mixed up a fresh round of drinks and as we all toasted a glorious evening when Kate looked at me and said, "Well Tim, to get the evening started what about the hot tub?" I glanced over at Don and he just gave me a half smile as if to say if she wants me to join them in the tub it's okay with him. I untied my robe and realized I was starting to get hard, hopefully I thought just enough to make it look large with out looking like I had a boner already. I did as he requested and started stroking it faster, I saw that Kate had slipped a hand inside her robe and looked like she was giving her tasty pussy a little attention.


Creamy Desserts

group Lei Feng 2018-02-28

I gripped my lover's cock tight, and as the story climaxed, so did I, closing my eyes, and feeling the pleasure course through my body, from my clit, pussy, feet and hand. I was still pumping the cock of the other man, and my lover must have known my state, because he slid something big and cold and hard and rounded into my pussy and the shock and excitement of it made me come immediately. I was concentrating on my lover's hard cock in my mouth, and on the other cock that was filling my pussy, so it was a considerable shock when I felt two hands squeeze my bouncing tits, and then a mouth on first one nipple and then the other, kissing and then sucking hard.

Wet Night

group Chac 2018-02-28

Then while the tongue kept licking and the lips and teeth kept sucking and biting my lips and chin and cheeks and neck, I felt a mouth cover the middle and index fingers of my left hand, then my right hand was suckled in the same manner. A pussy on my mouth and one on each hand along with mouths on my toes and nipples and countless hands, finally squeezing my balls and stroking my cock, I wasn't aware of any existence other than this moment in time. Finally, my entire body, wet with saliva and pussy, the head of my cock was surrounded by at least two mouths which alternately sucked and licked me. My nipples were bitten and sucked, my hands and mouth were fucked and my toes and feet were licked.

Sal's Ultimate Fantasy Ch. 02

group fancyface1 2018-02-28

Vickie then heard her husband say, "Honey, now I want you to put the cock that is in front of you in your mouth, I do not want you to use your hands and you are not permitted to start sucking until I instruct you to." As Vickie took the cock in her mouth she felt someone licking at her pussy. Sal, started to fuck her ass, Kathy started to fuck her pussy with her tongue and a Brian who was not included in this threesome was instructed to hold Vickie's head while Vickie was now instructed to suck the on Steven's cock.