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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 10

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-02-28

"Mind you, he's not bad," Danielle added, leaning into his ear, "but if she's that impressed then her standards are a little low." Stunned, Walt forced his mouthful of Caesar Chicken Wrap down and turned to face the young lady next to him. Finally the doorbell rang, and Rhonda looked up into his eyes, and pulled his head down into a kiss; a familiar, deliberate and loving ballet of lips and tongues, and each of them felt the anxiety slip and diminish, leaving only the anticipation and excitement they had postponed. The young girl had put her drink down, and turned for a second to Rhonda, and kissed her once, lightly, on the lips, before slipping her hands to Walt's sides, and pulling him close.


Rick, Lyn, & Cyn

group oldeman 2018-02-28

I'm Nurse Cyn, and if you feel like it, I'm here to give you a sponge bath," said a soft voice. Turning him gently, Cyn washed down Rick's stomach and finally got to his cock, which by now, was semi-hard from having been touched by a sexy woman, her intoxicating aroma, and the time since his last sexual escapade. In fact, after I performed your surgery, I presented a study on male sexual response during middle age," Lyn said, easing back onto the desk, so that she was seated on it, directly in front of Rick. He finally reached down and took Cyn's head in his hands, as she reached up and began to caress his nipple, knowing that men love the feeling as much as women.


Buddies & Wives Ch. 01

group RubyBango 2018-02-28

Denny jumped down off the bench and grabbing another beer from the Refrig he said “Well if you change your mind let me know.” He patted Don on the ass as he left the garage saying he had to go to the store. I got so excited watching Karen sucking Denny cock I damn near climaxed. I said “Well it was different and I was very surprised at all of us doing such a thing.” I wanted to ask her straight out if she and Denny were open swingers. Then I said “When Denny fucked you in the ass I thought that was the most erotic thing I had ever seen I my life.”


Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 01

group timewarp69 2018-02-28

Brandon, was sitting at home in his small two-bedroom apartment as usual looking forward to another boring night of watching rented movies. Brandon smugly replied "Who wants to know?" He was hoping she would actually tell him her name but she knew he didn't recognize her, and was intent on teasing him. She hadn't said or mentioned one thing about how Brandon would recognize her once he arrived. Time to see if you can hang tonight, freak-e-1." Apparently, she was disguising her voice a little on the phone earlier. Anyway, back to the situation, she said "Well, you had told me about wanting to have fourway group sex, so I've been talking to some of the 'more active' girlfriends of mine and we have put a little somethin' together.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 08

group SteveWallace 2018-02-28

I forgot that my security team had an unobstructed view of the beach right where Cindy, Elsa, and I had fucked away a large chunk of the afternoon before falling asleep in a sexual stupor in the warm afternoon. Elsa and I glanced over, and saw Cindy being led to the dance floor by a handsome man in a tuxedo. I said, "Switch." Cindy started to dance with Mark, and I snuggled into Tom. He looked surprised. Mark brought me to a couple of orgasms, and then whispered to me, "Go and fuck Tom. I want to watch." He gave me a grin that left no doubt that he would enjoy the show I was about to give him.


The Apartment Complex

group PDumbledore 2018-02-28

Every time Sam saw her she was fully dressed, but damn, if he had seen her nude he would probable be having wet dreams every night. The first time Sam walked through the pool area and saw everybody either topless or totally nude, he was shocked. The thought of walking out again flashed through his mind, but Sam said the hell with it and took his clothes off. Heidi slammed back on him a few more times until she had her own orgasm, and when Sam felt her juices coat his cock, he shot his second load of the night deep into her. Sam reached across the table and pulled her hands away from her face, holding them in a soothing way.


The Mirror part 5

group bardeen 2018-02-28

Let me join in PLEASE, her s****r pleaded in Mika`s ear as I continued to stroke deep in to her arse. I grunted as my cock spewed forth its message, Mika`s arse tightened in response to the hot cum and her s****rs whimpering sounds were far too loud for comfort. Mika quickly turned around and took my cock in her mouth to finish me off as she always did. Then Mika made me bend over and got behind me so she could run her tongue all around my arse while her s****r took me deep into her mouth again. It easily took 2 fingers and I’m sure quite able to take much more My cock was throbbing as Mika smiled and stoked me.

The Wildwood Cabins: Cabin 4

group eroslit 2018-02-28

"Kim and Cindy are both prime candidates because of their long arms and legs," Nick said with a wry smile. "Leave your arms above your head," Nick said to Kim. Dennis saw Cindy take a long look at Kim's prone body--from her neck, past her firm breasts, to her hips and pussy, and down her well-toned legs. Nick, Cindy and Dennis faced the camera…at least they did until John zoomed in on the flattened, outstretched breasts of the woman tied to the headboard. Again, Kim raised her hips off the bed when Cindy placed the feathers inside her left thigh. He watched Nick attack the bound woman's breasts while Cindy swung the feathers back and forth across Kim's clit.

Friends Request Ch. 02

group Past_Glories 2018-02-28

Leaning forward she said, "You're going to finish in Janine but I want a few strokes of my own before you do." Lowering herself she impaled her cunt on the head of my cock and gasped as it spread her lips. Janine reached out a hand to caress Clare's side and moved it up to catch a breast. Clare smiled and crawled over by Janine giving Stan and me a great view of her ass as she moved on hands and knees. I rose up slightly so my cock lay on Janine's body and I moved myself slowly using one hand to press the underneath against her clit. Janine turned her head to look at Clare and moved her hand so she was holding Clare's around me.


Pool Boy Ch. 17

group BigZeke13 2018-02-28

Mae glanced down at my wide open robe and then looked up at me and said, "Alexis is concerned that she has left you in a bad way. Mae looked at Roni and shared a secret smile and Roni said, "I think we should do as Alexis wants." I shrugged my shoulder and let my robe slip off my shoulders. Just relax and I guarantee you'll love it." Roni had a terrified look on her face and now so did Mae. Mae realized that she wasn't trapped with a cock in her ass and she started to crawl across the bed to the other side.


The Baroness

group christinamonroe 2018-02-28

Phillip had hurt her like this, taking her without regard for her feelings, and Alice, lost now in a blaze of anger and humiliation, rammed her fingers into the maid mechanically, her eyes fixed on them slamming into her again and again. She reached down to touch herself, to play with her sex-bud, but Alice, thinking that the girl was trying to escape from her invading fingers, slapped the exploring hand away. Then Alice felt her husband's hands on her; he pushed her over the end of the bed, her face almost into the girl's sex, so close that Alice could breathe in deeply the scent of arousal and sweat emanating from her.


Great Neighbors Ch. 03

group vrt123 2018-02-28

Jon knew that Linda had to be completely worked up after they'd vocally rehashed their previous night sexual escapade with Christina. He then decided to act like Christina the night before and grabbed Linda on her shoulders and spun her around to face the couch. After Jon ejaculated, Linda pulled away, turned, sat on the couch, and reached forward and pulled Jon's dripping dick into her mouth, again giving him the sensation that he knew he couldn't stand for too long. He also wondered if it wasn't Linda's way of reasserting control since he'd obviously played Christina's role from the previous night and had again sent Linda over the top.

Shari and Andrew

group CeasarBoobage 2018-02-28

I saw Andrew look at Shari's hand in an odd way, and she kind of jumped when she saw her ring finger wasn't bare like his was. I was feeling kind of embarrassed about that, so I was watching the table top; it got real quiet, so I looked up, and both Andrew and Shari were staring at me, grinning like fools. Shari leaned her head around for a moment, looked over to make sure he could see nothing, and went back to work on his dick, but with a free hand, she reached out and started stroking me. He slowly pulled it out of her while he turned it off, but still moved it up and down over her soaking-wet pussy, making sure to "accidentally" go too far and rub her asshole a tiny bit.


It Never Rains But It Pours Ch. 1

group Bacomicfan 2018-02-28

The other four men were already tugging off shirts and unzipping pants, but they moved aside to let Brendan lay Kristen on the pool table. But he wanted to make Kristen aware of what she'd gotten herself into, so as he stroked her warm slit with two slow moving fingers, he put her pussy on display for the other men, letting her red slit dress ride all the way up her legs. Isn't that right, Kristen?" His fingers played teasingly between her moist lips and she moaned her reply, her tongue sticking out between her teeth as he boldly explored inside her slit and let the other men watch as he did.


Wife's Idea

group BACarter 2018-02-28

We went to a dance club for some drinks and it wasn't long before many of the men inside were eyeing Pam. She gave them her famous 'fuck me' look and a few came by the table and asked graciously if they might dance with my wife. Jordan knelt by Pam's head and seconds later it disappeared between my wife's lips as Mike positioned himself between her spread legs, feasting on her lovely, sweet pussy. I could feel Pam's eyes watching as I sucked Jordan's hard cock right up to his balls. As I continued to suck Jordan's cock, Pam removed herself from Mike's and gently put her hands on my waist and turned me around.

Alexandra the Great Ch. 04

group Mercurius 2018-02-28

Scott and Tony were like little kids, all excited about the jersey, and I think I started to get pouty that they weren't paying attention to the hot redhead in the room. I shook and quivered and yelled, my fingers a blur on my clit, but I looked right into Shanna's eyes, kept on masturbating, and told her, "Keep going. I was like, 'Uh, sorry guys, you can't fuck my ass.' Tony goes, 'I wasn't going to – I saw this in a porno, Scott if it freaks you out, let me know.'" I actually said that, I sort of gasped, 'Are there two dicks inside my pussy right now?' Scott goes, yeah, I think there are, and we started laughing for a few seconds.

High school cocksucker outted

group Msgrv32 2018-02-28

and having Donny get him off in full view of Jen. It was usually after school when individual scene groups would When Donny's face was at crotch level Blake would unbutton his jeans and grind his covered growing cock in Donny's thought about sucking Blake's cock countless time prior and always got Donny secretly wanted to see Twyla and Blake have sex and Donny began to slowly jerk Blake's now 7 inch and growing cock back audience.' With a laugh Blake looked confidently don't at Donny and Blake looked over to Jen and said proudly 'Donny She looked down and noticed Donny's hard cock and stood beside Blake cock Blake.' then with an evil giggle said to Emily 'You he's hard!

Six Floors Down Ch. 02

group TimFen 2018-02-28

Her blonde hair, arresting blue eyes, full breasts, toned midriff, round ass, soft skin, perfect hands and feet, and infectious sexy-sweet smile, not to mention her open, sensual and sweet personality, filled my every thought. Anna then started to smile and laugh, and after shaking her head a little, just said, "Wow. Megan, you were right." I really wanted to feel her mouth on my cock, and I guess she sensed that, since as soon as my other ball popped out of her mouth, Anna ran her tongue up the underside of my shaft until she reached the top. I glanced over to where Megan was sitting, and sure enough, she was running her finger up and down her slit while staring at Anna blowing me.


Fantasy Fulfilled

group HankMcvae 2018-02-28

You could feel her tension building while Lucky Guy #2 continued plunging his fingers deep into her pussy, until she suddenly arched her back and lifted her ass off of the bed, and screamed out her first orgasm of the night that announced to everyone within shouting distance that some naughty fun was going on in this room! That didn't seem right to me, so I put my semi-hard dick in her mouth to suck on until a very talkative younger man came in and asked for permission to play. After being given the thumbs up (LG #7), I got out of the way, and he hopped on the bed and quickly had his hardening dick in her mouth and his hand on her pussy.

Frat Party

group whbonney 2018-02-27

Kim had already asked what Kassidy was going to do and found out that Shane was spending the night, so she hoped that Lance would want too also. Kim looked at the cock in front of her, about 7 inches, with a large head and a nice set of balls, she smiled as she looked at her sister and Shane, then took the cock into her mouth and ran her tongue over the head as she began to suck him. Kim heard Shane announce her was going to cum and she looked over as he pushed deep into Kassidy's ass and held tight and she knew he was emptying his cum into her twin's ass.

A First Taste

group Mermaid 2018-02-27

"And," I whispered," I want to spread my lips apart and feel her glide her tongue up and down the folds of my labia before she flicks my clit and plunges her tongue into my pussy." "Oh my fucking god," he said, before embracing me. I hear Ric moan and look up and he's grinding on Chelsea from behind, kissing and biting her neck, like a lion. Oh!" Chelsea is moaning loudly next to me, trying hard not to move, as she knows she's pressed against the window with Ric lapping her up below. Rita looks up at me, past my breasts, to watch my reaction as she first touches her tongue to my clit!

Anniversary Cruise Followup

group jaxcreampie69 2018-02-27

One weekend afternoon while we were laying in bed after licking her to her umpteenth orgasm, I asked her if she would reconsider meeting the Internet couple. I told Dean my wife was declining, but I was Bi, and if they ever needed a single guy, I could make arrangements. Dean invited me to meet them that Wednesday afternoon at a local La Quinta Inn. Sue and I straighten out on the bed and French kissed while Dean watched. It has been years since I had tasted a dick, so every now and then, I would pull Dean out and let him fuck my mouth. If any of you couples in the Jacksonville area need a single guy to show you the ropes, email me back.

Lord Benfords Gala

group windwriter 2018-02-27

Removing a champagne flue from a closed cabinet she poured a small drink and nestled into the plush leather seat for the duration of her ride to Lord Bedford's gala. Looking down at her petite body, he took her face into his hands, kissed her softly on the lips then turned to leave. Rose pulled a dainty butt plug and a dildo from the box, with a renewed blush on her face. Lord Benford entered the bedroom to find her sitting at the vanity, and extended his hand, One of his guards stood with a large pewter goblet and served each of the attendees a sip of the drink, as they walked toward it like a fly to honey.


Sharing a Room Ch. 06

group pjhale121 2018-02-27

Lisa had been watching the approach of Ron's big prick with obvious anticipation but now that he was right there, on his knees at the end of the bed, she turned her attention to me, content to let me orchestrate the whole experience for her much as she had gifted me with Terri's behind. Reading her eyes, the intonation of her breathing, the whimsical play of her lips, I recognized when Terri peeled open the heated flower and directed the throbbing tip of his cock against the flowing wetness of Lisa's honey pot. Without letting go of Lisa's doubled up leg, I extended a finger out and touched Ron's back, holding him in place with his rod stuffed fully up my wife's spasming cunt.