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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Pleasures of Beth Ch. 2

group FuzzyB 2018-02-27

Planning the event took more time that either Beth or Martin realized, but soon enough December came to a close and the new year called out for celebrants. Beth thought to herself "you have to love the safety of group mentality." And she carefully slid the hem of her dress up her leg, past her knee until half her thigh was exposed to them all. Whether it was Beth or Michelle that did it first matters less than the fact that one long suck on one cock triggered the other woman to match the act. Michelle had watched the end of Beth's work without moving but as José came she realized that she might have fallen behind.


Dear Diary Ch. 12

group Kelli Bleu 2018-02-27

He's got me so wet from eating my pussy so well" (Marie was obviously trying to turn him on with the dirty talk, now; i was glad to hear she'd regained some sort of control of the situation) "i just wish he'd stick his dick in me and fill me up." She paused for a minute, then said "oh, my God. Kelli, he just took his boxers off. He's standing on the bed now, walking towards me, his hands are in my hair, it's right in front...mmmph." I heard next the unmistakable sounds of a blowjob, as Chris had presumably shoved his cock into Marie's mouth.

Cruise Capers Ch. 03

group CalWriter 2018-02-27

I found out the blonde was Jason and the brunette was Sam. They were boyhood friends on vacation with their families before their second year of college and hailed from Las Vegas. Without prodding, Jason's hand went to my pants and he fished out my cock. I took each of their cocks in hand and started stroking them. It didn't take long for Jason to fill his rubber and soon was replaced by Sam. He went to town with the new sensation, and even did me the courtesy of reaching around and stroking my cock as he fucked. "Thanks, Dea. My friends will remember you forever." She donned her robe and went back to her room.

The Tournament

group C Love 2018-02-27

Carla claimed she wasn't until Jason grabbed her and kissed her. I wasted no time in opening up her fly and putting my hand down the back of her jeans to grab her ass. Carla made her way back up to the couch and again crawled onto Geoffrey. As Carla lay down upon him and started to kiss and grope Geoffrey, I decided to rub the pre-cum off of my penis onto two fingers. But then Carla, put both of her hands on either side of Geoffrey's head against the arm of the couch, and began to rock back and forth. I don't know if Jason and Steve ever knew what was going on, but that night I didn't care.

An Exciting Evening For 3

group CyberBitch 2018-02-27

Jay began to make an up and down motion on Alex's cock, sucking and running his tongue around it, taking it in his mouth an inch or two and then withdrawing it slightly before returning the downward motion. Alex was feeling incredibly turned as he placed his hand in Jay's hair and began to push and pull at his head in time with his sucking motion. She got on her knees , her ass exposed pumping up and down on top of Jay. Alex, not one to miss out on an opportunity placed his finger in his mouth moistening it before placing it in Alli's ass forcing her to let out a little squeak as she plunged back down on Jay's cock .

That Summer As A Camp Counsellor

group dundurn 2018-02-27

After the kids had gone to sleep, Dan and I stayed with Jenni around for the fire for a while, but got tired of the bugs and not getting any action and slipped into the tent. Dan gave me a look that said "watch this" and sat up on his knees, pulling down his boxers, exposing his meaty cock. I moved up between Dan's legs, spread Jenni's ass cheeks, and started licking her asshole again. I gave up on Jenni's asshole, and moved my lips up and down Dan's cock. I sucked harder on that cock, felt it stiffen, then Dan shuddered as he filled my mouth with cum. Jenni moved down my body and watched as I filled Dan's mouth with my hot cum.

After the Massage

group Nevada41 2018-02-27

Slowly Rachel crawled up my body, her lips moving to mine, and I kissed her hungrily, tasting myself in her mouth, wrapping my legs around her waist. As I held Rachel close to me, continuing to kiss her, our tongues exchanging tastes, I heard the bedroom door open. Steve withdrew his cock again, resting it on my face, offering me his balls which I took into my mouth, first one then the other, coating the smooth skin in my saliva. I lay there, gasping, my makeup running, and Rachel climbed up and rested on my body again, kissing me warmly, her tongue pushing into my mouth, collecting Steve's lingering tastes. Rachel leaned forward, her sex still in my face, her tongue licking my aroused button as Steve fucked me.

The Dinner (and desert) - Chapter 3 – Appeti

group sissy4u 2018-02-27

“You like to look at Dianna’s hot pussy, don’t you, little miss Joan.” She continued to finger her cunt. She looked me square in the eye and said “You see, Joan, this is what I really need, a hard cock for my pleasure. He started to grow and I continued to lick, hoping this was going to be all, that when he got real hard he would fuck Lynn with this monster. “Look,” she said, “the slut trying to get hard, look at the way his cock is filling its the cage, and dripping.” And she was right. “Now lick up my cum, you little slut.” He f***ed my face back to his crotch, and I licked and sucked his juice from his cock, balls and stomach.

One Night with Carrie

group deepblue32 2018-02-27

I rapidly slid my hand up and down my rigid pole as I imagined kissing her, then pulling her t-shirt off, squeezing her full tits and twisting her erect, turgid nipples between my fingers. I felt the cum boiling in my balls as I imagined sliding my hands over her stomach, pulling down her panties, sliding a finger over her strip of pubic hair and into her wet pussy. "Now please fuck me, Nick," she said, reaching down, trying to pull my cock into her steaming hole. Then sensation of her warm, sucking mouth around my shaft and the sight of her looking up at me with her pretty brown eyes, and her other hand reaching down to tweak one of her erect nipples, was more than enough to set me off.


Bi Friends: Debauch Tableau

group 99PercentStraight 2018-02-27

But as often as not, after we all felt like we'd gotten enough done to maintain our self respect as hard working students, we would undress and put on one of Margaret's collection of over the top vintage robes, and one by one we would all settle into the Orientale room for tales of adventures and misadventures, and, if our drinking carried us that way, the occasional grown up version of truth or dare. We kissed a circle of gentle talk about the big picture (of our lives at this moment, not the painting in the house) that making love was more than OK, it was good, but only if we laid the whole thing out to the group in the morning.


group zara87 2018-02-27

He starts moving back and forth, slowly at first, fucking my wantonly wet cunt, and as he fucks me, I rub my clit, slipping a couple of fingers up my dripping fanny, all the while pinching my nipples, gripping them in turn between the tips of my fingernails, imagining it's Usman biting down like he'd done a few hours earlier. Despite the fact we're both feeling as randy as hell, we refrain from fucking because Usman wants his tanks to be full for the cruise, though as I have no such problems, I get him to practice his oral skills on my ass and my newly shaved cunt.


Strip Blackjack Leads to Threesome

group Sxy_shorty03 2018-02-27

Tara stood up and turned to face away from Rob. She bent completely ninety degrees at her waist and slowly slid her short jean skirt over hear rear end, revealing a matching red lace thong. Again, with her knees bent and sitting on her feet, she kept her legs slightly spread as she faced the coffee table, maybe in order to slip a hand between her thighs to tease her wettness when she thought no one was looking. I traced up my thighs and began to slowly massage my wet lips and up to my swollen clit as I watched as Tara sat up, turned around and straddled Rob. Rubbing her hard tits in Rob's face, Tara was grinding up and down on Rob's cock, with only the thin cotton fabric of his briefs preventing his cock from plunging between her soaking pussly lips.



group kilter 2018-02-27

Alice let out a low moan, barely audible, and Rene turned her head to look up at me, her eyes wide. Rene began to unfasten Alice's shorts from beneath, and I leaned over and pulled at them until they came off, so that I was now faced with the best of both worlds: sweet pussy and tight ass. Rene looked at me over Alice's bent head and said; Rene had grabbed one of my balls in her hand and then sucked it into her warm mouth so that every time I slammed into Alice, feeling her soft ass bouncing against my stomach, I could feel my sack stretching out from my body, sending shafts of pleasure into my thighs with every thrust.

Shellie Couldn't Sleep

group xCalaban 2018-02-27

Poised above his face and very close-up, the artificial prick looked gigantic and as Delores slid it into Shellie's glistening pussy, Oscar's cock spasmed in Shellie's mouth and he thought he was going to cum right then. Meanwhile, Shellie had begun to thrust her ass back against the dildo in Delores' hand rapidly and bob her head up and down on Oscar's cock very quickly, while making a humming sound in her throat that vibrated down to his balls. Delores moved one of her hands down to rub her own clit while Oscar's cock reamed her ass and in this manner, pumping, licking, sucking, fucking, moaning, and making the juicy noises that accompany this lovely activity, they all came again within a few seconds of one-another.

To The Rescue

group penbeatsword 2018-02-27

Stacey looked at both of them, still aroused a bit from Adam's hand, and went to change and clock out while Maria and Adam brought their stretcher back to the ambulance. She gyrated on his lap and Stacey realized that Adam's cock was in her slick pussy, sliding in and out as Maria moved around. Maria opened her eyes and looked down, smiling when she saw Stacey awake, and continued to fuck her partner. Maria's fingers are hard at work, sliding into the slick opening of Stacey's pussy while her tongue circles her clit. Adam pumps more firmly and Stacey pulls at her handcuffs, desperate to get her hands on Maria's breasts.


Vegas Getaway

group Taegul 2018-02-27

She pinched it a bit, forcing it fully erect before she slid her hand over to her right breast and started playing with her other nipple. You like feeling my warm, wet mouth wrapped around your hard dick?" she asked as her hand continued to slowly masturbate me. I wasn't wearing any underwear so when I laid down, I positioned myself in a way that the right leg of my shorts flared open a bit to reveal myself to Jennifer. As the weight bar came to rest on the arms of the bench I leaned my head up to find Jennifer staring right at my crotch with a wicked smile on her face. Steph started slowly but firmly rubbing Jennifer's leg. Steph's hands rubbed down from Jennifer's shoulders over her bra.


Weird Fantasies 21: Surprises

group TessMackenzie 2018-02-27

But kissing isn't really sordid dark alleyway sex with a stranger, so I whisper to him to hold my neck and pull my hair and choke me, and he does. Basically three other guys have come along, and been horrified, and were about to save me from the dude I was having sex with. So I'm going stop, wait, and trying to explain, and I have to say several times over that I'm fine, everything's fine, yep he was holding my neck and spitting on me and banging me on the wall, but I wanted him to. They grab me, and push me face-down on the counter and pull my shorts off and start fucking me.

Imprinted Ch. 03

group darcysweet 2018-02-27

I didn't push her head down to get her to suck my cock; instead I wanted to try a bit of what I'd seen at the Dean's house. She liked the thought of being punished did my sweet little Miss Mary-Jane. I went down on my knees on the hard metal bed of the truck and dove right into that candy pink slickness. I remembered how Mrs. D curled her fingers and I arched mine just the same into Mary-Jane's cunt and was rewarded with a deep moan. Planting my hands on either side of her shoulders I pushed into her, my eyes rolling back at the feeling of the soft wet walls of her cunt.


The Dinner party

group Verek 2018-02-27

Tania, then asked if Liz's tits were the same size, I simply answered by leaning forward again and took the other strap and lowered it down off Liz's other Tit. Liz was now sitting totally topless at the dinner table, because I had pulled the dress right down to her waist. Nicky and John were not to be left out, they also came around the table and started feeling and playing with Liz's tits. I stood back and marvelled at the masterpiece that I had created, but I did not wait long as Nicky moved her head off Tania's cunt and told me to put my cock deep into her cunt and to fuck her hard and fast.


Lydia, Bridgette & Me

group impulse 2018-02-27

I pushed Lydia's shorts and panties down to her knees together and asked Bridgette to get them the rest of the way off of her. Lydia pulled her hand away and I touched my lips to her open pussy. Bridgette's breast was pressing against my arm as I felt the lips of Lydia's pussy touch the head of my dick. "Do it in my mouth again." Lydia almost sounded demanding.I started to pull my dick out of Bridgette. She worked herself on my mouth and I looked up to see Lydia's hands all over Bridgette's stomach, breasts and the luscious flesh of her hips. Lydia reached under Bridgette's ass and started to finger fuck her as I drank her juices.


She Loves Her Bi-Boys

group libidinal 2018-02-27

Now Vince took hold of Brad’s cock and Brad took hold of Vince’s, the two men twisting each other’s rigid shafts sensually as they gazed straight ahead at the two guests, Marie keenly surveying the scene. Billy’s eyes were nervously flashing this way and that, but Julie’s hand on his cock sure must’ve felt comforting, since Billy didn’t look like he was moving. Now Vince brought his head down, his lips opening as he took Brad’s cock in his mouth, Brad sighing, closing his eyes for a moment as he ran his fingers through Vince’s thick hair, pressing down on his head. What Marie had imagined was hopefully luring Billy into oral sex with the two guys, and then the three of them would just watch as Brad and Vince fucked.


Double Her Pleasure

group nakedskin2000 2018-02-27

My cock is so hard as I watch his dick disappear into your mouth. You smile a little then feel his cock begin to push into your pussy which is already filled with my cock. Feeling our cocks stretch your pussy and slide in and out at the same time causes you to cum continuously. I'm kneeling between your thighs when he cums for a second time shooting his cum over us both right where my cock and your pussy join. A few more hard pumps and I shoot another hot load deep into your soaking wet pussy. I lay down on you after my cock stops spasming and we share another deep passionate kiss.


group No Panty Girl 2018-02-27

The figure had a balaclava pulled down over his face and all Jennifer could see were his big black hands grabbing her. Jennifer screamed out in pain as her pussy went from untouched to extra-large in one plunge of the big black cock into her womanhood. Looking up through the darkness in the back of the van she could make out the figure of another black man crouched over her, his hard cock in his hand, jerking it while he waited his turn to immerse it in her. Her small white ass rode the black bull's cock like a rodeo bronco rider desperately trying to remain in control. The sensation of being filled again with black seed cause Jennifer to loose it, her orgasm hit her like a clap of thunder.

Doing Eva Ch. 07

group fuzzyb2 2018-02-27

It was a good arrangement, especially since we were able to meet and fuck at her grandparents' home; they were completely okay with our relationship which was now fully 'friends with benefits' with neither of us being exclusive. That was quite a night. The event was coming up in less than a week, and on a Thursday evening, odd for a party, I thought. Are we all okay with that?" That is worthy enough, but we also try to make the night memorable for you all." Eva looked around the room, seeing nods of agreement — lots of women knew what was coming, even if we didn't. Are you okay with that line-up?"